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Boris Borisovich Egorov

( USSR pilot-cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union, MD-tion of Science)

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Biography Boris Borisovich Egorov
photo Boris Borisovich Egorov
Pilot-cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union, MD-tion of Sciences Boris Yegorov. Born in 1937 in Moscow. Member of the CPSU. Flew to space in 1964.

. PHYSICIAN - Astronaut

. Remember, Leo Tolstoy? "People are like rivers: water in all the same, and everywhere the same, but every river is a narrow, then fast, then wide, then quiet, then clean, then cold, then muddy, then warm
. So people. Every person carries within itself the germs of all the properties of the human and sometimes takes one, sometimes the other and is often bears no resemblance to himself, yet all the while remaining one and himself. "

Boris was the youngest in the crew of Voskhod. In view seemed to be a boy. But this youthful appearance is deceptive: in that year marked the thirty -. What had in his zhizniN graduated from medical school, held a number of interesting studies appeared in scientific journals, tried his hand at journalism, and now he - Astronaut ... It was said that he greatly resembled his father. The same determination, the same tenacity.

Yegorovs Family Medical. Father, Boris - leading neurosurgeon of the world, member of the Academy of Medical Sciences. My mother was a foam. Small, very kind, cheerful and all who is able. She healed people's eyes n very fond of mathematics. Knew three foreign language. Very learned. "Work hard - to learn" - her favorite saying. Good draw. She loved to sing, play the piano. He used to sit at the instrument, thoughtful and will play. Net, though transparent streams, the sound filled the room. Through improvisation guessed melodies of Tchaikovsky or Beethoven "Appassionata". Playing, looking at Boris: Listening liN

So it was almost every night. Was ...

Boris was fourteen, when the house came trouble. Mother died away in a few days. Youthful, despite the early gray hairs in her hair, she suddenly felt ill, then it got worse. Pale, haggard. And only the eyes remain the same: good, kind, alive, even though they shoot in sorrow and weariness, when deep in thought at his zasmotritsya Borka. Hood, narrow-shouldered, boyishly neskladen ... But the years pass.

Many who in those years he worked at the Institute of Neurosurgery, named N. N. Burdenko can remember and talk about how Boris spent whole days at the institute. He was interested in everything: how do blood transfusions, why scalpel has the form and not another, why do we need this or that instrument, for which the surgeon puts on rubber gloves and a thousand "why" and "why"
. ... At night, they wandered with his father in the city, on the old Moscow streets
. Rain splashed in the face. Wind burned cheeks. Shiny wet asphalt. Lights shone in the vague misty air. Boris walked through the veil of rain, staring, thoughtful, limp, his hands in his pockets. Walked silently. Any trouble - trouble. Maternal deaths - double trouble.

Father reassured. Monosyllables, like a man. That was when Boris and asked him:

- Who should I be?

- Chooses. Not to teach, nor to contradict not going. One advise: whatever path is chosen, try to live life without blemish ...- he have missed and, after a pause, he began again:-Do what you want, only to learn well - and people go out. And stricter judge yourself. Even for little things. Will you do anything in the allotted time, or you ride through life empty - that is the essence ...

Discussions on "whom to be?" appeared and then. Boris said that all professions should be treated with respect, and life is likened to a river: the farther from the coast - the deeper. And to swim a little deeper, we need the courage and the ability to swim. Pa one daring not go far.

Passion mother passed on to the exact sciences and Boris. When studied in the eighth grade, drawn to the technique. He was making radios and various devices.

On the table, over the bed, on the door - wherever possible, mounted buttons tumblerchiki to radio and light can be switched off without getting up from the couch. Door and window open special motors, even the desk drawer was put forward and began to move "by his desire". Just pushed the door went off the relay, lighted lamp, a cracked bell. Great!

Everywhere were scattered pieces of iron and foil, bolts, screws, nails, nuts. On the table - a heap of capacitors, coils, tubes. Nurse grumbled:

- Beasts dragged all ... Inventor ...

It is not just endeavoring to throw all this "rubbish", but was afraid to touch: "Suddenly, an electric shock!"

Then came a new hobby. From plain old binoculars made telescope to observe the stars. Not everything turned out as we. Reworked several. Time was not enough, so sometimes enough sleep, sometimes miss school. Markers become worse, which led to a serious conversation with my father. Judged as a man: studies primarily rest later

One day my father brought home a large, bought second-hand book with a gilded inscription on the spine: "The Sun". Read it without stopping Boris. But soon tired of the telescope, and "The Sun". So boring. Thought so, threw the book, cooling off in the yard. He loved to roam the streets at night, when the yellow lights blurred lights in the asphalt, and in the head garbage. At such times to nothing the soul can not lay. At the standouts of the class looked to as the "memorized Psyche. They all doldonyat, but it was little.

Boris became a closed, silent, sometimes abrupt and even rude ... And in general, was an ordinary boy, what a thousand. Let the kite and tried to puff secretly. Boris (then eighth graders) shocked the meeting with the heroes of the book Mitchell Wilson "My brother, my enemy" Davey and Ken Mallory. One of them was quite young, when they managed to invent a television receiver. Is not schasteN Ordinary lessons of physics suddenly become concrete, and therefore interesting.

- In his youth, probably just enough to study diligently. Need curiosity. I love boys, . for which the radio - it's not shiny varnish factory receiver, . and its, . own hands assembled from copper coils and tubes of old, and I love people, . who can not wait to look through a microscope, . look through binoculars at the stars, . that can sit around for a long time ant, . looking at the strange life of this little "state", . who admire the sunset, . who want to know more, . What can they tell the textbook ...,

. A long time ago if it was, his youth? How many springs otshumelo since then? He worked
. He worked and studied, became a doctor, at first just a private in the huge army medics. The topic of his research - the activity of the vestibular apparatus - are closely in contact with the problems of space medicine. To test the theory in practice, and begged for cosmonauts.
Carefully prepared for flight. Prepared as a physician to provide the necessary assistance to other members of the crew was preparing in case of urgent necessity to undertake the work of comrades.
Pets not know where he disappears for days and nights. Questions answered curtly: work, travel. Father admitted at the last moment. Boris thought. He clearly represented the complexity of the upcoming flight, but he knew and persistent nature of the son.

- Decide for itself - it was his opinion.
Boris also decided a long time.
... Day of space. And then the years of work on the ground. Boris doctorate, working in a research institute, published a number of interesting works ...

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Boris Borisovich Egorov, photo, biography
Boris Borisovich Egorov, photo, biography Boris Borisovich Egorov  USSR pilot-cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union, MD-tion of Science, photo, biography
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