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Biography Andrew DELLOS
photo Andrew DELLOS
One day, the December evening in 1993, the artist Andrew Dellos, who arrived from Paris to Moscow for three days, passing along Novy Arbat, stopped to buy a box of favorite Grilyazh. But the purchase did not work: the thief cut off his bag with money and documents. The result of this event was the appearance in Moscow on a number of popular restaurants and clubs.

Andrei Dellosa's great-grandfather was a French couturier who opened at the beginning of the century in Moscow and St. Petersburg several salons. Dressed "in Dellosa" many fashionistas (eg Kuprin), and with this elegant cut and able work with a variety of exotic fabrics Monsieur Dellos was honored named supplier of the court of His Imperial Majesty. Among other distinguished ancestors Andrei Dellosa - Vitus Bering. Thus, in any case, claimed Dellosa grandmother.

Andrei's mother was an actress. Father architect. A Dellosy lived in a huge apartment in a house N 20 on Arbat. In the evenings - the conversation of parents, Arbat gate, drawing lessons, a game of solitaire with a certain general of the KGB, in charge of foreign intelligence, and the boyfriend from a neighboring porch Mitya Zolotukhin, who played the role of Peter I subsequently. In summary Dellosa, if such it was, would have met a lot of interesting combinations. He graduated from the notorious 12-th school, where children are taught the actors, nomenclature, the thieves in law. Then-Art School in 1905. Then the Building Department MADI. Then - Institute of Foreign Languages. Then - training of translators at the UN. By 1987, the list of mastered their professions were listed: painter, restorer and builder, simultaneous interpreter.

Restoration of icons Dellos do, when, left alone in the apartment, sold the family silver. And the money still was not enough. Arbat antique dealers, sold his spoon, steel supply Dellosu, had already confidently using oils, underworking. Get paid good: from $ 20 to $ 400 for an icon. At the same time he was earning up to 2 thousand. rubles per month. Remember: "Lada" then worth 6 thousand. His first car, "three rubles - Dellos bought in 19 years. On it he rushed from the project office, where he worked after MADI, the studio where he painted, and then - on the course of UN. (Incidentally, the history of its arrival there, too, requires further explanation. On the courses they took 22 people with perfect biographical data. Exam Dellos, from childhood spoke excellent French, of course, passed on the "excellent". And a "Division" was only through the above-mentioned general. He just put in a little word for him: do not touch, they say, the guy - he has all-clear.)

After the course the UN Dellos settled in Soveksportknigu ". At the same time worked as the head of one of the editors in the publishing house "Russian", where he focused on the release of dictionaries. Then to the scandal has left: he did not like getting up on time. He painted pictures, talked with galleries, including the French.

- How they came?
Through Arbat acting and bandits company and acquaintances, wound in Soveksportknige ". Then it was not like now. Exhibitions were held at home, in shops. They visited many foreign gallery owners. I noticed, they said: it is we will. We bought the picture, then invited to France. So I dropped everything and went.

This was in 1989 in France Andrei Dellosa all evolved as the best possible. Galleries began to "untwist", organized by good press, sold up to 80% of work that by Western standards much. Without all this, obviously, the miracle would not have happened: thief, cut him in 1993, a bag, doomed to an accident on the ordeal of ZhEKam and embassies without a chance to start a new life. Turned out differently: Dellos threw french gallery and began to open in the capital of Russia unseen here before institutions.

. However, at first, stuck in Moscow without documents, Dellos depressed: a few weeks in Paris, was to open his solo exhibition
. He shook my friends, restored the information, knocked at doors of the French Embassy. Time passed - trade collapsed. And then in one of the actors' companies Dellos met with Anton Tabakov, estimating how to do business.

. - Anton offered me something to buy, sell, - says Dellos .- Then it seemed that the easiest, but I do not agree
. In the end, decided to open a discotheque and a club for the actor's hangouts. Assemble and then tear was nowhere. And where the stars there and the people. It remains to find the money and place. Agreement as follows: Anton is looking for space, I - money.

Tabakov premises found them-DK. Lenin in Trekhgornij Manufactory. A Dellos found the money is simply borrowed from her admirer, a Japanese businessman, whose name does not want to call (not sure what he wants the advertisement). Another part of the money tobacco with Dellosom rescued, putting their apartments.

