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Rostislav Sergeevich Demidov

( Hero of the Soviet Union, the naval doctor, professor.)

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Biography Rostislav Sergeevich Demidov
(November 4, 1922 - ...)
Born November 4, 1922 in Kharkov. Father - Demidov Sergey (1895 - 1976), mother - Maria Demidova Avraamovna (1899 - 1977). Wife - Aza losifovna (1924 g. born.), architect. Son - Demidov Sergey Rostislavovich (1950 g. born.) psychologist.
Inquisitive and intelligent schoolboy glory Demidov, who was born in Kharkov, far from the sea, early became interested in ships and aircraft. Equally, he was attracted and water, and air elements. After graduating with a gold medal from high school, Rostislav enrolled in 1940 at the Naval Aviation School On behalf. A. Levanevskogo.
Accelerated release of cadets from the school took place in the autumn of 1941. Sergeant Demidova designated navigator in the 4-th mine-torpedo-aircraft regiment of the Pacific Fleet. In 1943, together with a daring aviator Ossetian Alexander Gagieva he got to the fighting, the Red Banner Baltic Fleet, and ultimately - in the 1 st Guards regiment of mine-torpedo, . which was based at the airfield Klopitsy, . that about 80 kilometers west of Leningrad,
. They mastered the American attack bombers "Boston" that came to the USSR under Lend-Lease Act, and then actively fought for them. These multi-purpose air machines were easy to control, equipped with powerful engines. Some Boston used to topmachtovogo bombing of ships and vessels, or simply as bombers, others - as a torpedo and a sea mine experts for setting min. In the latter case, the aircraft specifically to retrofit aviamasterskih.

Each departure Demidov prepared carefully, since it is the navigator assigned a special role in the production of deadly "surprises" for the enemy. Studied charts, performed the necessary calculations, together with the pilot bearings, and at the right time confidently pressed the button to drop mines and torpedoes.

. Mastered topmachtovoe bombing - the original tactical novelty at the time
. This novelty demanded navigators physical endurance, . psychological resilience, . courage, . Finally, . fearlessness: after a raid on the ship was carried out at extremely low altitude, . at the top of its mast - Topa (hence - topmachtovoe ...), . literally in sight of the enemy,
. Soviet pilots safely used this technique, which gave a great battle effect.

Deep in the memory R. Demidova fuse one of these episodes. Exploration then was told that the Germans are preparing a landing on the coast of the Gulf Koporsky. As the caravan of ships, marching under guard patrol ships and boats, was organized by the combined air strike. Il-2 suppressed the anti-aircraft artillery assault, Yak-9 provide air supremacy in the area of operation.
The main strike force were four "Boston". The first of them - A pilot. Gagiev, navigator P. Demidov, frog. Above the caravan appeared suddenly - from the sun at high speed and low altitude. For 100-200 meters to the goal of dropping bombs. Due to rebound from the water surface, they fall into the ship or blown up by his side. Since then the Baltic pilots sank two large transport and several patrol ships and boats. The landing of the enemy landing was disrupted. All planes returned to base, but with holes in the wings and fuselage.

Topmachtovoe bombing successfully used in many other cases. For example, August 24, 1944 our planes intercepted two convoys on their way to landing in Libau. Two topmachtovika opened gun-machine-gun fire, and two torpedo fired the deadly torpedo. Two vessels with a displacement of 5 and 8 thousand tons, and two patrol boats were sunk. After three days in the south-western Baltic Sea Quartet Boston again attacking the Nazi guards. Mate P. Demidov can torpedo hit the submarine that ran on the surface.

. Over the last two years of the Great Patriotic War, the brave pilots of the 1 st Guards mine-torpedo Aviation Regiment CBF allowed to sink more than 20 German transports and warships
. Among the crew of a. Gagieva - P. YSU managed to destroy 6 vessels with a total displacement 27 500 tons, a few transports, ships and boats damaged, incapacitated. The crew of the aircraft made 106 sorties. During the missions, suffered a 60 precision strikes torpedoes, held 20 topmachtovyh bombing, 26 minute performances. This meant that the enemy ships with their firepower and assault force was unable to reach our shores, were saved the lives of thousands of soldiers and civilians. Both brave aviator - Alexander Gagiev and Rostislav Demidov became Heroes of Soviet Union. Just such a high rank of the regiment was awarded the 33 airmen.

After the war, wishing to continue and improve their military specialty, R.S. Demidov in 1947 and enrolled in 1951 graduated from the Faculty of navigational Air Force Academy. It also left him a senior lecturer at the Department of the combat employment of aircraft weapons, and then appointed head of the department of navigation services and combat use of aircraft weapons Naval Academy (Leningrad), where he worked for 20 years. Written a few books and manuals. He received his Doctor of naval sciences, Professor. As a prominent specialist, was a member of the scientific-technical councils of the Navy and Air Force country, a member of the expert council of the Higher Attestation Commission.
Following the resignation in 1983, Colonel P. S. Demidov about 10 years worked at the post of professor-lecturer at the Department of Safety at the Moscow Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers.
Hero of the Soviet Union R.S. Demidov was awarded the Order of Lenin, three Orders of the Red Banner, Order of the Patriotic War I degree, Red Star, "For Service to Motherland in the Armed Forces of the USSR" III degree, many medals.
. Rostislav Sergeevich keen on sports such as volleyball, skiing, swimming
. Among friends he is known as a great lover of classical Russian literature, the memoirs of generals and admirals. And yet - he is a big theatergoer. In St. Petersburg and Moscow there are no theaters, where he had not visited with his wife.
Lives in Moscow.

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Rostislav Sergeevich Demidov, photo, biography
Rostislav Sergeevich Demidov, photo, biography Rostislav Sergeevich Demidov  Hero of the Soviet Union, the naval doctor, professor., photo, biography
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