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TADA Casio

( Company founder Casio)

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Biography TADA Casio
Few people know that Casio - is not just the name of a famous firm, released calculators and watches, but the name of a real person. The story of his success - a typical Japanese history, built not for adventurism, and the meticulous work and personal asceticism. It is these two qualities of Tadao Casio, turned his company into one of the world leaders in the field of high technologies.
In November 1946, in one of Tokyo theaters happened quite unconventional for Japan act. On stage, designed by the deepest conviction of the Japanese, exclusively for high art, there was a business idea. In the rapidity of competing accounts of American soldiers, armed with an electric calculating machine, and a Japanese accountant with classical Japanese ivory bills. The audience watched with bated breath for what is happening and openly rooted for the soldier - the desire to become the nation's leading not only to the exploits of samurai, but also in the field of scientific and technological progress, it was in these years, mainly for the Japanese.

. The American-created computer was perceived as a real miracle
. Entrance tickets cost dearly, but the audience did not stint. All were eager to see how the mechanism itself, and the operator, with the skill of a magician's mysterious clicks on a button. Despite the victory accountant compatriot, . most viewers, . fleeing into the night theater, . were sure, . that in the near future, computers will supersede hand account, . some, . including Tadao Casio, . believed, . that someday this technology will be able to enjoy even housewives,
. Women in principle, not much more limited for men, once they had recently granted the right to vote. They, too, something can learn, "- then Casio has recorded in his diary and was surprised as revolutionary for a Japanese view of things.

However, before the revolution in the world of calculating machines Casio was still far. In the meantime, he released on his mini-little factory, located in the courtyard of his house, the most simple things. For example, machines for baking biscuits made from corn and mouthpieces with handle. Postwar Japanese market was mainly focused on cheap goods - the buyer had no money. Soldered onto a ring holder allowed to smoke without interrupting work, and in addition, made it possible to smoke a cigarette (if they were without a filter) to the end, without burning your fingers. The result was a dual economy. The main advantage is the possibility of a mouthpiece to smoke in a traditional Japanese bath - Sentе█. The cigarette does not soak in wet fingers and brought weary 10-hour working day needed a Japanese pleasure. Mouthpieces sold out well.

Prepare sweet home of cheap corn, and with minimal loss of time was no less important than the cost effectively and with pleasure smoking. However, neither the holder nor the machine for baking cookies is not the starting point for the company Casio calculators - it was bathed in ice water for rice field. In this field, have several generations of ancestors Tadao here started his career and himself.

. Tadao Casio born November 26, 1917 in the village of Ueda in western Japan, in Kochi prefecture (now the lights are burning a small town Nangoku City)
. Minka, a traditional Japanese house, where he was born Tadao, was surrounded by the sights, and the wind blew past him from all sides. The windows provided a view of a medieval castle, in which a few centuries ago, been one of the greatest poets of Japan, Issa. According to legend, it was here, looking at the hard work of his father-farmer, Tadao often thought of the famous Japanese haiku:
Sad world
Even when the cherry blossom,
Even then.

Up until 1923 Casio lived in the village. After the great Tokyo earthquake, which claimed 100 000 lives, they have an opportunity to move into the city - the capital rebuilt, and she needed the workers' hands. Family Casio sparse belongings packed up and moved into the path in the hope of a lighter portion, and the fact that children can receive education.

But the easy life in the capital did not work. At the construction site were paid little, and to pay school Tadao, his father saved the tram every day spend five hours on the way to work and back. Tadao, like a true Japanese, could not take his father - he was the best in class. After high school, his best students as soon as they took to the factory for the production of engines apprentice turner. Tadao came to work first and leave last, for which he was sent to the factory paid evening technical courses. He worked hard to spare no effort and has brought himself to such a decline, and has even been found unfit for military service. For the Japanese at that time it was the deepest disgrace. For a long time Tadao even crossed to the other side of the street, seeing the men in uniform - he was ashamed to lift his eyes.
. "We must not lose heart - it's not in Japanese! - Think Tadao .- If you can not help on the home front, we have to work for two in the rear, while our military is all that is necessary to win"
. Soon after this decision was embodied in the life. Shop for production of cartridges at the factory where he worked as Casio, had the highest rates not only in quantity but in quality of products. But Tadao this was not enough: he dreamed of a more high-tech production is not constrained by instructions. This could be achieved was only their own companies.

