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Giller, Boris Abramovich

( Businessman)

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Biography Giller, Boris Abramovich
photo Giller, Boris Abramovich
Giller, Boris Abramovich Chapter ID "Province"

A journalist, entrepreneur, film producer.

Born April 17, 1956. Tula.

He graduated from the Tomsk Institute of Automated Control Systems (1978) and the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography (1990).

In 1978-88 he. worked as a journalist in Kazakhstan's media.

In 1988-98 he. - Chairman of the Board of JSC "Caravan", Mr.. Alma-Ata (the publication of newspapers, TV, radio, film). The weekly "Caravan" - the absolute leader in the print media market in the country, the highest-circulation publication of Kazakhstan. Channel CTC - rating record on the market of electronic media, it is technically an independent channel. Radio "Caravan", a daily socio-political newspaper "Caravan-Blitz". Entertainment Newspaper "TV-Chance". Magazines "Kakadu" - digest for family reading. "We" - a magazine about culture feasts. The system of joint-stock company "Caravan" is a famous plant Issyk wines. Plant's products have repeatedly noted in international exhibition of wines.

Screenplay movie "The Criminal Quartet. The film became the highest grossing up to the All-Union rolled 1989. From the original idea, co-writer and producer of the film "Prisoner of the Caucasus". Winner of State Prize of Russia 1998. in the field of cinematography for the film "Prisoner of the Caucasus". The film won two awards Cannes Film Festival, was nominated for an Oscar "of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts.

Founder of film-"Bi-Hi-G". In 2000, screens out adventure "Check", in which Boris Giller is co-writer, sorezhisserom-director and producer. According to the rating of "Premiere", one of the twenty most influential people in Russia's film.

- And where is Boris Abramovich? - Deaf I whispered mighty guardian, coming early September morning under the arches of the vast army chilled hangar somewhere on the outskirts of Yaroslavl. In the dark dust, fumes and smoke, depth of the structure, near the armored vehicles, nervously scurried about men in camouflage. Gray-haired athlete gave them guns and assault rifles.
- He was there, next to the SWAT team - in the same whisper, "the guard said, and pointed to a short man with a bullhorn in his hand. If not familiar bald pate, sparkling under the rays of the rising sun, I'm Boris Abramovich never would have recognized. Crumpled suede jacket, baggy corduroys not tally with the familiar face is always elegant businessman. However, all true. In the suits from Armani on the shooter did not go. And today it was coming shooter. Today will be a sea of blood and a lot of corpses. And there can not be stopped. Late last night, Boris Abramovich himself, personally, had warned me about this.

. - I have it down! Be sure to take off! What would it cost me any - hot patter he cried on the mobile phone.
. We barely met his eyes, he only managed to nod his head, as if through a dirty window hangar, I noticed two black figures, silently gliding down the tether
. Cynical smile spread to muzzle brazen killers. In his hands were black machine aimed exactly where was Boris Berezovsky, and the deafening of all three sheets of glass smashed. Someone in a flak jacket, like the actor Fomenko, swiftly rolled on the floor and with both hands, opened fire on a violent response windows. After a few seconds for the blood-spattered survivors glass gently swaying bodies of two. Gray smoke billowed figured in the sun. It was terribly nice.

- Cut! - Jubilantly shouted Boris Abramovich Giller.

Yes, that's so. Giller, Boris Abramovich - owner of wineries and diagnostic clinics in the Czech Republic, . restaurants in Moscow and 16 regional newspapers with one million copies in Russia, . producer of top-grossing domestic films "American Daughter" and "Prisoner of the Caucasus" - in an abandoned air-defense base on the outskirts of Yaroslavl for the first time with his own money and with their own scenario itself takes a sharp fighter named "Check",
. However, there. And he wrote the script and the film shoots in collaboration with Alexander Borodyansky. But the money, every last ruble, surely it. All of your own pocket.

