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Ralph Nader

( Lawyer)

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Biography Ralph Nader
Consumers have always existed. But right now they have emerged recently - about forty years ago. They came up with Ralph Nader, reasoned that since consumers as much as people on the ground to build on their interests - the best foundation for building his own brilliant career. Great idea, which brought adequate results.
Ralph Nader, who was born in 1934 in a family of Lebanese immigrants in Winsted (Conn.), is a vivid example of the sixties American-style. First their universities, he was almost at the kitchen controversy: his father, Sodium Nader, owned a restaurant, which encouraged the hot debate about the public good. Soda felt like an American to the bone, said that every time when he sees the Statue of Liberty, it covers the excitement. Ralph with great interest listened to the conversations of adults, and by age 14 he had already read all the books the most famous journalists "whistleblowers" who fought against corruption and abuse of public office.

. For the first time his public temperament manifested at Princeton University, where he studied at 50-s
. Once Nader found on the lawn on campus a few dead birds and tried to ban DDT sprayed. Above him a good laugh: if DDT was so dangerous, a professor of chemistry and biology would have long drawn attention to this and would take action, and now a student allows himself to declare DDT caused the deaths of birds. In general, Princeton irritated Ralph Nader: "The greatest courage, who allow themselves to students - the refusal to wear traditional white leather shoes.

. In 1955, . graduated from Princeton, . He entered Harvard University at the Faculty of Law - took place in Princeton episode, . when he stood up for the rights of the disadvantaged in the course of the merchant-dogami and failed, . led him to, . that should receive special education,
. But Harvard also infuriated Nader: "The narrow intellectualism and moral uncleanliness teachers and students". Gradus its protest against the life around them is constantly improving. Later, becoming a champion of consumer rights, Nader on the university remembered this way: "It was a costly mass production, but instead of instruments they produced hired lawyers to law firms and large corporations. And those who are worried about issues of good and evil, considered simply abnormal ". After Harvard's "abnormal" Nader little longer practiced law in his native Connecticut and in 1963 moved to Washington. He already knew what to devote your life.

In Washington, Nader went to work for a consultant to the Department of Labor and actively worked as a freelance writer in the magazine The Nation and The Christian Science Monitor. At the same time he joined as an adviser to "volunteer" in the Senate Subcommittee on the Study of Motor Vehicle Safety. Cars resented Nader a long time: even when he was a student, he published an article in The Nation under the catchy headline: "A safe car that simply can not buy."
. After examining the construction features of vehicles (in which he was helped by a "traitor" from General Motors), Nader came to the conclusion that their producers are concerned about the design, capacity, cost, but not the safety of those on their travels
. And in 1965, published a book about the treachery automakers "dangerous at any speed". The target was a car "Korver", produced by General Motors Corporation. Nader, was "Korver" one of the most prominent in this century manifestations of industrial irresponsibility ". He insisted that the causes of fatal accidents must be sought primarily in the structural defects of the machines and to blame, therefore, those who produce these machines, rather than those who use them.

. Despite the fact that in the press immediately appeared reviews of the book, the audience at first did not pay her attention
. Can not be said about General Motors, where they were extremely concerned about the emergence of "public prosecutor". The company hired private detectives to search those Nader compromising. They say he send for a purpose, even the girls of easy virtue, but it appeared that Nader to them not a hunter. All this ended miserably for General Motors - one of the detectives confused Nader with journalist James Ridzheueyem, but he soon found for a surveillance. The case became publicized, and the head of General Motors was forced to apologize to Nader.

Tom, however, just what was needed: now he can at all angles to expose not only dangerous to the life of the car GM, but the vicious methods of leadership. With such a powerful advertising the book became a bestseller and its author - a figure of national scale. Were held Senate hearings on the safety of vehicles and roads, then passed a law and a federal commission to monitor compliance with safety standards. In large part thanks to Nader became mandatory seat belts and turn signals on cars. Now Nader had no doubt: even one person, persist, could very much change. And this man is he, Ralph Nader.

Dismantled with cars, Nader has shifted to other areas of life. The good field of activity seemed truly limitless. His method he described as "the search for documentary evidence for his intuition."

. Example, . intuition Nader, . that meat and poultry, . which are sold in supermarkets, . do not meet basic sanitary norms, . and hot dogs in general do not know from what, that pipelines are a source of increased danger to citizens, that X-rays and TVs are harmful to health, . and working conditions in mines are far from ideal,
. And every time he could bring the world the facts that prove him right. People with horror to learn that they lurk everywhere dangerous enemies - enemies of consumers. And to them, consumers need as soon as possible to seek protectors
In 1968, Nader founded the first group, which was to initiate a consumer organizations. It consisted of seven law students, who voluntarily undertook an investigation of the Federal Trade Commission. A few months later the group released a report denouncing the abuse of the commission members and concluded the ineffectiveness of its work. The commission has started cleaning, and a crowd of enthusiastic students pushed for Nader, hoping to take part in some sensational exposures.

