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Dobrovinsky Alexander

( The best-known corporate lawyer in Russia)

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Biography Dobrovinsky Alexander
photo Dobrovinsky Alexander
Best-known today in Russia, a corporate lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky similar to the highly successful lawyer as two drops of water. Similarity just cinematic: cigar (Cuba), Lighters (dyuponovskaya), butterfly (careful), look (kind and intelligent), hobbies (golf) and a unique collection of (Soviet porcelain). Respect, polish, intelligence presented on demand. And all this, add transparent case, the philosophy of which is visible through a literal sense, as well as its content: that's all I have in front of you, and I have absolutely nothing to hide ...
. Well, here I am no longer withstand five times apologizing, saying: "Alexander A. Excuse me, but you do not think that this glass diplomat ..
. is already somewhat lishneeN.. In Russian speaking pontN "Having said this, I am terribly embarrassed. And he is not embarrassed.
- Of course - said - some yes. But you see what it is, in French is a beautiful phrase that does not have, unfortunately, accurate translation into Russian: "Il faut ose". Something like: "Allow yourself to dare". Or "Dare to dare, if you like. Think and you will understand how important this is. In life it is necessary to dare. Afford. I ... I teach myself to this long teaching. Diplomat, this watch - you can see, I wear a cheap plastic watch during the 70 dollarovN - a minor detail, this kind of training the muscles responsible for it not to be afraid. Then the situation more serious, they will work as it should ... You understand menyaN
. - Well ...
. - I hope you understand - and smiles so defenseless, kindly, as if just made me an offer I could not refuse.
. Who I am trying to attack, I think, is the same lawyer Extra - class! He stands in the rack, even when imposing sitting in a chair.
. Collection of his collections
. He imposing sits in a chair and talks about the Soviet porcelain, which collects a 92-year
. His collection is quite unique, it has about 4000 porcelain beauties and freaks, it was exhibited in the Pushkin Museum, and she does not, strictly speaking, and led me to it. He gently removes the shelves of their exhibits, brings them to light, divided memories: how to find how to buy, as restored ... I admire and admire, as expected.
. But, . as a biography of each porcelain baby (or a bear, . or sailor, . or leader) I have become aware of facts from the biography of the master, . I came up with the idea, . what, . For all its uniqueness, . Soviet porcelain is not the most interesting collection of collections of Aleksandr Andreevich Dobrovinsky.,
. What is really Alexander A. Dobrovinsky, . having a distinct character of the hunting instinct, . collects all: the city and country, . in which he lived; incredible stories, . that happened to him, high-profile trials, . which it is party; professional victory, . he won, and (no doubt) people, and (possibly) women, and - of course! - Butterflies, . and all sorts of gadgets for smoking cigars.,
. And, despite his clear love of transparency (from him, I noticed even the curtains on the windows there, all visible through Tver), it is certainly not all of these collections will be shown off
. But everyone will love, undead and grooming.
His collection of butterflies

However, if he decides to really give you a tour, then, believe me, it will be one of the most exciting trips in your life. Guide without visible effort gets hold of your attention completely, and you forget everything and just listen to about ten ways of tying butterflies and a hundred ways of persuasion jury. And even if before and butterflies, and the jury were you in the highest degree indifferent, you will feel a passionate interest in them. At least I have a lot of questions immediately related to babochkozavyazyvaniem and proceedings. But even before they arose, he anticipated them.
--... A Butterfly ... The butterfly flew to my neck, as soon as I started to work lawyer. This is a common professional uniform - in the countries where I worked in Switzerland, America and France, the lawyers were a butterfly. I put it to not stand out. The more I liked it, because I found that very few people in the world who know how to tie a butterfly. Typically, these are, you know, the elastic band ... But there is a secret affinity between the people who tie their own butterflies. The same can be seen with the naked eye!.. Somehow with the help of a butterfly, I met a remarkable man, a known collector and director Solomon Abramovich Schuster.
He and I met on the stairs in the House of Cinema in the 90-m - it is a butterfly and I am a butterfly. He looked at me and said: "The Knot - Chicago!" I said: "Yes!" He said: "As for me, incidentally, Oxford!" I said: "No, you cheated!" Thus began the first debate, and then the friendship. And - viditeN - alive, tied with a butterfly can pull the wings. She - viditeN - stretches. There are a dozen ways of tying, depending on what kind of butterfly you want to get - a fluffy, when small wings in front, and chubby from under her bristle, or a strict ...