. And while kinogruppa slowly preparing for the next stage, . while makeup artists painted dust bandit faces and black suits with the stunt "Mosfilm", . and pyrotechnics conjure over those, . that must be scary to explode around the fearless ment Nikolai Fomenko, . Kohl and himself, . relaxed smile, . signs autographs dance zonked from sudden happiness Jaroslaw, . we with the director sits down at the monitor and look at the past frames.,

. - Boris Abramovich, - I say .- You, I heard a very prudent businessman
. And suddenly - their own money, and even in the domestic film. It's you that is a hobby?

- I look like an idiot?

In fact, most, if put on his cap, "aerodrome", he looked like a person of Caucasian nationality with the Moscow market. A closer look at Berezovsky could recognize a Jew. So, certainly not an idiot.

- You see. I never believe that in a country with a population of one hundred and fifty million, its own cinema may be unprofitable. In the United States dollar invested in this business, brings at least three. And just to be in Russia. After a year or two, but will. And the first one to stake out a site on the neglected field of national cinema, and he will be in chocolate. Another thing is that in those same States, I have come to the bank, showing cool script to report that the rent will be Coppola and starring Robert De Niro will be - and no problems. What you need - Thirty millionovN SorokN Here in banks with such a proposal even look pointless. Therefore, if you want to make a film but more on that to earn something, it is best to write the script himself, and himself removed from his film, giving it his own money.

. - Well, if everything is so difficult, why it is you, this movie? Look at you in Czech wine cellars - too beautiful ...

. - And if this is love? If since childhood, this magic lantern illuminates my life? But I could not for the sake of a good film to take off to the ends of the world
. Once at Tomsk, where I studied at the Polytechnic of Electrophysics, my friend Lev Goodman, he is now in Israel, called the night choking with joy and said: half an hour in the club is the only session "Midnight Cowboy". I pulled. Almost in the same pants. 30-degree frost. And then all, of course, tightly battened down. Loew joking. So the movie - my first love. And the second - to earn money. I learned from the outset: if there is no money, they must be earned. Cars, Georgia - meaning cars, wood saw - then saw. In the third year at college, we settled down with the guys at the factory. Packing products. Gang named Pavlik Morozov. Worked hard like hell. The last three days of each month, all slept in the shop. But any money received! 200 rubles! Imagine seventy-seventh year in a restaurant with a girl to go - on the strength of dvadtsatnik. After leaving the Institute, I was already a grown man. I knew why and how to make. I did not know only one thing - what to do, physics and electronics are not inspired. Decided - television.

- What gives?
- And like. I'm a fourth year with friends wrote scripts for the youth programs Tomsk studio. Dar such I revealed. And the funniest thing that I have. And once the staff. A year shook the north, the romance of oil shot - well, blizzard, labor enthusiasm. And one fine day suddenly realized - all obrydlo. He left the studio, under a monument to plate laid. But hands sverbilo: "... and his fingers stretch to pen, pen to paper". In short, got a job in the police newspaper. Raids, ambushes, special operations. Cops love me, because I climbed with them in all the holes and wrote about them the truth, a couple of years worked and went on increasing, freelancers in the youth "Editor's Notes". So where was the atmosphere!

- In terms of creativity?
- Prospirtovannaya. They drank it mercilessly. Of course, I'm not an ascetic, like dry wine, vodka, and I for the appetite, but the Komsomol drank differently: to the working day, during and after. And I somehow fell out of a total brazhki. Had to part with the Komsomol. By the time I was already a family man, his wife, as I come from Kazakhstan, here and waved it in the endless steppes. I was in Kaztorgreklame. And there was already trying to do something similar to the current Clips. It was where the carousing. While the staff - tiny. But this is the best: his own scriptwriter, the director. Funny clips did, now I remember - like.

- For example ...
- Such a dirty, dirty dog. The rain is dripping, and she wanders barely, all in snot, miserable, unhappy. And the inscription: "And you have such a life, if you do not insure". Or here's another plot structure: a beautiful girl, well, spilled Anna Karenina, is coming to the rails, puts his head on them - and the trains no. Looks at the clock - no train. See schedule - no trains. And over it is flying luxury liner. And the inscription: "Fly Aeroflot. It is always reliable and on time. "

- And, in spite of this, you will, of course, too soon gone?
- Exactly. Row with management, and went to the party newspaper, the newsroom. There, the chief editor was the most famous Garifulin that now in Soviet Russia, "wrote about socialism. And that, in life there are all sorts of trouble. But then it showed the character. She said: you and so eight and a half Jewish works, where you take one more, a. And she now has. And did not regret later. I dashed off for three years, 250 articles. Prolific was uncanny.

