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Alfons Rebane

( The commander of the 20 th Division SS)

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Biography Alfons Rebane
(24.06.1908 - 8.03.1976)
. June 26, 1999 in Tallinn, . the cemetery "Metsakalmistu", . where rest the outstanding public and political figures of the Estonian Republic, . held on the reburial of former commander of the 20-th Division SS Estonian Alfons Rebane (his name is translated from the Lithuanian means - "Korsakov"),
. The remains were buried with military honors ...
Who is he - this "fighter for freedom and independence of Estonia, as stated at the funeral tseremoniiN
His full name - William Robert Alfons Rebane. Record - perfect.
After graduating in 1929, the Higher Military School, he served in the 1 st armored regiment, in Lцгцгne squad League, in avtotankovom regiment etc.. For ten years he has not distinguished himself, rising to lieutenant.
A few months after the establishment of Soviet power in Estonia Rebane has left military service. More in the Estonian army, he never served. In May 1941, he organized a unit of "Forest Brothers", which he intended to fight against Soviet troops.
In June 1941, Rebane voluntarily defected to the Nazis and was appointed commander of a separate Estonian security (guard) Battalion. It was formed in August 1941 and was supposed to act in Estonia. But the Germans have sent her to Russia to protect the rear of the 18-th army. He hunted the guerrillas, his people were active in the area of the city and Kingisepp Kertsovo.
In early 1942, Captain Rebane fought in Russia on the Volkhov front against General Vlasov.
In March 1943, 658 East First Battalion under his command reflect Soviet attacks. In early 1944, he distinguished himself in the battles of Vashkovo, where it was briefly suspended the promotion of Soviet divisions. During this battle on February 23 Rebane the first of the Estonians was awarded the Order of the Knights Cross.
. In the same year, Major Rebane, who became obershurmbanfyurerom SS and led the 45 th Regiment of the division of the Estonian SS, has already fought at Narva.
. Fall of 1944 his regiment was given its last battle of Tartu
. September 23 unit Rebane moved Estonian-Latvian border. 9 th May 1945 the regiment went to his last journey to the West.
WWII Rebane graduated in office of the Acting Commander 20 th Division SS.
What's interesting: order his award oak leaves to the Knight's Cross, Admiral Doenitz signed ... On May 9. He did not know that the "hero" capitulated and surrendered to. The very same award, found the hero "only in 1975, a year before his death.

After the war, Rebane lived in England, with the help of the Intelligence Service has organized a network of agents in the Estonian resistance against Soviet rule. However, here puncture. KGB covered these agents and led to British intelligence game.
After the failure of intelligence operations Rebane fired from British intelligence, and in 1961 he settled in Germany. He died on March 8, 1976 in the German city of Augsburg, and was buried beside his wife Agnia.
In Estonia, on the grave of Colonel Rebane erected a monument of black granite. It stamped the inscription: "Knight of the Order of the Knights Cross with Oak Leaves."
. At the reburial of the authorities of the republic were represented by the Commander of the Defense Forces Lieutenant General Johannes Kert, Defense Ministry officials, representatives of the officer corps, individual parliamentarians
. The ceremony brought together some 400 members of the Union of Estonian freedom fighters "who fought in 1941-45 on the side of Germany.

. CAUSE, . to which the Estonian government decided to spend 40 thousand crowns, and to disturb the remains Rebane, . the official version was that, . that de Grave in Augsburg is abandoned, . Nobody cares not for her, and German authorities have offered to take the remains home of the deceased,
. Thus, no formal policy for reburial SS officer should not. Strictly humanitarian reasons.
. Deciding solemnly reburied Rebane, . Estonian government has tried to kill two birds with one stone: to meet in the spirit of the official ideology of nostalgia for the national heroes and lubricate the shocking effect of glorifying the exploits of the soldiers of Hitler's Germany, . taking into account the sad experience of neighboring Latvia.,
. The decision of the Estonian government of reburial Rebane has outraged world opinion
. Then, many observers have, . that "cynicism is exacerbated by the action, . what, . providing funds for the reburial of Hitler's warriors, . representatives of political forces in Estonia, . members of the ruling coalition, . reiterated their demand to remove from the center of the Estonian capital, a monument to soldiers, . died in the struggle against fascism ",
Some political parties of the republic saw in the re-Rebane mocking the memory of tens of millions of people, including Estonians, who have lost their lives in the fight against fascism. Healthy forces of Estonia called on all parties to the Second World War, to international organizations to block the path of fascism in the Baltic States and in favor of holding a protest against the fascist, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.
. Perhaps, Alfons Rebane was a brave man
. But he served - with all the courage - misanthropic, criminal regime. His canonization is today, when Estonia is seeking EU and NATO, undermines the reputation of the country. The whole civilized world belongs to the Nazis and SS unequivocally negative.

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  • Magnolie for Alfons Rebane
  • The whole civilized world belongs also the Soviet Dictatorship to unequivocally negative.
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