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KONEGIN Svetlana

( Television presenter)

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Biography KONEGIN Svetlana
photo KONEGIN Svetlana
Svetlana Konegen known for its unusual and striking defiance. It is the most prtivorechivye responses - from enthusiasm to curse. She - the nightmare of old ladies and intelligent indispensable participant secular hangouts in nightclubs. She - headache critics and viewers in a perpetual challenge to orthodox. Its distinctive features - the cynicism and penchant for risky escapade. This cocktail may be cited as detonating only Svetlana Konegen, and nothing else.
. The name of the well-known television presenter, literary critic, social activist Svetlana Konegen consistently associated with public outrageous, punky Impress and frenzied intelligence - both on television and secular coterie
. Another such is not, and is unlikely to be.
In Moscow it learned long ago, but under the name Belyaeva. Konegen it on her husband. In the circle of her friends and acquaintances are politicians and businessmen, and artists - in a word, the "beau monde. It is outrageous, clever, witty and beautiful in its own.
- Svetlana, you were born in St. Petersburg, grew up in academic research family, went to school at the Academy of Arts, graduated from the Department of Classical Philology Philology LSU. Home biography assumes good girl, strict lady - and now this extraordinary phenomenon as a television presenter Svetlana Konegen! I would like to ask Nekrasov words: "How came you to such a life" N!
. SK: I'm afraid that in all these hotbeds you where to throw good little girls, from me were not happy
. I only had to get used to them, like glass frames shattered to pieces and pedagogical illusion - also. Generally, I will confess to you secretly, hopelessly I'm suffering from chronic illness - a monstrous excess internal energy. She gave me all my life literally torn. True, true! I'm out of this pile of other problems, for example, with the intestines, with light ... Tissues of the body can not withstand such a boorish terror. Generally, the human shell so ... modestly, narrow, close, that all my life I'm trying to get rid of it. And, I hope, sooner or later I will succeed
. - By all indications - you are a woman, . which itself has done and continues to do, . ie, . If found in your life some people, . they, . I noticed, . for a period, . you're going to like this purposefully through life alone, . was not afraid to move from St. Petersburg in MoskvuN not afraid poteryatsyaN not find yourself in this gorodeN,
. SK: Oh-oh-oh-oh! You know I have such thoughts were absolutely no
. I was absolutely normal idiot and everything in my life then idiotic, especially in those days (now less), was done spontaneously. Unfortunately, I have long suffered clearly podzaderzhavshimsya infantilism, which, in general, intellectuals tend to children. (That's why so many of them freaks). Here I am, in part, and I am their category. My move happened very unmotivated. It was something.. I do not remember ... 89 year, and in St. Petersburg, the festival took place - not the festival, the conference - no conference, in general, something connected with the theme of the avant-garde, underground, literature and fine arts. A word that floated to the surface, beginning sotsializovyvatsya. So far in Russia is there as an underground culture, in a highly irregular forms. And I was foolish at this point to communicate with the relevant circles in St. Petersburg and Moscow. So naturally, this festival touched some sideways and I. And, by pure chance (it was summer), my parents at that time went to the cottage, and half of Moscow shobly lived with me. Ibid arranged some gatherings, reading: In this case, there were even quite serious people ....
. - How parents perceive your visual identity and whether they accept your image zhizniN
. SK: my parents are surprisingly emotional: still genuinely horrified when confronted with Snoy somewhere in the corridor
. Not to mention the TV. Way of this intrusive object to them in the house, it seems, has yet to get rid. Now he dognevaet somewhere in the country.

- A okruzhayuschieN
SK: With respect to the surrounding public, she sees me as something quite self-evident Saboia. She just truly believe that I - most are a product of hell. A kakovoN! Stupid TV snobs assert that the public dumb and without understanding. Not so! Yes they have a nose like a scout. Especially when it comes to the infernal
. - Svetlana Konegen in the "home" is different from the Konegen, which we used to see on ekranahN and how close the actual mask chelovekuN
. SK: Honestly, I have these two Konegen, home and street, all my life trying to unstick and put in different corners of the room one by one
. And all to no avail. Clever they scoundrel! Once them pritroneshsya, п╤п╦п╡п╣п╫я▄п╨п╬ both assume an angelic look. And I strongly angels do not understand, and vyN
- I am afraid, too. In family life you also ekstravagantnyN
SK: Sure. I have it simply does not. In any case, in the ordinary human understanding.
. - Read somewhere this sentence, that's personal life, they say, you have not formed: the husband, a German, living in Germany, you often see a couple of times a year ...
. SK: I really husband - a German relations we have not tragic, but very warm, otherwise he would long ago have spat on the whole story and married somebody poprilichnee
. But since he apparently is not very normal people (as did the mathematician), then, our relations rasprekrasnye ... The scope and configuration of the family is very changed. Families are very, very different and ... In my opinion, neither I nor you do not adhere to stereotypes goody ...
- Well, we certainly do not subscribe ...
SK: So the view that my personal life is not so good, funny. In general, judging by what I read sometimes about himself in newspapers, journalists know absolutely nothing about it ...
- Tell me about the first TV broadcast.
SK: I vaguely remember ... our project was a "Sweet Life" on NTV, but the first television broadcast for all general-something scary ...

