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Konrad Lorenz

( The famous naturalist)

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Biography Konrad Lorenz
The famous naturalist Konrad Lorenz urged to keep the golden hamster "every statute of intellectual daytime occupation". I'd add: if you need to continue such training extends to the evening - the best company you will not find.
. Include a table lamp and barely have time to fill in the machine clean sheet, as the house comes alive asleep: golden "Syrian" Khomko flexing their teeth on the cage
. Rodent, but ... For him grind his teeth - an urgent need, such as food and daytime sleep. And Homa Brut (such is his full name), happily gnawing at metal. Fortunately, not all night.
Hamsters - nocturnal animals, and now my friend the owl calls "breakfast". I opened the door. Khomko moved from the cage on his hand, and from there on the desk. I put a saucer with seeds and wait until he chooses between La Russo and explanatory dictionary Ozhegova. Homa configured patriotically: shustro climbs Ozhegova. After receiving his saucer, he busily stuffed zaschechnye bags seeds, funny bristling mustache and swelling in his eyes.
Seems Khomko focused solely on food program. Certainly not! If I lose vigilance, red-haired bandit, waiting for a piece of paper to complete its path (and in fact never made a mistake!), Shustro slips from the dictionary and there is enough leaf tenacious paws. As personality thrifty, Homa convinced: an extra piece in the economy will not prevent. If the raid fails, the hamster is not offended, gracefully pulls its 180-gram body back to the dictionary and adopted tidy golden fur coat
. Lives Homa Brut in a large bird cage (of course, without a single wooden parts - otherwise tenant sgryzet part of the house and go for a walk to the neighbors)
. The lack of such a dwelling - it is open to all winds ", and drafts do not like hamsters. So it's best to settle the hamster in a large aquarium, covered with a metal grid.
In the left corner Khomkin Estates is a cozy little house, cut out unnecessary shoe box. The opposite corner of the neat little animals turned into a toilet (to facilitate cleaning, we have established "evrosantehniku - Import Bank of the cap from the pickled cucumbers). The bottom of the cell was shrouded writing paper (newsprint, containing lead, can not make a bed!). Part paper Homa carry off a house on the device sockets.
But he was not such a homebody. He loves sports (cross-country wheel - is absolutely necessary to maintain simulator homyachinogo health). Eat loves. The trough and drinking bowl are arranged near the house. I must say, drinking a little hamster: a liquid it receives mainly with rich foods (carrots, beets, zucchini, pumpkin), and its main food - the grain: wheat, barley, oats, sunflower seeds (nezharenye). Hamsters - the people thrifty. For example, the hamster is capable of common stock up for the winter to 90 (!) Kilograms of food. No matter how much grain or lying in a manger - all will disappear, first for thick cheeks, and then in the pantry.
Homa loves to sharpen their teeth on a biscuit or dried. Sometimes, when we drink tea and he arranged for someone in his sleeve, he fall to tithe cheese. But no sausage, bacon, fried, smoked and other delicacies! For his health is dangerous.

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Konrad Lorenz, photo, biography
Konrad Lorenz, photo, biography Konrad Lorenz  The famous naturalist, photo, biography
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