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Jewelry jeweler Andrey Ananova is in the collections of the family of Boris Yeltsin, Russian Orthodox Patriarch Alexy II, Queen Elizabeth, the Spanish Queen Sofia, Prince of Monaco Rainier III, Montserrat Caballe, Placido Domingo, Stevie Wonder ... Ananov, the first of its specialty film director, beautifully orchestrated show called "global success".

- What for you means success?
- Think about why I live, I started thirty years. The answer was simple: for a. To love life. Generally, a person is not created in order to plow, like a nigger, and to be happy - like a bird to fly. Another question: how to make your life udovolstviemN This requires two conditions: your job in itself should bring joy and yet it should give you enough wealth so that you can enjoy in your spare time.

. All my life I lived for love
. Enjoyed working in the theater. But there is not much money to. He received a pittance, as all actors and directors. When first touched the silver hands, I was 30 years old. Became a penny to make the existence of a more worthy, and quickly improve their financial status. But do not depart from the principle that the work is fun and the money for other pleasures. Although there is a law: when you start to do something, never think how rich become. Must focus on the case, look for interest in the work, and the money will come themselves.

. - Once you have a name in the jewelry business?
. - Recently, five years ago, and I spent on it twenty years of life.

. - How is booked yuvelirku?
. - My friend Yura, "the artist of the Imperial Theaters," as he liked to call themselves, are urgently needed drinking, but there was no money
. I was called as "urgent assistance" with half a liter in my pocket. After the second glass I noticed in the corner of the room in a communal covered with a strange kind of desktop with the tools and asked Yuri what it is. He was very embarrassed, and confessed that his father was a jeweler, taught him a thing or two and now it's moonlight this craft. Vodka over, and I offered to make Jure ring, sell it and get some money to buy more. We sat side by side, I first picked up a needle files and drank this piece of silver wire. Then I ran to the corner in the restaurant "Moscow" and soon returned with two bottles of vodka and a string of sausages. So I became ill with the disease. Took a few lessons from the Jura, and still put on plays, moving from theater to theater, took a heavy bag with tools. I came Clients. I was passed from hand to hand. Friends of parents who have preserved their ancestral ornaments were afraid to repair them in the shop and carried me. It was a very good school, the old things I have learned a lot.

- You are self-taught?
- Classical. I had teachers. And could not be. Jewelers at the time worked in the underground. The old masters died or gone abroad. Cyclists have to reinvent. Sam did the tools to recover forgotten giloshirovochnye machines. With hands, I always had everything in order. Even as a child himself did frame, ludil mending pots and irons. While studying at night school, worked in a factory as a fitter and turner, so that the skills of working with metal remained. But the main tools the jeweler - a hand, brains and taste. I went to museums, watching magazines and catalogs, collected art books. Much copied. There is nothing wrong. The Academy of Arts for ages the first taught to copy the masters, and only then - do its. Such great artists as renin, Surikov, Vereshchagin, hours pored over copies.

For a long time I did not try to have their say in jewelry and quite consciously studied. I tie the thread, torn seventeenth year. Sam mastered every jewelry operation, even granite stones to be free in his work. Soon I became interested in doing complex products than to earn easy money on simple things.

I lived and worked for a long time in a room in a communal. Then he moved to a one-room apartment. In fifteen room my wife and I stood in bed, cot, coffee table, where we dined, my desk, muffle oven and lathe.

- KGB agents not frequented by to visit you?
- It was, of course. I lived widely and openly put on his estate brand products. I told myself: why should I give up from his work, if I did not cheat, do not use hired labor? Just bought a wedding ring in a store, now it's my property, and the master of it that I want. If the world jewelers are respected, and in the Soviet Union put in jail, it's not my problem. I have a conscience all right. Of course, I knew the laws. Article 'Illegal fishing "extends to those for whom yuvelirka was the main source of income, and I worked in the theater. You could also make products from their own metal and sell them. On it was a Section 88-I, very hard: from 5 to 15 years. But if the client himself brought a piece of gold and stone and asked to make a ring, then the serious crime it was not. So I tried to work. But the unexpected guests, I was ready. Carefully lay out all his tools and materials in case of a sudden raid. And for the bandits jam loaded shotgun.

Yet once nearly caught. One customer paid me fifty carats of small diamonds. Realizing the danger, I still could not resist the temptation. For me, these diamonds were material, without which it is impossible to create a subtle and elegant unique thing. And this scumbag contracting me and handed. Only manual dexterity and talent of the director allowed me during the raid to distract the attention of the police and hide the stones. Eventually they moved into a plate of eaten borscht. I played a dangerous play, but the cost for it was my freedom.

- When you come out of hiding?
- At the beginning of perestroika. Already left the law on cooperatives, to maintain a monopoly of the State PA precious metals. I then ventured. Assembled his collection and went to the head of Gokhran Yevgeny Bychkov (as I got to the reception - another story). I laid out before Bychkov their things and said: "All this I did with his own hands. At the jewelry is stamped, "Ananov", but no samples. You can pick up the phone and call the police patrol, but if you are a professional and you've a fate of jewelry, you'll help me ". Bychkov long thought, as many colored, and replied: "You have me as a bug to the wall, pinned with a pin. If I told you refuse, it would appear that I bureaucrat ". He picked up the phone and called the Chief Assay inspection and asked to help. Bychkov has helped me to board. And before you open your co-op, I signed a contract with a company that had the right to work with gold. And under this guise worked.

