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Nicholas AMOSOV

( Surgeon)

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Biography Nicholas AMOSOV
photo Nicholas AMOSOV
Nicholas Amosov - a surgeon of world renown, the author of many popular books on health. All my life N. M. Amosov relied on his own experience as a true scientist, subjected any endorsement questioned. Only by checking one or another position by experimentation, often on their own body, Nikolai Mikhailovich could say with assurance: "Yes, it is". "My system of health" - a synthesis of their reflections, doubts, disappointments and belief and the story about how to maintain health in our difficult time.

. "If there is no strength of character - there is nothing", - says Nikolay Amosov proves this premise to 87 years
. He jokes that excelled at field specialist in health even more than in surgery. On Physical Fitness Amosova was heard all over the Soviet Union, and yet in his younger years Nikolay charging is not specifically dealt. Its an exercise program started on a very prosaic reason: in 1952 a surgeon so "grabbed" the spine, that he could not handle ...

. On Physical Fitness Amosova was heard all over the Soviet Union, and yet in his younger years Nikolay charging is not specifically dealt
. Its an exercise program started on a very prosaic reason: in 1952 a surgeon so "grabbed" the spine, that he was unable to operate ...

Eventually a doctor came up with his famous experiment to overcome old age: decided that with age can be dealt with by a strong increase in load. And within three months, gradually increased to three times. The success was obvious, but over time the health of a few shattered plans Amosova.

As he says: "I ran away from a heart attack, but did not run away from many diseases of the heart". In 1986, Nikolai Mikhailovich vshili stimulant, and in 1998 - an artificial valve and left a two shunt. Operation Amosov moved well and ... again started to do gymnastics.

Now his charge - a 2500-3000 movements, half of which - with a 5-pound weights. Is engaged Amosov several times a day. Now, the famous surgeon runs, of course, not 5 miles, at the beginning of the experiment, and about a half mile. "Run, I'm running, but aging, unfortunately, can not be stopped. As someone said of the great: "to grow old - bad, but it is the only way to live longer," - says Nikolay Amosov, the optimism which involuntarily envy.

- People not think much about what the health. This is the normal functioning of all organs, functions which are measurable. However, a person may be all the indicators are normal, but it's worth it to strain, worried, and look - he was in the hospital. Therefore, the number of health should be measured on the spare capacity of the organism.

For example, the heart of the average person at rest and grab five liters of blood, with a load of "productivity" athlete reaches twenty liters of blood, and at busy loafers man - only six liters of.

For some people the nature of sustainable health. However, not everyone can be in the form, because health - it is also the genes and lifestyle, which in former times, makes a person all the time to move. And now the number of necessary physical work fell by 50 times - compared to what it was 100 years ago! And, of course, affect the health of the environment, although initially healthy person its effect is clearly exaggerated.

- Why do people so often suffer from?
- I think that 90% of people, if they comply with the correct way of life would have been healthy. But, unfortunately, the regime requires effort will. A willpower man enough ...

What's in a mode that I propoveduyuN Unlike people who are keen diets and special exercises, I do not propose specific. On the contrary, I believe that all of the latest techniques - is nonsense. Need minimum Training. For a person of any age requires a minimum of 20 minutes of gymnastics in the day, plus walking. In good condition need an hour of exercise - especially people in their forties.

Someone aging begins earlier, someone - later, but all require the active half-hour walk, preferably half an hour of jogging and exercises with dumbbells. And dumbbells required (enough 2-3-kilogram, because only one waving his hands is not enough: the muscles are not loaded with. Nature has programmed so that muscle mass naturally decreases with age. And the muscles turn into fat. Therefore, load, and once again load - no discount on old age!

In addition, with age there should be no weight gain, which is the main indicator of proper nutrition. Weight should be stable and low. For a man with a medium level of muscle weight is considered by the formula: growth minus one hundred. If the muscle is not enough: the growth of minus 110.

- They say the best food - Peasant. Healthy, simple ...
- There can, in principle, anything. But it is obligatory raw, plant foods - not less than 300 grams per day. And the question of whether to eat meat - not the most important. The flesh, of course, contains the essential amino acids not found in other products, and our body are difficult to obtain. But in principle, without meat is quite possible to do.

