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Tsukanova Olga

( Head of the Center cosmetology OstMedKonsalt ``.)

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Rigid policies, successful businessmen, capricious star - in front of this fragile charming woman many people lose a carefully crafted image as a child and immediately listen to her advice. Want to be younger, slimmer, privlekatelneeN No problem. To no one znalN course. To safely and nadezhnoN course. In an atmosphere of trust, over a cup of coffee, without the rush and hype opens an unexpected truth that aging is not necessarily that there are many ways to look ten years younger and that it is possible to do without a scalpel and anesthesia. Golden thread, rejuvenating face and body - of thousands of people, this procedure has returned the youth, gave sure has changed lives.
. In Soviet times, a civil engineer Olga Tsukanova, of course, did not think that life will turn so that it will be headed by a cosmetic center
. However, design, architecture, painting, where she had always been interested, something akin to the aesthetic cosmetology - decorate, transform, to give a new look gray, pale things like Olga always. And tired of the everyday order of construction, she again went to study, became a designer of embroidery. However, the artist was doing sketches, embroidery, knitting fabulous things. Her exhibition is still remembered, and the house written by her paintings recall the old hobbies.
Then he had to drop everything to put the five-year old son on his feet after a difficult operation. But no matter it is not sitting - a husband, a man now known in the computer world, the head of the concern "Compulink", just started their own business, and Olga helped, advised, watched as their feet became solid company. "And then - smiles Olga - I thought: some experience I got, why not organize your biznesN husband, of course, was skeptical, but I stood firm on its. And today my company is as well known in Russia as the company of her husband. "

- What for you has become a decisive momentomN

- I was over thirty, emerged the first wrinkle, and I began to learn what is new in cosmetology. This personal motive became dominant in my business: no matter what I had made, the recipient always see myself - a woman, stubbornly unwilling to grow old. Therefore, all that is done in our center, I checked for myself. I can in good conscience say: works!

- Why gold nitiN How it all nachalosN

- Scalpel, anesthesia - they are always scared of women. Also interested me is unoccupied niche in the cosmetology - Why go to where the path already laid drugimiN And I began to look for something that is popular abroad, but we have not mastered. Friend, spent many years abroad, suggested that there is a way to rejuvenate enjoyed by all women without fear - the golden thread. Got out catalog company that supplies thread in the clinic, I sent a fax in Spain, where he has long engaged in this procedure, and began to negotiate. The first time I flew there one. Could I invite surgeons to learn what she did not know - we have one of the wires have not heard. Filaments brought to Moscow, and the only one that anyone interested in the unknown method, it is a wonderful surgeon Arnold Aramovich Adamian, with whom we cooperate for the past five years. All surgeons, to whom I contacted, reacted to the proposal to master a new business without enthusiasm - no one believed in the success. Despite the employment, professor, corresponding member of Academy of Medical Sciences of Russia Adamian, man of great scientific authority, turn on my idea, and we flew to Spain twice as much - to learn ... And, you know, today the Spanish surgeon asked him to show what's new in this field!

- What do you think the main thing in the beginning putiN

- Surround yourself enthusiasts, light their idea - the first condition for starting a business. Among friends, girlfriends, I found the first patients - surgery went well, and terms of wishing to rejuvenate rapidly expanded. The first time I was lost in the Center for day: went into all the details mastered all the details and the procedure itself, and conducting business, teaching terms, outlining research articles. Her husband quickly overcame the skepticism of women's business: he knew that if I were decided, be sure it will convey to the end.
- Husband helped vamN
- At his suggestion, we founded the club "golden thread" that gives a real opportunity to increase revenue. The mechanism is simple: if your recommendation for one of her friends will do the procedure at the clinic, you are guaranteed a 10 percent premium on the cost of the procedure. Irrespective of this, the same discount club member has a constant, and it applies to his friends and acquaintances.

