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Zhdanov, Yurii

( Academician of RANS)

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Biography Zhdanov, Yurii
(August 20, 1919 - ...)
Awarded the Order of the Patriotic War, Red Star, the military medals. Academician of the RANS. Creating W. A. Zhdanov in 1962, Russia's first department of chemistry of natural compounds allowed to identify long-term program of basic and applied research in one of the most promising areas of modern science. YU. A. Zhdanov - a prominent organizer of science. Under his leadership, Rostov State University became one of the leading universities of Russia, which has successfully developed many of the natural sciences and humanities.
. Born August 20, 1919 in the city of Tver, in a family of professional revolutionaries
. Father - Zhdanov, Andrey Aleksandrovich (1896. born.). Mother - Zhdanov, Zinaida Aleksandrovna (1898 Mr.. born.). Wife - Zhdanov Taisiya S. (1929. born.). Daughter - Ekaterina Zhdanova (1950 g. born.). Son - Andrei Zhdanov (1960. born.).

In 1937, Yuri Zhdanov, graduated from high school and joined the Department of Chemistry, Moscow State University, Department of Organic Chemistry. The end of the study coincided with the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. From 1941 to 1945 he served in Zhivago Main Political Administration of the Red Army as an instructor, then promoter-writer. Awarded the Order of the Patriotic War, Red Star, the military medals.

After demobilization was engaged in teaching and research work under the guidance of Academician A. N. Nesmeyanov at MSU and also studied at the graduate Institute of Philosophy Academy of Sciences of the USSR under the guidance of a chemist, philosopher and historian of science B. M. Kedrova. In 1948 he defended his thesis and received his degree in Philosophy. During this period, the interests of the young scientist's focus on the socio-political issues.

. In the years 1947-1953 served as head of sector, head of the science department of the CPSU Central Committee, and from 1953 to 1957 - head of the department of science and culture of the Rostov Regional Party
. Working in the Party, he did not interrupt research and teaching activities. In 1957 he defended his second dissertation, this time - at the base of the specialty. He was awarded the degree of Candidate of Chemical Sciences and the title of assistant professor.

In 1957, S. A. Zhdanov appointed rector of Rostov State University - one of the biggest university in Russia.

In 1960 he successfully defended his dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Chemical Sciences and in 1961 was approved in the title of professor. Creating W. A. Zhdanov in 1962, Russia's first department of chemistry of natural compounds allowed to identify long-term program of basic and applied research in one of the most promising areas of modern science. As a result of years of research S. A. Zhdanov formed the original research area in the chemistry of carbohydrates. Open a wide range of reactions and methods of synthesis of the majority of practically important classes of monosaccharides. He is the priority in the study of carbohydrate carbenes and ketones, in the broad scope of carbohydrate involvement in the synthesis of organometallic and condensation methods. Scientist first used quantum mechanical calculations of the chemistry of carbohydrates, . laid down the principles of quantitative approach to study the reactivity of carbohydrates, . their chemical and conformational stability, . based on the application of methods of quantum chemistry.,
. His research in the field of carbohydrate chemistry are reflected in more than 150 scientific articles, reports on international and all-union congresses, symposia, seminars and conferences.
. YU
. A. Zhdanov, the first in the Soviet literature "Workshop on the chemistry of carbohydrates, which went through two editions, released monograph" Chemical transformations of carbon skeleton of carbohydrates (Izd-vo AN USSR, 1962). For a long time, Professor S. A. Zhdanov worked as a corresponding member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal "Carbohydrate Research".
Cycle Works S. A. Zhdanov devoted to the chemistry of aromatic and heterocyclic systems, in particular pirilievyh salts. They have developed new approaches to design of a number of heterocyclic cations, . be directed to synthesize compounds, . is of practical value in industrial production of a number of alkaloids digidronorkoraldana, . dioksillina, . berberine, . papaverine,
. In this area, we obtain new photos and termohromy, and phosphors.

S. A. Zhdanov and his students discovered a fundamentally new type of tautomerism - atsilotropnaya tautomerism, which has become a convenient way of approach to the study of a series of complex biochemical processes. In 1974, the phenomenon atsilotropii was registered as a scientific discovery (б? 146) in the field of organic chemistry. Main content of the opening described in the monograph S. A. Zhdanov (co-author) "Molecular design of tautomeric systems". This work was awarded a gold medal VDNH USSR.

S. A. Zhdanov formed the concept of information capacity of the molecules and established on this basis, a unified classification of bio-organic compounds. YU. A. Zhdanov is the author of the first in the world literature summarizing monograph "Correlation Analysis in Organic Chemistry". Fundamental research results S. A. Zhdanov and his followers in the field of organic chemistry are reflected in the monograph "Dipole Moments in Organic Chemistry" (1968), . translated and published also in the United States and Poland, . in the textbook theory of the structure of organic compounds "(1972), . published in Bulgaria, . and in other publications.,

. In 1970, S
. A. Zhdanov was elected a corresponding member of Academy of Sciences.

Breadth of scientific interest SE. A. Zhdanov is reflected in those works, which he leads in the frontier sciences - biochemistry, biogeochemistry, genetics. With his disciples S. A. Zhdanov had a productive research in the field of trace elements, with great practical and economic importance. YU. A. Zhdanov more than 20 inventor's certificates, . fixing priorities for the synthesis of practically important biologically active substances (antidepressants, . Stimulant, . antiarrhythmics), . as well as photochromic compounds, . phosphors and distinctive polimikroudobreny,
. For the first time in Russia for Agriculture proposed a new Agrotechnical reception into the soil long-acting ceramic polimikroudobreny (Frith). Their production has been established at chemical factory in Rostov-on-Don, and use - in the fields of many farms of the country. Research in genetics have led to practical results in the field of chemical mutagenesis, to establish the original correlation in the genetic code.

