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Shimyakov Edik

( Maniac)

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Biography Shimyakov Edik
They searched for him all the militia of St. Petersburg. Six months Law enforcement officials did not close our eyes. Six months of investigation and operational best minds have tried to calculate the offender. Six months young girls and their parents lived in fear. You bet! Declared in June 1998. maniac beat all records in the criminal history of Russia. On average, every ten days, he raped, killed and ate (!) On one of the young peterburzhenke. On December 8 - the day of detention - to his credit already had 18 of lives.
Kill their victims, he is easy, from the very first. Almost immediately developed a script and crime. Changed his maniac only once, during the commission of the last murder. Because of what, and fell.
He tracked down their victims on the street. Acted decisively. As soon as circumstances allowed, then there were around people who immediately ran to the girl and ...
Killed with a knife or strangle advance braided halter. Then with the lifeless body arranged sex orgy. True, the first offender tried to rape the girls alive. But because of the sexual weakness to complete sexual intercourse could not. Therefore necrophilia subsequently became the norm.
Satisfying the lust, he took a knife and cut your favorite part of the body. Carefully packed in a plastic bag production, satisfied and relaxed, returned home, where he waited for intelligent father and mother, elder sister and two younger bratishek.
Specialty a la human flesh was preparing himself. As a child who loved sweets, preferred flavor meat cranberries or cranberries, sprinkled with sugar. Ate himself. Another fed her cat, who gladly cracked human flesh. Filled, manic-old sat down at the computer, where he was waiting for the virtual world of the Internet ...
Last lunch cannibal
With great difficulty the police managed to recreate the sketch of a maniac. The portrait hung wherever possible: on special stands, in schools, colleges, institutes. But the result was not.
The cost of his own life murderer "provided a" last, eighteenth, the victim, who was the closest friend of the sisters offender. She left the apartment some maniac their belongings, which he took advantage.
When all the family at the weekend went to the dacha, a hungry beast called the girl and offered immediately pick up abandoned. The unsuspecting young lady went to meet his death.
... An hour later in the freezer was stacked to the elbow girl's severed arm, thigh, shin and some backs of the body. The rest, including the head, a cannibal packed in a bag and threw it in the nearest ravine.
At this time, operatives did not miss the chance given to them. The trail led to a white nine-panel. In the apartment police were not expecting. Meal failed.
Victim of virtual sex
According to the findings of psychiatrists, Edik "moved" from the computer. He sat all night in front of the dimly flickering monitor and delight traveled favorite pornographic files.
Virtual contemplation of naked beauties led to a progressive impotence. Normal sex life was becoming increasingly inaccessible Shemyakova. And it is gradually beginning to cover a rage against women. This is evidenced by a diary eater at the hands of operatives.
In the end his hatred has reached such a climax, that he was prepared not just to kill the girls and raping the corpses, but also eat the flesh of the innocent victims.
... Shemyakova admitted mentally ill. The decision to treat, however, medicine is still unable to give an answer, you can be completely cured necrophiliac and cannibal.

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Shimyakov Edik, photo, biography
Shimyakov Edik, photo, biography Shimyakov Edik  Maniac, photo, biography
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