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Stashinsky Bogdan

( Soviet assassin)

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Biography Stashinsky Bogdan
Since the Soviet assassin Bogdan Stashinsky in 1961 fled to the West, . This story about, . both planned and implemented two closely linked political killings, . perpetrated on the orders of Soviet intelligence in 1957 and 1959, . gives the most detailed presentation on the operations of this kind.,
. John Steele, "The murderer, disarmed by love,"
. Life magazine, September 2, 1962

. This story is very interesting from the standpoint of morality
. Tips to erase years of Stashinskogo all human feelings, educators from the well-behaved robot-killer. This monster in human form they are armed with specially designed tool designed exclusively for the traces of destruction.

. Nevertheless, love for his wife, a German-led Stashinskogo break with the Soviets, though, according to the materials of his trial, largely played the role, and disgust, which he began to feel for her masters
. After the flight Stashinsky confessed to two crimes, knowing full well that he paid for long years of detention.

. Summer evening in 1961 in the American intelligence center in West Berlin a call from the police station in the usual case: a man, . Soviet intelligence agent who introduced, . came to the city railway in the western sector, . to the police and required to link it with the American authorities,
. This desperate act Bogdan Stashinsky, which in the next month a German court has sentenced to long prison terms for murder, finished his career as a Soviet informant intelligence and killers. As always, he accurately calculated the time. The next day, August 13, East Berlin was separated from the West with a solid wall.

. His flight, which at that time did not lead to any special interest, has allowed the West to obtain detailed information about the organization and modus operandi of the Soviet system of espionage
. It also revealed the exciting details of two political murders are so thin on a plan that compared with the most mysterious criminal cases look just primitive. Agent Stashinsky performer was blood-chilling method, invented by Soviet intelligence specifically in order to get rid of the two political figures who over the years greatly irritated the Kremlin.

. Long before the trial date was set, the Western intelligence long check recognition Stashinskogo, until they saw that he really was running that he did not "stool-pigeon" in the game kontrrazvedok
. Numerous attempts to ridicule the testimony of the Soviet side Stashinskogo thwarted itself a reaction to his defection: seventeen senior officials of intelligence were dismissed.

. Stashinsky, naturally, went to the West for personal reasons
. Time and circumstances turned against him. Management was suspicious and found him spying. He became unemployed spy dangerous obligations towards the State, which so faithfully served. It turned out that the West had far more chances to survive, although he knew that would have to answer in court for two murders committed by them. Moreover, the flight to the West was the only way to save marriage with a German girl, the love for which he valued far above career.

. Although Stashinsky was "absolutely" committed to the cause of communism, there is nothing in his training with the youth in the Soviet system of espionage and its follow-up was no reason to see in him a ruthless killer
. The history of the rise and fall of his espionage career, does not cause the slightest sympathy for him, but nevertheless it is unique in the annals of modern intelligence - spy meets girl, falls in love, and renounces his profession.

. His career in the Soviet intelligence service Stashinsky began with a betrayal of his own family
. Stashinskie lived in a small Western Ukrainian village Borschevitsa and for many years been associated with the nationalist movement. Police custody for a trifle - riding without a ticket on the train home from school, - Bogdan quickly hit the snare of the KGB. Hearing on the interrogation of hidden threats against his family, Stashinsky immediately told him all he knew about their clandestine activities. A few months later he had worked for the KGB agent under the pseudonym, and took part in the destruction of the remnants of the Ukrainian national liberation movement.

. In the summer of 1951 he was in special groups, special detachment, resorted to the kind of tactics to identify the Ukrainian underground
. Especially loved the reception there, as if borrowed from detective films. Ukrainians suspected of having links with the underworld, was arrested and transported to another city vehicle. Along the way, the car suddenly "break" in the vicinity of the peasant's cottage, where the guards and were arrested at the time "repairing". In the house was located Stashinskogo Special Group, pretending to be Ukrainian partisans. Rose shooting guards, struck blanks fell on his back in a puddle of chicken blood. Liberated prisoner were taken to caches, where there were other lzhepartizany. Here he offered to write about their work in the underground to continue the guerrillas had reason to defend him. After receiving written testimony about his activities, "liberators" were a prisoner in a "partisan detachment". But, alas, fell into an ambush, and they were seized by the Soviet soldiers in uniform, who stayed and incriminating document. Team Stashinskogo so well to play this melodrama that many of the underground and fell to the shot in full confidence that they are just terribly unlucky.

