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( theater has built an enviable career and has shown the ability to entrepreneurship world-class.)

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Biography FUND Jane
Jane Fonda would be a magnificent woman of the Renaissance. She has built an enviable theatrical career and has shown the ability to entrepreneurship world-class.
. She was known as Lady Jane, Hanoi Jane, and Jane Citizen, all of these nicknames conjure up positive and negative emotions in virtually every
. Most men hate her for her political activism, and many women admire her because she is strong enough to defend their beliefs and never wavered, regardless of how far society has been whetted. Never mind, . What are your feelings for her, . but this woman, . With a flexible talent, . allowed it to transform the industry videos, . affect the scope of health, . set new standards for actresses, . managed to surpass itself and, . inspiring his sincerity, . to lead people to social activism.,
. Jane Fonda - the riddle, which uses creativity and rebellion to achieve their goals
. She has achieved much in various spheres of activity, yet its main virtue, manifested in many forms, was what most people dream. She was used in the inimitable style of the classic entrepreneur ignore tradition and expert opinions, always following the call of his heart only for the implementation of plans. Foundation has never allowed the so-called experts to influence their understanding of truth and often allowed unthinkable "lyapy" on the way to triumph. Even so, she remained a dynamic personality, willing and able to change in accordance with the requirements of the situation.
Fund's most paradoxical. Practically, it grew as the anonymous "poor relation" of the famous father, Henry Fonda. And yet she still managed to beat him in all areas and activities, for which only accepted, except maybe the scene. Fund is superb not because he possesses some supernatural abilities or beauty, there is. It attracted an uncontrollable desire to be the best, and she became the best, what could only be. After his first appearance on stage in twenty-one, she promised herself that "never in my life will not do anything else, but it will be the great theatrical actress of all who came out on stage". This oath was voiced immediately after her first role in "Once upon a time there was a little girl," which began its life in show business. Fund became the best or was close to this, in everything, for whatever was taken. It also created a public image of himself as one of the most complex and controversial personalities of our time. It was an extraordinary sex symbol in its twenty, . embittered revolutionary in thirty, . world-renowned guru set to bring Aerobics himself in the best state in the forty and extremely successful entrepreneur and owner of a chain's own centers aerobic training in the fifty,
. Fund to deal with all these cases, while not breaking with the activities of world-class actress and independent producer. She was the embodiment of energy and for more to transform life than any other social activist in history, except perhaps. Madonna. Paradoxes of funds - this interweaving of infinite roles and hobbies:
. Sexual symbol, Barbarella, who finished the support of the feminist movement.
. Miss Army recruitment in 1962, which founded the organization "fucking Army in 1971 and earned the nickname" Hanoi Jane ".
. Possessed drug addict, pot smokers and poppy swallowing pills, suffering from both anorexia and bulimia, which became a worldwide guru to teach people the art of improving the body and health promotion.
. A passionate critic of cosmetic surgery that did not prevent her to undergo surgery to enhance the eye and implantation of the breast.
. Embittered antikapitalistka, which was scorched to the bone kapitalistkoy, which owns the property more than $ 100 million.
. Supporters of the New Left and the socialist cause, permanently financed radical husband Tom Hayden, but then divorced him only in order to marry Ted Turner, a conservative.
. Even if nothing else, Jane Fonda would remain an independent woman
. She never kowtow to any group or organization. Her indomitable spirit and a strong leading everywhere deserve respect for women. Her persistence won her the title of "most exciting American woman" ( "Roper Poll", 1985), and it was close to the title of "most exciting" in the list of Gallup. In 1984, the Fund followed the assessment score immediately after Mother Teresa, Margaret Thatcher and Nancy Reagan. The universal admiration for her stems from its flexible nature and the courage with which she has repeatedly defied the society. Foundation has done what most women only dreamed of, and did it brilliantly, authoritativeness, which it constantly emits, making it a role model for most habitually accommodating housewives around the world. She never allowed any elite power to govern themselves, and this quality intrigued and excited those who are accustomed to treat all down.

. Paradoxically, the independent Fund was docile and obedient wife, all three of their husbands' power
. She found a mentor in the person of sexual Roger Vadim, ideological and political leader in Tom Hayden, and teacher authority in the person of Ted Turner. She was silent, all according to a housewife and mother in the first two husbands, though always earned more than anyone else in the family and was the main breadwinner, and even if it turns out the most popular and strong personality. In Tedeyev Turner Foundation has found a man suddenly independent, which billion-dollar fortune was obliged only to himself and for the first time for her to be more visible and strong personality, than she. This lovingly-business alliance is to bring them a lot of really interesting things.

Foundation co-starred in forty films, which brought her seven awards "Oscar". As it appears on the screen won Academy Awards as Best Actress in the films "Klyuta" (1971) and "Return Home" (1978). She herself was a producer of "return home" and four films, including the most noisily greeted by "The Golden Lake" (1981), which was attended by her father and her children's ideal of Katharine Hepburn. Fund has been obsessed with the desire to take a very high degree of. This rebel-innovator noted the fiftieth anniversary of the fact that December 21, 1987 was included in "top twenty" magazine "Billboard" with three video clips of exercises. It was hard to imagine that at such a place of honor in the prestigious list, you can meet a person's name, ц?ц?цёцґцЁц?ц?ц?ц? for his half-century milestone. Adore her audience won her unprecedented for a video with exercise profit of 500 million dollars.