In the midst of World War II, in the summer of 1942, the family Casio hosted the first in many years gala dinner. It was cooked twice rice than usual. And not some cheap Chinese and Japanese present, in every grain of which, in the belief that concealed a great build up strength brought him a peasant.

Such a waste due to the fact that Tadao opened his business. Bought the plant, which had previously worked for a pittance lathe, communication with potential customers already had, and turning skills, he was not to occupy. Lathe placed in the yard, where he built a special barn-workshop with a minimum of necessary adaptations. With determination and friendly family to start that was enough.

Very soon Tadao by making parts for military aircraft, returned and earned credit for a wedding. Mother for several years as he has chosen a bride, but he was waiting for - to marry without money in Japan is not accepted. It is not accepted and divorce - too expensive to spend money twice for the wedding. Tadao's mother chose a beautiful wife, with whom he lived a happy life.

End of the war abruptly changed the lives of Casio. His house was destroyed American bombers, adjusted production collapsed, military orders have ceased to act. Returning from the army, the brothers were unable to find a job. Suddenly, Tadao offered for nothing shaper. The thing that was certainly useful - it could produce pans, stoves, stoves, which in the postwar period enjoyed high demand.

. But the snag - machine was in stock, three hundred kilometers from Tokyo, but it was impossible to get transportation for any money
. This problem is a desperate self-sacrifice decided Casio-father. He took a two-wheeled cart and trailer it to the bike, carried on uphill road pyatisotkilogrammovuyu edifice. It took him more than one week, but the effort will pay off handsomely.

Make money with the money machine allowed the family Casio not only to survive in the difficult postwar years, but to do the planning of future. By that time, Tadao already saw the work computer, and his thoughts were inextricably linked with it.
In January 1950 the younger brother Tadao, Toshio, engaged in designing computer. Have your brothers production was not enough - they wanted to have an idea. This is fully consistent with the old Japanese wisdom, which says: You need to have all their to be a free man, not a slave.

Conceived by adding machine is fundamentally different from predecessors. Its main feature was the use of solenoids. Necessary for the project Casio money earned during the day and at night and weekends, worked on the creation of computer. The task was complicated by the fact that, not having the financial ability to bring to the work of outsiders, Tadao instructed all the technical part Toshio. We Toshio had no special education, and while he still had to work and learn.

Five years of daily overtime spent on the creation of a prototype. But the machine is obsolete already at the design stage - it was no so-called continuity of the function: just one step, the machine was supposed to reset the result to move to the next operation. However, the failure did not stop Tadao. He took a loan from a bank and continued to work.

In developing the new machine revealed that out of date, not only basic features, but also the very principle of its work. Had to change the design and move to a more progressive system of relay. New car weighed 120 kg and was meter height. For that time it was a huge success. The name "Casio 14A" meant that the computer operates chetyrnadtsatiznachnymi numbers and is the first of his generation. The best technical performance in comparison with foreign counterparts have established the "Casio" higher price.

Success was guaranteed. The Japanese have always been valued in Japan, higher imports, regardless of whether it was rice or equipment. And in any case it was a triumph of family Kasi
Creating a universal and high-precision machine for its time period had on the overall economic recovery in Japan, and orders poured in for the company, Casio, one after another. At the same time on the board of directors, that is, the family, it was decided to raise capital to reorganize the company into a stock. Manufacturing expanded in the city Mitake City built a new factory, opened in technical training for staff. Work did not stop even at exacerbation Tadao long-standing tuberculosis.

