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Simone de Beauvoir

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Biography Simone de Beauvoir
Today in Russia, . when a woman feels more deeply their own "I", . not carried away by the problems of feminism, . but simply referring to the more substantive issues and global, . than boring her sphere of life and sex, . She unwillingly confronted with the, . that feel and carried through his life Simone de Beauvoir,
. "Ideas come into the world with people, many people would like to step into eternity, but most people belong only to its time. Simone de Beauvoir is a way to succeeding generations that sought but not found a sustainable relationship between a woman's estate and intellectual outlook.
. Book Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex ", . written half a century ago, . Although soluble in a variety of new, . associated with the second millennium problems, . However, in some respects does not cease to be relevant, . because it gives a woman an accurate representation of himself, . a biological, . historical and religious individuals,
. What would this say about de Beauvoir, no matter how "washed" her in the press and sermons, she looked reality in the eye and by his own life has proved the likelihood of the new nature of the relationship between men and women.

. Written in the late forties the book "The Second Sex" has not ceased to be relevant today, . despite the women's riots of the thirties, . nomination noble collective farm, . glorification of individuals of the Soviet period (members of War, . astronauts and members of government),
. Individual cases do not have a rule. The emergence of 60-ies of certain artistic works fantastic character on the topic of our day amazons, . written mostly by men, . one character only visible fright of their authors before the onset of female estates confirm the correctness of these judgments.,

. Now recall the fate of most writer
. Civilian spouse famous French existentialist philosopher, Simone de Beauvoir was born in prosperous and not a poor family lawyer and zealous Catholic. Her childhood, as she later confessed, was happy and cloudless. After graduating from the Faculty of Philosophy and written work on the rank, "Simone de Beauvoir taught philosophy at Marseilles, all the thirties. In the early forties she begins an affair with a teacher of philosophy, Jean-Paul Sartre, who became her lifelong friend. As a writer, she participated with him in the Resistance. Their participation in these events is ambiguous, and some of their peers is disputed to this day, because they did not survive those privations suffered by those who fought in the resistance with weapons in their hands. But Simone de Beauvoir always remained a guilt complex because of the fact that she did not know the feeling of hunger, not frozen and no thirst. In moral terms, the absence of such a depressing experience it much more than a conscious refusal to have children. Eventually it will replace the numerous children's books, where she tried to understand themselves and how, for example, that such children as a form of continuation of the human race. "I have always had the need to talk about myself ... The first question that I have always arose, was this: what it means to be zhenschinoyN "I thought that I was immediately on his answer. But when a hard look at this problem and understand first of all that this world is made for men; my childhood is filled legends and myths are composed of men, but I have to react very differently than boys and young men. I was so excited by them that they forget to listen to your own voice, his own confession ...".
. Simone de Beauvoir wrote a lot, but, picking up my pen, always strives to create only a large, software product, whether a novel, essay or autobiographical novel
. She speculates that, unlike many living creatures only man is aware that his life is finite, that he is mortal. And during this short life available to people complete freedom, they are always faced with the responsibility to communicate with others ". And the greatest difficulties arise in communication between the sexes. Simone de Beauvoir sees the possibility of agreement between them in the field of sex and orientation to the privileged status of men, and in a joint search for meaning in life.

. At the end of XX century, began to remember the book de Beauvoir on the "third age", where she managed to convey the magnificence of life, anxiety and depression mature years, a scandalous conflict of conscience with the process of dying, and care into oblivion.

. Remembered and books in which she talks about her "Roman Holiday" with Sartre, on the topics of their discussions and conversations, that they care throughout the life of the fantastic success of Sartre, his influence on young people and minds of contemporaries.