. The very first record development funds, released April 25, 1982, occupied a high place in the hit parade with shestidesyatidollarovym prize and remained there for three years
. Until Funds no video tapes are not sold, they only took Rental. His first video of her with exercises that restore health and wellbeing, became a bestseller video across American history. Jim Meigs, editor of "Video Review", said: "Jane Fonda - the most important factor in the successful sale of business for the full video". When it released its "Book of developments in 1982, the entire edition, consisting of 1.8 million copies, was sold out, which was the biggest sale of non-fiction books of all times, except, of course, the Bible. All that did the Fund, it was exciting or excellent. She tried her and as an actress and as a producer and as a recording star, and as the author. Even her flirtations with political activism looked elegant and dramatic. Hanoi Jane as she was the most famous and memorable mouthpiece of protest against the Vietnam War. Regardless of what people think about her politics are different people, no one can ignore its sincerity and fearless conduct in the fight for their beliefs. Its success is recognized as industry leaders each time, no matter what sphere of activity is not dealt with, and she deserved triumph and recognition as a true creative genius who changed the world for the better
. Little "Lady Jane" Fund was born in a hospital "Doctor" in New York on December 21, 1937
. She was the first child actor Henry Fonda, who quickly became a first-magnitude stars on stage and in movies. He was the very perfection and has already had some writers 'and actors' ambitions before addressed him with an invitation to the theater. Jane was destined to inherit his commitment to excellence and acting skills. Her mother, Frances Seymour, was the second wife of Henry. Actress Margaret Sullivan, the first wife of funds, committed suicide. Frances was widowed society woman, lost for a time in seclusion. Hysteria and emotional outbursts made her a bad wife and mother, her eccentric behavior excited by her husband, prone to tyranny and flirting on the side. I had another daughter, Frances, Frances de Villars Brokaw (nicknamed Casserole), from her previous marriage to a drunkard financier George Brokaw. Mother Jane desperately wanted a son so that no one overshadowing the position of its first daughter in the family.

Jane was born in New York at the time when Henry played in the play on Broadway. Francis was so upset by the birth of her daughter instead of the expected son, that all her feelings for Jane literally has frozen. She immediately gave Jane nurse and denied her the slightest affection. Foundation later said: "I never liked the way she touches me, because I knew that in fact she does not love me". Blood intimacy never myself and did not show, and it will haunt them both for many years.

. Jane was a child of both coasts, and returned to Hollywood soon after his birth on the route by which it will travel repeatedly for years and years
. It was an ultra-tomboy, obsessed by the desire to win the love of his father. She said in an interview with "Ms.": "I was only one person had an effect, but strong and resolute, it was my father. He had the power. All around was filled with his presence, even when he was not there .... I became a son of my father, his tomboy. I was going to be brave, to win his love, be cruel and strong ". In the eighties she even dared to say: "I have always had a deep-seated psychological need to be a boy."

Fund was plump compared with its graceful mother, who kept finding fault with her weight. This relentless psychological pressure eventually led to a meeting of twenty Funds with severe anorexia and bulimia. Foundation recognized her mother's love-hungry children: "When I was a little girl, . I dreamed about anything, . but most of all my dreams were related to the basic need of any person: to be loved, . and felt completely shattered because of dissatisfaction that needs ",
. The only reason for her crazy thirst for affection was in the infinite absence Henry. Josh Logan, the godfather of Jane and best friend Henry, described it as unbearably cold, cruel father. Brooke Howard, childhood friend, Jane, recalled: "Henk appalled any, it has never been close. Logan added: "It seemed that Henry is always somewhere else, even when he was in another room. He did not know how to show love for his family and perhaps precisely this and did not want to do ". Jane once said: "I am in awe of my father. For quite a grown-up girl, I was ready to be up, anything to attract his attention ". Jane hated her mother so that she once said that he had always wished that her mother was Katherine Hepburn.

. Jane spent her early years in California, where she was surrounded by severe diligence on the part of the governess, which beat out her desire for embraces and kisses
. Governess said that affection could do Jane emotionally too dependent. This was identical to the conditions of upbringing Ted Turner, created by his father, who wanted to make his son feel the danger. Early sensory and emotional hunger, it seems, led to opposite results, since it formed in an emotionally dependent adult. Jane attended several boarding schools and private schools, from Brentwood Town, and day schools in California. Her mother became more and more insecure and neurotic. During the war, Francis was trying to get together with other men and be treated on the state of depression. Jane was looking for salvation in the horse classes, athletics and in the books. In her friend and neighbor Brooke Howard she found out her emotions and affection. Mother Brook was the first wife of Henry, and two families for many years supported the strange intimacy, while his mother Brooke not committed suicide. Brook recalled about this period: "All we like worshiped Jane. It seemed nothing could disturb her. She was smart, very confident and very tough. How hardened steel ". Jane's soul forever imprinted sense of loneliness and confusion. When Henry got the title role in "Mister Roberts" on Broadway in 1948, Jane was eleven. The family again went to Greenwich, Conn., where Jane was admitted to Greenwich College. Her best friend Brooke Howard, soon joined by her family.