There is an American butterfly lace, western (horror!). You can make a direct eyeballs, and can be twisted knot ... It is possible - but that is aerobatics - to catch on that site that the picture that you want. It is difficult for you and acts on your nerves until you catch him, but it is very helpful in. You see, the client must be able to pierce into your eyes. So, in your clothes should be something that attracts attention. I have a special butterfly, which I put in a difficult interview. For example, butterflies in peas, which should tie so that was a pea in the center of the site. I can argue: Ten out of ten people with whom you begin to talk, will watch it on this gorosh
. The collection of his passions
. - So all those butterflies, cigars, and an understanding that they should be, came with the first case won - again, he smiled gently.
. But I remembered with horror that asked only about the diplomat, but for other silent - as it seemed to me very delicately
. Perhaps, I thought I was too steklyannayaN ..
- Of course, I remember. Client American office, in which I worked, the holder of a major stake, came to us with a problem: rival firm announced that it is buying up shares of these more expensive than their market value. And he wanted us to this firm caught in every conceivable sin. We worked a group of five people, and I was part of the legal monitoring: I've seen all the work for ten years and was looking for there byaki. The thing we won. The first fee was 150 thousand per person. (Ah! ..) But the very next day, . as we have paid him, . me with another newcomer called one of the senior partners, and said: "So, . Gentlemen, . where are you zhiveteN BruklinN! To me this is no longer heard! Are you moving to the East-Side, . area 70, . ride on VMW, . wearing only a white shirt or blue, . only a yellow tie or - better - a butterfly with a yellow iskrinkoy.,
. We were given a list of recommended restaurants to visit, and one required, where at least once a week had to go to bring a person - "One-fifth (this was the house number 1 through 5 th Avenue)
. To the list of restaurants was a list of stores where it was necessary to dress. Of course, only the Europeans. And broke Ralph Lauren polo with (it was a terrible snobstvo, dressed in all European and Polo by Ralph Lauren). The handle should have been "Mont Blanc" and the portfolio you have the right to choose their own. But never, . Under no circumstances, you do not have the right to wear crocodile shoes and put your fee in the alligator wallet, . since Crocodile (and snake) skin - it fi! As you know, . all my 150 thousand spent on it, . to give a portrait likeness of a successful young lawyer,
. But instead, it is understood that there is my profession and that - there is such an American proverb: "The sky is limit" - "the sky - the limit". (About good corporate lawyers, by the way, and say that they have a limit - the sky.) And a study I have earned, taksistnichaya in Manhattan.
I was 25, and I knew: I want to be a Lawyer. I knew where I wanted to learn, I knew that it was very expensive (30 thousand dollars a year), I knew that no money (in general). And from Paris, where I lived at that time, I flew to America and settled down a taxi driver. Stood mostly in the 54 th, between 6 th and 7 th Avenue, at the Meridian Hotel, where they often stayed French: listening to my French speech, they gave bigger tips. My turnover stood at $ 200 per day. 70 went to the rental car, 30 - for gasoline and food. $ 100 left me. I slept in the car, took a shower at the station ... The result for the year collected the required 30 thousand.
. The collection of films, victories and will
. I was always interested, . whether lawyers watching movies, . is about them pokazyvayutN And if so, . is kakN syuzhetaN foresee whether the development is predicted in advance whether the final speech of his Hollywood kollegiN And do not make fun of him whether maliciously, . while other uninitiated girls like me wipe grudging female slezuN I was interested in, . but I never had the opportunity to ask the real live lawyer.,
. - It's ridiculous, but I was terribly surprised when the Faculty of Law in Boston, I again began to show movies! Funny, because before you go to France in the early 70's, I studied economics at VGIK, and there we also showed the film
. Fellini, Pasolini ... We watched them, incidentally, as ... Vogue Magazine. Never forget: the film is "Man and Woman", and the girls in ecstasy whisper: "Look, what a sheepskin coat! .." The following is my alma mater literally in all subjects in the program was the film "Twelve Angry Men". Now, it seems, did a remake, but we watched one old, 58-year, which took three Oscars. It is the story of Puerto Ricans who allegedly killed his father. And eleven jurors believe that he is guilty. A twelfth, the Fund is still quite young, to vote against. Not that it is up to the guy thing, just had a boring evening, he had no reason to go home, and he came up with something to do - to justify this boy. And he persuaded one of eleven people ... Ingenious! I generally like judicial melodrama: they are exercising brains. Just annoying when authors for the severity of the plot weave some personal drama. For example, in the midst of the process a lawyer leaves a wife. Awful interferes watch! Besides, I am convinced that from a good lawyer's wife did not dare to go.