. At the very Simone de Beauvoir had no ambition of her husband, but it certainly warmed in the rays of his glory, say the French touch - "reputation" has not yet earned their own fame to their clearly expressed "feminism"
. Philosophical essays Simone de Beauvoir, the balanced objectivity, insight, vision, good style, educational significance, but in the community liked it not for everybody, and it blamed the Marxists and Catholics. They believed that its "all-female" revolt was not justification for emancipation, and evidence of unbridled pride and shattered soul. Calm harmonious state of Simone de Beauvoir not just as she confessed, during the life destroyed, and the writer have put their fate and the ruthless analysis in creative arts and scientific research.
. "My character - it's me" - she quotes Mary Bashkirtseva
. And indeed most of her novels autobiographical. For example, in his first novel, "Guest" on the life of couples, the smooth harmony which destroys invading their lives young creature, she describes her relationship with Jean Paul Sartre. It's no secret that the great philosopher constantly surrounded by young admirers.

For her, the writer's work - also a way of self-knowledge: "Men act and thus knows himself. The woman is living in seclusion and practicing hard, with no tangible results can not determine either its place in the world, nor the forces. She ascribes a higher value precisely because it is not available any important object of ...

. ... Women's desire to live life, a husband, home, children experience the charms of love is not always easy to reconcile with the desire to achieve the intended purpose.

. Did she herself is primirenieN Probably not
. But she consciously chose a path. And his whole life trying to prove that between men and women to a strong relationship, not due to their biological essence. It is therefore refused to have children. That's why she was always there with Sartre, even when their mutual passion has faded, and they each had their own personal life. Their amazing civil union was legendary. It was believed that none of them wants more. Every public appearance of the famous philosopher anticipated by journalists, always more knowledgeable than others, as a sensation: with whom he now poyavitsyaN But Sartre consistently demonstrated their loyalty to Simone de Beauvoir.

. Was it krasivaN Perhaps there
. If it can be said about Frenchwoman. And she was a real Frenchwoman. She loved the beautiful and fashionable clothes and had a great taste. Photographs period romantic relationship with Sartre looking at us a confident, charming woman. But later she had to listen to so much filth and accusations that, they say, it appeared a set of ugly women. The independence of thinking and vibrant publication in defense of women's emancipation helped to create a way alien to earthly pleasures feminists. Simon did not refute these allegations.
. But ten years after her death in 1997 published a book "The transatlantic love" - a collection of letters of Simone de Beauvoir to the American writer Nelson Algrenu, . in which we see another, . informal, . not "fighting" side of life writer,
. She wrote a dear man hundreds of messages - evidence of her passionate and jealous of human love. For the sake of meeting with this favorite, . not nebozhitelnitsa, . flew across the ocean in a rather feeble in the fifties, "the steel birds", . to discover at first did not manivshie its cities like Chicago and Los Angeles, . Nor did she read the literature from afar, . cheerleader it does not like dating,
. Often she could not sleep without writing another letter to Nelson, not saying at least in writing only to him words of love. Unlike all her books published before, "Transatlantic Love" reveals the writer as an entirely earthly woman, dreaming about family, about meeting her at the threshold of the house favorite, which gives her the usual warmth and comfort. "... I even sleep, waiting for you - wrote it. - My heart is full of unsatisfied desire, which I am glad, because it seems they are mutual. Good night, my dear, how tenderly tonight I love you ". Letters such as this, Simone de Beauvoir wrote daily from 1947 to 1964. In the letters, they often turned to each other: "my husband", "my wife". But she was not destined to marry Nelson, as they had dreamed. The cause must be sought in a very stable legend of Sartre and de Beauvoir, in deep connection with the French writer and personal life of the Nelson. Atlantic tightly connected, but also a serious share of the two artists, the creators of their own lives, their biographies. Not yet, we know. Because the truth is often not the legends. Must wait another decade ...
Sartre and de Beauvoir were buried in the common grave in the cemetery of Montparnasse. The writers' graves now less attendance than the graves singer and pop musicians. However, they put the French signs of love and gratitude - the flowers and stones. At the grave of Sartre and de Beauvoir lay red carnations and stones that look like pebbles picked up on the beach

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Simone de Beauvoir, photo, biography
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