In Connecticut, Jane's mother to again become reclusive. In fact, she never left the bedroom and become a household tyrant. Jane was completely left to itself, and in these circumstances has gained an extraordinary self-confidence. Her father is always absent, and his mother was mentally ill. Not feeling any emotional attachment to his mother, Jane grew up the full owner of his own fate, and such independent woman she came into a difficult adolescence. At this point, Henry Francis suggested a divorce so that he could marry dvadtsatiodnoletney Susan Blanchard, adopted daughter of Oscar Hammerstein, what spurred woes. Francis was so shocked that she came a nervous breakdown because of what she was sent to a psychiatric hospital "Austen Riggs". April 14, 1950, the mother of funds committed suicide, using a razor Henry, she cut his throat from ear to ear. At this time, Jane was twelve, and her brother Peter was only ten years. Children were told that the mother had a heart attack, and only later they learned the awful truth from friends.

. Henry married Susan Blanchard, nine months after the suicide of Francis, and Jane finally has found a role model, which aroused her delight, Susan was only ten years older and tenderly loved her
. Peter Fonda, mother's pet, was literally crushed to learn of her death. He tried to shoot himself, when his father and Susan spent their honeymoon, and during the entire four days was between life and death. Over the next few years of life, Jane was even more feverishly than before, torn travel, relocation and family scandals. She was admitted to the school board Emma Villar in a suburb of New York, where he became famous as an independent backsliding. One of her school friend recalled: "Jane was a born leader and never afraid to be in the center of attention". She constantly challenged the strict rule school. One of the rules of pension, for example, required that for lunch all the students wear shoes with high heels and pearls. By the next dinner Jane went, proudly walking in high heels and glittering pearls, in accordance with the above requirement for female students, however, more on it, nothing was. Multi-year habit of self-confidence has taught her to disobedience and rebellion, and she was not afraid to show it.

. Fund Vazzara went to college, where, after four years of secondary school "just for girls", she suddenly had really parted, revealing about him attentive and adult males
. Her friend Brooke is also entered Vazzar to be close to her, and some smoothing and softening, recalled: "Jane No one is considered a model student. She spent her entire first year without going to the classroom ". Fund and later she said: "I completely left the rolls". She lived in Vazzare entirely to itself. One of the pupils of the school in confidence said: "She was totally illegible to friends - for her it was no more complicated than a joke at the table". She missed curfews and disappeared for several days in a row. Her father married Countess Efdero Franchetti, when Jane Fonda was finishing the first year, his fourth marriage only intensified the emotional disorder in the soul of daughter. Jane agreed with his father that he will allow her to throw hateful Vazzar and go to Paris to study art at the Sorbonne. Fund well versed in psychology and, knowing his father, did everything that a great actor does not want to upset his daughter with a categorical refusal, possessed by love. Henry, of course, consented, and got her in art school in Paris. Later she confessed that led to Paris on the Left Bank, not a monastic life with wassail and debauchery: "I went to Paris to become a painter, but had lived there for more than six months, never opened my paint". Little Lady Jane firmly stood on the path to becoming a caller Jane early sixties
. Fund began her career in New York show business with the study of acting at the Lee Strasberg at the famous Actors Studio
. She btla Strasberg brought his daughter, an old friend Susan. Strasberg immediately seduced her with both emotional and intellectual virtues. This aging leader brought before the escalation of all her feelings. According to her, 'he crumbled in front of her with his compliments, and assured that he sees the inexhaustible abyss of abilities that need only to process, and it absolutely changed my whole life. Nobody ever told her that she was even in something talented ". She recalls that she was stunned by his attention: "I became a different person. My perpetual dream ended and I woke up with a love for everything that I did. It was so, . as if my life came a tower of strength "of the Fund entered the Eileen Ford modeling agency, . to earn money to pay for his acting classes, . and (signed contracts for placing their pictures on the cover of the July 1959,
. issue of the magazine "Vogue" and a few other magazines. It was one of the few occasions when she had to use the name of the Fund, to extricate himself. She was forced to stifle their innate ambition.

