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Uzi Gal (Uzuel Gal)

( Designer)

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Biography Uzi Gal (Uzuel Gal)
photo Uzi Gal (Uzuel Gal)
Weapons own production has always been a matter of national pride in the Jewish state. Of course, the Israelis are not the pioneers and record-holders in this area. The history of arms production in Israel - it is mainly the history of cooperation, and then compete designers Uzi Gal, and Israel Balashnikova.

. Automatic Uzi has long been an integral part not only of Israeli life, but also Jewish folklore
. By the way, "Uzi" - most probably the well-known name in the world of Israeli goods. First, though, it was still and oranges with brand name "Jaffa".

If you try to compile a list of three names, which became an international symbol of Israel, the first will be automatic Uzi. In addition to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), for which it was created, "Uzi" was in the armies of various countries (including - the criminal) and terrorist organizations.

. Being a hybrid of the pistol and machine Uzi received an advertisement in all the Arab-Israeli wars, all the western action movies and detective
. And, of course, during the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan, when all his bodyguards snatched hidden under jackets Uzi.

Where this automaton is nazvanieN turns out, that was the name of its designer - Uzi Gal. If all the Western brands weapons are usually the name of the inventor, for example, "Browning", "Schmeiser" or "Kalashnikov", Israel, and this time showed him some inherent informality.

. Initially, the new machine would be called UMI (Hebrew acronym words Uzi, the State of Israel)
. But the then Chief of Staff Yigal Yadin decided to restrict only the name of the designer.

.. Newborn Israel Defense Forces are needed a good automatic weapons. In the United States was purchased a license for manufacture of light machine "Johnson" 30 mm caliber. But in the arsenals of the IDF have been millions of rounds of a different caliber. Therefore, the military industry has been tasked to produce the same machine, but with a different caliber barrel. For this it was necessary to change the technology. Thus was born an Israeli machine "Dror".

But it is clearly produced in insufficient quantities. After graduating in 1948, the first Arab-Israeli war, which Israel called the War of Independence, it became clear that the IDF uses several types of small arms. Dror, an Austrian rifle, revolver, "the old German" Schmeisser "and t. d. It was decided to unify the equipment of the army. Instead of all this motley mass of old machines have been in plenty supply the IDF's new, more sophisticated weapons of its own production.

Captain Uzi Gal managed to take part in the War of Independence, before they realized it was time to create a new weapon. Sam Uzi remembers it this way:

- Time is on our. The Second World War was a kind of peak, after which all the major arms manufacturers in the world have taken a breather. And in our area just had the biggest military activity. We have just been born and were ready to accept any risk
However, the big risk was. After the first test-fired and found that automatic Uzi is the ideal weapon for a young Israeli army. He was small in size, had a great firepower. It could keep the one hand, to effectively use it at night and in the melee. And finally, even falling into a puddle or mud, "Uzi" was still able to rescue and save his owner from any enemy surprises.

The first samples of the new machine came down the assembly line of defense concern "Taas tsvait" in May 1953. In the brochures with all the simplicity and directness of those years of combat officer and designer of the automaton was written: "Uzi - is the name of a young Israeli. He is 30 years old. He - the smiling brown eyes, broad shoulders, light step.

For his invention of Captain Uzi Gal received a special award on behalf of the then Chief of General Staff Moshe Dayan, and a cash prize of 1000 lire. First "advertising campaign" for automatic Uzi was the Sinai Campaign in 1956, followed by other wars. And hundreds of thousands of machines have become the main and most profitable article of the Israeli military exports.

The first major customer Uzi was Holland. Moreover, this deal was so secret that the then Prime Minister and Defense Minister David Ben-Gurion did not even told about it the Knesset (Israeli pavrlament) Foreign Affairs and Defense. In the Netherlands large quantities machines purchased Hungary, Austria and Germany

. After Europe, the Israeli machines started to gain in Asia, Africa, and finally it came to America.

. Captain Uzi Gal took part in three other Arab-Israeli conflict - the Six Day War "(1967)," war of attrition "(1970) and" Yom Kippur War "(1973).

. In 1975, Gal and his wife, Ahuva emigrated to the U.S.
. According to Israeli media, in 1986, he created a new model of your machine - "Uzi-201". But this was not reassured. Today the 73-year-old captain of the reserve reflects on such weapons, which will neither kill nor hurt. It only neutralize the attackers ...

Dealing with journalists Uzi Gal, often refused. However, in 1993 he gave an interview to Ha'aretz. To the question "What is important in designing oruzhiyaN", he replied:

- When Browning was asked such a question, he said: "Design of weapons - a drop of talent in a sea of sweat. That is painstaking work ". And Browning was right. It is almost entirely black chore. Every now and then you find yourself at an impasse from which to seek a way. Job design is not limited to the period from eight am to five pm. In fact, around the clock designer thinks about developing weapons.
And Israel Balashnikov believed that by the middle of this century have disappeared such a thing as "inventors". Only the "designers, improved and updated weapons.

- Here Browning, Smith and Wesson, Louis Harrison actually had to invent, - said Balashnikov. - They did for all the descendants of inventive work. Uzi Gal, I, and many others only develop and improve invented by pioneers.

I must say that Balashnikova and Galya was another co-author in creating the machine Uzi "- Yair Lachish. According Balashnikova, for the sample was taken in the design of the Czechoslovak automatic "W. k. "model of 1949.
New Uzi was tested by the Israelis in battle with Egyptian police in the Gaza Strip in 1955. The machine was easy, skorostrelen, unpretentious, reliable in all conditions. The whole world machine became known after the Sinai Company (1956), because the images of Israeli soldiers were published in newspapers all over the world.
After the Six Day War the IDF General Staff decided to switch to 5.56 mm caliber rounds. The task of the machine under the new cartridge was assigned to the Uzi Gal, and Israel Balashnikova. But between them, organized a competition. Galya proposed to base Uzi, Balashnikovu - Soviet "Kalashnikov" (these magnificent machines, which Balashnikov called "real tiger", an abundance of inherited the IDF as a trophy after the Six Day War "). Designers worked in isolation from each other at different factories.
In April 1971, Gal and Balashnikov were invited to the Chief of Staff Haim Bar-Levu, created to provide samples. Both the constructor in turn spoke of fighting qualities of their machines. Then they offered to go to the reception and Bar-Lev and his generals were left to decide the fate of weapons.
After some time the chief of the Office of the Chief of Staff went to the reception and approaching Balashnikovu, said:
- Congratulations! Your machine adopted. It will be called "Galilee."
Colleagues approached Uzi Gal. The headmaster ... But in his eyes was the pain. You bet! Years of hard labor went down the drain.
Later, after the Yom Kippur War, the State Comptroller in his report for 1974 criticized the methods of the decision-making chief of staff of the adoption of a machine Galil. Incidentally, after 1971 a healthy competition between Galem and Balashnikovym acquired traits of hostility. However, it lasted not long. Before leaving Gal in the USA ...

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Uzi Gal (Uzuel Gal), photo, biography
Uzi Gal (Uzuel Gal), photo, biography Uzi Gal (Uzuel Gal)  Designer, photo, biography
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