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Anatoly Karachinsky

( President of Russia's largest computer company IBS - Information Business Systems)

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Biography Anatoly Karachinsky
It's all nonsense and lies, if absolutely all of the current successful business people started saying that something sold. Far. There were also those that create a product, and production is based from the ground. As a result, production of the product formed companies, many of whom are now leaders in the domestic market.
. His career in business, says the president of Russia's largest computer company IBS - Information Business Systems, Anatoly Karachinsky.
. Group IBS - Information Business Systems - Russia's largest computer company
. Founded in 1992. The group consists of three major companies: IBS, Dealine and DeUrSistems - and eight lesser-known companies.
. Scope - all segments of the market of information technology.
. According to experts, the share of Russia's information market is 15-17%.
. - Anatoly thing to a young man to make kareruN

. - The worst thing is that in our country nobody tries to honestly earn, build something, maybe even years
. To then this business could make a source of wealth for many generations of their heirs. In families where children are given a good education, from childhood instilled the concept of good and bad. The problem of our business is just that there is simply no such concepts. In contrast, by the way, from the West. With the restructuring we have lost the most important thing - the ideology. Until 1991, the boys went to BAM to build on virgin land, and proud of it.

- But this is a false ideology.

- And it is not important. The main thing is that this is a global public notion of what is good and what is bad.

- But still it is a fraud.

- Let. But at each stage should be clearly set priorities in life. If you look at the ideology in America, you will see that there's a clear priorities: it is known that if you study hard, you get a good job and you'll earn a lot. And if vydvinesh general idea sozdash company, you'll be a billionaire. How, for example, Bill Gates and dozens of other people. Kids these rave. Although about it all too can say "not true."

Career same, I will note suggests an ideology. This kind of understanding, how can something honestly achieved, albeit not quickly.

. - And where to begin vyN And how you came to the conclusion that to achieve all have to be honest, though not bystroN

. - When we started to do, and I thought these were
. This understanding has come much later. I, you know, this grandfather of Russia's business. Started in 1986. Then, except for the restructuring itself, no nothing. Even the law on cooperatives and joint venture came in 1997. The country has really changed in 1993. It was then that appeared a kind of market, and generally people began to think that there is some kind of future that we can build a business, such as his plan for years.

. - How can you plan when nothing is known about zavtraN When everything is changing literally sekunduN

. - It is always and everywhere is changing
. It's all very interesting problem - planning. If you take the West serious projects, then they usually are strategic plans for years, decades. I, for example, in one Japanese company - in which I will not say - have seen plans for the 200 and 600 years. Of course, to some extent, this exercise, that is forcing management to think seriously, and it is very important. The main thing - to understand what you are going.
- For how many years ahead to planirovatN
- Minimum of five years. However, when we started, I have, honestly, and thoughts about the future was not. Everything happened quite pragmatic.
- And what would - money or delaN
- At different times different. Always wanted to live better. And interesting.
- And how old were you in 1986 goduN
- I am born in 1959 - that is 27 years. I ordinary Soviet biography. He graduated from the school, the Moscow Institute of Transportation Engineers. The distribution was departmental - in the Ministry of Railways. I worked on the profession - engaged in all sorts of software development. Work was fantastically interesting. It was one of the enormous advantages under Soviet rule: almost all SRI themselves invented, what would they do. That's one of those NII and I worked - in the absolutely free flight. Until 1986.

- And what happened in 1986 goduN

- I arrived, my classmate, a Pole by nationality, who left in 1981 to Poland and then in Austria. And he told them that the Austrian firm, where he works, has decided to open a branch in Russia computer. And I'm there first employee.

- You just soglasilisN

- I have long suffered because I do not know what I do there. And in general was terrible. Even my mother told me: how do you go to a foreign kompaniyuN And what pensiyaN He's just offered me a contract to sign, and all - restructuring.

- And you soglasilisN

- I lure a very simple thing. They said: we'll put a personal computer at home.