Studio actors had to change the lives of Funds. This was the method of active learning is a creative transition from the "internal himself in the role that it was necessary to play. And the Fund has been an abundance of unused energy of the subconscious for this. One of the directors was Andreas Voutsinas, which, according to Henry Fonda, had a "Nordic-Gallic" influence on young impressionable Jane. She moved to him and remained under its influence for several years, much to the chagrin of his father. Foundation played his debut on Broadway in the play "Once upon a time there was a little girl" (1959-60), and her film debut with fun pursuits in college athletics (Tony Perkins) took place in "incredible story" (1960). By this time she had already decided to become the greatest actress in the world and begin to fulfill a promise. She won the title of "most promising new actress of the year, is attributed to the Society of critics of the drama of New York. Her first role in a movie marked by at least some attention, was a young prostitute in "Walk on the Wild Side" (1962). Almost became a failure the role of young frigid housewife in the "Chapman Report" (1962). In an unfortunate choice had to pay very dearly: "Harvard Lampoon" called her for the execution of this role "the worst actress of the year". However, film critic Stanley Kauffmann said: "There is a growing new talent - Dzhein Foundation. He went further, saying: "In all his films, it demonstrates the performance, in which ... no hint of cliches, but all well understood by impeccable elegance ". The first comic role of the Fund was in the movie "The period of adaptation" (1962). By this time, her candidacy has already been discussed as a contender for the title of the next queen of Hollywood, . prompting chauvinism Jack Warner to comment on the events thus: "It will provide a good future, . if you paint it in the "straw" blonde, . Break down her jaw and, . good rearranging seats teeth, . insert back, . and most importantly - make her a few silicone injections or hang artificial breast "(Anderson, . 1990).,

. During this period the Fund was named "Miss Army recruitment in 1962"
. Draped in red, white and blue, she said the passionate speech of welcome to new recruits. It praises the military forces for their fight against the communist regimes. Less than ten years, the Pentagon would like to bury her in the red, white and blue, and cursed the day that greeted her with such delight.

. By 1963, the Fund greatly disappointed in the significance of his career and left wing as well as bed Andreas Voutsinasa
. She agreed to appear in an English-speaking role in "Les Felins" * (1964) in Paris. The French immediately began to demand the right to advertise it as "La BB Americaine", hinting at the proximity to the French sexual symbol Brigitte Bardot, whose husband, Roger Vadim, made her a global movie star. Foundation met with Vadim in the screen test, when he became director of its first French-speaking role in "La Ronde" in 1964. With stammering French accent Fund has created a unique on-screen image of the personality that charmed the French. Soon she is disappointed with the idea to make Paris and Roger Vadim's part of their future. Vadim was known as a sexual Machiavelli because of his devious manipulyatsiyay women and the media. Ironically, he did not, but it was a party to the action in their passionate relationship. This Fund behaved aggressively in their first sexual encounter, and it is so intimidated crafty satire Vadim, that he, to his horror, was unable to fulfill her desire. The actress and director in the end somehow developed a relationship in a hot marathon sexual bliss. They began to live with passion, which led them to marriage in Las Vegas in 1965.

Vadim otrezhissiroval its role as a young bride, becoming a billionaire in old age "End Game" (1965). The biggest international achievement Vadim's "Barbarella" (1968), Jane has made a star in the role of the fanciful and erotic space girl. It was a science fiction comedy film, which was supposed to submit to the Fund in the form of sexual kitten, to which she was doomed for several years. Such an image of Jane Fonda for Vadim was an important factor in connection with its insatiable need for fantasy and provocative style of life. During this period, Vadim has been able to bring home foreign women for the menage-a-trois (sex for three) and various perversions, to satisfy his sexual appetite unthinkable. "Barbarella" and the whole of this period were noisy model that Vadim called them a new period of sexual freedom, and the Fund later characterize as his sexual exploitation (Anderson, 1990).

. Fund regularly went to the United States during the many imprudent sallies Vadim and rented movies
. She played constantly armed frontier school teacher was in the movie "Cat Ballou" (1965). Another successful production company at that time it was Neil Simon, filmed with Robert Redford in "Barefoot in the Park" (1967). Following this, she shot a number of films: "The Chase" (1966), "hurried Sunset" (1967) and "Any Wednesday" (1967). Fund became pregnant during the ski hike in the Alps in early 1968 and gave birth to a daughter, Vanessa, in Paris on September 28, 1968. Pregnancy affected not only her body, but also changed the emotional essence. This could change her whole future life would be the beginning and end of marriage to Vadim. During pregnancy, she became a completely different woman, fund, after thinking about that time, said that pregnancy greatly changed her: "My fears, my molestation ... All this has disappeared ". She said: "I finally realized, . that we should not give life a human being only for, . to kill him with bombs from B-52, . or allow the Nazis to enter him in jail, . or leave it unprotected from the destruction of social injustice,
. When she was born - my baby! - Then as if the sun was opened for me. I felt all at once. I was free ". Fund returned to the United States with the film "They Shoot Horses, do not liN" (1969) and declared: "I - revolutionary". Not well understood the significance of this statement, as not clear and the situation with most of the Fund.

In disputes with its European friends about the war in Vietnam Fund was set up is always pro-American. But when her friend Sharon Tate, was mutilated and killed during the shooting of "They Shoot Horses," with the Foundation startling metamorphosis occurred. After some time, the Fund went with a friend on a trip to Calcutta, and was there struck by the sight of starving children and the appalling inequalities between rich and poor. When it straight from the plane in New York fell on New Year's Ball in 1969 and she was told, . she won the prize of the New York Film Critics Circle as Best Actress for "They Shoot Horses", . she said, . that the film was "very harsh condemnation of the capitalist system",
. Fund moved line and became a fully-fledged political activist.