- Only then, of course, gone?
- And what. And then earned his first dollar.

- Well, finally! ..
- Yes, you do not laugh. I saw a newspaper article about Russian, who lived on Sakhalin Island when the Japanese still. Little this article. I found them, these Russian, and took them on film. Imagine: sitting so healthy Russian woman, old, of course, but healthy. And Japanese sings. I asked her: how do you live with the Japanese? Very well lived, says. Three of their cows was an apple orchard, batyanya worked for carting and even store your holding. Then, thank God, we came. Batyu, of course, killed. But, thank God, we came. Land was confiscated, and cows, too. And each time she repeated: "Well, thank God, we came. Her husband was silent, silent, and then got excited: "Yes, there are your Japanese!" Here I lived under the Germans - I am 14 years old was. Where we are told - do not know, but we always eat, and gave, and in general ... Remarkably it was.

I showed this tape to the Germans. They both saw the guy, look no further and become - once bought. And then it issued a decree on cooperation.

- Savings, but those dollars, of course, is not it?
- In general, zero.

- But do not starve?
- No, normal. First, the parents of his wife kept the cattle and brought lamb from the farm where the father-in-a veterinarian. And secondly, I also wrote all the time. At night, when the family went to bed. On the roof ran pigeons gadili anywhere, but the apartment - huge cockroaches. Our daughter, Katya, was afraid of them and had difficulty falling asleep. She is now studying in England.
. Three hundredth golden-beige Mercedes rolled up to the hangar under its own power, painty black "Volga" - on the platform.

. - We'll burn - leering grin, Boris Giller went to the fireworks, which have already dragged out of the hangar huge pile of oakum.
. - Gena, tow to spare
. To blazed, as the sheaves!

Well "Volga". But Mercedes was sincerely sorry. Not for such a vile fate collected his tidy German hands, so he burned near Yaroslavl in the gang.

- All very careful. Machine no longer and never will!
- That's what low-budget movie. Americans have about twenty to blazed, . - The whole bloody, . wounded in the leg, . conscious, . to live his remaining fifty frames, . and still ready to give his last and decisive battle, . Nikolai Fomenko neatly arranging the window, . from which the great cops prepared to slaughter car.,

. - Double the first frame 556.
. - Camera! Action!
. Of the cars jumped bandits in evening dress and, firing on the run from the machines, rushed to the hangar
. But Kolya was a fellow. He ran for the fuel tank, and the first "Volga", and then the "Mercedes" fire drowned in a tsunami. Pyrotechnics have tried, and the flames soared to the skies. Bold smoke poured from the broken windows, and six cells, yelping, non-stop filming and they writhed in the flames of cars, and the smoke, smoked sun, and the lifeless body, run into bullets Colina. I've been thinking that Giller rewrote the script and the heroic cop to live, both because of the angle of two-storey house. racking wheezing and rattling caterpillar, crawled a huge, almost from the house, a bulldozer with a horrible knife at the ready. At one moment he stepped on the burning "Volga" and on the move hit a massive hangar doors. Due to which all the shot and fired on iron edifice doomed Nikolai Fomenko. Then I stood on the ashes, the mutilated remains of Mercy, and, like the director pictures, so bitterly lamented: "Two thousand dollars ..."

. - What a trifle, - laughed, coming up Giller .- Have you ever seen how the light is a million dollars?
. - Actually, I have not seen nonconducting.
. - And I saw
. His own. And this is - horror.
- So, out the law on co. And if writing it for me. Reading his last lines, I knew that I would do business. Three days thinking: what should be their native country? And it dawned: it is always - stationery letterhead. I went to the supply department a solid firm and ask: Forms must be printed? Must. How? 3 million. I almost fell. For each form to pay 3 kopecks. And we made it for two. I earned 3 million cents. And so it began. I filled orders. How mad I hovered in the office, received orders, printed forms and capitalizes. Yes there is a script for the feature film received exorbitant money. I'm telling you: movies - my love to the grave. And as in life, I hate amateurs, entered the scenario to the fighting.