- In addition to her husband's advice that has helped you get deloN

- Own experience that I gained rapidly. Yet I quickly realized that one experience to manage a big company small, and therefore received a degree in business management in America. At the same time writing articles detailing the method itself and the mechanism of action of gold threads. I do not have to exaggerate or domyslivat - I have been, and honestly described his feelings. So do now, developing new procedures, and very often with patients talking herself together with a psychologist.
- Why in the beauty center psihologN
- Psychological barrier - one of the main obstacles to upgrade the exterior. I understand the doubts about women who have been slow to cross the threshold of the Center for fear of how they will not hear whether they are behind the irony of young, beautiful female staff, and I tried to delete it.
. - Your center is really more like a women's club - sofas, coffee, magazines, home atmosphere
. How did you dobilisN
- I thought mainly to create an atmosphere of trust, openness. Psychology coupe, when an unknown person spread, as in spirit, their problems and doubts, we have supported a friendly, interested attitude. We operate on the European model: in the center of Moscow is an office where consultations and simple procedures, and the main operations are in four reputable clinics that we cooperate. The situation is the most relaxed - you can see the directories "before" and "after", to create that purchased a digital camera, it gives a very precise, detailed images. Advice can come again, another and not necessarily do the procedure - the choice is the patient. I do not regret the time for individual counseling - for every woman I see myself.
. - Olga, how do you manage to combine so many delN Houses someone pomogaetN
. - How would I have been busy, clean and cook at home is always herself - do not trust anyone and I think that will make everything better
. I have always been an unhappy, and sometimes I even heart aching from fatigue. Every time I tell myself that it's time to slow down - and everything remains the previous positions. I take pain any problem, even the smallest. My husband often gets angry: "Olga, quiet, tomorrow will do". Recently, he began to help me, for example, excellent roasts meat, and mozzarella with tomatoes cooking - Yum!

- And often, he gives you such prazdnikiN

- The fact of the matter is that there. Now the son of fourteen studies in America, part of the company her husband is in the same, and I long ago became an honorary passenger flight "Russia - USA. But as soon as I find myself far from its center, begin to call to Moscow: everything was in order, how many patients were now, as were operations. My phone bills are enormous. Case - first of all, although for women the concept of business and the house was quite compatible. I'm worried about employees not less than about her son and husband.

. - How do you manage to combine almost family relations and distsiplinuN

. - Every employee I have a material interest that the client was satisfied and, therefore, politeness, attention, necessarily guaranteed
. If I see that people working in earnest, increase the reward, but also a system of fines will also be present. It is no secret and everyone knows: if you work well, you'll get more.

. - Do you allow employees to use the services of its own TsentraN

. - Absolutely! The fact that we have created an atmosphere of trust, personal experiences affected employees: each passed through the reinforcement or gold threads, or necessarily made any of the procedures
. For example, when we now have silicone pads that help the cream soak deeper and faster, I invited all female employees to test them and send me feedback - their experience should work on the firm's reputation. Distances from the staff I do not, I tried to surround himself with like-minded people. We are doing one thing, and we have excellent close-knit team.

- This is purely feminine look.

- To me he is faithful. My husband, under whose thousands of people physically can not know them in person - I would have never been able to do business with "unknown" people.
- At her husband's strong character
- Very, and now his son develops the character of the leader. However, the husband believes that these qualities from his son - my. This is the subject of jokes in our family.
. - You like gifts poluchatN
. - I love it when a gift is being prepared in secret, and her husband, fortunately, is well aware that my weakness.
. - What do you miss in zhizniN
. - Free time to socialize more with his son.
. - Do you have any own secrets krasotyN
. - As with everything, I think that first of all should be comfort and harmony
. I am getting old to use the services of professionals. My Cosmetics - La Prairie, Chanel, and Zepter. My style in odezhdeN Escada, Gianfranco Ferre - ideal for my figure.
- What could you wish novice business lediN
- Believe in your strength and hope for yourself. Can not assume that someone else will make your business better. I remember my doubts - how much time and effort spent in vain. Do not be afraid to take responsibility, learn to make decisions. Mistakes are inevitable, but the intuition develops with experience, and the next time you'll be smarter.
- What do you consider important in female bizneseN
- When the morning going to work, I think how lucky I have my business. Today my life I can not imagine the Center without a cosmetology "OstMedKonsalt". And the staff picked up so that they get pleasure from the fact that we help people find the beauty. When five years ago we started, many worked on enthusiasm, because it was new and interesting. Today we have a solid company, but the mood remained - that's the main thing!

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Tsukanova Olga, photo, biography
Tsukanova Olga, photo, biography Tsukanova Olga  Head of the Center cosmetology OstMedKonsalt ``., photo, biography
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