The concept of their first joint project - disco "Pilot", was very simple. Scene was already. Remained repaint the floor, walls and ceiling in black, make scenery. Disco quickly gained momentum, attracting its original program and, most importantly (this calculation was absolutely correct), a huge number of stars on the stage.

. Soon, in the same DC was opened by another joint venture Tabakova-Dellosa - club "Soho" connecting with the "Pilot" corridor
. Dellos contends that he was the first in Russia had the idea to put the Negro at the entrance, which further attracted public. And again the stars. It celebrated the anniversary of Nikita Mikhalkov. Two and a half hours played music on guitar, Richard Gere. Jean Claude Van Damme all night playing billiards. Pierre Richard, disguised as a cook, juggled skewers with BBQ. This drop in like Lyudmila Gurchenko, Vladimir Presnyakov, Alexander Abdulov, Pugacheva with Kirkorov.

"Pilot" and "Soho" is not occupied and half of DC. Lenin. What dalsheN artistic audience can not only entertain, but also to dress, wash, brush. Dellos and tobacco have decided to open a chain of boutiques, but soon the idea was buried - too many difficulties. They settled on creating a cosmetic center for those who are "working face". One of these centers with the pompous title Ambassade de la beaute ( "Embassy of Beauty") is located in Paris at the Champs-Elysees. Dellos rushed there - to Ivan Alloush, 80-year-old Frenchman of Russian origin, having more than 3 thousand. patents for cosmetic creams. In 1996, DC im.Lenina was opened Russia's "Embassy of Beauty". His regular customers have become Arina Sharapova, Igor Ugolnikov, Lyubov Polishchuk, Lyudmila Maksakova, Yuri Razbash, Konstantin Ernst. The latter was Dellosa and partner in two projects, 'Shinko' and Cafe Pushkin.

. But first Dellos opened "barrel".

. - The concept - says Dellos - was to make a restaurant where you can eat at home, not show off
. That is, should be comfortable, of course, pleased.

Legend Interior came up with this: once upon a graph in the castle, then become poor and the farmer sold the castle And he took an ax and odd jobs inconvenient it interiors. Made easier.

In addition, it is here that there has been an idea that then was brought to its logical conclusion in "Shinko" - in the middle of the hall should something happen. In the "barrel" if someone does not know, in the middle of the hall is a huge grill, where the presence of guests cook roasts a bull or a sheep. And that opens a year "Shinko" in the middle of the hall is a grand atrium - rural courtyard, where roosters roam, lies a goat grazing horse, and a cowgirl sitting on a bench, which brings them water.

. Very pleased with the staff "Shinok.

. - We were even butterflies were flying, - said one of the waiters .- Dellos ordered pupae of some special butterflies in America, but Customs did not miss.

. - But you see - shows another waiter - in the middle of the courtyard pool
. We are trying to breed the frogs, but they do not live.

And recently, Andrew Dellos, has single-handedly, has opened next to the "tavern" and "keg" restaurant "Le Duc". Exuberant flight of fancy. From my grandmother's village court can proceed in the Gothic hall, where he always plays a "live" classical music. On the walls, copies of old tapestries. On the tables, a real French food, prepared by our French chef of the real French food.

On the wall of premises - a little announcement: "Yesterday was dismissed such a solicitation for the tip. Who wants to be sleduyuschimN ". Thus, it seems that Dellos not tolerate rogues. Except, perhaps, of the thieves with the New Arbat, which, perhaps, grown on the same street as he.

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  • hamster for Andrew DELLOS
  • I wonder when dellos will open its new restaurant is rumored to have been a long time to open
  • Lily for Andrew DELLOS
  • It is necessary to contact Andrei Konstantinovich until Thursday 10,08,06. I do not know how to do. Proposal for him in business. Honest, lawful
  • Ksusha for Andrew DELLOS
  • Worked with him very difficult. Most turnover, few can withstand the hard labor obstnovki. But at the same time work at Dellosa interesting!
  • Yapo diego for Andrew DELLOS
  • very much want the saints with Dellosa.On sincerely Choroszcz voluntary chelovek.edinstvenny Russian who helped to African students to work in his restaurant TURANDOT.no Unfortunaly, . recently, . We drove all fired obyasneiiy.Proschu Dellosa consider our situation, . because we believe that this is not his reschenie, . but the last word to him pridnadlezhit. Yours,
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    Andrew DELLOS, photo, biography
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