By the way, that my script is ridiculous appeared. I'm ready to Moscow for examinations. And there was my birthday. Came some girls, and with them the familiar guy Valka, Well, of course, drank, word for word, and, of course, we had a fight. On examination the nose and eye Fingal. Nothing I did not take off, and sat down to write. Week worked. On the day of 20 pages. A bastard Valya came to me and brazenly demanded: "Pancakes, you're so money, then let. I also co-writer ". By this scenario made a film "The Criminal Quartet", and I became the first author in the Soviet cinema, who received 2,5% of the rolling fee - 120 rubles. Imagine the eighty-eighth and 120 thousand rubles.

All the money I put in the paper. He ran around in faded jeans, but no shit themselves not spent. At some stock, civil defense found a battered, torn, three hundred rubles per ton of paper and bought the whole. Waste paper is worth more. And it was wonderful ... But here I am again bored. And I realized: it is necessary to publish books. You remember what was on them hunger. Found a writer - a connoisseur of traditional medicine, officially bought it all right (I fear the laws) and printed on paper that very little popular pamphlet million copies of two rubles per share. And the cost of - well, 20 cents. The book was snapped up by crying that has little, but the train has left. For six months we have published 19 titles with a circulation of 7 million - from textbooks to detectives. And then I said to myself: all, stop. Such clever bulk. We must change the profile.

- Realized out how to come off in time?
- And who does not realize, I do not know where they are now. But in fact taught me to think abroad. In the late 80's us, the foremost of the cooperative movement, began to export abroad, to be recruited there some good sense. And then I remember sitting in a lecture in Sweden, I listen to a professor capitalist Sciences. And he said: if you decide to sell the bearings, it is necessary to choose such that 20 years have worked. Colleagues this nonsense in a notebook record, and I think to myself: what the hell to me bearing in Kazakhstan for 20 years. I would be from Malaysia, so that year revolved. Who we have for 20 years, looks ahead. Earn Cash - and jumped. Very abroad helped me to think.

In short, the money - a lot, and I need them somewhere to invest again. He recalled that recently a good journalist, and each time, cursing with another chief, and dreamed of his own newspaper. In Alma-Ata at the time published four officialdom and even central. And my "Caravan", that wandered in Kazakhstan, has just hit. Chief editor explained: no cynicism, no violence, fascism, racism, anti-Semitism. And no policy. Very simple: make a newspaper and did not bear malice. Started with 50 thousand, a couple of years has reached a circulation of three hundred. In one ad a year to earn up to $ 8 million ...

- Here I am listening to you, Boris Abramovich, and diva dayus - painfully easy all you get ...
- Oh, so easy that a 94-m, I was forced to transfer the family in Prague. Because in the Alma-Ata, my children started to walk to the protection. Someone thought I was unthinkable a rich man. And then, on me you can earn. For example, abducting children. I - an ordinary Jewish father, an ordinary Jewish man, and for my family - it's. My world, my universe, my God. And so it happened: Saturday-Sunday - in Prague, weekdays - in Alma-Ata. And would not, and had to get into politics. In general, the newspaper for me has always been the only commercial enterprise. And it lights up the political influence. But so it happened that from the very beginning we were in opposition to the authorities, and not because I am a dissident, but because people in opposition of any kind of power. And the people - our main keeper. Be read - will draw, will draw - will ads. Will be advertising - will be money. All just as in a bakery. And so "Caravan", wrote that the mayor of Alma-Ata - idiot, so he was. For this, we cut off electricity to the printing house, which I built for Karavan. But we bought two military diesel and steel themselves to drive current. And then we set fire to the warehouse.

