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Biography SCHELLENBERG Walter
One of the major threats of Nazi Germany was eliminated - and this is after two months of the war.
Recently the Second World War. October 21, 1939, Mr.. in the town of Zutphen in the Netherlands, a neutral country, was pouring rain. Drops drumming on the roof strapping 'byuika' limousine. The man behind the wheel-Sigismund Best - adjusted his monocle and squinted, looking at the road through a veil of rain. Suddenly, next to the 'Buick' car stopped. From it came a man. Best opened the door of his car, and a man sat on the passenger seat. Motor 'Bewick' roared, and the car raced through the streets. The first meeting took place.

Not the one it claims to be. Best impression of a reliable and respectable person. Always wore expensive suits older models, with a monocle and carefully slicked back hair, he looked like a typical English gentleman (actually it was half-Hindu). Was married to a Dutch and a long time lived in the Netherlands, engaged in small business - selling bike.

But it was only a cover. Best was an employee of separation 'Z', independent intelligence organization in the British Secret Intelligence Service (SES). He is fluent in four European languages and during the First World War led intelligence network very successfully worked behind enemy lines. Now he was trying to organize a resistance movement among the Germans who were dissatisfied with the Nazi regime and ready to fight against fascism. And while he has all turned out quite well.


One day with Best contacted his agent, a refugee from Germany who had miraculously escaped from Nazi persecution. He had contacts among the officers Germanic army, and he assured Besta that the German troops as there is a fairly strong movement soprotivleniya.Best began to verify this information. He was given the name of one officer, who allegedly participated in this movement: the captain Shemell. Here is Shemell and sat down to Best in the machine.
They left the city and the picturesque rural road went to Arnhem. The conversation was about classical music. At Arnhem they 'picked up' two colleagues Besta: Major Stevens and Captain Bedbug - Dutch officer, who called himself a false name Koppenz.
Not bad ulovN
Best believed that he had recruited a very valuable agent. Shemell handed him a list with the names of officers, . allegedly opposed to Hitler, . and called the name of one general, . who is ready to stand at the head of the movement promised soprotivleniya.Shemell Best result of this general at their next meeting, . who was appointed on October 30.,

. Best did not even suspect that he 'swallowed the bait of' German intelligence
. Agent-refugee, who introduced the Best Shemellya, in fact, was a German spy, code-named 'F-479'.

. In Germany, there was no resistance, and Shemell not been involved in a conspiracy to overthrow the fascist government
. His real name - Walter Schellenberg, he led the foreign intelligence Nazi Germany. He's not going to work on the Best. Rather, the task Schellenberg was to destroy it.

. Traps placed

. Schellenberg's plan was simple: in the next few weeks to arouse the vigilance of the British and Dutch intelligence services, . playing the role of the voluntary employee and convinced anti-fascist, then try to reach people, . through which he could infiltrate the CPC and to find out about upcoming operations of British intelligence.,

. But first, Schellenberg to persuade Besta that he really opposes fascism
. October 30, he returned to Holland from Germany and brought with him two army buddies. One of them gray-haired, elegant and somewhat old-fashioned man, at first glance give the impression of a thoroughbred aristocrat who displeased the fascist regime.

