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SOROKIN Svetlana

( Television presenter)

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Biography SOROKIN Svetlana
photo SOROKIN Svetlana
Sorokin Ssvetlana V. was born in 1957.
Sorokin radical from Leningrad and most of her life passed in this city. She graduated from school with a gold medal.
Once admitted to the Forestry Academy, which became an engineer after graduating from forestry. Her profession - landscape architecture - stands for is very simple: the specialists of this profile are usually involved in greening cities.
. But Sorokin decided to continue their education - she studied in graduate school, in his spare time working guide.

. Later came the main loop of her life - television, which began when at the invitation of Alexander Nevzorov's Sorokina came to work in the program of the Leningrad television '600 seconds'
. It was a very bold step. Without a special education without actually knowing the television, Sorokina began working in the program, which is kind of different approach to selection and the way news. Very often they are limited to the darkest sides of life - murder, robbery, violence. Nevertheless, this program was not bad for Sorokina vocational school, as well as work in another program Leningrad television - 'Telekurer'.
. Having the necessary skills, Sorokina moved to Moscow and began to work leading television news program Rossiyskogo - 'News'
. She was at the very beginning of the transfer, with everyone looking for the most appropriate name of the program, created its model, and eventually she became the face of the program. In recent years, Sorokin worked in the post political observer 'lead'.

It was a different level of journalism and other status. For the sake of such a possibility even had to forgo amenities: the first time Sorokina lived in the hotel, worked a lot and only recently acquired a small apartment. Residents of the home are proud of their famous neighbor, Sorokin learn and in stores that it takes for granted. She was accustomed to fame and finds it a necessary component of their profession. Working on Rossiyskom television, Svetlana Sorokina become a true professional. She was among the most popular television presenters, which greatly contributes to its creative approach to business.

. The program 'Vesti' she had to do the same work as the rest of the lead: to select the proposed correspondents subjects generate news stories and offer their viewers
. It would seem the most normal job, which executes each leading information programs. And at the same time, each of them makes it a little differently. Except for the most relevant official and political events, each leading to you to decide what the main news on the hour and how to tell about it.

. People's favorite, Sorokin not only enjoyed the sympathy of viewers, but also earned the recognition of his colleagues on the body of the vision
. In 1995, the festival of TV and Radio Sorokina Russia became the first in a nomination for 'Best Leading Information Programs,' and received the prize - a figurine of a horse, saying that this animal is the best captures the essence of her profession. Following this recognition of the professionalism Sorokina was already marked by the highest television award - TEFI.
. Work on television, life on the schedule, a huge responsibility for every word uttered on the air to some extent changed the nature Sorokina: she became more nervous and stiff
. But it's her inner feeling - colleagues, however, note its smooth character and say that Svetlana can not scream or hurt word. As creative nature, Sorokina respects the unordinary minded people, but does not tolerate poor performance or non -. Work became her vocation and the meaning of life.
. In autumn 1997 there was still something so feared viewers: November 22, Svetlana Sorokina last aired in the 'News' to say goodbye to his audience.

. Guide Channel has decided to radically change a program
. New concept, according Sorokina, not raise the rating of transmission, because now it will be even more officious. A Sorokin long defended its position of author of the news, not wanting to become a speaker. As a leading information program, she adhered to the principle of objectivity of information. 'There is information and there is propaganda - she says. - Tell about the events or execute someone else will. I tell detached from the standpoint of someone who observes and makes its findings'. The position of the journalist does not meet the new concept of the program, and Svetlana simply removed from the ether.

In this difficult period for themselves Sorokina again felt the support of his fellow journalists and viewers. S. Dorenko made a special report on this event for the program of 'Time', E. Sorokina Kiselyov described the withdrawal of the 'lead' as the news of the week. He invited his friend and colleague in the night release programs 'results' and on behalf of the leadership of NTV offered her a job in his television. About care Sorokina from the 'lead' writing and newspapers, she appeared on the radio.
Sorokin's no secret that the head RTR N. Svanidze asked her to create and maintain any other program on RTR channel or 'Culture'. But she refused, explaining his refusal reluctance 'to adopt their rules of the game'. Appearing on all major TV channels already in the country as a guest, rather than leading, Sorokina, and this time did not change his principles. She talked only about the work, avoiding talking about his personal life. Thus, the persistent requests from viewers to tell about myself once again went unanswered.

. She became the permanent host of the project 'Hero of the Day' on NTV, proved that television is going to continue his career and did not think engaging in politics
. "I'm sane person - says Sorokin. - Everyone should feel that their threshold of competence and to do what he can do '.

