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Grigory Gurevich

( Director-General of the oil companies 'Nobel Oil')

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Biography Grigory Gurevich
Director General of Oil Company "Nobel Oil" of Grigory Gurevich is safe to include in ten of the best crisis managers in Russia. For a quarter-century he worked in the oil industry and all the time is where you want the prompt, decisive action. Otherwise, you may well lose. deposit, enterprise. Seems Gurevich will give odds to many foreign colleagues: they were unfamiliar with the harsh winters and permafrost, as he in Komi. To say that he did a lot for this republic, - means, not to say anything. It is connected all his professional biography. In the 98-m Gurevich named man of the year in Komi.
Today, many are jealous of those who turned out in well. In the same 75-m, . when Gurevich, . graduating with "red" diploma Gubkinsky Oil and Gas Institute (the people - "paraffin stove"), . asked to distribute it in the Komi, . Many looked upon him as an anomaly - to go to the permafrost, . much earlier sent a convict, . so even with the same salary, . that the "mainland"! But why then had to go into the oil - in the footsteps of his uncle and older brataN short, . thirst for the real case was stronger,
. And where in those days could be the real deal, but on the Komsomol building sotsializmaN!

. Memories of the Komsomol construction projects associated with the Hurewicz with muddy (in Usinsk, . current oil capital of Komi, . could move only in the rolled back until it stops wading boots), . constant back pain from traveling off-road long and boring work for sixteen hours a day: the party required to go further north and give the country oil,
. In those years the view was that a lot of oil are. In fact, this feeling occurs because eleven months of the year, they spent virtually nothing - and not on what was, and ate whatever came. A "parade" once a year, when I select the "mainland". However, Gurevich sure that this is not the worst memories left of a bygone era.

. The son of a Soviet Army officer, past the Great Patriotic War, Gurevich - in military traditions - has consistently passed on all steps of a career before he became a general oil
. He started his statement, was a master of oil production, Head of the laboratory in the oil and gas "Usinsk-oil" association "Komineft, obtained a copyright certificate for various inventions.

. In the 80's chief engineer Grigory Gurevich raised Kharyaga field, one of the most difficult conditions on oil
. For him it was the first such experience. In Kharjaga naburit had a large number of wells, but oil was nowhere to. No pipeline was completed, there was no major Oil Pumping Station, which allows to pump oil. In addition, oil from that field tends to freeze at a temperature of 33 degrees Celsius - it means that the pipeline because of the permafrost must pass over the surface, we needed a special furnace for heating oil. The main purpose of the Gurevich then formulated as follows: in unimaginable conditions in time to start field. Run with stock. The deposit earned in 1989, and now the head pumping station, improved during the run, is pumping 1 million 800 thousand tons a year, against 100 thousand tons, laid down in the original draft.
. Meanwhile, in the late 80's golden age in the oil industry of Komi, where oil from the wells beat fountain and production reached in 20 million tons in the year ended
. A period of decline, the period of aging. I had to think how to extract the "heavy" oil that lies at great depth. The country began to form joint ventures that can attract new technology and major investments. One of the pioneers was the joint venture "Nobel Oil", created for the development of high-viscosity oil Usinsk field.

- What was in this field before we arrived - had no future - says Gurevich. - We were able to pick up the keys to the Timan-Pechora oil, synthesizing Western technology and Russia's experience. Generally, in the early 90's were joint venture for our "oil industry" kind of elixir of life, to extend her active, healthy age.

. Strictly speaking, thermal steam extraction method, which uses the "Nobel Oil", used in Indonesia, Venezuela, California, Canada
. But not in the permafrost. So we can safely say that the experience of "Nobel Oil" is unique not only in Russia but also worldwide. They are even interested in the distant Ecuador, where a serious approach to a collaborative project taken away from under the noses of the Americans. But he Grigory Gurevich believes that his destiny and vocation - Russia's oil.