- Not sorry that parted with the theater?
- It has become clear that in yuvelirke I can do more than in the theater. That energy, which was laid in me genetically in huge quantities, all the time, bursting through. A move this process a healthy vanity and ambition, that I do not think sin. It is normal for men. Remember, even Nikolai Ostrovsky said that life to be lived, so that was not painfully hurt for aimlessly lived years. And he was right. Need to know what you have done everything in your power. When I was young, I think I was familiar with the girls. Approached and said: "You liked me so that I can not tell you this is not to say. You can answer me anything. But I will leave with a sense of accomplishment ". If I never went up, then biting his elbows would be: What if this is the only? So in the work.

- And how do you win the West?
- In 1990 I exhibited their products in the representation of the Foreign Ministry in St. Petersburg. The exhibition was visited Madame Sobchak, and I gave her a pendant in the form of small Easter eggs. This pendant she wore soon in Paris to receive the Ambassador. This reception was attended by the current president of the firm "Faberge". In a conversation with Sobchak he threw that in Russia there are no more masters. In response, Madame Sobchak showed him the egg. He was immediately sent for examination to the firm of Cartier "and received a very flattering opinion. It must be said that the company "Faberge" no longer produced jewelry and perfume, and was engaged in was concerned about the loss of prestige. Soon, representatives of the "Faberge" arrived in St. Petersburg with a ready contract, . where it was written, . that "Faberge" has a name, . and Mr. Ananiev - the know-how in-class products "Faberge", . Ananova is why the company can put on their products stamp "Faberge",
. I politely said "thank you" and refused to. I have my own name, and I want my children and grandchildren have continued my business, and not cause Faberge. Employers did not expect such outcome of events. Baffled, they invited me to Paris where he presented a revised contract. Firm "Faberge" entrusted me with the double stigma of the name - "Faberge from Ananova". To this I have already agreed and signed a contract. One of the conditions of the contract was a noisy presentation at the Ritz "with a budget of 280 thousand dollars for one night. About me shot film, the major magazines have published long interviews. This started a chain reaction.

- Samples of the richest people of the world, I suppose, it was not easy.
- Often it was a well orchestrated adventure. For example, my acquaintance with the Prince of Monaco. I arrived in Monte Carlo. I was not so much money, but I prefer to stay in most luxurious hotel. In each guest room there was a bottle of champagne, and must welcome the Director-hotel. At this formal gesture, I decided to respond informally: I wrote him a few warm words on his business card and put it to her pendant-egg. Director immediately invited me to dinner. It remains only to add that he was a friend of the Prince of Monaco.

- Do you have stores overseas?
- A shop in Paris. It has existed for about two years: from 1992 to 1994. Closed it because of difficulties with customs and the French Chamber Assay. France did not recognize our sample, and the product had to be back to brand. This jewelry with enamel had to disassemble and then assemble again. Simple products I did not want to trade. And in our country there were many problems with the export. By this time appeared jewelry market in Russia. And I especially wanted to be in demand in their country. Very nice to show their work abroad and receive many compliments. But much more pleasant to receive them at home. Unfortunately, to gain popularity in our country, we must first die or emigrate.

- What's in the jewelry business can you best?
- I am strategist. It is difficult to balance on a wire between money and art. And must survive economically, and promotion of the name, and create a museum-quality things.

. - What to bid?
. - Around the world, even during any economic cataclysms will always be people who want to buy something made in a single copy
. The market for these things will always. Besides the creation of such things more rewarding, and the work more interesting and more worth it.

- You ran for the State Duma. Why the world-famous jeweler to the parliamentary mandate?
- I had an idea how to protect against political risk money invested in the development of our economy. Using his connections and popularity abroad, I talked with the major financiers of the world, as George Soros, Jacques Attali, Bill Gates. They supported my idea of creating one of the largest banks abroad insurance fund, composed of private capital, which would have insured investments in Russia. But in order to negotiate more substantively, I do not have state status.

- You authoritarian leader?
- Course. I am absolutely convinced that everything - from washing dishes to running a state - rests on the individual, the leader of. As soon as the leader of something happening, it breaks. Once a Faberge rebellious group of workers, and he sent them in the free floating ". And supplied tools, materials and orders. A year later, the rebels have gone bankrupt. They did not have a genuine leader.

Life has taught me: all the basic, most important thing in life to do and decide for himself. None of the most loyal aide will not be able to do what you want.

- You have two daughters. Who will continue your business?
- Hopefully, the eldest daughter, Annie. She is now ten and a half years. And I believe that now is the time: people are replaced, the other begins Theater. In the art of jewelry is something like. Come and go wizard, fashion changes, and everything depends on the person standing at the head of the firm.

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Andrew ANANIA, photo, biography
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