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Vladimir Saveliev

( Record-holder in weightlifting)

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Biography Vladimir Saveliev
photo Vladimir Saveliev
Raise a weight of 24 kg can, in principle, every healthy man. But to do this 1240 times per hour, or pick it up for three days without sleep - only one person in the world - Vladimir Saveliev. His unique accomplishments recorded in the Book of Records the world, they never tire of admiring the specialists, and he is preparing to storm the new record ...
Vladimir, I wonder what a person thinks that, say, day and night raises giryuN
- About women. The more frequently in the hall, the stronger the incentive. Especially if on the contrary some kind Handsome:
- KakN With such overloads and such frivolous mysliN
- In the educational purposes let's say: load does not prevent basic instinct. But seriously, while setting records almost always next to my wife, Oksana. She laid on the post: it is my administrator. For a long time all the records I have dedicated only to her.
- As far as I know you 40 years. When it was a crazy idea to pick up giryuN
- With 15 years baluyus. While fond of parachute. And then somehow decided to make a nephew experiment: how many times I will lift a weight 16 kg per polchasaN He raised 600 times. Oh, and off they'd go:
- Still unclear. Kettlebell - a vocation or simply to proslavitsyaN
- Why the bird can not letatN Here I am, too. I can not explain. At first it was just a hobby, then became a way of life. After all, until I was no weight to the whole day did not raise. Without knowing, I created a new sport - more precisely, psychophysical system of power endurance. Also I think the founder of force marathons:
- They say, do not recognize classical formN
- I do not recognize. I lift a weight freestyle - quickly, helping himself with his feet. By the way, decided to create a federation of power endurance. The package of documents already collected.
- What determines silaN More from nature or it can be razvitN
- Nature, plus practice, practice and more time training.
- A healthy zhizniN
- Course. Everything must be put on a professional basis. Clearly, the regime. By the way, do not drink. And do not suffer from this. To be cheerful in the company, I do not need doping.
- Genes play a rolN
- I was lucky with this. Father, Nicholas Arsentyevich, was a navigator-range aviation, naval officer, but he loved sports. There was even a boxing champion. Grandfather generally characterized by great strength: joke could lift a horse. My mother is still involved in tourism, although it 73. Sick of me, knows all my achievements.
- You must have a special system pitaniyaN
- Nothing special - I eat everything. But the rule, of course, there. I try to adhere to the daily diet. One pound of meat, 2 kg of vegetables and fruits, 100 grams of vegetable oil, 100 g - animal, 100 g of honey: During the speeches - drinking mineral water and eating ice cream.
- And skolkoN
- If you participate in the daily marathon - about 20 servings.
- In the end - a traditional board the boys. How to become silnymN
- Iron - tricky thing. It may help, and perhaps destroy. Still, a big load on the spine, bones, heart: That I will, as a former biology teacher talking. Therefore, it is believed that up to 12 years with the force exercises need to be careful. In any case, better to consult a doctor. If you choose to engage in serious, preferably under the guidance of coach. And so fit all - dumbbells, expanders, gymnastic stick: Choose from the soul and financial opportunities. No money - practicing with irons. If this deficit - to smarten up, pressed. Want to be strong - be.
PS. By the way, now is the All-Russia marathon weightlifting, which will last until 26 December. Over 13 stages Vladimir Saveliev already raised 24-kilogram weight to 25 thousand times (600 tons).

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Vladimir Saveliev, photo, biography
Vladimir Saveliev, photo, biography Vladimir Saveliev  Record-holder in weightlifting, photo, biography
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