Gurevich was among the founding fathers of the "Nobel Oil". Then they thought that he no longer needed. When Gurevich gone, the company began to crumble in front. About him again, remember, made CEO. Just six months he regained his command and managed to have a company where the salary delays have become commonplace, there was a cost-effective. Today it is one of the exemplary companies, . which produces 1 million 300 thousand tons of oil a year (but do not be a "Nobel Oil", . Production at the oilfield Usa, . as experts predicted, . could fall to 300 thousand tons), . regularly pay salaries, . time, . as accepted in civilized countries, . deducts taxes (and more, . than many oil giants), . invests in various charitable programs - whether it be the revival of the Orthodox church in the village of Ust-Usa, . School of Oriental martial arts in Usinsk, . considered to be one of the best in Russia, . or "Nobel" prize for Gifted Children,
. Gurevich hoped that some of the winners of small "Nobel" prize eventually get more. Generally, he believes that a good manager must take care not only about the prosperity of the enterprise, but also about the welfare of people, one way or another connected with it. As a result of all this - its employees "Nobel Oil" cling to their seats, and their colleagues in the oil shop envy of white envy.
. - When in 1994 I was invited to return to the "Nobel Oil", friends told me: "Well, you'll" liquidators "(Chairman of the liquidation committee), - recalls Gurevich
. - I was able to prove to everybody that I told them never will. I am sure that there is no hopeless situations. It would be professionalism, would be common sense, would be willing to work, would be a team of associates. By temperament I am rather a supporter of authoritarian governance principles (they work better during the crisis), but always respect and appreciate the team.
Today, with Grigory Gurevich has a team of first-class professionals - to match his own. Alexander Surnin can calculate the financial implications of any management decision. Vladimir Basque will predict exactly where to find oil, how much it will be there, and ask how to get it. Benjamin Roitman able to organize high-quality and cheap construction in all conditions. Eugene Sterlyahin able to get that anywhere - even in the underworld (and at reasonable prices). Without speed Vladimir Abrahamyants impossible to manage fisheries. Amateur artist Victor Kolchin sell oil at the most competitive prices. David Goguadze and Vladimir Shitov find a way out of the predicament in the wilds of law and security. No team, and the dream of any manager - "Dream-Team". Just do not forget that such coherence is achieved by long years of joint work.

. Scheme of work looks like this: a team receives an order, stabilizes the operation of the enterprise, minimize costs and, if the customer wishes to continue to operate independently, passes the Company operates.

. So it was with the holding "KomiTEK" - business card Komi
. In July last year Berezkin Gregory, chairman of the board "Evrosevernefti" - the management company "KomiTEK", on behalf of the shareholders Hurewicz invited for the post of first deputy.

By the time the situation has become alarming in the holding. He was carrying huge losses. Wages were not paid for five months. All this occurred against the backdrop of record oil prices fall on world markets - up to $ 9 per barrel.

. Gurevich accept the risk of taking this invitation, but the delay was not:

. - KomiTEK ", more precisely, its main oil producing company Komineft, is a structure-and-company towns
. Not survive "Komineft" - will die and all the other oil companies Komi.

Work carried out by Gurevich and fifty experts "Nobel Oil" in "KomiTEK", he himself, without false modesty compares with cleaning Augean stables. He inherited a huge, unwieldy and thoroughly looted structure with weak governance and. Were involved in the production of as much 8,5 thousand people (they are now 2,5 thousand). If the "Nobel Oil" one well serves an average of 1.5 people, the "Komineft" employed 18.

- Probably not everything was as we wanted. Perhaps the new owners' KomiTEK "-" Lukoil "- will criticize us, - notes Gurevich. - But let anyone try in this situation and with this funding to do more. The main thing - we have created a normal, viable company. Moreover, critics and so has been quite. There were pickets, rallies were. The most unpleasant thing: they all say that you're doing wrong, but as a "right" can not say. For example, agree that no reductions are necessary, with the state: to reduce the need is not so, as you do. A kakN What if "KomiTEK" gives Salary "Komineft" only 20 million rubles, and to all her pay, to 40N

. As a nightmare he recalled on Oct. 7 last year, . when seven thousand people gathered at a rally in Usinsk, . chanting: "Down with the Hurewicz!" He did not hesitate to go to the angry crowd and realized: people screaming in fear, . because it changes - it is always scary,
. Especially in Russia, where they are always portrayed as "from bad to worse."

Nearly a year later in Usinsk held another rally. But the mood it was a completely different - marked the 70 anniversary of the oil industry Komi: in August 1929 in the republic for the first time discovered deposits of industrial oil. In the central square, despite the hurricane, half the town gathered. And the resignation of Hurewicz nobody demanded.