. By 1952 young Stashinsky, handsome twenty-one years, passed through fire and water in the secret police and was able to convince their leadership that selflessly devoted to communism
. He began to prepare for a serious job to the West. The next two years, he held intensive training in Kiev, studying German and Polish languages and mastering the foundations of the intelligence case. After successful completion of studies in his honor was arranged a banquet. Then Bogdan sent to Poland to test his abilities as an agent: he had to turn in a new guise, which is cleverly developed under his true past and the future needs of the Main Department of Intelligence in Moscow.
. Unlike previous aliases that he was given this - Joseph Lehman - had a full biography
. From June to October 1954 Stashinsky mastered the details of the life of a non-existent character. He visited every street and every house, referred to in his legend. Lehman even studied the production process in a sugar factory, which allegedly worked teenager. After this painstaking preparation Stashinsky under the name Joseph Lehmann found himself in East Germany. He worked listorezom, a dispatcher in the garage, which served the Soviet Mission to the government of the GDR, a translator from Polish Ministry of Internal and External Trade. But his spy work was purely routine and not inspired by a former soldier special group. He established contacts and transmit information to other agents. In West Germany went to a private courier. Once he was sent to Munich to record numbers of all military vehicles, which meet. He performed the tedious duties and had no idea about the events that soon will turn his personal and official life.

The dances in East Berlin, he met a girl named Inge Paul. When Joseph Lehman led her to the dance floor, he was suddenly seized by a feeling, not having anything to do with espionage: he fell in love. Inge Paul, hairdresser twenty-one years, never looked like a fatal women from the pages of detective novels. The appearance of it was the most that neither is on the ordinary, sometimes even untidy. At the table, she behaved like a wolf. Intellectual inquiries did not differ. Nevertheless, she was truly devoted to her friend who is unconscious in love with her.

Agent Stashinsky responsibly reported to management about changes in their personal life. The girl immediately checked an East police and found that she had no criminal record and she never suspected of having ties to Western intelligence services. The authorities said Stashinskomu that he could continue to be friends with Inge Paul, although too close contact with agents of the German girls were not encouraged. He was reminded that she was German, it means a fascist, and her father - a capitalist who operates no fewer than three workers at its vehicle repair workshop. Bogdan warned that he did not tell Inge Paul nothing but a fictional biography of Lehmann and the fact that he works as a translator to the East Ministry of Commerce.

. Dramatic turn in a career Stashinskogo occurred when he was summoned to the headquarters of the Soviet intelligence in Karlshorst, a suburb of Berlin
. There he was told about the new task: to hunt down and eliminate the two most ardent enemies of Soviet power - the leaders of the Ukrainian emigration Leo Rebet and Stepan Bandera.

. At that time, the spring of 1957, the Kremlin was beset trouble in all countries of the Soviet bloc
. Unrest in East Germany, revolts in Poland, an open rebellion in Hungary, and the activities of dissident groups within the Communist structure had the dangerous dimensions. Most excited to Moscow by Ukrainian nationalists. Repeatedly defeated in battle against the Austrian, Polish, German and Russian occupiers, they nevertheless were active in clandestine activities, traveling from the leading center in Munich.

. Removing Rebet and Bandera was a priority task in the struggle between Moscow and the Ukrainian nationalists
. What instructed Stashinskomu, it was an ordinary political assassination, but the Soviets had a very tried, that this crime could not be attributed to the Kremlin.

The first victim was an ideological intellectual Rebet. This anti-Soviet Ukrainian writer and publicist aroused Moscow's special hatred. Soviet intelligence found that it works in two emigrant institutions in Munich. According to the description, it was a man of medium height, strongly built, with a quick step, he wore glasses, a bald head wear takes.

The second victim Stashinskogo, Stepan Bandera, was quite different. Dubbed the sly fox, he was more than five years, he managed to elude him to send for a purpose killers. He was a living symbol of the Ukrainian resistance, something like Lenin in exile, and immensely bothered Soviet government. He rules with an iron hand of its organization and its tactics are little different from the Soviet. In the chaos of postwar Munich he gave a "bunker" - the so-called asylum nationalist guerrillas in Western Ukraine, . - Where the refugees, . claimed, . that came from the underground, . thoroughly tested, . those, . in whom the suspected Soviet spies, . destroyed,
. Stashinsky little is known about the life of Bandera in Munich, except that he goes to the "Opel", sometimes on Sundays visiting emigre Ukrainian Church uses the pseudonym Poppel and occasionally visits the mistress.