. Svetlana itself relates to the conservative women: it does not do trendy haircuts, rarely change something in yourself and your appearance, clothing prefers a classic style, "although loves to wear bright and soft colors - pink, white, red
. His principal designer considers T. Fyodorov, but in extreme cases can buy ready-made suit from Versace, Karl Lagerfeld and Sonia Rikkel.
. Recreation prefers to spend in solitude, that was only the sun and the sea, good food and good wine and, of course, books and conversations.
. House for Sorokin - is her refuge, where she likes to put things in order
. There she lives with her husband - cameraman and a favorite cat. Principal serving in the kitchen - is shatterproof dishes, to avoid the temptation to run down after the ether. The classic way to relieve tension Sorokina replaced cold shower, followed by a small charge and five to ten minute sessions with a rope. She has a secret and the other forms of conservation - training on simulators, and mandatory after them with a variety of massage with aromatic oils. In addition, twice a week, Svetlana plays tennis and swims in the pool, good gym is not far from home.
. But all these tools are useful except to maintain physical fitness, as the source of her emotional balance and optimism have always been and continues to communicate with people
. According to Sorokina, this is the peculiarity of the Russian mentality and the main secret of her courage and strength.

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  • Olga for SOROKIN Svetlana
  • Hello, dear Svetlana! They write you your countrymen from Peter. Thank you very much for your transfer to m / v "RUSSIAN". One of your shows on T / V of 12 November, the Russian Malakhov, who lives in Tasmania, we are very interested in. Help us to contact them (phone / fax, or e-mail). Thanks, Vladimir and Olga.
  • Aleksey for SOROKIN Svetlana
  • Dear Svetlana! п÷п╬п╫я─п╟п╡п╦п╩п╟я│я▄ your program about Malakhov, Tasmania. I'd like to meet him. I beg you to help to contact them by phone or e-mail. Yours Alex
  • Alexei for SOROKIN Svetlana
  • Dear Svetlana! "I beg you to help communicate with Malakhov Taras (O. Tasmania) by phone or e-mail. Sincerely Alexey Loginov
  • Biz for SOROKIN Svetlana
  • I saw your project about Tasmania can send me some thread koordinat Taras Malakhov Pts nada y name tm friends live, we lost suddenly help
  • olgaline for SOROKIN Svetlana
  • Svetlana! I really need the coordinates of Taras Malakhov, especially the E-mail. Thanks in advance for the answer. Olga.
  • GastiS for SOROKIN Svetlana
  • Thank you very much for your transfer to m / v "RUSSIAN". One of your shows on T / V of 12 November, the Russian Malakhov, who lives in Tasmania, I was very interested. Help me to contact them (phone / fax, or e-mail). Thanks GastiS
  • Luba for SOROKIN Svetlana
  • Dear Svetlana, help please coordinates Taras Malakhov from Tasmania (6 film "Russian"), you do want to talk to this person.
  • Julia for SOROKIN Svetlana
  • Uvazhameaya Svetlana zdravstvutye! Sorry, that appealed to you, but you give the impression of a responsive and decent man: Because the. we will contact you about the same age, this allowed me to hope for your wisdom and our understanding. I am married to a Frenchman, about 15 years I lived abroad (in Paris). At present, a progressive sense of nostalgia spodvinulo on impulse: to give me many unnecessary things, which would be perfectly amiss for a poor family in one of the children's family homes. Just throw it away, or give to the local church, as is done in the West, I do not want. Main thing: I'm ready to transport material assistance to the different forms of purchasing MINIVANS on French territory, ie. His own expense I would buy a small (up to 9 seats) Used vehicle (price - around 2000 euros). If you can, . help me, . please, . decent candidate father (the driver!) many children a family, . ready to come to Paris for all of this property,
    . The most I'm very difficult to navigate and find a man in a sea of information on the Internet. A. I would like to deal with a man that can still appreciate my gesture and articulately poiznesti word: "Thanks!" (no more). Read, for example, about Victor Zelenchukove. What do you think of it? It will be grateful if you Will respond to my posbu and on the basis of your own experience obescheniya will reduce me with some intelligent family. PS My 14-year-old daughter is professionally engaged in ballet. Maybe there is any dance school on the basis of children's family home? So to say, a commonality of interests: I should be grateful premnogo! Sincerely Julia
  • Marina for SOROKIN Svetlana
  • Do not V. Sorokin, and Innokentievna! This is an elementary check!
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    SOROKIN Svetlana, photo, biography
    SOROKIN Svetlana, photo, biography SOROKIN Svetlana  Television presenter, photo, biography
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