Actually now that the situation in KomiTEK "stabilized, the ratio of Gurevich entirely different. He explains it simply: people like those who give them to earn and asked for this job. Gurevich did not agree that the Russian man is lazy by nature. It is generally believed that the people have a very good. And the art of government - Gurevich - is not only to competently organize the working process, but also to fulfill all its obligations to those you trust.

. - As to how to raise my professional status - said Gurevich - more and more people depend on my right or wrong decision
. If you can not manage, it is better do not touch, because it is a misfortune for all.

Another rule of management "of the Hurewicz: business owner should identify himself with the manager. Owner - is the one who gives money and controls, as manager of their uses. If the owner serves as a manager, if the wrong decision there is no one to correct it.

The trouble is that in Russia, this rule is violated everywhere. And this is one of the causes of permanent crisis in the economy - there are no good managers, they just do not demand:

- No one comes to me with a proposal to pull Rosneft or help Slavneft. Nobody needs a team of managers, which can save them from collapse of any oil company and in the normal form of pass master. Because there is no real owner. In part this is due to the fact that many do not consider the status of the owner of this serious work. I often hear: "Well, what it is - hozyainN! Lying in the Caribbean and drink pivoN do not want, I'm still young". Spontaneously good managers still appear, but quickly pass into the class of owners. That is, we do not have layer upon which the welfare of any capitalist country. Americans scour the world looking for people who know how to organize it. In Russia, these people are not in demand.

Here Gurevich little disingenuous. He understands: he will be a demand always. Because anything that does fit very thoroughly. For example, recently launched the anti-corrosion coatings plant. Now this enterprise is operating at full capacity, providing new industries of oil and water pipe capable of withstanding 20 years of operation against the former two. That is no longer need to be prepared every two years to ensure that the pipeline rvanet and oil will be spread over the surface.

It is clear that oil production is environmentally. However, after all, an environmentally safe nuclear energy, if clumsily handle it, threatens the Chernobyl catastrophe reminds Gurevich. He believes that the best way to deal with accidents - their pre-emption. Nevertheless, by accident no one is immune, so the experts "Nobel Oil" with the Moscow scientists have invented a special sorbent for collecting oil from the surface. According to experts, the application of new technologies will improve the environmental situation in the Komi Republic in the dozens. Already this year, for the first time the existence of oil fields in the river came Kolvy salmon (and the fish is very capricious). The first time in many years of water analysis showed that the content of harmful substances in it in the normal range.

- Local residents have expressed to us their pleasure: they say, finally. On the one hand, - is divided Gurevich - covers joy: really good job, no oil in the river. And on the other - think: to what do people have to bring them to happy normal situation vescheyN!

Perhaps this attitude to nature is explained by the Hurewicz fact that he is a believer. Therefore, unlike many other Northerners (and he is a northerner, although born in Belarus) does not like hunting. He believes that a Christian can only hunt for their food. But just a walk in the woods like. However, in recent years, time is not enough: "Podedesh to the woods, a little stand up, recharge his energy - and going to work further
Despite the constant time trouble, in his forty-five Gurevich trying to keep in shape. In his youth, quite seriously engaged in the bar and boxing, now switched to Aikido. Classical Aikido - unlike karate - allows you to defeat the enemy without causing him blows.
. Perhaps soon and will have to forget about aikido: children (from Hurewicz two daughters) have grown up and are moving to where they would continue the study, the wife is likely to go with them
. So, it is not excluded, Gurevich remain in Usinsk one. Tragedies he is not seeing: the planes fly, sail boats, train ride. The main thing that a man had a family, and who lives where - by and large is not so important.
Gurevich said that he was happy that his daughters - Mary and Alexander - do not have to go through the difficulties that have got him and his wife. Laughs: when they got married and came to Usinsk, they were asked to live in different dorms. My wife Hurewicz also linked to oil - programmer Petroleum ( "And on the other and can not be. If I were, say, a nuclear power engineers, it would have been a programmer Atomic "). As for the daughters, he hoped that they will choose a different profession. For after all not a woman thing - to extract oil. Case male. And treat it like a man should:
- Oil does not like the weak, it can not skive. Well - as a Russian woman. The more you take care of it, to favors, the more it gives you.

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  • Wonderful success of a man that I will never forget.
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    Grigory Gurevich, photo, biography
    Grigory Gurevich, photo, biography Grigory Gurevich  Director-General of the oil companies 'Nobel Oil', photo, biography
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