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Tove Jansson (Tove Jansson)

( The famous Finnish storyteller, has created a wonderful world - Moominvalley.)

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Biography Tove Jansson (Tove Jansson)
photo Tove Jansson (Tove Jansson)
(Aug. 9, 1914 - June 27, 2001)
June 27 not become Tove Marika Jansson - the famous Finnish storyteller, has created a wonderful world - Moominvalley. World populated by millions of your favorite children and adults heroes - Moomin-family and their friends. World in which, as she herself acknowledged, "certainly in my heart longs each of us". Therefore not surprising that the books Tove Jansson, translated into 34 languages. What Moomin-troll live an independent life in music, cartoons and computer games, on t-shirts and badges, which they were made from different materials - almond paste, soap, rubber, candle wax. Moomin boom has conquered the whole world. Writer guy that adults make children's story in the business. But the characters are no longer regarded as its property. Moomin-troll - an invention Finnish storyteller - came into the world and became a phenomenon of world culture.
Back in 1914 in the family of the sculptor and painter had a child. Nobody imagined that he was born not just the child, not just a girl, and my mother ... Mother of thousands of books for children, heroes, dreams and even rock groups.
Quite inconspicuous, Tuva spent her childhood in a creative family, friendly, hospitable and a bit disorganized. Memories of this time inspired the storyteller to create a magical world Moomin-Dole. "Probably, - says the writer - I described her own family, at least at the time when I was little and lived in a mixed atmosphere of lighthearted and serious bourgeois bohemians".
A little later in the family there were two younger brothers, Tove - Per (1920) and Larissa (1926), and she, as the eldest, had to take part in their upbringing. At one point, Tuve had the idea to create their own country. Moreover, each issued task of the brothers to invent their own country, to draw it, and in the evening near the fireplace to talk about it and its inhabitants of all present. And no one in the far in 1930 did not attach importance to the fact that wanting to tease Lars, Tuva painted on the wall of a small Hippo, the future hero of the Finnish and world literature - Moomin-troll.
The game is so fascinated that Tuva, emulating her mother, began to paint, processing books. Noticing the ability to draw his daughter, Victor and Signe, the child's parents, decided to give the girl in the school of arts. Thus began her formal training in the great and beautiful. In 1933, Tuva entered the School of Art in Helsinki, a little later, in 1938, it is taken in the Paris School of Drawing.
And already in 1943 opened her first personal exhibition, held in Helsinki. More - more: in 1946 at an exhibition in "Backsbacka gallery" comes first commercial success, and Tuva decides to give his characters the way of life.
Also in 1946 she released her first book "The Comet flies" ( "The pursuit of the comet, 1946) - not counting the one released in the 30s years of the pamphlet" Little Trolls and the great flood ". Books were one after another: "Wizard Hat" (1949), "Memoirs of Pope Moomin-troll" ( "bravado Pope Moomin-troll", . 1950); "And what was potomN" (1952, . picture books), "Dangerous Summer" (1954), "Winter Magic" (1957), "Who will comfort baby" (1960, . picture books), "Child-nevedimka" (1962), "The Pope and the Sea" (1965),
. In 1963 she received the Finnish State Prize, and in 1966 it recognized the whole world by awarding the Gold Medal by Hans Christian Andersen. Her house has become a fabulous shop - now the whole world was translating her books, reprinted her drawings.
Russia is no exception, in Russian fairy tales about Moomin-troll published many times, the circulation of 100 thousand. copies. Moomin boom in Russia took place in the early 1990's. Total circulation exceeded one million copies.

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Tove Jansson (Tove Jansson), photo, biography
Tove Jansson (Tove Jansson), photo, biography Tove Jansson (Tove Jansson)  The famous Finnish storyteller, has created a wonderful world - Moominvalley., photo, biography
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