However, in the film show criminal lawyers. Their work is more spectacular than mine: there is a defendant (ouch!), Is a lawyer (oh!) And there is a jury trial (ugh!) That is the show. I'm a corporate lawyer, that, from your point of view, terrible, must be bored: shares, a controlling interest, the contract ... However, ending university, I decided that it was much more exciting movies. In fact, in criminal law from a lawyer depends very little: as you would any built his defense, no matter how turned the evidence, the defendant either committed the crime, or it did not commit. You - in any case - you're dealing with a fait accompli. In the corporate law as you create this fact. For example, to make contracts as to create a fact necessary to the client. And although it is less effective and you no jury, but more efficiently ... Have you thought about gonorarahN No, in this case I had in mind the number of people interested in your work. For one client I have - is a company, sometimes transnational.
Incidentally, the fees you quite rightly thought. I opened his own law firm, too, after thinking about the fees. Somehow, just when I worked in Geneva, one of the clients, a banker and oilman, said: "Think, I pay your company 10 thousand dollars a day - for you. And contracts for years. 10 thousand - you, and even assistants to 5-6 thousand. You do not want to start their own deloN I am willing to pay you half that amount. Think ". I thought and decided it was time to swim alone.
The most precious quality - to be able to see through another angle. When a client comes to me, I'm not getting into the book of laws. The law can learn any. I have to listen to the client, to make sure that his problem was obvious to me, and then close your eyes and see all the other. In the same Rosneft, which was only recently - perhaps you've heard - announced a tender and all the lawyers sent the same package of documents: how Rosneft owes money. My colleagues have described a situation in which this debt would have been broken. I looked at this pile of papers - and then threw it in the trash. I decided that we should not fight for something that was less than the debts. We must show that Rosneft misjudged. I described how I see it return. Won the case, won the case. Or - before - - was a struggle with the Eastern Oil Company, who did not want to buy shares, which (by contract) to buy her a mediator. We had to somehow prove to the court that the INC although not disburse these shares, but the rights of a buyer uses. And even before filing a lawsuit, I asked his client to send these shares INC - just three days before the shareholders. OWC those shares voted, ate the bait. When the trial we proved that she used neproplachennye shares, all became clear.
You, of course, interested in, whether I had losses. Sure. Especially in his youth, when they took over all. There are many cases where the big money offer. A no-win case. A big money. And you take. In the beginning it is forgivable, because it is important that all appeared client. But somehow I made a vow: not to take a losing case. Do not so much money, but reputation.
... And of course, I have signs of victories. If going to court, I forgot something and come back, it's good, strange. Just can not specifically remember. What escheN.. And, in the court room I enter with the right foot. Deliberately seed on the threshold. And tie - not a butterfly! - I put the same on all courts, has many years. Old torn, bought another, but the same design - there is a tiny polar bear. Actually I love polar bears. My childhood was such a toy. And even on business cards at one time was a polar bear. When Marina met, I gave her the business card.
The collection of happy coincidences
Marina - wife of Alexander A. Dobrovinsky. She is also a hair's breadth so, what should be a lawyer: a low, refined, intelligent. No elaborate pas de deux. It dentist, and probably good (fortunately, personally I do not check this happened). I wonder why it all works. And she said that works because he loves.
--... Turned out she had the same teddy bear. Marina collected polar bears! We met here in Moscow, although both lived in Paris - on a parallel street, in New York - in the neighboring blocks, in Rome ... Our meeting was similar to the intersection of two parallel lines. Even in Moscow, as it turned out, we lived before leaving for neighboring yards. I lived in Tver, where Dolgorukiy ...
- I was born in Stoleshnikov. And you know, in Stoleshnikov was once a glass ponchikovaya ...
- ... And you could see how there donuts are made. I looked at those donuts, half of his childhood.
- And I looked at them - half of its. And then went to Paris. When Sasha became acquainted with me, he was sure that I lived 26 years abroad, I will insert around the word "shopping" and "parking", and terribly afraid of this.
. - I am proud that for so many years of emigration to preserve the Russian language and do not say "take the subway"
. But it turned out that Marina knew six languages, has a bad habit to mix. So first she patted my ear, and then everything else. And it was very easy to talk to her: "Do you remember a cafe at MonmartreN" - "Do you remember that kafeN" - - "And in Germany, pomnishN" I doubted that I was lucky to meet a woman who does not have to be about my Life explained. And suddenly - Marina. As soon as we met, we already had a shared past. As a result, we have a common future - two girls. One of five years, another seven months.
- And our house again on Tverskaya.
- This, incidentally, the historic apartment: it once belonged to Lyubov Orlova and Alexander's, and I bought it from a classmate vgikovskogo, their grandson, Grigori Aleksandrov. Here is their thing: her portrait, chair and mirror ...
- I love this Venetian mirror: it is large and, in my opinion, a little slim ...
