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Alexandrov Anatoly Petrovich

( physicist, academician)

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Biography Alexandrov Anatoly Petrovich
photo Alexandrov Anatoly Petrovich
(13.02.1903 - 3.02.1994)
At the launch of the first nuclear power plant, when the tube went out of control long-awaited smoke, he congratulated his friend Kurchatov's famous phrase: "Enjoy Your Bath!" After the death of the beard in 1960, Academician A.P. Alexandrov was destined to make your dreams of all nuclear scientists: "Let the atom be working, . and not a soldier! "And the rest of his life, . having already been president of the USSR, . Anatoly Petrovich creating more nuclear power states, . without which we still can not get along for a long time ...,
. Future Nuclear academic "was born in 1903
. Kiev. Working as an electrician after the revolution, he was not going to be a scientist. Never thought about it and settle down like his father, a teacher. Then he entered the University of Kiev (in absentia), where he made his first scientific paper. It drew attention п░.п╓. Joffe, Alexander's proposed the move to Leningrad so that they do dielectrics. Alexandrov agreed - thanks to this in the 30 years was born polymer physics.
In the war Alexandrov nicknamed "marine academician" (though he was only a professor). The fact that Anatoly Petrovich led the Navy to protect ships from magnetic mines on his own method. None of the ships the Navy is not blown up by a mine! Under the leadership of then worked Alexandrov Igor Kurchatov. Soon, they "change roles", and 43-meters has become deputy Anatoly Petrovich Kurchatov's "atomic project.
. His word was decisive in the establishment of nuclear power plants for the world's first atomic icebreaker "Lenin", "Siberia", "Russia" for nuclear attack submarines
. He also opened the world's first nuclear power plant in Obninsk
Dreadful morning of 26 April 1986, cut the yellow radioactive feature fate of very many. President of the USSR was then 83. In early May, his wife died - and he could be at Chernobyl, only a month after the disaster. He maintained a clarity of thought and firmness in decisions, but it was obvious that what happened crushed him an intolerable burden. All at once collapsed - trust in nuclear power, unquestioning authority of the Atomic ... He knew that this was not enough for life to the ruins to build a new building. At the head Alexandrova - supervisor RBMK reactor poured streams of false accusations and just dirt. Pointed to the alleged deliberate handicap reactor in comparison with U.S. and European ...
Why the Chernobyl RBMKN Why was it still happened nepopravimoeN answer is contained in the recognition of the Director plant Mayak BV. Brohovicha: "Selecting uranium-graphite RBMK nuclear power plants was due to the fact that this type we have been well studied and mastered ... In addition, our industry is in dire need of an experimental base for testing ... power equipment. Therefore, many developers, scientists ... after putting in the work of reactors and nuclear power plants have sought to already existing sites ... conduct experiments on extremely critical parameters to verify their efficiency. This, perhaps, can explain the requirement of the unfortunate experiments in Chernobyl "
. Anatoly Alexandrov, of course, understood the essence of tragedy, and my main mistake: he failed to convince all those who worked at the plant that they face a very dangerous object that can kill a human faith in nuclear power
. By itself, the reactor was reliable, it simply had to work, and not to experiment. Correct its mistake Academician Alexander did not have time: too little he left to live.
In the 94-m at his funeral there was not one of the rulers of Russia ... Bust A.P. Alexandrova not installed "in the homeland of the hero, as was the decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR for the Heroes of Socialist Labor, and in Sosnovy Bor - where the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant. Chernobyl by the end of life was within him. Maybe that's why he asked to bury themselves in Mitinskoe cemetery, the thing where they found their last resting Chernobyl "liquidators".

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Alexandrov Anatoly Petrovich, photo, biography
Alexandrov Anatoly Petrovich, photo, biography Alexandrov Anatoly Petrovich  physicist, academician, photo, biography
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