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Vladimir Lensky

( Executive Director of Television 'NTV-Plus'.)

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Biography Vladimir Lensky
Executive Director of the television company NTV-Plus ". Before joining the media business, he worked eight years in leading international companies - manufacturers of medical equipment. Lenski sees a lot in common in the commercial and TV business. According to him, and here and there the main thing - properly allocate costs and establish marketing.
. "Lena is not only justified, but even pereopravdal our choice" - these words described a hired manager, Vladimir Gusinsky, owner of the holding Media-Most "
. While that Vladimir Lensky is working on media mogul just five months. During this time he managed to improve the marketing of television and increase the growth rate of its subscribers. "We now have a number of applications for the installation of NTV-Plus, more than receiving equipment in stock, - says Vladimir Gusinsky. - We have to speed up delivery of equipment ". 38-year-old Vladimir Lensky looks very confident leader. He promises within two years to make a cost-effective "NTV-Plus", the most expensive to date television project in Russia. This is a strategic objective, under which it received in the company - to the end of 2001 to reach "break-even point."
In a career Lena "NTV-Plus" - the third company in which he is the first person. Lower position for several years now he is not interested.
In commerce, he, like many of his peers, came by accident. In 1984, Vladimir Lensky, graduated from the Moscow Institute of Transport Engineers, was promoted to master Podmoskovny building trust in the Ministry of General Machine-Building.

. In 1986, the Ministry needed a procurement officer at the Soviet and foreign manufacturers of medical equipment for departmental medical institutions
. Vladimir Lensky was his superiors in good standing, besides possession of conversational English. So he was in the central office of the Ministry. New work like Vladimir Lensky more than his work on direct specialty. He even began to think about how to enter the Academy of Foreign Trade. But in 1989, Lenski without academies offered a job sales manager.

Among those vendors with whom he worked in his ministry, Vladimir Lensky, was a Danish Bruel & Kjaer. The company supplied the Soviet Union ultrasonic medical scanners, and was interested in expanding its share of the Soviet market. And Regional Director for Eastern Europe, Jorgen Christensen suggested Vladimir Lensky become a sales manager. In fact, it is meant to lead the sales representation company in the USSR. Of course, Vladimir agreed.

In the sales department, which he formed, employs three staff. In terms of immediate responsibilities of Vladimir Lensky were looking for clients, negotiating and contracting. Without medical education, he nonetheless was able to understand the functionality of the equipment and the needs of customers - hospital staff. "I went to medical conferences and congresses, talked with doctors, read special literature," recalls Vladimir Lensky.

In 1989, when Vladimir Lensky started in Bruel & Kjaer, sales offices totaled $ 250 thousand. In 1992 - already $ 5 million. Life is complicated by the competitors of the company-"heavyweights": Siemens, Philips. Customer sales manager Bruel & Kjaer they are not just taken away just before the signing of the contract. However, in 1992, Lenski himself led the client out from under the nose at Toshiba Medical Systems. It was a contract with the Ministry of Atomic Energy to supply scanners for medical facilities at nuclear power stations, Russia. Officials had almost decided that the equipment will be purchased from Toshiba. At this point sales manager of the Bruel & Kjaer and offered a better financial scheme.

Artful competitor in Toshiba remember. A few months later director of the representation of the company Hans Eyhorn invited Vladimir Lensky become a regional sales manager for Toshiba Russia. "I almost wondered - recalls Vladimir Lensky. - Toshiba offers a much wider range of equipment, working with the most advanced technologies. In this company for me to open new opportunities. And in the same 1992, he joined Toshiba.
During his work in the company's sales grew from $ 6 million. in 1992 to $ 35 million. in 1995. While this success can not be solely credited Lena - sales involved another regional manager, . Yes, and demand for equipment Toshiba was initially high, . - Nevertheless contribute to the development of sales representative Toshiba Lenski did.,
. Hedhantery once tried to lure him to Siemens, but did not agree to Vladimir Lensky
. "The Toshiba I was given complete autonomy in decision-making," - he recalls. Here, in the representation, Lenski expected to soon become a general manager.
. Black cat between Lenski and Toshiba Medical Systems ran when Vladimir learned that the headquarters intend to appoint another ex-pats
. Formal obstacle to improving Vladimir Lensky's career was his lack of an MBA. Lenski stated its readiness to enter the prestigious and expensive business school Chicago GSB. In Toshiba agreed to pay half the cost of. But the "general" position still promised only five years later.

And then Lenski just made another proposal from. It turned out that Mate Lindstrom, Regional Director for Eastern Europe, the Swedish Gambro, is ready to give Russia's manager, as General Manager Moscow office. Manufacturer therapeutic equipment Gambro had already been known in Russia, but active sales are not conducted. To establish such sales, and the Swedes needed a professional top manager.