- The same million dollars?
- The same. I feel, that paper will begin to rise in price, and bought in store thousands of tons of thousands of dollars. Exactly a million, And the night is calling my deputy: "Boris, we are burning!" When I raced, a warehouse was underway full swing. I watched as the fire devours the paper, and just physically felt that grief with her. Several years of my life turned to ashes. And the heat was such that the tears evaporated, not reaching the eye. I deputy, said: "Bor, though you Go ahead and cry a little, and then people think - he set fire". And I could not cry. Local firefighters said: error welders. I invited the colonel from Moscow, he spent the examination and said: "Guys, caught fire immediately on all four sides. It does not happen by chance ". Of course, this does not happen by accident. I just sent the fiery power of the label. Well, the fire came to the U.S. Ambassador. Expressed solidarity and promised moral support. And from me seemed to be lagging behind. Only gently hinted: write what you like, but do not even think to touch Seven. In the sense of "meshpuhu" Nazarbayev. And what the hell to me, his family, if I have, first, his own, and secondly, cases and so spate. I have the same parallel with the "Caravan" TV channel set. We made it from scratch. Constructed the building, bought the German classroom equipment, and collected a lot of talented guys. Candy made. But no time to lick. Because the family wanted to eat it.

- How's that?
- A very simple. By the time all that could bring good money, to carry the family to my menu. And they came to me and said: "Boris Abramovich, you do not want the tax office arranged for you to check-out?" I do not want. Moreover, the head of tax service Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan was the son. "Here and sell their" Caravan "and its channel. Great people ask ". And what would you sdelaliN course, balked and could lose everything. It does not stand on ceremony. And you can spit, and say that, in the end, it's just business. And no more. And life does not end there.

- Just "Caravan" was replaced by route?
- Exactly. Moved from Kazakhstan to Russia.
. For eight hours in the smoke and fumes, . under the deafening explosions and bursts of automatic fire crew works the picture "Check", . when finally through these explosions and the queue under the arches hangar ascended jubilant cry: "Lunch!" In a moment of personal jeep near Hiller, . who brought from the nearest restaurant food, . formed a queue,
. Along with plastic culverts to all the suffering issue and spiritual food - fresh issue of "Yaroslavsky caravan" publishing house "Province". Paper was wildly successful. And not because the president "Province", as appear on the output data was Boris Abramovich Giller, but because the deck chairs on the set was intended only to operators.

. - You see - grunted contentedly in his mustache director - does not work for nothing - and, as a simple make-up artist, spread a newspaper on the grass.
. - Boris Abramovich, why you all etoN Here, you are kicked from Kazakhstan, but gave way to a lot of money
. Well, so would buy a house somewhere in Los Angeles. Would live for your pleasure. Be carried away with something. For example, Buddhism.

- Each program has its own Abram. There are people who like to make, for example, speculation. And give them to God. There are people who buy ready. And they let God will. I like to give birth. And catching a huge kicks, when out of nothing, out of emptiness, of the thought flashed there is something tangible and material in all senses. Five years ago went from Kazakhstan in Yaroslavl, my fellow "Caravan". In an unfamiliar city, in an unknown life. And why, actually, nevedomuyuN We conducted a study and found that the new weekly, independent, apolitical and a bit yellow, and in Yaroslavl not interfere. Thus was born the publishing house "Province". Today we are releasing sixteen regional newspapers with a circulation a million copies. This is in Russia. And in Israel and Germany. And before the end of the year will open ten. Earn Cash - and remove the film. Earn Cash - will launch a new newspaper. And in general, want the latest news: I went to Murdoch. Oh he is very interested in Russia's "Province".

Piercing trill of mobile tore Hiller from the conversation and steak. For three minutes he listened attentively to the distant, as I understand, talking, and his face slowly swam in a contented smile.

- Very good. A month to lie down and sign all - Giller said and turned to me .- It is time you go in the new Russian restaurant in Las Vegas. We will be open.

And with these words, a restaurateur and publisher, the owner of the wine cellars and clinics in an old Czech castle zasemenil to the set. Berezovsky Hiller waiting camera.

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Giller, Boris Abramovich, photo, biography
Giller, Boris Abramovich, photo, biography Giller, Boris Abramovich  Businessman, photo, biography
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