. They safely crossed the border and went to Arnhem, where at noon they were to meet with the Best
. But Besta the designated location was not. They waited. Three quarters of an hour - Best never appeared. Already gathered to leave, when suddenly their car was approached by two men. But they were not British agents, and the Dutch police. He was going to infiltrate British intelligence, but it seems to have caught. And now the British had acquired a 'noble catch' - the head of the German foreign intelligence.
In a cold sweat of fear
Schellenberg and his companions were preparing for the worst. They were kept in the station for more than two hours. Also, without explanation, the police thoroughly searched their clothes and luggage. And then came the turn of bags, in which one of his friends drove their Schellenberg washing supplies and medicines.
Bag placed on the table. Schellenberg cold with horror: it lay on top of a bottle of aspirin, which supplied the soldiers of the garrison of the National Socialist Party of Germany - SS. The packaging left a sticker: "SS Sanitaetshauptamt" ( 'main medical management of SS'). Schellenberg quickly looked around. Police do not seem to be looking in his direction. He took aspirin and swallowed the whole lot together with a wrapper. Bitterness in the mouth has not yet passed, when suddenly someone knocked at the door. It was the captain of Bedbug, a colleague Besta. All of this is the end, he told himself Schellenberg, now all of them arrested.
But the bug, as it turned out, came to their aid. Then he kept apologizing for any disturbances. There was a regrettable misunderstanding, he explained. They were waiting for their Best elsewhere.
But Schellenberg these hot apology not fooled. He realized that the British give them a check for lice '. Had Schellenberg and his colleagues lost their nerve or the police would find something suspicious - such as aspirin, with the marking of the Chief Medical Command MOP - they would be immediately arrested. Fortunately for Schellenberg, an overdose of aspirin did not impact on his health.
But after this 'unfortunate incident' to the German agents all went like clockwork. They were taken to the headquarters of the CPC in the Hague, the capital of the Netherlands, and took on the royal.
. The next day, the British gave Schellenberg and his colleagues walkie-talkie and called the code call sign - 'ON-4'.
. They received instructions to communicate by radio and wait for an invitation to the next meeting
. They exchanged handshakes, and the Germans able to take kindly to the border.
Order Hitler
Within the next week Schellenberg day out on the radio with a group Besta. During this time held two more meetings. And then one night awakened by a phone call Schellenberg. Telephoned Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS. Hitler was assassinated. Someone threw a bomb in a Bavarian beer-cellar, where Hitler made a speech. Himmler was convinced that it was the work of the CCF, and demanded that Best was arrested immediately.
"No 'but' - stated emphatically Himmler, when Schellenberg began to protest. - It's Hitler ordered. Fulfilled. "
Schellenberg had to rush to develop a new plan.
He had already appointed another meeting with the British in Venlo, a small town in the Dutch-Germany border. But this time it was accompanied by 12 soldiers secretly SS. Schellenberg met with them personally to know him in person and that in the case of the shooting he would not target them.
Meeting with the Best was to be held at 2 o'clock in the afternoon in a quiet cafe in Venlo. Schellenberg was the first. He ordered a drink, to take a little nervous. Schellenberg waited for an hour, but Best had not appeared.
Only in 3 hours and 20 minutes on the street seemed 'Buick' Besta. The car stopped in front of cafe. Best and the bug came out, Stivenc remained sitting in the car. Schellenberg went out ostensibly to greet supporters.

At this point, shots rang out and he heard the roar of the engine speeding down the street car. It was a car with SS soldiers who were waiting on the other side of the border. They drove through the gate, opening fire on the move. This was a direct violation of neutrality: The Netherlands is not at war with Germany, and German soldiers were not allowed to cross its border.
Began mess. Bedbug drew a revolver and fired at the Schellenberg, which quickly jumped to the side. SS car was driving on the street that housed Cafe. From each side window sticking out of the soldier on the front wing had been added two machine gunners. Bedbug crouched and fired, aiming at the officer on the front seat, but missed. The officer jumped out of the car and returned fire, under cover of their soldiers.
"Get out of here - called the SS officer Schellenberg. - Only God knows how you still have not shoot
Error with a monocle
Schellenberg rushed around the corner and bumped it on the soldier SS. It was the newcomer, who was not present at the general assembly did not know Schellenberg face. He knew that Best was a monocle, and now, unfortunately, Schellenberg was also in monocle. Confident that he was able to capture the Best, soldiers sgrabastal Schellenberg, and began to poke a gun in his face. Angered Schellenberg was trying to break away, and soldiers fired. But Schellenberg had hit him on the arm and the bullet passed. Fortunately, he came to the rescue of the SS officer.
To the finish
Schellenberg peered around the corner. Bug still trying to break. He was wounded several times. He could barely stand on his feet, but continued to shoot. However, this was useless. Machine-gun fire - and the bug fell heavily to the ground.
SS grabbed Best and Stevens and dragged them to his car. One of the soldiers quickly searched the body bug, and took from his pocket all the papers.
The SS men got into the car and raced off at full speed on Germany's side, traveling directly from the fragments of the barrier. Schellenberg got into his car and pulled behind them.
Best and Stevens thoroughly interrogated and then sent to a concentration camp.
Operation Schellenberg was a huge success. The Germans have extracted important information about the working methods of the CCF and destroyed the office 'Z' in the Netherlands.
One of the major threats of Nazi Germany was eliminated - and this is after two months of the war.

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