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Schechter Igor

( Linguist)

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Biography Schechter Igor
(genus. 1917)
Name of a famous linguist Igor Schechter familiar to most of those who have recently taught foreign languages. His methodology used by almost all modern language centers. But few people realize how long and difficult was the way these techniques before they are made available to mere mortals: the value of their developments Igor Schechter argued the system half a century.
. Igor Schechter was born in the year of the October Revolution in Simferopol
. Later his father became an important economic post in the new socialist system. My mother was a schoolteacher. Thanks to the mothers and grandmothers, Igor childhood was fluent in German and soon began to enjoy great home library.
. Despite the clear makings of humanities, Igor followed his father's wishes: "Youth should be actively involved in the construction of a new life, the country needs engineers" - and entered the Bauman Institute
. However, less than a year, as he threw the sciences and became a student VKIZha (All-Union Communist Institute of Journalism)
This act of his quarrel with his father. Even the father's arrest in 1937, Igor learned only after one of our countrymen denounced the committee, the Komsomol: Schechter admits that his father - the enemy of the people. Igor did not hide, he just did not know: my mother did not tell him about it, fearing harm. And the fact that his mother and younger brother Lenya are in dire need and live in the bathroom of their apartment is confiscated, he learned only a few months. Igor expelled from the institute, and he wandered around train stations in search of odd jobs.
. Despite the status of the son of an enemy of the people, he made another attempt to get higher education: the war found Schechter is a graduate of the Institute of Foreign Languages
. And Igor and Leonid volunteered for the front. Seventeen Lenya died in the first battle, but Igor was seriously wounded and was in the hospital. Coming out on crutches, he was outside the gates of the hospital threw them.
Ended a long war, and for the young scientist-linguist began its own long-term battle. Already in the late 40's Schechter began scientific developments in the field of foreign language learning. In the early 50's his first books of the French, who stood a few reprints and for many years been used in the system of military schools.
Principle Schechter was as follows. To learn a foreign language, not necessarily start with the grammar: for all people on Earth speak, even illiterate, and once nearly all of humanity was illiterate, but it is not only talking but also composed songs, fables and poems.
. However, the idea met with Schechter solid wall of rejection by the venerable philologists, who stood guard over the traditions and their own seats
. Despite the intercession of some scientists and some major newspapers, the Ministry of Education went to his war, sending a commission for commission. Surprisingly, but suffering defeat, Schechter each time rising higher and higher up the hierarchy. They closed his chair at the Institute of Foreign Languages - he obtained permission to work with the State Planning Commission, closed it - he opened his chair at the Academy of Sciences. Funny that inspectors from the "enemy" the commissions themselves are often approached with a request Shekhter enroll in his courses daughter, son-in-law and m. d. Thus, the method of Schechter became the elite: it learned to high-ranking officials, diplomats, astronauts, filmmakers, writers. But by the method he wanted his design were finally available to the public and helped to overcome the language barrier notorious millions of people.
Irina has appeared in the life of Igor at the very moment when it "closed" in the State Plan. She was sent to Shekhter for probation. She was younger than his 35 years. Student, in love with his teacher - a conflict widespread. But what made him pay attention to her not only as a talented uchenitsuN
. - She stood up for me, - says Igor, - and did so quite disinterestedly.
. By the time of their meeting with Irina already had experience of family life and grew up the daughter of, . And Igor - two adult sons (Andrew - lawyer, . Rudolph - director, . place such well-known films, . as the "Casket of Maria de 'Medici" and "Fools die on Friday).,

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Schechter Igor, photo, biography
Schechter Igor, photo, biography Schechter Igor  Linguist, photo, biography
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