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Anfal Paul

( Director-General 'Soyuzkontrakt')

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Biography Anfal Paul
This man - Director of Life. The first time he has them in 24 years, leading the distribution center of Moscow factory McDonald's. And then, in whatever company or worked for - big or small, foreign or Russia, his title has always included the word "director". On his career, says CEO of Soyuzkontrakt "Paul Anfal.
- How do become direktoromN

- I - accidentally. This was in 1989. Only just begun to appear first cooperatives and joint ventures. Announcement hung almost to the fence: recruited managers in McDonald's restaurant. Xy of "restaurant manager" N But the name "McDonald's" had a very specific and clear meaning. For him and I responded, and went there.

- I became the manager of the restaurant McDonald'sN

- As revealed in the process, to the very restaurant that had a very indirect relevance. The company built the plant for Russia's network of semi-finished McDonald's restaurants. This was a unique situation because they first built this company.

But for me it was the first Western company to which I came to work: JV "Moscow-McDonald's". The plant was different from all others and in spirit, and according to the rules, and on methods of recruitment.

- So who you are as a result vzyaliN

- I am a very long time "sobesedovali". And then all of a sudden have a fantastic job. It was something like a senior administrator of the plant. A month later, I became manager of distribution, and soon - the director distribution center JV "Moscow-McDonald's".

- How did you get so fast vyrastiN

- McDonald's - a unique company. She literally created for young. There is an opportunity to test yourself, very quickly learn something at a very tough pressing. I participated in the launch of the plant, because there really is to start from scratch. I remember the naked body, which had to fill equipment. And not just stuff, and run it and teach people to work on it. I do not know where there bread or bananas grow. I had to work twenty hours a day. I spent the night in his office on the table - I had to gain experience and to do quality work, and while doing this work. And January 25 - still remember the date - run the plant. It was a gamble.
- With whose storonyN With vasheyN
- No. People who gave me this job - adventurers.
- Because you have designated direktoromN
- I was not the chief director. The first person in the factory was a foreigner - is really excellent, highly paid pros. Specializes in the formulation of business in countries such as ours or Brazil, Thailand, Singapore. And then I. For my 24 years it was very much. But personally, I am of sound mind yesterday's student, how he was at that time, the work would never have given. At least, such. 200 people in authority and launched the plant in 4-5 months.
- Then why did the company's management at this poshloN
- McDonald's - well-organized corporation with its entrenched culture, rules, management. New man of common sense and a desire to work in such a system can be trusted to guide almost any subdivision. And then it all depends on how to realize the chance.
. - And that was before, before McDonald'sN you suspect that you will manufacture gamburgerovN
. - A year before I graduated from McDonald's socio-economic faculty of the Institute of Asia and Africa, Moscow State University
. And from hamburgers and Big Macs were, respectively, far. I had a practice in Afghanistan during the year - the language and country. After that I came one desire - to come loose with a diplomatic career.

- And it is assumed diplomaticheskayaN

- Even as expected. But at the dawn of youth - a feat scout, a career diplomat and all that jazz. And when tried, I realized that this was not my. Moreover, the language I had a Persian. That is the most anywhere. Because it was in 1989 - the revolution in Iran, Afghanistan, of which just came out, our troops ... In fact, the embassy, I spent a month. And the other eleven months - closer to Pakistan, in the mountains. It was fun.

- And what were you doing there - in gorahN

- We give advice.

- KomuN

- Afghans. It was quite a civilized. Afghanistan was divided into provinces. In each - a governor. And every time the governor of our advisers.

. - What is specifically vyN
. - I am his adviser served, translated in particular.
. - What do you do not like the actual diplomatic sluzhbaN
. - You know, there is always the feeling that from you absolutely nothing depends
. And most importantly your dignity - in full submission.
- In fact, between the Oriental and hamburgers there is no connection.
- But still a basic understanding of economics and numbers, I had. While it probably would not have gone, but then it was very interesting. I think that's when I became a specialist in launching business from scratch
- And that was after McDonald'sN
- Then I moved to another global company - CPC Foods. In Russia it is known food brands Knorr, Hellman'S and ALSA. I have about two and a half years at McDonald's, doing the actual food production and what is known as logistics. It is interesting, but fairly routine work, in fact,. Machinery drive, pickles solyatsya, bread baked. It is interesting at first. The truly creative work - either finance or marketing. And I went in the direction of marketing. This was also an unexpected turn. Because in 1992 to offer me a job marketing director was quite boldly. I imagined that such sales, finance, logistics. What is marketing - there is no. In 1992 in Russia it simply was not. Of course, Russia's western division for the company, probably not the most important. Market wonderful, wonderful relationship, no rules. It is possible to lose money, but can be something and make money.

- Why zheN

- Because, as then, and now Western food companies in Russia market in general do not earn. The fact is that Western companies - is a brand that is a trademark, which must untwist. So, to invest millions of dollars. This cost should be viewed as investments in future business. Of course, if you put the brand in the minds, then it will be earning good money. After all, brand - it is also added value, because the branded product is always more expensive than a similar a similar quality, but an unknown manufacturer. And in Russia, purchasing power is too low. That is, the bulk of the population of more expensive branded products simply can not buy. As a result, food companies can not cut off income from sales of the cost of brand promotion. Moreover, the country is unpredictable.