Valentine's Day in 1970 the Fund reported Vadim, that leaves him. She left Vanessa for his care and immediately joined the New Left activists supporting the Black Panthers and militant American Indian in their various currents. Foundation has funded his angry countrymen, idlers, objecting for any reason or occasion, which, in their opinion, it smelled of abuse. She said later: "I started with the fact that the left liberals, and graduated from what became a radical". Soon she has undertaken an active campaign against the Vietnam War and declared: "Due to my success in film, I have more power, and I intend to really use it". That she was engaged. In fact, the Fund threw his or her passion for a few million dollars, including their own income and inheritance of mother. She was ready to host the next five years as a political and social activist, and then another twenty years to finance all progressive democratic beginnings Tom Hayden all earned millions of dollars in the future.

. Jane Fonda was one of those personalities who were listed in a secret "enemies list" Nixon with a mark of the FBI "anarchist" and arch-nemesis U.S.
. Six special agents were assigned to monitor her daughter in kindergarten groups, and constantly worried about her personally, and bringeth FBI agents everywhere, wherever she went. She is constantly threatened with death by telephone, letters and notes left by the door. In Cleveland, customs agents actually threw her in jail at the time of her return from Canada, justifying its decision by the prosecution in drug transport. They insisted that its pills - vitamins and tranquilizers - are stored capsule LSD. Constant bullying ultimately led to her decision to initiate an action against such tyranny in connection with violations of 1, 4, 5 and 9 Amendments. She said, "It was part of an organized systematic harassment, an attempt to discredit me ... to provide those of us who opposed the Nixon administration, irresponsible, dangerous and dirty blather "(Anderson, 1990).

In 1971, the Fund's long divorced from their social classes, to remove the film. This made it once again become the center of attention and be among the Hollywood superstars. "Klyut was movie about a prostitute that threatens maniac. Fund played the role of Bree, Daniel. She won the title of Best Actress this year for his emotionally inspired impersonation Bree. Pauline Kael of the "New-Yorker" wrote: "It somehow got to the desired level of action, in which even the closest close-up never shows false notion". Jane took one more movies with Donald Syozelendom, "Hotel California" (1973), before the start of the new politically active period, which could accelerate the "kiss of the diaphragm, with Hollywood after four years of intensive work. It is interesting to note here that the Fund's most provocative and heartbreaking their movie was filmed at a time when there was a terrible impression of what he saw in the war in Vietnam. And "drive out" and "Klyut" were filmed during this period.

In July 1972, the Fund earned the nickname Hanoi Jane after a visit to North Vietnam, which has made several radio broadcasts on Radio Hanoi. She urged the American pilots to stop the bombing of the northern provinces of Vietnam, conjures the image of "Tokyo Rose" during the Second World War. It provoked the wrath of hardliners from the United States Congress and was condemned by state legislatures of Colorado and Maryland. Several members of Congress tried to strike up the arrest and conviction of treason. Manchester newspaper "Union Leader" in an editorial stated that the Fund could have shot, if she was found guilty. In this tense period, Jane met Tom Hayden, and married him in a sign of complete surrender, both emotionally and physically, in favor of its democratic socialism.

. By 1976, the Foundation felt that the social climate has changed because of the Watergate affair, and she returned to the production of movies, removing picture "Fun adventure Dick and Jane" with George Segal
. By this time she took off her "Julie" (1977). Again she was on the roster of Hollywood and organized their own film production company in 1977. Her first two paintings were a huge success: "Returning Home" (1978) and "China Syndrome" (1979). Then the film "Nine to Five" (1980) with Lily Tomlin and Dolly Partoan won a major victory. Shooting of "The Golden Lake" (1981) brought the company not only success but also the fact that she called her "the most profound professional experience". The film was shot by her father, who at the time of dying. Henry died four months after it made its first and only Oscar for participation in the films. It was the second film Jane Fonda, who brought in a total of more than $ 100 million and, ironically, was the catalyst for her father's triumphant exit from the world of show business.


After the defeat in Vietnam Fund staked a whole new field of activity - care of health and perfection of the body. It was the invasion of business and turning 180 degrees in relation to the rate of the entire previous life. But Jane was well prepared, as has always been obsessed with concerns about their personal perfection, and decided that writing about this subject, open a chain of studios and make a series of videotapes. Although even with this explanation of the invasion in the business world seems to whim, chance antidelovoy renunciation of its position, but with her constant need something to create and innovate, it seems logical and natural. In that wide street is better than the area, make sure it fell out too often in life. Rumors that she started this business due to the fact that she was forty years old, idle fantasy newsmen. There is nothing unusual in the fact that a woman who has done all his life his career, constantly using and appearance, and shape, subconsciously wants to show the world that have the appropriate form can be, regardless of age. And that its sophistication and composure - this is what brought her well-deserved success.