. - How do get into television zhurnalistyN
. SK: You know, I have the impression that the fall on TV, those who emphatically does not want to go there
. Typically, these are people and become what is called "stars". And my falling on television was not the exception. Just at that time NTV gaining momentum, and we had to make a number of new programs. In particular, some secular, unexpected program. Then the general secular programs no no ... At that time we came up with a new lot with my regular partner Valery Belov. It is, perhaps, some sort of five years ago ... Four and a half. Then we both were perfect amateurs on TV. Valera education theater director, then worked in film. We unexpectedly brought life, and I must say that the first sense we are to each other have experienced this profound hatred. I think that is fruitful and has generated a feeling of that first child - "Dolce Vita". Then Russia's television was extremely gray, pale. No birth brash, bright idiots that are now everywhere rod (and rather pointless) has not yet been. It is therefore natural that the appearance of such, I'm sorry for using indecent language, uebischa as I was quite shocked. Anyway, I remember that just over a month (but the program was small, 15 minutes), I had interviewed just lazy. What was in those days for me are absolutely new to.

- Now, in addition to the television project, is there any projects with which you zanimaetesN
SK: Two television project ... One very large, it is not-e-e-thinkable and incomparable to any hitherto existed in Russia's television projects ... And in a financial sense, and in the sense of ambition. Besides, he International. While the more ambitious and unprecedented project, than it unique and bigger, so, strangely enough, it is easier to find the money. Especially now, when social and cultural situation in the country changed radically. Not to mention the political. And the second - just so horrible, he was born we have recently and and and and, I hope ... try to implement it in time .... Assure that everything in this shake!

- That is, the old "gourmet" is no longer budetN
SK: No, of course, will be! First, this program is very beneficial in principle, because it has really high rating, so ... that its proper ubiratN It is quite a living and lives ... Just for me it is already Rolled track, and I treat the category of people who can not for a long time, more than a year, let's deal with the same story ... I become bored. I diagnosis known - ants in your pants.

- People working in television, friends, as a rule, or those who are familiar, or those who are familiar with childhood, or п╨п╬п╩п╣пЁп╦. You takN
SK: I have no friends at all. If I were a man like, I immediately try to engage him in intimate relationships, friendship - never.

- In order of what you spend your zarplatuN
SK: Well ... if I say that the men - I certainly do not believe.

- I do not believe. And tell me, is it true that Svetlana Konegen - very tusovovochny man: literally day and night carries on the endless get-togethers, meetings and other razvlekalovahN
. SK: You know, I am very pleased to support such a romantic myth about me, but, unfortunately, I have much more work than tusuyus
. But I try to always look very lightly at any get-together, I think it is only in his life duty. I really am on a number of events, where do know that meeting their long-standing friends. The other free time I usually do not and, accordingly, on the same events are often some very serious meeting

. - What is the title of those that you usually reward the media - Scandal Miss, Miss Unisex, Miss Intelligent ugliness - do you consider most spravedlivymN
. SK: I'm afraid none of these titles I did not meet
. First, I did not miss and not even Mrs.. Ladies in me no more than male. More precisely, in my very little is left of the common man. Well, is that some stupid habit. With the same respect to these definitions, such as "scandal", "unisex" or "intellectual disgrace," it is all the things journalists. Well what I bezobrazieN the contrary, I - the perfect embodiment of order, the order to which these citizens are simply not mature enough.
And why do suddenly took him and began to wander about the rumors about your biseksualnostiN give povodN
SK: There is - and well. Not for anything they do not reject. Because of this fact, as you know, I captured that part of the audience, which could hardly have the right. But, unfortunately, nothing to document this fact can not. Eventually, perhaps, in this regard will somehow progress. In any case, I promise that lot of hard.

- Getting the kind of person, in your opinion, could make your name on the front pages of newspapers in the section "Scandals" N
C.K.: Getting ... unlikely.. I myself - embodied scandal ... be with Putin, and even then, if we go solely on the romantic connection.

- Who would you like purely human standpoint poobschatsyaN
SK: Is that with the Pope, I think, with him we might well delay. They say he was a great cynic - it unites us.

- Svetlana, not whether you have ever thought to throw everything to hell and go to biznesN
SK: Some people, romantically-minded people I know, this thought comes ever ... but, you know, I have a different temperament. I'm not so interested in the money. I'm more interested in the creative process itself, and, unfortunately, I simply can not deny myself in this little weakness ... Also, I'm a man too public, too socially active, that would engage only in business, as such.

. - You probably just masses of poklonnikovN
. SK: I did not think ..
. - And if faced with the manifestation of love of folk massN rush it to you on the street people in thirst held out, snuggle, kiss the sand on which you proshliN
. SK: Well, u have faced ..
. you know, I do not particularly pay attention to it .... I have no such ambition, an infant, when the stars enjoy this "recognition" ... This is too trivial for me, I still did not pop the bird ... I - bird juicy and povesomee. I hope so.
- In everyone's life there are happy moments that are remembered for a long time ...
SK: I hope you're not on the bed govoriteN
- Ahem ... no ... I have about life in general ... Your mgnoveniyaN
SK: Well, here you must specify a number of preliminary questions: if I have this same cemetery, called memory, which can be carefully stash away those very moments. This time. Two - is something that I have no special moments there were no. I - absolutely happy person and I feel as such all his life.
- Well, stressful situatsiiN
SK: I have a whole life - this is a stressful situation, just because something I am happy. I always have a reason to popsihovat ... As for the final stage, death, when it all just once before the flash of eyes and thank God, go out, then it I did so far have not experienced ... But I think it will be a very pleasant moment.

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  • Elena for KONEGIN Svetlana
  • Svetlana edravstvuyte! Very love your program "delicacies." In January 2005пЁп╬п╢п╟ you shot on the transfer of embalming in St. Petersburg (1mede). 'll Show where to find it and see. The fact that I got in a frame (our group is just laboratory preparations corpse).
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    KONEGIN Svetlana, photo, biography
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