- But, as you see, lives in a largely Soviet porcelain, and we - by the way. And for him, we bought a new apartment, in which almost all the walls are glass.
Collection of porcelain (finally)
- I was always interested unexpected things. In France, I once collected the Russian regimental marks, at that time all they do not care. Know what the regimental znakiN In Russia there were 600 regiments. Each regiment had its own badge. The soldiers gave them when joining the regiment. But the officers made them themselves, and it also is an indication of your financial situation: you could order it by Faberge, the jeweler might have a simple ... I once went to the commission store, I saw a sign - for peanuts - and began to dimly suspect that he was a rare thing. He asked whether there are collectors of such widgets, - said there are two little old man who try to write their story, and nobody else. I was the third in Paris, who collected them.
Then I picked the Tibetan iconography XVII-XVIII century, the thing too, quite fashionable. This collection began with a terrible discovery. Stalin, as we know, all of Kalmykia moved to North. On the way people die, the bodies were thrown from the train and rolled into these icons - silk cloth. A switchmen then collect these rags and used them as you wish: someone did of her carpet, someone put in a shed ... I told this story, I went this route and collected these tan-ki. Tan-ka - the so-called these icons.
Porcelain is started with the fact that in the 92 th year, I went to visit a Russian and a new beginning I needed a gift. I did not know what to give, and in anguish, wandered into the shop, where the same anguish on the shelf were a few pioneers of porcelain and October. I saw a completely sexless Soviet Child 60-ies, in sheepskin. It made me laugh, and while I came to the guests decided to leave this baby myself to entertain their guests. By the way, I now you'll find him ... So I decided to collect porcelain owls. freaks. The second exhibit was the Chukchi, who plays basketball. In cap and boots, of course, and ... bare hands holding the ball. To such an idea might come to mind - is completely incomprehensible! Then I became interested in Soviet porcelain in general and came to the somewhat surprising conclusion. The fact that the Soviet porcelain - a unique phenomenon. Everything else - playing on a pair of grand pianos German, Danish, cats, dogs, English biscuit pastorals - stamped there because the market meet the needs of philistine. In the USSR, instead of the market was sotszakaz on which to 150 anniversary of Pushkin's released in 59-m - the Liberation of Africa. And so on. But the author, producing a circulation thing, received about 6000 rubles. And, with that money, worked comfortably at your leisure real works of art. Such a situation, there was no. And look what a unique work: the soldier fun, that is just enough for the peasant priest. But the "dudes", the 63rd year, but "Gossip", manicurist, viditeN This is the 69-th. No, well, what, aN Now I'm writing a book about porcelain. After all, there is no more or less complete catalog, not a single claim to be comprehensive monograph on this subject.
... And - remember, we began with, that we should afford osmelitsyaN.. In a sense, my hobbies - it is also "il faut ose": I allow myself to be interested in what is not interested in none. Maybe that's why has not lost the ability to see things that no one sees.
. End tour
. He put in place mods and a Red Army soldier, a peasant girl reaches out for the priest, broke out a cigarette lighter (two flames, especially for the cigar), sat in a chair (Stalin's empire)
. Finally returned to me the gift of speech.
. - I must confess - I said - that this is the first interview in my life when I asked one question, and he is not very polite, and got answers to everything.
. And Alexander Andreyevich, of course, smiled again.
. - You are wonderful listening - he said
. - And, it seems, understood the essence. And as to the issues ... While still in New York, I watched how the old one, my colleague, Professor of high sample. It all came from the Courts daddy. And any movement of the opposite side - and I stress any! - He is from that daddy took out home-made. Some regular motion. And neatly put it before the judge.

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  • Julia D. for Dobrovinsky Alexander
  • Dear Alexander Andreyevich amazed your mind, subtle and penetrating. "Learns" your most recently at Perepetui stellar family, and it should be noted, does not cease to admire your lively mind and an absolute "flexibility." I wish you every success and all the best in my personal life! Sincerely, Julia.
  • Elena for Dobrovinsky Alexander
  • As a man I respect as a specialist lawyer Dobrovinsky AA. In no biography, and place of birth. This secret information or data is not accurate? Mentions that he spent his childhood in Moscow, but it does not always coincide with the place of birth. This information is not for me, but Dobrovinsky VI. (Apparently namesake).
  • Irina D. for Dobrovinsky Alexander
  • From Lawyer - Lawyer: thank you for the high class work. Even there - Creativity in the process Bajsarov-Orbakajte. It was beautiful and very worthy. Recently I won the trial against the former mother-in-law with ex-husband - I know what it was about. Baisarov was impeccable - Your credit, sure. Dignity, intelligence - unfortunately, many lawyers these quality not completely. Best regards.
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