. Fund opened its first aerobics studio in Beverly Hills in 1979, followed by the organization of four more clubs in other cities of the West Coast
. Some of them she led occupation itself. A little later, in 1981, she published an illustrated edition of "The Book of development Jane Fonda, which by 1986 had been sold in the amount of two million copies. To the surprise of Simon and Shu Coster it brought $ 20 million in the first year. Published the Fund and other books, but the largest of its entrepreneurial success, of course, is connected with the publication of her famous video exercises to improve body. Foundation has transformed the industry video clips selling "aerobics" for home video recorders. Before fondovskih videos, movies have always just rented for a time and no one did not occur to consider them as a commodity to be sold. Jane went further and started selling the video tape, and sold them more than any other businessman in the history of the production of video. When she was asked about the success of this business idea, she replied: "More was not a single case in which I would versed. It occurred to me as a lightning strike - indeed, usually in a way and having my best ideas, this is really the only thing about which I know something. I know how to be healthy, in the appropriate form. I really know this well, so it made sense to make it my business ". Her credibility was based on the excellent physical condition in her forties, and when she turned fifty, she had already had three videotapes that took the top ranks in the top twenty "" Billboard ". Fund has continued to confirm their knowledge of business improvement: "I like to give to other women what they want and I am with them, but the more I like that I'm able to do it. For twenty-five years I worked dances. And I saw that many women, like me, go to this hard training, not because they want to become professional dancers, but because they wanted to improve her figure. "

. Fund earned $ 20 million in the first two years of business
. Strong call "to go and burn" established routine led to the fact that 1.8 million copies of the Book of development "snapped up within the first year. She was convinced that Tom Hayden is literally designed for the White House, and donated all proceeds and profits of his empire in the implementation of its campaign for economic democracy. This is a real tribute demonstrated its willingness to give everything for their own internal beliefs, regardless of the value issued by either emotionally or financially. In the late eighties video Funds and its business began to regularly produce net income of $ 35 million annually. When Jane and Tom finally broke up in 1989, she finally gave him an additional $ 10 million. It was only a meager contribution compared to the amount that it contributed to his activities during the eighties. Funds have remained after the divorce about 60 million, . but, . calmly looking at the recent past, . when she is alone earned almost all of its state, . Jane decided, . that $ 10 million - quite a generous gift in parting.,

. Between family and career

. According to official documents
. Fund had it all: the family, and career. However, her attempt to juggle family, career and social activism has always ended in accidents. The first victim was her daughter Vanessa, who had left with Vadim at the time when Jane decided to undertake an enhanced campaign for social and political rights. Second victim of an accident should be considered as marriage itself, when it is a divorce from Vadim after his return from a visit by activating the consciousness of U.S. citizens.

. Fund faced with approximately the same for tension and resounding success, as most women who are torn between their parents' instincts and their profession
. But she made her life even more difficult by adding two more areas: political activism and business interests.

Vietnam War, it seems, was the main obstacle in the privacy of Funds. She gained political activity (in the form of struggle against the war) during their first pregnancy. This fascination continued through arisen romantic relationship with Tom Hayden and the birth of their son, named in honor of the Irish rebel 0'Donovan Troy Garrity. Leaving children in the care of strangers, and in boarding school, Jane at this time traveled with Tom Hayden, endorsing all of its socio-political battles. Passion for filming movies remained as serious, but not to such an extent as international travel and the struggle against the existing system.

. Even her children did not have time to become teenagers, . and the Fund already took a completely new thing: now in its track list includes such characteristics as the Entrepreneur of the club to improve body shape, . author of books on the same topic and the Impresario video with exercises in aerobics,
. And surprisingly, almost at the same time, she started to produce films company Ai-Pi-Xi, trying to shoot there own movies. Shots funds between diverse and multi-purpose actions were dizzy. In other words, . she rented movies, . was a producer of other films, . campaigned for her husband's election to the Senate of California and thus began the work of his empire "recovery", . while trying to perform the role of a doting mother and loving wife,
. With such a crazy load is difficult to cope without any loss which was confirmed in the case of Funds: she could not hold so much time and give their children as much care as it could afford, many are not working anywhere moms. Surprisingly, it generally had time even for something of a feverish list. Of course, she had to pay for all this is very expensive: a significant stress in the marriage and family. Tom Hayden, she finally divorced in 1989, when the children are grown up enough to walk alone to school.

Fund of the Shrew was still before the revolt broke out in earnest. She told the journalist Hedda Gopper in 1961, that marriage has long been "passe", and continued: "I think that marriage is missing from our lives, it becomes obsolete. I do not think that this is natural when two people swear to be together for life ". She has consistently exercised its philosophical theses, joining the complex relationship with Roger Vadim in Paris with his unusual style of life. Only after she became pregnant, her logical constructions about life values were less iconoclastic. Fund left Vadim in 1970, when found worthy to hear the inner voice of social activism. In 1971, she met Hayden, one of the known members of the Chicago Seven and co-founder of Students for a Democratic Society. July 4, 1973 they had a favorite child 0'Donovan Troy Garrity, named in honor of the Irish hero, who also proved himself a hero in the Viet Kong. Troy just entered high school, when they divorced, and Jane gave him a promise that more will come for anyone married, until he gets higher education. She kept her promise and refused to marry Ted Turner, . for most Turner, . personification of fame and power, . before the Trojans turn into a graduation ceremony, . as evidence of feelings of guilt for their inexcusable negligence performance of the duties of motherhood.,

. After parting with Hayden Foundation briefly became involved with a young Italian actor
. Then she began looking for the location of Turner. These two were interesting, if not bizarre, couple, combining a unique blend of perfectly identical family histories with diametrically opposed philosophical worldviews. Their political and philosophical preferences were so different that it was just a miracle that they manage to somehow stay together after any more or less meaningful dialogue.