Developing the academic tradition in. I. Vernadsky S. A. Zhdanov made a significant contribution to the solution of environmental problems. On his initiative in the Rostov State University, was organized by the country's first department of environmental management and conservation. Among his publications - research on the biogeochemistry, chemical evolution, the theory of the noosphere. At the suggestion and with the participation of South. A. Zhdanov Rostov State University have developed a course "Man and the Biosphere", published a manual deployment case studies
. A series of works related to environmental development of the North Caucasus region, was completed the creation of a mathematical simulation model of the Azov Sea, awarded in 1983, the USSR State Prize
. On the scale used parameters of the water system, this model has no analogues. The model allows realistic projection of the ecosystem, based on what is constructed and studied the effectiveness of a hundred possible strategies impact on the sea. The simulation results almost used to determine prognosis pond fish productivity, its salinity and purification, in the drafting of the Kerch hydropower.

S. A. Zhdanov belongs to a series of works in the field of cultural theory, on the activities of national science and culture. On his initiative in the RSU was established first among universities in the country's Department of Culture Theory.

S. A. Zhdanov synthesizes science. Speaking as a philosopher, . Chemist, . historian and popularizer of science, . He publishes the book: "Essays on the methodology of organic chemistry", . "On the unity of the chemical structure and dynamics", . "Lenin and the development of natural science", . "Carbon and Life, . "Meeting of Labor and Culture, . "Meetings with nature" and "Crystal set",
. Among his publications - a series of articles in the chemical and philosophical journals, connecting the elements of scientific and artistic creativity.

S. A. Zhdanov - a prominent organizer of science. Under his leadership, Rostov State University became one of the leading universities of Russia, which has successfully developed many of the natural sciences and humanities. Since 1970, S. A. Zhdanov headed the Council of the North Caucasus Scientific Center High School, . combining its coordination activities, over 40 thousand scientific and pedagogical workers more than 60 universities and many research organizations of all republics, . territories and regions of the North Caucasus region,
. He - the initiator of the establishment of the structure SKNTs Bill and Rostov university research institutes: the physical and organic chemistry, mechanics and applied mathematics, physics, Neurocybernetics, social and economic problems.

. 1972-S
. A. Zhdanov is the chief editor of the journal "Proceedings of the universities. North-Caucasian region (until 1993 the journal appeared under the title "Proceedings of the North Caucasus Scientific Center of Higher School") since 1995 - Chief editor of "Scientific thought the Caucasus.

S. A. Zhdanov prepared 40 candidates and 8 Doctors. For many years, he facilitates sessions Don Academy young researchers and regional competitions for young scientists in the technical sciences.

North Caucasus Scientific Center High School under the direction of S. A. Zhdanov developed Regional Energy Development Program of the Northern Caucasus, . economic development of the Rostov Region and Krasnodar Territory, . integrated program of scientific and technological progress of the Northern Caucasus, . formed a program for economic and socio-political development of the North Caucasus,
. YU. A. Zhdanov is the chairman of the North Caucasian academic association which unites industry Academy of Sciences.
S. A. Zhdanov - an active member of the Association's social and economic cooperation of republics, territories and regions of the Northern Caucasus, the Presidium of the Council of Rectors of Rostov Region. His years of experience in public, . scientific and public organizations as a member of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR (the 11 th convocation), . member of Gosplan RSFSR, . member of the Committee on the USSR State Prize in Science, . member of the domestic (RSFSR and the USSR) Committee on the Don in the Seversky Donets, . member of the Board of Knowledge "Society of the RSFSR and other organizations Yu.A.,
. Zhdanov generously passes heads of local authorities, universities and research institutions in the region.
S. A. Zhdanov was elected a member of Russia Academy of Natural Sciences, . International Academy of Higher School, . Russia Environmental Academy, . Academy of Humanitarian Sciences of Russia, . Academy of Energy Science, . International Academy of Ecology and life safety, . honorary member of the Engineering Academy of Russia.,
. Scientific Councils Rostov, Kalmykia, Stavropol State University decided to assign him the title "Distinguished Professor", the Scientific Council of Silesian University (Poland) - the title of "Honorary Doctor"
. It is headed by Don Pushkin Society, Southern Russia League for the Defense of Culture, sits on the board of the Rostov Branch of the Fund's name M. A. Sholokhov.
The scientific and public activity of S. A. Zhdanov awarded two Orders of Lenin, the Order of the October Revolution, two Orders of Red Banner of Labor, the Order of Honor, the Order of Friendship of Peoples, Medal H. K. Krupskaya and other awards. For his contribution to social and economic development of the city of Rostov-on-Don City Council in 1997 awarded the South. A. Zhdanov title of Honorary Citizen of the city of Rostov-on-Don.
. Zhivago - a fan of classical art: from antiquity to modern times, from Homer to Shakespeare, Goethe, Pushkin, Tolstoy, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Leonardo da Vinci, Goya, Vereshchagin
. Fascinated by the history of thought from Aristotle to Hegel.
Lives and works in Rostov-na-Donu.

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Zhdanov, Yurii, photo, biography
Zhdanov, Yurii, photo, biography Zhdanov, Yurii  Academician of RANS, photo, biography
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