Tadao done everything to give your company the true Japanese spirit. In those days, it is the beginning nor more nor less than to work for the good of the homeland. The dream of creating the Great Japanese Empire collapsed and the Japanese are able to realize patriotism exclusively peaceful means, in the workplace. Whatever the size and the statute of the company, which employs a Japanese, he was proud of her, take her own success, its failure - a personal tragedy.

So it was the firm Tadao. People worked until fainting, considering the main business of life success of their company. With the same zeal you been working in the designer office. The tireless inventor Toshio invented the use of multi-colored wiring, so that the workers easier to navigate in them at installation sites. For Tadao it was primarily a manifestation of concern for the workers, but then does not belong in the world practice know-how.

Wires concern was not limited to the owner. On his orders, especially for workers from the mountain springs brought drinking water, fed free lunch, which was accurately calibrated the content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Near the plant were built excellent sports facilities.

But sportsmanship almost ruined the company. Casio Brothers are so carried away playing golf, that practically abandoned the work. Taking advantage of the stagnation in the development of new technologies, competitors, notably Sharp, began to produce the new generation of machines - no relay, and electronic. The market reacted sharply padeniemm demand for products "Casio".

For the firm Tadao came hard times. All the factory officials were sent to the arrangement of the factory. "White collar" dutifully yanked the grass, not considering it a disgrace - it is necessary for the prosperity of the company, if so decided to host. Many employees wore sackcloth as a sign of going through difficult times.

But in the technical laboratory work in full swing radically new kind of computing. Sample, prepared in 1965, called 001, that is the latest, start a new countdown.

However, a product - does not mean to sell. The market was occupied by the competitors, so it was decided to start promoting a new product overseas, especially in major cities of America and Europe. This opened stores retail outlets, employees are selected and trained on the system, taking into account the specifics of each country.
The plan proved to be true. By the beginning of the 70-ies reputation "Casio" was completely restored.
. When only son Tadao turned 5 years old, . wife and sister warned the head of the family from the possible mistakes in the upbringing of the heir: "Someday this boy will become the head of our company, . and if you do not want, . that he managed it badly, . should not spoil it now. ",

. Traditional Japanese education requires nothing to restrict a child under seven years, never tell him "no" and "impossible"
. But Tadao departed from tradition and grow the heir to the rigor, wishing that he became a worthy successor. In his autobiography, Casio has written that have never regretted it, and thank his wife for a bold advice.

About management Casio reasoned like a true Japanese. Firms should manage the family clan, he believed, but each of its members should be better than other employees of the firm conform to the position. And for this he should be properly educated. The main thing for prosperity - the ability to analyze their experiences and not repeat mistakes. Commercial success is only possible with the continued hard work, past achievements do not interest the consumer, it needs to achieve today.

. That is why the company created several alternatives KB, developing programs of different perspectives: 1 -3 years, 3-5 years, and t
. d. For the same reason, Casio has considerably expanded the assortment of goods. Already in the late 80's in addition to computers, his company began manufacturing watches, printers, televisions, synthesizers, electronic notebooks.
The symbol of technological progress XX century was released in 1972, adding machine, Casio mini ". This little brain, it fits easily in your breast pocket of a business suit and an apron housewife, Tadao embodied the idea of universal accessibility of its products.
. Having behind huge commercial experience, a famous trademark and the ability to attract capital, Tadao decisively entered a new market
. It was a risk but a calculated risk. Success was also secured the release of hours, with the entire price range - from disposable to the expensive prestige models. Watch "Casio" lightning were the same symbol of the company that computing machines.
Tadao himself like a true Japanese, the reason for his success seen in the public service. At the end of his life he liked to say: "If you want to be happy, give all the forces for the happiness of others, as did my father."
Tadao Casio was not only the creator of the company, but its permanent head in I960 until 1988 th. He took over the reins from the hands of his father and, after 28 years, handed them to his brother, Toshio. Two other brothers, Kazuo, and Yukio, thanks to this castling have moved a step up the ladder and to become director general and deputy director general. Sam Tadao continued to work at the company consultant until his death March 6, 1993.
He died in a Tokyo hospital from the central obstruction of the airways.

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