. According to official documents, there have been a respectable personal life, accompanied by a wide range of professional activities
. It remains unclear how successful was her personal life, even if it sought to outstanding success in their professional field. She admitted in an interview with "Vogue" in 1984: "This must be honest to the end. There is no other way was not, I could not do all that done if it had not had the money. Now I can afford to hire someone that he helped me with the children, take them away from school when I was there, prepare dinner in the evening ". Fund believes that this can afford one, but first you need to make serious headway in life, enough to afford such. After meeting with Ted Turner, she completely changed. Fund told Nancy Collins of "Prime Time Live" in September 1993: "I can not even imagine such a movie (neither of those, . that have withdrawn, . neither of those, . that could be removed), . because of whom declined to be three months of living next to Ted ..,
. No, I work in the entertainment business is too complex and very strong effect on marriage .... And Ted said to me from the beginning: "reduce all that you do, half." I followed his lead. And then, about six months, he said: "Try to cut it all yet." I followed his lead. "

. Life crisis

. Fund held all of their childhood in the constant moving from one coast to another, and it taught her to cope with problems arising due to meet with a stranger or alien environment
. She had taught in many schools, girls only, in which the fate of ugotovila her wide variety of choices of female role models at a time when she was still a teenager. Accommodation in boarding school in California, Connecticut and around New York taught her independence and ability to take care of itself. She constantly fought for love and affection a father who was always emotionally cold, and mother, whose incessant emotional disruptions occurred throughout childhood, Jane. Even as a baby Lady Jane aroused around the subconscious desire to treat her like a queen. Friends and family adored her, which subconsciously reinforces her self-respect. This sequence is constantly noted in the fate of most of the great creative visionaries. Foundation was recognized in hostility to his mother, because she "really did not love her". Because of her father's coldness and lack of love for her mother, Jane tormented himself a passionate dedication to sverhdostizheniyam.

. Jane was only eleven years old when her mother came another nervous breakdown as a result she was placed in a psychiatric hospital, where she eventually killed herself
. This crisis formed the character of Funds. Everything that has happened lodged in her heart a terrible sense of guilt, plus an insatiable desire to improve and the need sverhdostizheniya. The most harrowing experiences were associated with an episode in the age of twelve, who called her bulimnyu. Her mother arrived home from a mental hospital, apparently to the last time to meet with their children - Jane and Peter. Jane decided to play a horrible joke with her mentally unstable mother. She assumed the role of initiator and led Peter to escape with her for an hour, while her desperate mother appealed in vain for them. When the nurse told my mother that they need to go, Francis said, "Not yet. I have to talk to her ". More hours of frantic mother screamed her name, and then left the house, deciding not to return here ever. Two days later, on April 14, 1949, Francis Fund cut his throat with a razor. Jane received the news of the death of his mother apparently without emotion, while Peter wept uncontrollably. Jane hid her feelings deep in my soul, but she felt guilty about the inner terminally ill mother, who died so horribly. This, obviously, and predugotovilo prolonged suffering from bulimia Funds. According to Jane's friend, Brooke Howard, this case aroused Funds perennial nightmares. Brooke said that "a wild cry has been continuous for many hours" every night for ten years.

. As already mentioned, a little later, his mother's death, Peter attempted suicide, and within four days after the shot was between life and death
. Perhaps it is coincidence, but the shot was heard fireworks, celebrated the first day "honeymoon" with his father, Susan Blanchard. Fund feared for the life of Peter, but, unlike his brother, was very happy at the new marriage, her father. Jane and Peter were very close, but they differ significantly in relation to their parents. Peter later, once said: "She tried to get attention in any way, our father, . any way, . which one could achieve this: to escape from Vazzara and be up all sorts of things away from care in Paris, . where, . supposed, . She studied at art school, . and actually ran around for the most fashionable among local filmmakers Guliako ",
. Fund has never freed itself completely from guilt in the death of his mother, and it pushed her with a kind of obsession to be perfect in all. The impression that her earlier crises engendered much of what has become the fruits of its creativity and later instilled in her an irresistible desire to be all the best.
. Finding the source of this spirit of rebellion quickly lead to the Vietnam War
. But she was no less active in trying to solve the whole problem of social inequalities of American Indians, discrimination of black, feminist trends and challenges of trade union. Fund started for advocating political activity with the same zeal with which she was wont to take up film production. She used the connection in the media and personal financial savings for the approval of the spirit of equality and freedom. She was the only political activist, who had his own press agent, with whose help it is usually carried out awareness campaigns on topics that excited her.

