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Biography BRELIER Victor
Photographer. Victor Brel utverzhdet that the whole world - staffazh, and, consequently, in each element staffazha - the whole world.
- Pay attention to this "Self-Portrait. You see a shadow and the real hand. Hands, giving shade scale. This staffazh. In the classical variant staffazh - figure on the landscape, a minor detail arrangement. And in a modern, more precisely, in my, that's a detail, without which the composition would have lost all meaning. I maintain that the whole world - staffazh, and, consequently, in each element staffazha - the whole world
. I listened to photographer Victor Brel, answers questions of spectators, and remembered how the first time went down to his basement.
. Netherworld
. We stand at the door of the seventeenth century, behind which is placed the editors of "Knowledge - force."
. - Go to my masterskuyuN - offers Victor.
. Belong to the former boyars' chambers, down to the basement.
. - How the devil for kulisamiN - laughing Brel, watching impression on me as they set up here, "hell".
. A world that came before me, and in fact represents something beyond
. It seems that gathered here, just being moved, said: Some have learned - had already seen somewhere in the photographs. Here, behind the scenes "more light" to live the famous staffazhi Victor Brel.

Gently touching his head with bare gyri, wondering what it is.

- My genetic portrait - responds Brel. - Made it to the 220 th anniversary of rooting my name in Russia. In 1773, my ancestors, the Germans from the Netherlands, moved to Ukraine. It is believed the appeal of Catherine II. But I have my own version. If you believe the table the activity of the sun, just in 1773 was one of the sun peaks. I think they warmed so that they withdrew and moved and established colonies Waldheim, with its culture, its language relic. They were all masters: and with farming, and construction of houses, and the device life. I am grateful for that and for me, it seems, there is still something of a family of zeal.

. Cemetery played images

. I look at dozens staffazhey - shapes, images, songs, affecting not only eccentric, but painstaking, thoroughness, skill execution

The latter clearly from the ancestral. And together - the age-old peasant nous mixed with avant-garde "thinking Muscovite.

- This is a kind of cemetery played images, paradoxes, delusions. And each "grave" reminds me that you can be born only once. Over 25 years of work with staffazhami I never repeated. My relationship with any staffazhem ends immediately after the shooting - the best protection from samotsitirovaniya.

. Now, . seems, . and I understand something: transferring your photos to staffazhi, . Brel as it squeezes out of the wood, . iron, . cardboard products all "live", . then places a "clot" in some tangible (and intangible) space: Then begins the mystery of the creator,
. The image, while remaining concrete, abstracts, sharply articulating a particular sharp mind, the moment of truth, irony of life, the metamorphosis of society.
- Here's one of my favorite games - "aeroutyug" - shows Brel. - You see, he even has an anchor, so far flown. They say that irons do not fly. Well, this is not yet proven.

Near the red leg in a white slipper either attending, or floats iron airtight box with a fish head. "Rybonog" - call it myself. But Brel gets somewhere the second leg, striking it in different places "Rybonoga" very happy with the melodic cacophony.

- The picture that staffazh, unfortunately, does not sound - he says. - But some still somehow realize that music - in his nature. Here in the studio, with a dozen "musical" staffazhey, the whole orchestra, created under the influence of Alfred Schnittke.

. When we were young ...

. Dozens of portraits of famous composers were made Brela in the seventies, when Schnittke's symphonies are not performed, when journalists are not looking for a meeting with him
. Young photographer just starting their careers, led to Schnittke as young, but already famous director-animator Andrew Khrzhanovsky.

- I then knew nothing about Schnittke, - says Victor. - But, having heard his music in the cartoon Khrzhanovsky "Glass Harmonica", I realized that I should immediately see this man. Speaking with him, photographing him, I probably felt the first man to build.
. I look at the portrait brelevsky Schnittke, in the tragic sight of which reflected the flames raging candles, and understand: to me a man who burns himself.
. Victor Brel remembers listening to the first public concert Schnittke
. This daring show, despite all the prohibitions, the conductor Gennady Rozhdestvensky gave in the Soviet city of Gorky.
- I came to the bitter with the flu, with headache wild. But when we heard the first chords of the symphony, a miracle happened: the pain completely disappeared, the head was amazingly clear, and I felt a lift of spirit that seemed to me going on biological regeneration. Meetings with Schnittke, with his music created in me a new energy, the emancipation of the spirit.
. Epilogue
. Staffazhi Victor Brel, long time tomivshiesya in the home of its creator, only in the last decade, one after another, and then immediately began to release dozens of will
. And the more complicated, confusing, chaotic our life becomes, the more necessary these strange at first glance, the work, which pulsates time.
In this world for Brel there are no dead things. Even an ordinary brick was cracked on the cover of living maxim: "Life is cracked". However, Brel - optimist. He was sure that someday, and this brick'll close.

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BRELIER Victor, photo, biography
BRELIER Victor, photo, biography BRELIER Victor  Photographer., photo, biography
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