- And you afford to buy a computer is not mogliN

- You are very bad imagine that such a computer in 1986. I received 220 rubles to NII, and me in general, is acceptable. Money never to me did not solve. But the computer! Then anything can be bought. Especially computer. I remember how we two years later, when we already had a company, one computer were exchanged for two Zhiguli. Computer for me was a huge incentive. I'm to the point, even a book written about personal computers (this was the second book in the Union), that is, I write it is theoretically. With my co-author, quite a remarkable man, a Doctor of Science Zakharov Sergey Mikhailovich. He and I were friends, skiing. He studied mathematics in the test the strength of metal structures. And he was a consultant with the International Labor Organization. And in 1984 he brought with him from Geneva, a personal computer - they were then in Moscow was about five, probably. What has caused utter amazement of the Swiss community of Russian-Soviet. Which had a strict set of: TV you had to buy a video recorder, double cassette recorder, then the machine. And he suddenly buys a personal computer for three thousand dollars. For this money could be a Mercedes Used Buy. I had that computer sat night. So the computer I had a dream obsession. This is me and the Austrians bought.

- They traded kompyuteramiN

- Yes. I was terribly interesting. I'm in another world, where there is no nonsense, where you have a problem, which is measured by numbers, not what you said and when I looked. In addition, you can fly around the world, if you need. And in general - lunches, dinners, receptions.

- A post what bylaN
- There have been no posts. It was a small company, which employed five people. The company was called "Prosistem", and the owner's name was Hans Hoffer. This was a new generation of small western companies in Russia, which in the beginning of movement in the country to the market took off all the top cream. They were mobile, and solutions they adopted with lightning speed, because in general they all decided one man - the owner. He reacted instantly. Fro, if needed, he. He was ready to take any deputy abroad, something there to show himself quickly to conclude a contract.
- A lot of money platiliN

- 400 rubles. So the main advantage of a computer and the work itself. I got absolutely fantastic pleasure from the fact that there are no stupid heads. All were focused only on one thing - contract. The contracts were quite complex: there were no customers. It was 3.5 special trade organizations, who have bought all the others.

But exactly one year later I was very sad. I have tried everything: we have built a business from scratch size of $ 10 million. - This is big money even by today's. But I was bored.

- PochemuN

- It was a school classroom, how to do and how to do here. And the last for me was even more important. Business has been very effective, but it can not be developed to determine. As the business operated by one person, not a team has no opportunities for development.

Also just started the cooperative movement. And all my friends who were engaged in development, began shouting: "Let us together and make cooperative. We sell our development and become rich people! "

After one looked at anyone of today's "oligarchs", something they began to trade in computers. Because it was the easiest. And most importantly, that it is all needed.

So, I went to Hans Hoffer, and said that I'm bored. And he proposed a joint venture. "You keep on with us to manage what led, plus still working in the joint venture, to do what you're wondering," - he said. And indeed, organized a joint venture with the most important organization - the State Committee on Informatics and Computer Science. At the level of the Council of Ministers. SP has been called "Intermikro.

The organization had two. The lower part, where developers have been good, and the upper one, which gathered a lot of functionaries of the state committee, etc.. The latter is not worried about it, and the trip to Austria. And they all had the feeling that all this will end tomorrow. Officials who have seen a thaw in the Khrushchev and Brezhnev's time, imagine that all this a long time, even had not occurred.

- A vyN

- And we do not think about. We wanted to create something. I'm trying to remember now, did I do about my future. And I think not.

- And you all the time worked in two kontorahN

- But about the end of 1988-the first I realized that so can no longer. The entire management, who scored from the officials, it is doing nothing. I went to the JV. "Intermikro" remarkably developed until 1991 and has become the biggest computer-SP. In front of me all the time there were some problems that need to be solved. And on the issues of ownership, I thought. I was not the first person, but really directed and generally did everything I wanted. We had a CEO who does not intervene in the very technical questions, but I'm generally not interested in administrative matters. And so it evolved to fine as long as no real market began to appear.

- And when he became poyavlyatsyaN

- I remember in 1991 I saw the first company that I was greatly shocked. They are terribly quickly developed a serious build their business. For me, "Intermikro" was sort of a child, well, that I was very proud of. We have been very popular in the Soviet Union, we had ten or fifteen branches in all the republics.

But we "Intermikro" built according to the stereotype of normal Sov organization. Without a rigid internal structure, but with its own infrastructure. In general, such Sov subsistence farming, in which all its own: garages, rest homes, clinics, etc.. And the more that its economy, so it is considered better and more prestigious.

And it was not, because I wanted someone. But because that was the stereotype. It was a sign of good organization. What gets me most is striking: we have the brains in general, it was not bad, but nevertheless we have built exactly the same structure.
- And when you realize that you need something drugoeN

- In 1991. I suddenly realized that if "Intermikro" not now begin to rebuild, it will die. I do not know how to do. But he knew how not to do. I thought that "Intermikro" should be slightly changed. And it was then that I realized what the founders.