Of the thirty thousand willing 200 people were selected. In the light hand of a Washington-based reporter they were called horsemen Nader. In the next two years, "riders" have discovered corruption in the federal commissions, lack of control over the food and pharmaceutical industries, air and water pollution, abuse of banks and t. n. By 1972, based on the reports had been published 17 books. In this case the "Riders" received no material, but rather a moral compensation for work. Nader gave them greater freedom of action and to grow future leaders of the consumer movement.

In general, the success of the venture with student investigations exceeded all expectations. Ralph Nader was inspired.

Diverse groups "naderitov" began to appear like mushrooms. All of them even difficult to enumerate. The most famous - Group for the Study of Public Interest, . watchdog to the Senate, . Center avtobezopasnosti, . democratic project, . Banking, . tax, . judicial, . medical projects and a dozen more bodies, . in the name of which is present invented Nader "active citizen"-public citizen.,

. Particularly rapid Projects Nader bred under President Jimmy Carter
. Many of Nader's associates were in government agencies and worked in the Senate Committee. There was even passed a law under which the participation of citizens in the affairs of State specifically budgeted for, so that any person had the opportunity to convey to the authorities their views. After coming to power of Ronald Reagan, this rosy for the movement of consumers era ended. The Reagan Administration openly spat on all this social activity. Nevertheless, many naderovskie organization survived and continued to fight. By early 90-ies Nader controlled approximately 30 organizations with combined revenues of approximately $ 80 million

These revenues consisted of large sums being made by corporate sponsors, and the large flow of "contributions" of citizens. Students who worked for Nader, evaded the entire neighborhoods, knocking on every door. They entered into lengthy conversations with some Mrs. Smith, . talked about, . how unwise spent public funds, . how badly the state monitors the quality of food and efficiency of drugs, . as corporations impede fair competition, . unreasonably raise prices and thus rob her, . Mrs. Smith,
. And now, the student went on, finally had a man who can put an end to this. It should only help him a little bit - give him 5 or 10 dollars. Because we must take care of myself - in fact true, . Mrs. SmitN And Mrs Smith, . course, . agree, . remembering that, . that she once refused to replace the broken iron, . that the cure for a cold, . issued by Dr., . totally helped, . and last year on the lawn after a rain Suddenly all the grass turned yellow.,

. Another way was even easier
. In some university students gathered Nader's aides and asked them to become collective members of one of naderovskih projects. If the majority were in favor, all students each year will automatically pay dues - the same 5 or 10 dollars. To do this, we had expressly so declare and complete the appropriate paper. But the most elegant was, . perhaps, . third way: the people came Nader, . say, . the automotive manufacturer and offered its managers to send flyers advertising naderovskogo center of automotive safety, along with advertising material of this company,
. Most often, the firm agreed to - because otherwise it could comprehend the plight of General Motors, which for many years to recover from the scandal.

. Many Americans genuinely liked Ralph Nader - selfless fighter for the rights forever wronged consumers
. New Republic magazine once called him the Holy Ralph, and the nickname stuck to him. "Ralph - proof that between the fanatic and the saints almost no difference" - wrote the magazine.

Ralph and had helped the Americans to love him. He readily told reporters that the personal needs he requires no more than $ 10 - 15 thousand. year that he lived in a small room near the office and general in nature, surprisingly, more ascetic than the real consumer. To set up with his direct participation of the organizations he now has almost nothing to do with, at least formally, only rejoicing that he planted the idea was given such wonderful results in the American society. Of course, before the victory of ordinary consumers over the sharks of capitalism is still far, but the fight was not in vain, and he believes in "quality review of the results of the industrial revolution". Of course, the best position for this - the presidency. And he has repeatedly fought for him. However, it did not work - not all consumers have taken the proper citizenship.
And it goes without saying that winning the pace slows Nader running boards, which he now and then put all enemies. And they had a lot. The investigation, which was conducted by the magazine Forbes, shows that Ralph Nader is in the center of a powerful "network of interests and a very selective approach to those facing persecution by the" consumers ".

. It was also found that the most highly paid lawyers in the U.S. - it is not employees of firms on Wall Street, but no one known private lawyers specializing in civil actions of private persons
. These people were among the richest in the U.S. thanks to the enthusiasm of consumers who choose to defend their rights. That decision prompted them to none other than Ralph Nader. Of course, that lawyers are sincerely grateful to him, and gratitude is expressed in good financial support.

Forms of mutual support may be different. The most common option - a simultaneous attack on large corporations. Counsel submits claims to the corporation, accusing it of producing poor quality products, and people in the media Nader suit a massive negative publicity of the same corporation. Regardless of what really is the case with quality products, the corporation target dreams of only one - of a quiet life, or its business will be completely destroyed. The only way to achieve this - go to the world, without bringing the matter to court. Such withdrawal is highly satisfied and lawyers, and Nader - first get the maximum dividend, and the second can be used for self-promotion regular success in the fight with the sharks of capitalism.

. Sometimes corporations pay extra Nader omission
. For example, tobacco is not among the naderovskih priorities, although it is difficult to imagine anything more harmful to consumers than the tobacco industry. The reason is very simple - the tobacco companies are among the most generous sponsors of the oppressed consumers.

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Ralph Nader, photo, biography
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