. Leaders Stashinskogo decided that he had exhausted legend Lehmann, especially in Munich, where they often visited, and have prepared for him another legend
. In the Rebet he appeared under the name Siegfried Draeger, who unlike Lehmann really was a resident of Essen. By Bandera he tried to enter as Hans-Joachim Budayt from Dortmund.

Under the pseudonym Dreger Stashinsky arrived in Munich and lived in a hotel near one of the emigre institutions, where he worked Rebet. A few days later he spun in these places, until he noticed from the window of the hotel man looking like Rebet. A few hours later he had pursued him through the streets of Munich to the editorial emigre newspaper Suchasna Ukraine "on Karlsplatz. Trying to establish travel routes Rebet, Stashinsky few days walking on his heels. Sometimes the chase became too dangerous. One evening he went to the tram behind Rebet. The crowd pressed him to the object of surveillance, and Bogdan had to get off at the next stop, to prevent the possibility Rebet remember his appearance. While Rebet was at work, Bogdan broke into his house through an unlocked back door. In the end, he decided that the best way to kill Rebet in the historic brick building on the editorial Karlsplatz adjacent to one of three medieval city gate.

Stashinsky reported to his superiors that he had everything ready. From Moscow to come Karlhorst specialist, brought the top secret murder weapon. This aluminum cylinder was two centimeters in diameter and fifteen in length and weighed less than two hundred grams. Served as a filling liquid poison, hermetically sealed in a plastic ampoule. The poison had no color, no odor. Pressing cylinder assaults blasted a thin stream of liquid. Recharge it was not, after using the weapon should you
For reliability, as explained Stashinskomu Moscow gunsmith, should send a jet of venom in the face to the victim that she breathed her. But you can aim at chest level, because the pair ascend. Effective range does not exceed forty inches, but Stashinskomu was ordered to bring to the cylinder closer. Toxic fumes when inhaled enters the bloodstream. As a result, the arteries supplying blood brain almost immediately capped - they put off something like a clot. Moscow experts argue that death occurs for a maximum of fifteen minutes and that, long before they do the autopsy, the poison completely disappear from the body, leaving no trace. (What is this poison Stashinskomu not say.) Advised him to keep arms, wrapped in newspaper and found the victim, when she would climb the stairs. Then it will be convenient to orient the cylinder in the face of the victim, and shoot down further.

It was believed that the support of a cylinder with the poison is not in danger, if turns away his head in the direction of the jet. Nevertheless Stashinskomu given tablets, extending the artery and provide blood flow to the case, if he will breathe even a tiny amount of poison.

. The next day Stashinsky with their immediate supervisor and Moscow armourer drove to the outskirts of East Berlin, in the forest where the tree was attached to the dog
. Stashinsky squatted down, holding his hat, and colleagues were on the sides. He put a cylinder about forty inches from the nose of the dog and pressed the trigger. Spurted jet, and the dog immediately fell to the ground, not a peep. However, he has three minutes of twitching in agony.

In October Stashinsky off from Berlin's Tempelhof airport in Munich. The weapon he was carrying in a suitcase inside a sausage casing. He was not given poison in case of failure. He could only rely on their own dexterity, legend Dreger, and his staff have once again reminded that the best way for him - do the job and as soon as possible to get out of Munich. In the center he was supposed to communicate with cards containing coded phrases in advance due to. It was left to himself.

At 9.30 on the third morning after his arrival in Munich Stashinsky stalked his victim. Leo Rebet exiting the tram near the site of. Stashinsky a cylinder wrapped in a newspaper, the fuse which was launched, quickly outstripped Rebet. He began to climb the spiral staircase. On the second floor of the Bogdan heard footsteps at the bottom. He turned and started down, holding the right side that was left Rebet. When Rebet was a couple of steps below, Stashinsky threw forward his right hand and pressed the trigger, firing a stream directly in the face writer. Not slowing down, he continued to descend. He heard Rebet fell, but did not turn. In the street, he strode toward Keglmyulbah-channel and threw the empty cylinder in the water.

Returning to the hotel, Stashinsky again found himself on the Karlsplatz. This time he glanced at the scene. At the door of the emigre newspapers already were ambulances and police - mute evidence of his success. Once inside, Siegfried Draeger immediately discharged. He went to the Munich train station and sat in the express to Frankfurt. In Frankfurt, he spent the night in the hotel "International", then the morning flight, British Yuropien Airways flew to Berlin. In Karlhorste he presented a detailed written report. He said that the Ukrainian emigre press reported the death of Leo Rebet "heart attack". But Rebet still managed to climb two flights, and died at the hands of colleagues.

