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Handler, Ruth (Ruth Handler)

( The founder of the company to produce Barbie dolls ``)

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Biography Handler, Ruth (Ruth Handler)
photo Handler, Ruth (Ruth Handler)
This woman gave birth to two children and ... doll. The children brought her joy, but a doll - money. Today the "mum" Barbie - one of the richest and most famous women in the U.S.. Her company takes first place in the world in terms of turnover of capital, hammered together on toys.

At school, when the U.S. were shaken by the crisis. Ruth decided that in life you can rely on themselves. She said the Pope, that enter college. Parents were shocked. They are conservative and believed that she should devote themselves to family and children. Career - is for men. Ruth is believed that one does not interfere. She went to college and then married Elliot Handler, which met with the school.

This alliance proved to be fruitful. Not only in terms of procreation (the handlers had a daughter, Barbara, and son, Kenneth). Ruth Handler became the "mother" the most famous dolls in the history of mankind - Barbie. And also one of the richest women in the United States.

It all started with the fact that in the mid-forties couple handlers opened the company in manufacturing of wooden frames for paintings. Elliott produced samples, and Ruth was responsible for their advertising and sale.

Once Elliot thought: why throw the remnants of wood, if they can earn? Ruth invited from waste products to make toy furniture. She so loved to watch as Barbara plays with her dolls and builds them out of matchboxes and cubes beds and tables. Said - done. Dwarf lockers and beds have been more hot commodity than the frame.

Money, however, was not. Then Handler decided to join his family business with an old friend Harold Matson. To at least some of his interest, they offered to name the new company Mattel. Name consisted of two abbreviated name: MATT (Mattson) and EL (Elliot). Then, in 1944, the name of Ruth remained in the shadows. And although her name at the time did not include the name of the company in the future, it is famous throughout the world.

In 1956, Ruth Handler went to rest in Switzerland. There she first saw the unusual doll, which everyone called Lilly: peroxide blonde with the bluntness and no less candid wardrobe. Released in 1955 on the grounds of the popular comic strip of the West of the newspaper Bild, Lilly sold in bars and gin mill, and bought it mainly concerned landowners for their overage girlfriends.
. It was then that Ruth pondered over the fact that children probably tired of playing "Mothers and Daughters" with his Pups
. It is time for them to make a doll that could become a model for them, embodied the dream of this adult life. Ruth had enough money not only to have to buy Lilly. Along with the doll she had dragged along the ocean and the copyright for it.

Ruth knew exactly that he wants from his creation. She loaded the work of the best technicians, artists and engineers Matte.

In Hollywood, then roared name sex bomb Jayne Mansfield, successfully competing with Marilyn Monroe. She was married to Superman, Mr. Universe Mickey Hargiteya, the actress turned her husband bought a mansion in a zephyr-sweet nest. Everything in her house had been preconditioned in pink and bright-red colors, decorated with cupids and hearts. Women of America go crazy with this tacky, trying to imitate the actress. So Barbie was originally her replica - big bosomed, blonde, upturned eyebrow-strings, bright red full lips. Once clicked, will soon house the palace for the newborn princess reproduced frilly hearts home paradise Jayne Mansfield.
. The first clothes for Barbie were commissioned by famous designers Givenchy and Dior.
. In 1958, Ms. Handler officially patented his invention
. Doll was named in honor of the inventor's daughter - Barbara. Thus was born the Barbie.

Ruth invited 100 mothers and 100 girls of different ages, so that they looked at the novelty and expressed their views. Almost all mothers were against: "Barbie seems too naturalistic, so play with this doll is harmful to the psyche of children". At the same time all the girls in one voice declared that they want a Barbie doll. Ruth decided to listen to children.
. And in 1959, during New York's annual Toy Fair, Mattel company first showed the world his new creation - the long-legged doll with well-developed forms, makeup, bright nail varnish on and pearl earrings
. On Beauty was elegant swimsuit (!) In the strip, laid stress on his chest, and open sandals, high heels. New toy offered in two versions: a blonde and a brunette.

Wholesale buyers have turned away from the news. They were firmly convinced: American parents never buy her a baby doll.

After suffering defeat at the fair, Ruth decided to unleash a toy with TV. And advertising acted: States swept barbimaniya. The first portion of busty girls (351 piece), valued at three dollars and sold immediately, and the family handlers earned five million dollars.

During the first ten years, thanks to Barbie in the pockets of the couple settled five hundred million dollars. In 1993, Barbie has brought to the family of a billion dollars in 1994 - already two billion. Now the doll, which forty years ago did not buy any wholesaler, sold in 150 countries around the world by 25-70 dollars apiece. Experts estimate that the doll is a list of twenty most popular goods in the world.

Now four beautiful sisters, brother and two cousins, more than twenty friends and girlfriends and the same animals. The larger family - the more money. After all, for each new model offers a new set of wardrobe and a new car, a change is desirable furniture in the house and much more (it all depends on what American women living in the moment). For example, when Jane Fonda came up with aerobics and enthusiasm spread throughout the country, Mattel released a cassette with the appropriate exercises for Barbie.

The first friend of Barbie's became a well-built guy with muscular. Ruth was invented by Ken, most likely, at the command of maternal instinct: she wanted to perpetuate and even the name of his son Kenneth.

With the advent of Ken relates an amusing incident. Creative Director Mattel asked the question: "Does it differ from the waist down BarbiN" Everyone knew that the conservative mother did not approve of, even devoid of nipples breast Barbie. You can imagine what will happen scandal if their daughter will play with a man who has let and centimeters, but all the same dignity! After much debate it was decided to put Ken permanent shorts with natural bulges. But as a result of a lining in a factory producing Ken was born castrated. However, as it turned out, the girls still. For them it is more important, in any convertible Ken will drop my girl-frend Barbie.

By the way, happy children, Ruth Handler, Kenneth and Barbara, prefer the most expensive car brand

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    Handler, Ruth (Ruth Handler), photo, biography
    Handler, Ruth (Ruth Handler), photo, biography Handler, Ruth (Ruth Handler)  The founder of the company to produce Barbie dolls ``, photo, biography
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