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Andrew Lysikov

( Musician)

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Biography Andrew Lysikov
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Dolphin - almost the only native musician, confessed that he had no ear for music. However, the choice of the rap genre of its existence is not necessarily. Appearance Dolphin also does not stand out - a thin, stoop-shouldered young man, except that a lot of tattoos. Nevertheless, the cultivation of the channel "MTV-Russia" murmuring music of African Americans has done its job - the style became popular in our northern country, and raised himself in the Dolphin idols of youth.

Future Dolphin Andrew Lysikov was born in Moscow on 29 September 1971. The young man is attracted to the early years of "street culture", which in those years was in its infancy. Andrew's musical career began at the Old Arbat, which in the late 80's was occupied by traders dolls and informal. Dolphin is also something that has sold and at the same time, a fashionable dancing breakdance. Police guarded the traders, having with them, good interest, and chasing non-monetary goers.
One Arbatskaya "Pharaoh" Dolphin owes his nickname. "Shut up, and then you go with us, like a dolphin," - said the militiaman dancer. Word of trailers, and Andrew became a dolphin. Now it houses a collection of figurines of these animals.

In 1991. producer Alexei Adamov was organized by the group "Stag", which, in addition to the Dolphin, included Dan (now DJ Dan) and Mutabor. The trio has executed a sexually preoccupied patter songs ("... I had her sitting, I had her lying down, and on his head, I had it, too ...") and enjoyed considerable popularity. Moreover, some of their songs (like "Dances"), even spinning on TV. The way, most of the texts of "Bachelor Party" written by Delphine.

In 1993, Mr.. Dolphin felt a musician and decided to depart from teenage rap to do something more alternative. He created a solo project, "Oak Gaay" who gained fame only in narrow circles. Statements in the Stag "also continued, but gradually became more sporadic, since the group was deprived of a powerful producer support, was accompanying her at first. The final damping of the project related to 1996. The story of his solo projects very complicated: in addition to "Oak Gaay'ya" He had a group "Nishina Dolphins, as well as project No Stag", which went under the name of the album "out of focus". In this work, Dolphin dramatically alters sexual topics, writing a series filled with despair and thoughts about the meaninglessness of living rooms. Text of the album were directly related to the health of dolphins, which sat firmly on drugs. "Dabbled in heroin," as he called it later. Most of the songs "defocused" narrate the disc is about drug addiction, because "at that moment it was difficult to talk about something else". All the same force of will managed to tie Dolphin drug.

In the summer of 1997. Dolphin scandalously took part in the musical program of the second international bike show. His "dealer" and "I love the people" not impressed by the heated liquor and fast-riding bikers, and the artist flying beer cans and other garbage. Dolphin offended obmateril audience, and taking off his pants, showed the audience their contents. After the live "Party Zone" TV-6 Dolphin sang everything, including obscene, lyrics "I love people," he stopped to let on TV.

In the summer of 1998. Andrei and his wife, Leakey born daughter Eva. In the same year, Dolphin began work on the album "The depth of field". Texts of his songs are much softer (here are some titles: "Faith, Hope, Love"), profanity disappeared altogether (although the cover of the disc contained a warning about its presence).
. Dolphin has signed a contract with "Cream Records", but out of the plate several times postponed, and it was published only in the 99-m
. Under the dark and yet naive texts Dolphin planted the modern samples, finally approaching the form of alternative music. In the song "Door" it is perhaps not the first time, muttered, as he sang the chorus (it was written, given the problems with the ear for music, with a few duplicates), and in the composition "Love" used a beautiful female backing vocals. Channel MTV enthusiastically took to twist his clips, and quickly turned into a dolphin youth hero. He has quite a tight tour schedule, but the Moscow concerts are always a success. Audience managed to learn long lyrics of the artist.

Recently, Dolphin began to pay attention to the visual side of the show. Earlier during the concert, he simply walked hunched over on the stage and speak into the microphone, now with the help of producer Paul Ruminova prepared slide program, which is demonstrated on the screen. These concerts are sometimes involved break-groups. That's only fully live concerts do not succeed, and the dolphin is reading his rap is usually a minus phonogram.

In early 2000, Mr.. Dolphin gave a concert in the Moscow Palace of Youth. Entry made on the basis of this statement was released in May, a concert disc, "I will live and video of the same name.
In addition to the education of his daughter, Delphine enjoys small scooters - Scooters. Moving to Moscow he would prefer this type of transport.


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  • AGAINSTER for Andrew Lysikov
  • You guys too cynical ....
  • AGAINSTER for Andrew Lysikov
  • You guys too cynical ....
  • AGAINSTER for Andrew Lysikov
  • You guys too cynical ....
  • Stervets for Andrew Lysikov
  • Of course, I understand that writing about people on information found in the network is difficult, but among other things were and are more realistic article. Much of the written here, just funny and silly:
  • Miss DiablO for Andrew Lysikov
  • The only autograph, which I would like to get just from you! Excellent doing, sensitively! Thank you!
  • Lilia for Andrew Lysikov
  • I love your song ! ! do not know how you get it, but the package hear their trembling all over his body ...
  • Jan for Andrew Lysikov
  • Brilliant Chlovek! His texts, though our life ... Music vdohnavlyaet something unexplained, I want to do nothing and simply returns to the music Delphine!
  • Olesya for Andrew Lysikov
  • I do not think that there are still many musicians, the songs that have at least some smysl.Delfin one nemnogih.Eto just something unreal, I can not imagine what must be the man to write such songs, which cut into the heart .. .
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    Andrew Lysikov, photo, biography
    Andrew Lysikov, photo, biography Andrew Lysikov  Musician, photo, biography
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