A week later, the safe house KGB Karlhorste banquet was arranged partly in his honor, partly on the anniversary of the October Revolution. His immediate superiors congratulated and praised not provided general. As a reward he was given a camera "Kontaks.

Stashinsky immediately began to prepare to the next task - to hunt down and kill Stepan Bandera.

Concerning the leader of the OUN no reliable information was not. Learning that Bandera has to speak at the cemetery in Rotterdam at the ceremony to commemorate the murdered Soviet intelligence nationalist leader Konovaltsya Stashinsky hurried to the Netherlands to witness the sacrifice of his. At the gates of the cemetery he noticed an Opel, clearly belonged to Bandera. During the ceremony Stashinsky stood close to the grave. Ukrainian guards would not let him take pictures of the speaker, but later emigrant newspapers have confirmed that it was Bandera. His face is imprinted in the memory Stashinskogo. In early 1959 he was ordered to expedite the operation.

Stashinsky under the name of Hans-Joachim Budayta four times he went to Munich, watching for Bandera. First, he has nothing, until he realized search alias Bandera, Poppel, in the telephone directory. It said his address - a house on Kreytmayrshtrasse, 7. Stashinsky tried many times to enter the house, but the front door was always locked. Back door there was. Trying to slip into the entrance after the incoming tenant was too risky. He needed a key to the lock. Stashinsky returned to Moscow for the murder weapon. It was the same hat, how he destroyed the Fe-beta, but the double-barreled, and could shoot from one barrel or from both at once. Bogdan delivered weapons from Berlin to Munich, wrapped in cotton wool and placed in a tubular frame. He also brought the master key with five different tips, hoping that it will penetrate into the housing Bandera.

Stashinsky tried all five lugs. None of them went to the castle. One of the tips in this broken and fell into the keyhole. (Later he found there the German police, doznavshis from the owner of the house that the castle had never dismantled. This was an important confirmation of the testimony Stashinskogo.) Strongly crushing one of the survivors of tips, Stashinsky managed to make its mark on it, under which Russian craftsmen in Karlhorste tried to make keys. Stashinsky could not get into the house, but tried to get close closer to the Bandera during his visits. However, he failed to penetrate into the garage of the house when Bandera put the car. I had to throw their arms into the canal, after releasing the contents into the air.

The third time he arrived in Munich without guns. He wanted to try out a new set of keys to the behind-the castle entrance. One of the four keys he was able to partially provernut Castle. Stashinsky went to the nearby store "Woolworth", bought a file and protochil grooves. In a new attempt key worked. He went inside and the door of one of the apartments on the fourth floor he saw a sign "Poppel". Overhaul entrance, including a new elevator, he returned to Berlin. Stashinsky was sure that it complies with sufficient caution. Above the castle he worked at night, spinning on his finger a ring of keys, as if he had a tenant of the house.

In the second week in October 1959 Stashinsky last went to Munich. With him were a new murder weapon, protective pills and an inhaler, fake documents. In the hour of the day Stashinsky saw Bandera you done in the garage. Using his key, Stashinsky went inside before Bandera. He climbed the stairs, hoping that athletic Bandera also take advantage of it and not sit in the elevator. However, having heard on the top floor of women's voices, he realized that he could not stay on the stairs, and began to descend. On the first floor landing he stopped and pressed the elevator button. He was not sure where the Bandera. At this point a woman passed him on top, went up an elevator and Bandera opened the front door entrance. Stashinskomu no choice but to start to go down to the exit. Bandera was carrying in his right hand a heavy bag with food. The left, he tried to pull the key from his pocket. Stashinsky walked a few steps from the lobby, and Bandera, who managed to pull the key, for it held the door with his foot. Stashinsky took one hand on the door, turned to Bandera and asked in German:
. - What not rabotaetN
. Bandera looked at him and replied:
. - No, everything is fine.
. Stashinsky raised his arms, wrapped in newspaper, and fired both barrels right in the face of the victim
. Walking in the door, he had noticed how Bandera ass sideways.

In the umpteenth time Bogdan went to the channel. The key, he threw in a manhole on the road, and threw the weapon into the water. Then he hurriedly left the train in Frankfurt. The morning flight of Pan American ", he flew to Berlin.

