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Valery Chkalov

( Test pilot)

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Biography Valery Chkalov
photo Valery Chkalov
(February 2, 1904 - December 15, 1938)
December 15, 1938 at Moscow airport while trying to plant an experimental model airplane Polikarpova crash test pilot Valery Chkalov. On his death, however, like life, still legends. Some authors blamed for his death, Beria, . Other, . lowering his voice from falsetto to baritone mysterious, . argue, . that killed ace on the direct orders of Nikolai Ivanovich Ezhov, . that day is a week suspended from his duties People's Commissar of Internal Affairs of the USSR,
Valery Chkalov was born Feb. 2, 1904 in a small suburb Vasilevo Nizhny Novgorod province, later renamed in his honor in Chkalovsk. When he was 12 years old, his father, a master coppersmith Paul G., who worked on the ships of the Volga river shipping company, sent his son to study in the river trade school in Cherepovets. But a year later Valery returned back and settled down to work as a stoker on the dredger (a mechanism to deepen the channel of the river). In 1921, Mr.. for the excellent service he was sent to Egorievskay theoretical school of aviation. There young Chkalov held not only the science driving the aircraft, but also actively participated in the drama, starring in student productions. In 1923 he was sent in Borisoglebsk Pilot School, and in October for excellent performance in preparation was transferred to Moscow in the aviation school of aerobatics. In January 1924 took part in the funeral of Lenin, carrying a guard at the tomb of the leader of world proletariat. And in May the same year graduated from high school and was assigned to 1 st Aviation fighter squadron. In 1927, Valery married teacher from Leningrad, Olga Erazmovne Walnut.
They say that three times as much Chkalov was in prison, and each time he helped someone mighty hand. His first prison experience took place in February 1929 in the Bryansk ispravdome, where he sat for passage under the Troitsky Bridge (the plane touched the wires and damaged). Single Chamber N 12 located on the first floor of a 2-storey prison block, where he served 16 days. At that time he was rescued Pyotr Baranov - then Chief of the Air Force, who turned to Mikhail Kalinin - Chairman of the Central Executive Committee. And that in turn to Stalin. They say that it was on his initiative in 1933 was transferred Chkalov test pilot in the aircraft industry. And all the same Stalin in 1936 and appointed him commander of the flight record for distance on a route Moscow - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, . which Tchkalov made with Baydukova and navigator Beliakov, . 56 hours flying distance, . equal to 9 thousand 374 kilometers, . on the ANT-25, . July 22 landing on the island Udd, . subsequently renamed the island Chkalov,
. Then all the boys dreamed of becoming a pilot, and the girls swore to them in love and promised to wait for a non-stop flights. But a year later, May 18 - June 20, 1937, Chkalov from the Soviet Union flies to America for only 63 hours 16 minutes, beating its own record for nonstop flight, flying during this time the distance of 11 thousand 340 kilometers. He is now not only a pet of Stalin and the Soviet people. He now loves the whole world, and movie stars of world significance, do not hesitate, take his autograph. Returning from America to the Soviet Union on the SS Normandie, Chkalov acquainted with the famous American actress Marlene Dietrich, and she expressed to him the words of admiration, no different from other famous Americans, takes his autograph.
SAYS Polikarpov hurry to pass the I-180 - the first domestic flight with a water-cooled. Still, the end of the year and all that. Perhaps, had planned to get a prize for exceed the plan on the schedule of works. But it turned out the opposite. They say that in this case have been arrested over 60 people, most of them more so never saw freedom. At the conclusion established after the death of Chkalov Commission, the I-180 was incomplete and had to be tested on the ground, but not in the sky. Chkalov took off from zakontrennymi tightly chassis. This fact affected the aerodynamic parameters of the machine, and he was unable to hang on to the runway. And because the weather did not call for flights on the "unbroken" car: the night the thermometer kept at around minus 25 degrees. Weather for the test flight, just have to say - no sugar, but nevertheless, the mood among Valery certainly was good, he's going to immediately fly out hunting with his friends. Witnesses said that he took to the air, walked a few laps around the airport, drive your car in different modes, and began to decline. He went to the landing and dropping speed, began to plan for the airport, hoping to put the car in the mode of a forced landing. But when he realized that he did not have enough space to plan and the machine does not make it to the runway, he decided to add the engine speed, but the engine did not listen - was sneezing, refusing to gain momentum. Later the Commission established, . One reason for the disaster was the fact, . that Chkalov, . planning the airport, . dropping revs, . did not close the damper inlet cooling water, . led to excessive cooling of the aircraft engine and further tragedy,
. They say that he fought for every inch of trying to plant an experimental aircraft in the whole neposadochnoy band. He reached to the airport and even flew in its territory, but did not see zavyuzhenny lamp post and hidden under a pile of boards snowdrift. After a terrible blow - on one version - Chkalova thrown from the plane, . then, . flying in the air a few tens of meters above the scrapyard, . not that he fell to scrap pipe, . sticking out from under the snow, . not exactly on a rusty corner, . penetrated pilot chest,
. According to another version, a rusty pipe that was lying on the dump, broke the first armored light aircraft and just nailed to the seat Valery. According to various testimonies, Chkalov still lived from 40 minutes to two hours, and nobody could approach him. Said it expected a commission from Moscow. There is no doubt that he had to die a long and painful.

CHKALOV had to die in a completely different place, but never on the aerodrome. Not every honest man at that time could not deny Stalin, let alone refuse to head of the NKVD, and Tchkalov denied. They say that this conversation between them took place in spring 1938. Stalin invited him to her and invited him to combine the two posts - the People's Commissar of Transport and the People's Commissar of Internal Affairs. What Tchkalov answered diplomatic refusal, citing the unfinished work on new aircraft
. Actually it was a lot of muddled in November - December 1938, . it is in that period Ezhov tried to deal with Lavrenty Beria - his then-deputy, . giving it at the mercy of the "troika" (a non-judicial authority existed in the USSR, . which is 5-10 minutes a verdict until the shooting),
Chkalov was killed during a hunt on the reverse shot of his own the same gun. After the death revealed, . that an unknown man on the eve of the fateful flight Chkalova brought him home a pack of cartridges, . which went to a relative of his wife, . and, . when he went hunting and tried to use them, . they have to misfire, . and in 4-5 seconds to fire spontaneously,
. The secret is simple - in the cartridges were installed retardants. Chkalov shoots - misfire breaketh the gun, and at this point bullet fired shot forward, and barrel back, inflicting a mortal wound Chkalov. Who needs the death was unclear geroyaN. As, however, it is unclear why the next day, lead engineer on the project I-180 Lazarev was dropped from the train and killed and arrested departmental head Belyaykin aviation industry after serving 5 years, was released the next day, was killed. And during the mass arrests in the aviation industry, was arrested some department head in. Chkalov, who was later shot. And who knows, perhaps, a favorite around the world, the hero of the boys in those years had never sat in the not prepared for the test I-180, but it simply shot at the airport along with his mechanic inventor of gibeliN
. Our reference:
. November 25, 1938 decree of the USSR PVS Ezhov dismissed Commissar of Internal Affairs of the USSR
. On the same day he was appointed Beria, but the decree on his appointment will be issued only on December 8.

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