Until then, we were like themselves. And no, in general, communication between us was. I wanted to change the management structure, the structure of earning profits. But once confronted with the fact that the founders did not want to change. Why imN money they are going to Austria, they regularly travel - what escheN

- And how did you decide this problemuN

- There is a remarkable woman - Esther Dyson. This is a very influential and popular man in the computer industry of America. And, incidentally, loves Russia. She offered me the following: "to Intermikro" from the old shareholders bought out an investor who understands how to build such companies. A few days later called and said that the company is interested in Ross Perot - the man who is a candidate for presidency in America. It is just before that of General Motors sold his computer company called EDS, over two billion dollars. And in terms of the contract he should not have anything similar to do in America for two years. She said: "arrive, they are ready."

Actually, I had a very vague idea of what the purchase, investment etc.. I have a process like this represented: come, tell me they check discharged - and all.

. I flew to him, talked with morgue Mayersenom and with Ross Perot about the "Intermikro" and about how everything should be built, how to market to go, where to go
. They both listened to me carefully. Then he said: "You know, we're not going to buy" Intermikro "- is completely pointless. This two years of legal battles. You're going to do it. For two years you will forget what was happening in the market. And in general, in your company is nothing special. You have to start everything from scratch.

I am in anger and said something like "your time spent on you". And six months later realized that they were right. Reorganize in general, nothing. What we postroiliN Garages, office. Mansion for $ 200 thousand. I finally decided for themselves that the ground, and that - nonsense.

- And you ushliN

- Came to the founders and said that leaving. All this is easily passed, with me it took twelve.

In 1992 came the idea of creating IBS. I have tried everything from the beginning to build correctly. Although every year I find more and more mistakes and try to fix them. Most important thing - it start. He is always and for all the most difficult: either survive or not survive.

At the start there are two problems. The first - the idea. What are you going delatN If you do not understand, then it is better not to start. Second - money.

- And where they took the money vyN

- Option was only one. Find a customer who would pay for the first great work. After a lot of money not immediately required. It must be a channel through which you sell something, or some big project in which you work. We were lucky, and so, and with other. Has its first customer - Savings. People trust in us, and I am grateful to them. We made it on-line system in 2 - 3 times cheaper than other proposed. And which, incidentally, still works better than anything else in the Savings Bank. We paid one million seven hundred thousand dollars
- And after the first customer that byloN

- We worked on this project for two years. At the same time built a trading business. Signed a trade agreement with Dell and is their representative in Russia.

In Russia, one still could not at that time to start with the project business. Trading was more effective. People were not ready to pay for the ideas, but only for what can be taken in accounting for the balance.

We started in 1992. And in 1993, tried to write the model: what will happen to kompanieyN In 1994, the first version, where we go. And in 1997, wrote the basic version: "The plan before 2001.

- As far as he was realenN

- All that we have been written, there is one in one. Although the plan then looked almost like a science fiction novel. When I gave some people a piece to read, they looked at me like I'm half-crazy. But I was already a high prestige, purely charismatic: if he said something stupid, forgive him that, because everything else he's doing fine. Fancy to him about what will happen in five years, and let him dream.

- What do you want for ourselves and for kompaniiN

- In general, we construct a company haytekovskuyu Western-style. Sooner or later, all employees will become owners. We are trying to make the company, which has shares and these shares are sold on the market.
How Microsoft ustroenN A staff member for the American palate, the salary is small, but they have an opportunity each year to receive stock options - shares. Maybe it's a tenth of the salary, but the value of shares for the year grow twice. And people are very clearly understand what they are working. If people see the future of the company, then they realize that they can become rich
- And for sebyaN
- And personally I do not really know what I want. I think that if I retired today, after two years, probably would be bored.
I want to explain to people what I understand. I also want - and this is fundamental - that people are not left. I am deeply convinced that people here can achieve anything. I saw a huge number of people who leave. And almost none of them was successful. If we compare the percentage of those who left and who stayed, there is the percentage of successful people is much higher. There is immeasurably more difficult. I have one American asked why we can not be there. He replied that everything is very simple: "They are not sitting with us in one pot in kindergarten". And for this reason that foreigners coming here is almost impossible to become successful.
And I also want - and for himself and for us - to create a structure in which to make great career

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Anatoly Karachinsky, photo, biography
Anatoly Karachinsky, photo, biography Anatoly Karachinsky  President of Russia's largest computer company IBS - Information Business Systems, photo, biography
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