Bandera found not in the lobby, where Stashinsky attacked him, but on the landing between the third and fourth floor. Products that were in his bag, not scattered. The investigation revealed that Bandera gave a loud cry. His face was bruised and went black and blue spots. He died on the way to hospital. An autopsy showed that he was poisoned with potassium cyanide. Powerful weapons did not lead to instant death Bandera.

Returning to East Berlin, Stashinsky met with his leadership in the cafe "Warsaw". After the report had been ordered to go to Moscow for the reward. Stashinskogo took on Higher category. Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, he was awarded the Order of the Red Banner. The wording was: "During the execution of an important government job under extremely difficult circumstances."

In his honor a dinner was arranged with an incredible amount of food and drink. Stashinsky bathed in the rays of glory. He was happy. He rose to the top of a career, which, as promised command, will now take an even more successful turnover. In Moscow, he will be retrained, after which it will send an agent in England or the United States.

Occasion, Stashinsky announced his personal plans: he wanted to marry Inge Paul. It was then poured over him and a cold shower. The general, who headed the direction and immediate superiors began to dissuade him. They said that this. Girl on the social position far below his. She can be composed in a relationship, but marriage - it is simply ridiculous. He was invited to pay off several thousands of stamps and forget about it.

Stashinsky was shocked. He expected if not congratulations, then at least tolerance for his marriage. First Bogdan began to realize that it is capable of a young agent of Soviet intelligence, consider a tool rather than a living person.

. After the festivities, which began as a solemn and grim, Stashinsky led the fight for official permission to marry
. Order it confers Alexander Shelepin, chairman of the KGB, and Stashinsky raised this issue before it. Shelepin Bogdan began to argue that if he needs a girlfriend, it is better to marry some Soviet employee from those that accompany the agents as wives. But Stashinsky stuck to his. Eventually he was allowed to return to East Berlin to inform Inge Paul that he was connected with Soviet intelligence - not more - and bring her to Moscow.

. At Christmas 1959 Stashinsky told Inge that he was working for Soviet Intelligence
. He also explained in general terms, that is engaged in clandestine activities, and that Joseph Lehman - just a cover. Inga was shocked and upset. She offered to get married and leave immediately for the West. Stashinsky flatly refused to run. He will be able to straighten everything out with his superiors, he said. Finally, she agreed that at least for the mind will do what she will be required intelligence to help the man she loved.

This was the first act in the career Stashinskogo, who testified about his lack of confidence in his leadership. Soon the lives of the agent filled suspected illegal immigrant and fears. Stashinskogo, who traveled on a passport in the name of Alexander Antonovich Krylova, and Inge Paul as his wife met in Moscow, the KGB agent Arkady A.. He took them to the hotel "Ukraine". When Arkady Andreevich began to argue with the employee in the reserved hotel room, Bogdan understood: Number bugged. He had to stop disapproving comments Inge about living in Moscow, so that was not noticeable that he was afraid of something. Attempts to persuade Arkady A. Inge live in Moscow fiasco. She became increasingly alienated and to go home. Finally, 9 March 1960, they were told that they could go to East Berlin formalize the marriage, but must return as soon as possible to Bogdan could begin retraining. The KGB had to wrestle with what to do with his best political hit man. He had just received the order and was considered particularly valuable agent. He could not just release and let go into civilian life. In the end, the authorities allowed Stashinskomu marry Inge Paul, hoping that she, as a faithful wife, the husband would go to Russia.

March 23, Paul and Inge Stashinsky (under the name Joseph Lehmann) formalize the marriage in East Berlin. In May, the couple returned to Moscow and began to live in a one-room apartment, owned by the KGB. Stashinsky was trained. Because of his marriage plans to send Bogdan in English-speaking countries have been postponed. His intensely trained to West customs, manners and accent.
Although Inge and went with her husband on the lessons of German, she firmly rejected all attempts to bring her to full-fledged intelligence work. Her behavior becomes more dangerous. She openly and explicitly called Stashinskogo break with the KGB and escape to the West. His own relations with the native agency makes all the more strained. He learned that his correspondence is intercepted, and their tiny apartment is equipped with microphones. Bouncing Stashinsky complained to his supervisor, who explained that this is a mistake, just an apartment formerly used for other purposes. But soon after this training was discontinued Stashinskogo. He explained that the teacher went on a business trip, and soon learned the German language resume. But the political classes with him were not. Stashinskomu was ordered to wait.

