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Alex Kortnev

( lead singer of `accident ')

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Biography Alex Kortnev
photo Alex Kortnev
(October 12, 1966)
Alexei Kortnev, lead singer of "accident" - the original person.
Alexei Kortnev, lead singer of "accident" - the original person. He calmly talks about his failings, and it did not feel ashamed. For thirty-odd years he had many. Studied at Mekhmat, was an actor of student theater, acted in films, worked as advertising manager in a well-known advertising agency, a director on television, leading television and radio. He is frequently invited to conduct a variety of concerts and other shows. However, he does what he wants. He began his artistic career as an infant (his first poems he wrote while sitting on the pot), Courtney still can not stop.
With Alexei Kortnevym talks, our correspondent Elena Sadovnikova.
- First of all, you - a soloist of "accident". However, there are two of your transmission, two set performance, dozens of roles. As this is coupled with the fact that in his youth, you and your boys considered themselves to Moscow snobamiN
- Yes, in my youth would be incomprehensible, and the texts we wrote a special meaning for the initiated. Growing occurred a long time, so the desire to look mysterious and incomprehensible, I just got rid of 30 years. Somehow I suddenly realized that we must speak in a language that I understand the need audience. Now I write for normal people.
As for freedom, then it simply does not. We are always from something dependent. I, for instance, like to drink beer, ten bottles of some sort, when behind the wheel. So in fact not. Communicating with friends, like sometimes foul language to talk, but to afford this for my mother, I can not. Because the families of mathematicians is not allowed. There, other values and other conventions.
- And what you call normal lyudmiN
- Those with whom I am interested in communicating
- After all, elitism firmly in your sitting.
- Yes, it is not elitism, in no case. I do not like this word. Just interesting to me is a stratum of people with a certain level of education, which has a literary taste and reading, not only Sidney Sheldon.
- Began with you writing poems on the pot. And continued his artistic career at the legendary spot - studteatre MSU. And certainly played in the revolutionary plays:
- No, the play was absolutely traditional, classic staging. He played there, I wordless role. And in general, we then durkovali seriously its activities are not included. Play professionally, I just do not know how, and a group of my non-professional - we did not learn this anywhere else.
- You were the leading two entertainment programs on television. And how do you do there popaliN
- We Valdis Pelsh directors began working on television copyright 89-90 years. It then occurred revolutionary changes. We had the opportunity to break stereotypes and television to make a new image. And something that we have. We started work in the wonderful company of people who now make up the elite of our TV, - Dima Dibrov, Andrey Stolyarov, Leonid Parfenov. We Valdis were directors of the first program Parfenova. We worked with Igor Ugolnikova, the authors of the first issues of "two-on, we were.
- Are not you jealous of his sudden Valdis uspehuN We started something you together, and now its your popularity does not compare.
- Of course, jealous. Three or four years ago. As any person working in the field of show business, I am ambitious. But, thank God, I have enough education, not to let jealousy manifested. Never in my life is not inserted sticks in the wheels Valdis and did not speak disparagingly of his transfer. Of course, this popularity does not make me never. On the other hand, where now "Guess the melody" N A "accident" and is actively working.
- Thank you so much and varied work. And what is the source of your energiiN
- Of course, in sports. Main collective activity of our group - a ski and board. Skiing I learned in school. And once a year we allow ourselves to go to the mountains for two weeks to make enough to roll. And in the summer - windsurfing. Well, billiards, in which we usually play from noon until three in the morning. Volleyball, three for three - is something quite remarkable. In it I play 6 hours. Already on his feet and do not deserve it, and I know that in the morning everything will be hurt, and has been pulled back, arms and legs, but still - can not be stopped.
. - You are venturesome chelovekN probably a disease called "Roulette" infected and vasN
. - I venturesome only that depends on my own efforts
. A randomly-numbered I do not take. Therefore, I do not play roulette.
- Well, Sports. And people really do not help you cope with life and assumed by obyazannostyamiN I mean - close lyudiN
- Of course. Contact with people who love and respect, - mandatory. This is generally the only thing that supports all our creative endeavors. Must be a point of reference, the origin. Must always be clear for whom you work.
- So you're not publikiN
- You can work to the public, if you giperpopulyaren. When anyone, literally anyone you know and love. Andrej Gubin, Philip Kirkorov and Zemfira can work to the public, because their students are measured stadiums. I'm talking about myself so I can not say I did not listen to the stadiums. I work for 20-30 people.

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Alex Kortnev, photo, biography
Alex Kortnev, photo, biography Alex Kortnev  lead singer of `accident ', photo, biography
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