. Foundation strongly took to shoot films "They Shoot Horses, . not true liN "primarily because, . that this work was declared the first American existentialist novel, . and it is so highly rated by such an authority, . as Albert Camus,
. This was additional evidence of its outlook and the nature of rebellion. The biggest gains of the funds and in business and in art have been achieved in the fields to which she had an emotional desire and innate knowledge. Her movies were great movies, which she withdrew, either alone or subsidized: "Returning Home", "The China Syndrome", "From nine to five," "Do the Golden Lake" and "A Doll's House". Then, the Foundation chose the New York Times in the field of rehabilitation and improvement of the organism, which is also know from personal experience and very warm, he was treated. In this enterprise, it has also achieved outstanding successes, although all the experts unanimously predicted it a complete failure. Both companies have resulted in a sensational profit and artistic success.

Fund has paid a terrible price for their rebellious behavior. She describes it:

"I was harassed. I was threatened. My bank account illegally arrested the FBI, even without a subpoena. In my house broke, my phone is tapped. Some time later, the FBI apologized. My fundamental rights have been violated. It was a time when all and sundry called me a "squeaky krikuhoy". It was a creaky time and cost to use the tactics appropriate to that time "(" Vogue ", 1984).

. Trying to alleviate the guilt and justify his radio broadcast from Hanoi, the Fund has agreed to an interview with "20/20" with Barbara Walters June 17, 1988
. She told Barbara: "I tried to stop the killing, stop the war, but sometimes there comes a moment when I was not thinking and not worry about it, and I felt very sorry to know that I have harmed them. And I want to apologize and to themselves and their families ". BarbareUolters Jane went on to say: "I started with the fact that the left liberals, and graduated from what was a radical," which, in its assertions, has never been her intention to. Even with all these conditions, a rebellious nature contributed to the development of the creative genius Funds. She never would have reached that level, which now occupies, without her man possessed disobedience system.

. Fund commenced business, films, social reform and a host of other things in life in the style of absolute defiance
. Her nonconformist approach to business is clearly visible on the unusual choice of a partner for her production company Ai-Pi-Si. She pointed her finger at Bruce Gilbert, that he solves everyday issues of the multimillion-dollar enterprise. His track record includes work as a full-time employees in the school Vanessa. It was the ability to not "know" too much, which gave Jane unique in many such cases, the same ability, which paves the way for the success of the most creative and entrepreneurial genius.


. Jane Fonda was hungry for love child, who used his disloyalty to achieve great victories in various spheres of activity - business, publications, exercises, aerobics and in film
. Double Academy to award her the title of best actress, for her account two Oscar nominations, seven. Foundation has evolved from the radical to the mogul for some short decade. The choice of mates is even more paradoxical. She divorced from the radical left by Tom Hayden, a member of the famous Chicago Seven, and she married Ted Turner, an extremely conservative capitalist. It came into life as a delicate little Lady Jane, to twenty years has evolved into Assertive Sex Kitten Jane, and then became hateful of Hanoi Jane to her thirtieth. In mid-life she became Kapitalistkoy Jane, and now, apparently ready to acknowledge it in its fifty as a citizen Jane.

Jane Fonda would be a magnificent woman of the Renaissance. She has built an enviable theatrical career and has shown the ability to become entrepreneurs world-class. Indescribable versatility of its interests defy rationality, a great example - when this complex woman is suing not on none other than the United States Government, the FBI, President Nixon and Congress. It has exposed the claim of this prestigious group in 1973 to 2,8 million dollars, accusing them of physical and psychological abuse, and won an unprecedented process in May 1979. What courage! Fund - a fearless champion of the competition, which has a desire for perfection and the Promethean spirit that changed the world because of its innate ability to see the possibilities and conditions for their use in life. She never hesitated to stake their position or the money for their beliefs, and her courage made her a real creative dreamer.
Influence Funds lasted four decades. Her timing was perfect. Its peculiar genius in the ability to self-incarnating the image of the little "sex kitten" in the fifties to the free spirited actress in the sixties and, finally, to the rebel political activist of the seventies. Then in the eighties, the Fund's newly reincarnated itself in the transducer industry New York Times. It seems that it is now sufficient sba.lansirovanna and may play a significant role in saving the world along with its environmentally-minded husband, Ted Turner. Global warming of the globe and integrity of the cosmos - that their current care. Undoubtedly, it will prove, attracting everyone's attention to ecology, with the same passion, which has always been able to in the past. What is important is not the result, Jane Fonda seeks to arouse our interest, is concerned about our hearts. Perhaps, . its genius lies in the unique ability to cause the greatest admiration and hatred of women in the same time, to be the most ideal and most insulting an actress, but still be one of the most successful business entrepreneurs, . critique of capitalism,
. Of course, it is - an outstanding innovator, and it shows in all the main indicators, which consider it as one of the outstanding creative geniuses of our time.

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