In September 1960 the leadership of Bogdan reported that his wife is pregnant. Bosses offered to do an abortion. Stashinsky argues that this circumstance, along with listening apartment, intercepting mail, and disregard for his personal life convinced him: he became a mere tool - and what's unnecessary. Inge came into frenzy by the proposal to have an abortion, kept repeating: Moscow, we as people do not need. Finally, on Dec. 3, 1960 Stashinskogo summoned for an interview with a KGB General Vladimir Ya.

It was an old, seasoned security officer. Without any preliminaries, he explained Stashinskomu that he should live in Moscow. He will not be allowed to leave Russia for at least seven years. It can not happen even in East Berlin, while his wife can go there when he wants. Vladimir Ya reported that sources in the American West and intelligence aware of the investigation conducted in connection with the death and Bandera Rebet. Stashinsky lit. (American intelligence denies that such an investigation to be conducted.) KGB did not push him into the street, the general explained. In commemoration of past achievements he will receive the previous salary (2 500 rubles), until he finds work.

. Stashinsky and his wife were in a very difficult situation.

. If you are in the world something more dangerous than the work of a Soviet spy, it is the role of a retired spy
. Stashinskim now have to remain vigilant to avoid being killed on the sly. Watch what you eat, where to go, what transport sit. They began to hatch plans for escape to the West. Decided that Inge would return to Berlin, so that their child was born a citizen vostochnogermanskim. They developed a code phrase for greeting cards: for example, "visited the dressmaker" will mean that Inge made contact with U.S. intelligence in West Berlin, and they promised to help. In January 1961, Inge was allowed to return home. Meanwhile Stashinsky with the KGB enrolled in courses at the Institute of Foreign Languages. KGB suddenly changed his temper justice with mercy, he began to worry about Stashinskom and even hinted that he may give some jobs. Stashinsky suspected that they are trying to calm him down and return to his wife in Moscow.

In East Berlin Inge naive attempts to help her husband to leave Moscow were in vain. In early August, she had already gathered to return to Russia with a newborn son, whom Stashinsky have not seen. The day before departure, she left the child with a neighbor. When the boy was fed, he choked to death. Seized grief the mother notified the spouse.

Stashinsky filed a petition through his new chief, Yuri N. Alexandrov, to travel to Berlin to help his wife. At first, his request was denied, but then the KGB, fearing that his wife Stashinskogo desperate anything will kick, gave permission. Accompanied Alexandrova Stashinskogo taken to Berlin for a military transport plane. On arrival Stashinsky received a great deal of freedom, but was obliged to report regularly at his head and spend the night together with his wife at the site of the KGB in Karlhorste, but not in her house.

Stashinsky intensively preparing for flight. He knew that the KGB was unaware of his plans and immediately after the funeral of the child returns to Moscow. He knew that he was set tight surveillance on foot and motorized agents. It should try to flee before the funeral. As an experienced scout, he nurtured the various plans on how to get rid of surveillance. On Saturday, Aug. 12 Engine KGB brought Stashinskogo with his wife in the house of her father in Dalgove to finish preparations for tomorrow's funeral. Half a day they had been there a few times briefly leaving the house and Inge in a department store to order flowers and do some shopping.
At four o'clock Stashinsky, his wife and her brother Fritz fifteen slipped through the back door at home Inge. In the yards overgrown with bushes, they made their way undetected to the center Dalgova. From there they walked five kilometers on foot to the city Falkensee. Appearing there about six in the evening, they took a taxi to the Friedrichstrasse in East Berlin. Cross the border between East Germany and East Berlin was not worth any difficulty: Stashinsky simply showed the documents in the name of Lehmann and taxis to pass through checkpoint. Forty-five minutes later they reached the destination and released taxi. Fritz Paul rashotelos go with them to the West; Stashinsky gave him three hundred marks - almost everything he had, - to pay for the funeral and sent home.
. Verify that no shadowing, Stashinsky and Inge stopped another taxi and drove to the station overground railway
. They were lucky. Although an East Police checked documents of passengers trains on their way to the western sector, to check their car has not reached. Nearly eight in the evening they quietly got off the train in Gezundbrunnene - the first stop in West Berlin. By taxi, they came to Aunt Inge, and then asked to take them to the police. As Bogdan and Inge Stashinskie included in the Premises, in Berlin the night came, during which he became divided wall.

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Stashinsky Bogdan, photo, biography
Stashinsky Bogdan, photo, biography Stashinsky Bogdan  Soviet assassin, photo, biography
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