- Then why did they do delayutN

- Potentially a huge market, almost bottomless. But when he becomes civilized and truly bottomless, unscrew the brand will be too late. In any case, much more. Moreover, because they have competition: who had come, he will be the first, that is, sell more and earn more.

- You flattered by the offer guidance CPC FoodsN

- What you. I was even offended at first.

- This is why zheN

- I thought, here lies a dirty trick. You know, out of major Western companies in Russia market. It is staffed by people with whom I have long been familiar. And then they offer me something, as I have no idea. And because they know about it. I decided that I offer something useless, unimportant. I did not know that the man who asked me to do marketing, made a bet to my potential.

I really take offense. But not for long. Poobizhalsya there, a couple of weeks, until I realized what was going. Exactly one month has already been very happy. Since the master science of marketing in a real big company really cool. Marketing - he seems to be the basis of. All other functions in the business - are the tools and what these tools do, knows only the marketing. How does the product sell, at what price, what to produce, with some characteristics. In general, further followed by three years of hard work to market the company's products CPC Foods. And then three more - to promote company brands Kraft Jacobs Suchard: coffee Jacobs and Maxwell House, Milka chocolate and Toblerone.

- In the same post of Director of marketinguN

- Yes. But this was a serious career. CPC Foods - a very large multinational company, but Kraft Jacobs Suchard significantly more. Another scale of business.
- Kraft Jacobs Suchard more CPC Foods. But "Soyuzkontrakt", in which you moved from Kraft Jacobs Suchard two years ago and which continues to work now, not more. What are career rostN

- From the Russian food company is the largest and famous. And then, I'm not just like this all of a sudden decided. By that time I nearly nine years working in Western companies, where all the original and radically different - the culture, people, workflow. All my life I worked in the office, which is crammed with foreigners. And then it was necessary to prepare yourself to think that I am from Western business should move into a purely Russia. I have long doubted.

- For a long time - it skolkoN

- It's about a year. But the main thing was in another. I really wanted to work in Russia's largest food company. For Western companies outside of Russia, of course, larger Russian - any. But on the territory of our country "Soyuzkontrakt" of food - the company б╘ 1. And she really needed marketing.

- Which also probably offered more money. By the way, naskolkoN

- Much. But this was not the main factor. The thing that should always be a balance between the pleasure that you receive from work, and the money that you pay. If something more - it is not important, money or work - the balance is disturbed.

- Soyuzkontrakt "- a trademark, which are the envy of any Western company. Can construct a chic distribution center somewhere in Surgut, put there a couple of tens of millions of dollars to create a fantastic technology, hire the best people. After that, your business falters: the first one who left the truck is stopped by the first cops on the post. And find that the machine is not designed, for example, for transportation of food products. And it is wrapped back. And so will every level of the same cops, health inspectors, firefighters, etc.. And Russia's company - without the technology without costly classroom experts, millions of dollars and distribution centers - will be a prespokoynenko trade. Because those - others. And our company was originally knows everything you need to work quietly.

- As far as I know, at this time the company has a different owner. "Soyuzkontrakt" because not own the people who have called on rabotuN

- Year and a half ago, the company owned by private individuals. Now the owner - a legal entity.

- Change of ownership has occurred, apparently because the company began problemyN What is their prichinaN

- Incorrect count the money. The fact that "Soyuzkontrakt" just growing exponentially. Just three or four years - from 1991 th and 1994 st - the company came to the annual turnover of a billion dollars. At this rate of growth is inevitable loss of control. The one hand. On the other - the point is people who created this business. This is a very light head, but the growing pains in this situation is inevitable.

- Business has become too large for nihN

- Sorry for the banal, but to lead, you need experience. Without that understanding of the development of a business can not. After all, when the company was established, the profitability was huge and the costs - minimum. And it seemed that this will always. But the balance of a developing contrast. Cost of doing business grew, but profitability declined. Not because they are poorly led by their company, but because it is a natural process. So, strictly speaking, should be. But this requires understanding that it comes with experience. As a result, they simply have to spend more than you earn, lost control of some operations. They realized it too late. If late, the company now would not. But at the last minute. As a result, they lost business, but business there.
- Western company reliable private Russia. In a foreign company over you such as the manager, and you're just above the rank. But in private - is master. Who can fire you just a minute. How about confidence in the dneN
- Be sure the host or in the future no one can. Here the owner to you a very good relationship, but he fell ill. And chtoN sure can only be in their own professionalism. It's like a brand. Trademark - is a value added. But what distinguishes a product brand of the product without markiN Yes, just the fact that this value-added labor invested abyss. So it is here to stay. And in order to destroy it, you need to destroy the efforts of tens of thousands of people.
- That is to be confident in the future, you need to become a trading markoyN
- For example, to add value to yourself. By increasing the skills. Since no one ever did a professional can not do.

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Anfal Paul, photo, biography
Anfal Paul, photo, biography Anfal Paul  Director-General 'Soyuzkontrakt', photo, biography
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