- How do you think: 20, 40 years ago, our nation was stronger, healthier than now?
- Health deteriorated, because people are experiencing psychological stress. Although I would not call what is happening now, this stress, but still it is not normal. Terrible to say: our age-specific mortality of men of working age from 20 to 60 years are 2-3 times higher, . than in the civilized countries! Women live 8-10 years longer than men, . although the "gap" between the life expectancy of a weak and strong sex should be about 3-5 years,

Today is extremely important anti-stress prevention. Minimum for relaxation - the normal number of hours of sleep. Each person has their own need for sleep, but on average have to sleep 8 o'clock. Lately I'm also learning the technique of meditation: sitting in a relaxed position for about twenty minutes. It is important not to think, concentrate on breathing. Meditation helps me when to sleep.

Regarding alcohol, then in small doses, it is even useful. But tobacco is certainly harmful.

- In your opinion, what is the reason of "sprawl" of cancer?
- In the world there is no particular increase in the number of cancer patients (excluding lung cancer). Moreover, cases of cancer of the stomach and even declined. It took cancer in second or third place in the causes of death - and took. But few people take into account that the life expectancy has increased over the past half century, and cancer often suffer from older people.

- Because of our poverty, to which medicine will be inclined society?
- How will the medicine - a complex question. On the one hand, we have no money, but on the other - a lot of drugs. And here arises a very unpleasant nuance. Physicians fixated on expensive drugs. But you can treat our own, cheaper, proven medications, but can be - overseas, that little bit better, but 3-4 times more expensive. So now the main task of our popular medicine - to learn how to treat cheap.

As folk and official medicine, they should not oppose. If we apply the traditional medicine in some trifling symptoms - please! But as soon as the disease Burns the man, for some reason he goes to this doctor.

Important aspect in treatment - psychotherapy. The psychological effects of drugs ranges from 40 to 80% depending on the disease and doctors who prescribe medication. This is verified by the appointment of fake pills.

Unfortunately, all the doctors "locked" to the disease, therefore, to find among medical professionals that emphasize health, it is not just. But attitudes are changing.

- What has changed in your attitude toward religion?
- Nothing. I just did not believe in God, and do not believe. But in recent times tend to think that the so-called second physics, another life, parallel to ours, still exist, sometimes concentrating on our banal lives. It is possible that this other life all the time, hedging, and perhaps defines our first life.

Recently I have even more doubts in their materialistic attitudes, when familiar with the experiments of academician Bekhtereva, a famous physician neurophysiologist. Surely you've heard that a person can see without eyes? Bechterew decided to check how the brain reacts to this phenomenon, and came to a surprising conclusion: it turns out, which I saw the information comes not only through the receptors, but apart from them. It may not even induce electrical responses in the occipital lobe, where visual images are recorded ... Here is what is the manifestation of the "other physics".

- You had to deal with weird phenomena?
- We have many died in the hospital, and clinical death, with a return to life there is, perhaps, every week. My colleagues have often asked by patients: "What do you videlN" But no one saw ...

In the department of cybernetics, which I direct, the staff are always interested in anomalous phenomena. And we are constantly invited to visit all kinds of psychics, but none of the experiments they conducted on our eyes, not confirmed.

How to explain the famous physicist Vadim Evgen'evich Loshkarev, in any physiological experience is the minimum necessary conditions under which the phenomenon occurs. So, the skeptical perception of the environment is the condition that it blocks.

- With your materialist point of view: what is reincarnation?
- I had heard from different people as they go in the astral and talk with the dead, even describe what they eat. But all these details - as souls are fed apples and frolic on the lawn, I totally uninteresting.

The people all your life myths. Personally, I do not believe the existence of souls, but at the same time - again with the amendment: if there is "another physicist, does not exclude the possibility that the cosmos is something still ...

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Nicholas AMOSOV, photo, biography
Nicholas AMOSOV, photo, biography Nicholas AMOSOV  Surgeon, photo, biography
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