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DADA Felix (Jihad) Gadzhievich

( People's Artist of Russia, People's Artist of Dagestan.)

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Biography DADA Felix (Jihad) Gadzhievich
(1923 - ...)
Born in 1923 in Dagestan, a mountainous village of Gazi-Kumukh. Father - Haji Dadayev. Mother - Veriko Dadaeva. Wife - Nina I., Honored Artist of Dagestan. Daughter - Alfa Usaeva. Her husband - a descendant of the famous family kubachinskih masters Usaevyh. Grandchildren: Sergo, Madinah, Zarina. Great-grandchildren: Mahmoud, Diana, Aslan.

Real name Dadaeva - Jihad. He grew up in the mountains. His grandfather - the famous people in the Caucasus. In all school textbooks mentioned Dagestan Aboutalib, Gamzat Tsadasa Dadaeva and grandfather - the famous mall Dadayev Ghazi, who was once a clerk at Shamil. Good sense young man learned from the elders. Early to start work: he was a shepherd, his father learned profession tinker and jewelry case. Eventually the family moved to Makhachkala. There Jihad entered the children's ensemble named Suleiman Stalsky, who later became known as "Lezghinka". Gifted boy took the adult group, and he became the youngest member of the country's adult creative teams.

. In 1939 at the North Caucasian Olympic Arts Jihad noticed leaders of the State Song and Dance Ensemble of the Ukrainian SSR
. Before the first trip to London, his team leaders Bolotov and Wirski prepared dance suite of the USSR and for the Caucasian dances were looking for a boy who knows how to dance on pointe. So Dadayev became an artist of this famous company. Work in the ensemble Jihad combined with education in Ukrainian school, where he mastered the Ukrainian language.

The war caught Dadaeva in Dnepropetrovsk. On the basis of the ensemble was established front-line team, which included famous artists afterwards: S. Timoshenko E. Berezin (on the front of their stage names were Galkin Mochalkin, . later they became Tarapunka and plugs), . Yan Frenkel (in the team, he was a drummer, . and played the violin virtuoso, . turning it upside down), . Mark Fradkin (accompanist and pianist),

Then Jihad Dadaeva happened to be the only witness to amazing events that occurred in one of the Voronezh hospital. Mark Fradkin wrote the song "Oh, Dnepr, Dnepr. Hear something Marshal Timoshenko took off his medal and put it on the composer, said: "Then he will issue". Then did the same H. Khrushchev. So Mark Fradkin undocumented immediately received two Orders of Red Star for the excellent song. It was a victory of the Front Ensemble. Then this song was played on all fronts.
In war, Jihad Dadayev got a new name. The concert served as a Polish brigade, who taught his Ukrainian dance. In one of the battles at Pyatikhatki he was seriously wounded and died at the hands of the Jihad. In memory of another Dadayev took his name. Native initially resented. But a wise friend of his Rasul Gamzatov added to the new name "Iron" (in honor of F.E. Dzerzhinsky), and since then has Dadayev Felix for many people.
Throughout the war F. Dadayev went to the concert team, always at the forefront. The speakers in the field, in any weather, along with the soldiers endured the hardships of war. In the ranks of the most popular concert Brigade 2-nd Russian Front Jihad Dadayev reached Berlin in the 132 th Battalion of the NKVD. In war, wrote his first work as a writer - "Tears of mothers."

. After the war, based on the concert brigade was established ensemble, in which Felix Dadayev performed in many angles: a dancer, actor conversational genre, ceremonies, manipulator
. He possessed a unique ability for several seconds with both hands to draw any caricature of any provision of accurate throwing knives at a target, do tricks, composed and sang satirical verses.

. Since 1946, in the concert brigades at the headquarters of the Far Eastern Military District V
. Dadayev traveled throughout Manchuria, Chukotka, Sakhalin, was in Japan, China. Felix Gadzhievich was engaged as political satire, wrote satires and other military bands - Khabarovsk, Sakhalin. Appointed in 1957, the Minister of Defense, and before that the commander-in-Chief, Marshal of the Soviet Union R.YA. Malinowski took F. Dadaeva from the Far East with him in Moscow.

On tour in the Soviet republics and abroad, he is always at least a few phrases uttered in the native language of the audience, performed dances of almost all the peoples of the world.

F. Dadayev became known not only as a brilliant performer, but as a satirical writer and stage dramatist.
. For years, Felix Gadzhievich traveling the country with his solo concerts: "the author says," Humor - an elixir of longevity "and others
. On tour, he traveled over 102 countries around the world. He has performed with the Moscow music hall under the leadership Konnikova, as well as mini-music-hall. In the 60-80-s presentations, toasts F.G. Dadaeva traditionally ended with concerts in the decades of Russian literature and art in many cities, republics and countries. No wonder it was called "toast-master of the Soviet stage."
During construction of the Baikal-Amur Railway F.G. Dadayev 10 years in a row went to the concert for builders of roads, for which he was awarded the Medal "for active participation in cultural services of builders of the Baikal-Amur Railway.
F.G. Dadayev regularly appears before the soldiers in various regions of the country. As part of the concert four times the teams traveled to Afghanistan.
F.G. Dadayev - People's Artist of Russia (1993), People's Artist of Dagestan (1986), Honored Artist of Russia and almost all former Soviet republics. He - academician and vice-president of the International Academy of spiritual unity of the peoples of the world, an honorary citizen of many cities in Russia and former USSR.
Traditionally, in recent years F.G. Dadayev completed the concerts dedicated to anniversaries of Victory, which took place in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses and at Poklonnaya Gora in Moscow.
In May 2000, F.G. Dadayev completed the big holiday concert in honor of the anniversary of Victory in the concert hall "Russia", was awarded the Diploma of the Moscow government, the commemorative medal and souvenir watch from the Mayor of Moscow YU.M. Luzhkov.
F.G. Dadayev awarded the Order of Lenin, the Order of Patriotic War I and II degree, two Orders of Red Star, the Order of Vietnam, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, East Germany, Cuba, China and many other countries, medals. Has a lot of letters, awards and certificates from the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Defense. F.G. Dadayev a badge Border "," Excellence in Ministry of Internal Affairs "," Excellence in military patronage ". Decree of the Presidium of the ongoing National People's Congress of the USSR he was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor.
. And another unique touch to the biography of Felix Gadzhievicha: in 1996, was declassified that the actor has long played in newsreels as ..
. double I.V. Stalin. This was done, of course, with the knowledge and consent of the Joseph Vissarionovich. With a surprising resemblance to the leader, Dada lectured, imitating his voice ...
Lives in Moscow.

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DADA Felix (Jihad) Gadzhievich, photo, biography
DADA Felix (Jihad) Gadzhievich, photo, biography DADA Felix (Jihad) Gadzhievich  People's Artist of Russia, People's Artist of Dagestan., photo, biography
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