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EKKELN Frederick

( Executioner)

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Biography EKKELN Frederick
In October 1941 in Riga, there is a new owner Ostland. Not very tall, thin, his features too small, but not without charm, thinning hair combed back to cover the emerging bald spot. In Particular dress he would have gone well for a successful accountant petty trader or a Salesman. But fate would have it put on his well-built black uniform with oak leaves and the SS runes in their buttonholes.
. Prepared for the release of a book of defenders Charles Berezin and Axel GAAP - Operation "Cottbus" (or "cleansing" of Jews from the Baltic states)
. DOSSIER Executioner
. Frederick Ekkeln was obergrupenfyurerom SS, one of the largest administrators of the Reich
. He was 46 years old. He was talented and achieved a great deal.
Ekkeln never made a mistake, making choices. From the outset, he was firmly placed on Hitler. He preferred to shoot, and not be shot. His instinct had been a beast.
. By joining the Nazi party and is nominated in the party, he soon realized that the situation of an ordinary party functionary - is, in fact, nothing but the main prize waits for those who would control the striking force of the party - SS troops
. Therefore, when Adolf Hitler became Chancellor in 1933, from 50 thousand SS prepared throughout Germany, and seven thousand picked men were subordinate to the party Ekkelnu. He became the leader of SS Group South, which included detachments of the SS in Munich, as well as the whole of Bavaria, in Wц╪rttemberg and Baden.
Ekkeln stood in a row with the leaders of the Party. His position in the Nazi Party in particular has been strengthened since June 1934, when Hitler removed his opponents within the party - Rohm and Strasser. After his victory Fuhrer gave a banquet for the closest and most trusted associates. Among them was Ekkeln.
Peak career Ekkelna, full disclosure of his talents organizer and leader of the war occurred. For a time he worked in occupied France. And when I began the great battle in the East, the Fuehrer appointed him as the supreme leader of SS and police, Army Group South, which operated in Ukraine.
. In his post Obergruppenfiihrer responsible for the organization of global terror, deployed in the occupied territories
. Jewish pogroms and massacres, attacks against the guerrillas, during which burned the whole region and areas - for all the standing Ekkeln

. The terrible massacre of Jews in Lvov, held a special Ukrainian battalion Nachtigall "(translated from German -" Nightingale "), a terrible pogrom in Berdichev, shootings of Jews in Kiev's Babi Yar - it was he, Ekkeln.

. He ordered the sterilization of hundreds of women in mixed marriages with Jews

In the autumn of 1941 Ekkeln was appointed Chief of SS and police forces Ostland. Before leaving for the new duty station, he visited an audience with Reichsfiihrer Himmler, who was taciturn and extremely concrete.

Work in Ostland should be placed so that the whole territory of the Baltic was at rest, all the Jews in the Ostland, still surviving, shall be destroyed by one. After the final victory of the Reich territory is colonized. Those locals who are well manifest themselves in the work to the benefit of Germanskoy empire, will be left in place and Germanize, while the rest would be expelled from the Baltic to the Reich, where they will be used in the most difficult jobs. Freed inhabit the territory of the German colonists.
. Residence of SS commander forces and police Ostland, as well as all other management services and administrative offices, housed in Riga, which became the capital of the province.
. Upon arriving here, Ekkeln became the most carefully analyze the situation
. Mood Obergruppenfuhrer after examining the affairs of its thorny department remains far from the best.

First of all, because some ugly boil on the body looked Riga ghetto. Ekkeln was frustrated too slow solution of the Jewish question. Avengers Arajs bad does its job. Shootings were chaotic and disorganized.
The biggest drawback, according to Ekkelna were personal feelings of the murderers, they put into execution. The Germans worked with fervent enthusiasm. And he, this same enthusiasm, in this case completely irrelevant. Jews must die, one and all - is an immutable tenet doctrine of National Socialism, derived from only one list of these people committed crimes against the Germanic nation and humanity.
. Shootings in Bikernieki woods accompanied by constant drunkenness rasstrelivateley
. Did accuracy drunken arrow vozrastaetN Naturally delayed penalty, then had to arrange this idiotic finished the wounded directly in the graves
. Head eynzattskomandy "A" Brigadenfuhrer Shtalekker clearly weakened their attention to this important work.
. Well, for Frederick Ekklnom not for nothing stronger characterization of one of the most courageous, determined and ambitious military administrators of the Reich
. He followed the instructions of Himmler in the best shape. Moreover Reichsfiihrer shared with him a great idea, which could be implemented only after cleaning of the Riga ghetto ...
Preparation shares took a month. In the deep mysteries of Russian prisoners were digging a huge hole in the Rumbula forest on the outskirts of Riga. All of them then immediately destroyed.
For two days - on November 29 and December 8, 1941 - almost 30-thousand Riga ghetto was completely destroyed.

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    EKKELN Frederick, photo, biography
    EKKELN Frederick, photo, biography EKKELN Frederick  Executioner, photo, biography
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