Vladimir Lensky set a condition: Gambro must pay for his studies in business school, and learning he would be absent. Receiving consent, the manager left the Toshiba.

In Gambro he really was able to turn. Vladimir Lensky not only control sales and service, but also engaged in financial planning, administrative issues. For the first time in his life he had led a relatively large group - 30 members. Two years later, in 1997-the second, he brought the sales representative to $ 7 million. Vladimir Lensky believes that this helped him the knowledge gained in the Chicago business school.

Chicago GSB is known primarily for its programs on financial management. Vladimir Lensky became a devotee of management style, which in the first place in the management of the company put financial planning.

As you know, students of prestigious business schools are often attacked by employers. In late 1997, right during the regular exams (for exam Vladimir Lensky times a year flew to Chicago), . the manager left the owners of major U.S. trading company, . whose name is Lena does not want to be called: "She has already ruined",
. But then, the company held one of the first places among the suppliers of meat and fish products to Russia. Lena asked to become general director of Russia's "daughter" companies. The proposal was both tempting and risky time.
Owning myasotorgovoy company "Chicago boy" was needed to solve its problems in Russia. Management in the representation was simply no, the company has acquired large debts. Owners of the Vladimir Lensky good conditions of the contract, if it takes "to disassemble blockages.

Lenski himself by that time had come to the conclusion that Gambro opportunities for growth have been exhausted. "The company did not intend to make major investments in Russia, while its competitors have either built their business here, or set up joint production - he recalls. - Also in Sweden at Gambro changed owners near the reorganization.

The proposal from the American company with a turnover of half a billion dollars interested him seriously. Particularly attracted Lena opportunity to try himself as a crisis manager. Simply put, worked professional pride. In early 1998, Vladimir Lensky moved to a new place of work.

Now it is not very readily remembers this period in his career. Despite all efforts, the company quietly "bend" and finally "died" after the departure of Vladimir Lensky, in early 1999. Nevertheless, Vladimir believes that really was able to test himself as a top manager. He managed to restructure part of the company's debt and restructure the organization itself (the staff was reduced from 300 to 30 people). What Vladimir Lensky was unable to move - so that owners of the company organizational resistance to change. "Can you imagine, the headquarters of America tried to control even the purchase of spare parts for cars in RossiiN!" - He recalls.

But thanks to this work he met with Vladimir Gusinsky. Company Lena was one of the major clients of Most Bank, and its owner are often negotiated with Lena personally.

In early 1998, Vladimir Gusinsky told Lena about its satellite project, "NTV-Plus. "Then I found this project quite a gamble," - says Lenski.

Nevertheless, when in April 1999, media tycoon invited the manager to lead the NTV-Plus, Vladimir agreed. "For me it absolutely does not matter that Lena had no relation to telebiznesu, - said Gusinsky. - I saw him as an excellent businessman, and this is what me and it was necessary.

"I got acquainted with the financial documents, and was just surprised how well thought out steps to implement the project - says Vladimir Lensky. - I am convinced that this gigantic task, which, without doubt, is to do. "
In May, he became executive director of NTV-plu
For the three months before the Lena came to TV station, NTV-Plus "started broadcasting in digital format. Building and launching their own satellites Bonum-1, the creation telekompleksa in the suburban Skolkovo cost Media-Most, $ 250 million. Before the new Executive Director has been tasked to recover the costs over two years.
"The fact that NTV-Plus is the only Russia's system of satellite television, not much easier my task, - says Vladimir Lensky. - We need to turn their services into the product consumer. But the Russians still do not tend to pay for TV ". Hook consumer "NTV-Plus" is trying to steady increase in the number of satellite channels. Now there are 29 (against the previous four), and by early 2000 will be 35, promises to Vladimir Lensky. The subscription fee for this increased slightly - from $ 15 to $ 19,2 per month. "To increase sales to reduce prices may be resorted to only as the last argument - says CEO. - There are many other ways to achieve this goal. These include positioning, advertising, sound system sales.
Vladimir Lensky is going to, for example, change the relationship with television distributors and dealers. Previously, they just resell sets receiving equipment. "Now we are trying to create a relationship in which our distributors will be interested in increasing the number of connected subscribers, and in the duration of their use of services, - said Vladimir Lensky. - That is developing a system of bonuses and extra compensation for partners. "
Source: Ivan Prosvetov, the weekly magazine "Company" N 37, 1999.

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Vladimir Lensky, photo, biography
Vladimir Lensky, photo, biography Vladimir Lensky  Executive Director of Television 'NTV-Plus'., photo, biography
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