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Mikhail Shcherbakov

( Artist art song)

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Biography Mikhail Shcherbakov
Fifteen years ago, his guitar is clear and clearly stated that the art song is not only a glorious past - and the Vysotsky Vizbor, not only are continuing - Kim and Ivasi - but also a brilliant future.
Cunning, oh, cunning Mikhail Scherbakov - just his songs are simple and understandable. And then, in that his words were sung shape, too, is understandable and quite simply. It only seems that the songs Shcherbakova complex - they would be difficult, would not be such a loud and threatening the popularity of this, in general, the quiet genius. It seems that the rhythm of his verse is complex - see how easy it is, in the tracks, follow him imitators as easily borrow lovers of his songs ...
Fifteen years ago, his guitar is clear and clearly stated that the art song is not only a glorious past - and the Vysotsky Vizbor, not only are continuing - Kim and Ivasi - but also a brilliant future.
That is the future headed Shcherbakov, and it was his "cherry jam" Bulat Okudzhava called new classics of art song.
It is believed that a decisive influence on the creative manner Shcherbakova have Vysotsky and Kim. Had the audacity, I note that the semantic load this assertion does not take any - as, indeed, any "common place". For everyone who listened and heard their songs, Vysotsky and Kim have had a decisive influence. In the work Shcherbakova lines inherent in the songs of Vysotsky, I honestly do not see at all (Vysotsky, tend to have more influence on people chelovekoobrazuyuschee than pesneobrazuyuschee). But with songs from Kim chansons Shcherbakova is, at least one very significant thing in common - absolute freedom of the text and melody.
And Julius Chersanovich, and Michael K. amazingly inconsistent with whatever was common and are not afraid of the word, the generally accepted scheme. But, . if Kim's disregard stereotypes expressed in the spoken and emphatic dramaturgichnosti his songs (not vytantsovyvaetsya rhyme - but to hell with it, . indeed! normal people still speak in prose), . then Shcherbakova, this is akin to absolute freedom of relaxation and relaxation fencer, . perfect owning a sword,
. Abrupt and irreversible change in tunes, hot break Foot, unexplained metamorphosis lyrical - and all this in the middle of songs ...
Maybe it was because of this inexpressible grace Shcherbakov and is considered "complex" N "Come now, if his song, his poetics and melodies from the first execution accepted almost any audience, what kind of slozhnostN..
Of particular beauty, harmony and simplicity in the text gives Shcherbakova complicated rhyme. Rhyme-row, for example.
And whatever weaving, wherever led military governor,
Wait, how much water, how much trouble leaked ..
Rhyme paradoksalnayai component:
A la guerre comme a la guerre, yes.
Let weep Gerd.
And from these tears, let
Rose bush grows ...
By the way, was another great bard, which is a virtuoso of rhythm, playing hide and seek with her and Complete List - Leonid Semakov. Other lines Shcherbakova built almost semakovskim templates - but, . God, . how different intonations of these authors - a frank mocking challenge against rogue chilly aesthetic elegance! No no, . forswear again - no need to comparisons, . art song order and good, . that varied,
By the way, Shcherbakov in popularity among fans of art song spawned a phenomenal situation - his songs sometimes literally "monopolize" this Wednesday, they sing almost exclusively Shcherbakova. There was even a saying of protest: "What would sing to us this, . only so as not Shcherbakova ... "I myself, . Once in the early nineties under the spell of these songs, . almost gave up his own work and switched to Doers; songs Shcherbakova pulled in my repertoire for eighty percent,
. It was a creative almost-death. In order to escape from the influence of the author "Trubach" I had to finally write a song a la Shcherbakov:
. I was not a liar - but I was afraid of the truth,
. And, preferring to serve other people's words,
. I forgot his bitter ballad
. And sang someone else's dead head ...
. Despite the fact that the whole song from beginning to end was imitative, I like it so far - maybe just because of the similarity to Scherbakovskaya
. And - like cures like - then I could still make an immense admiration for the songs Shcherbakova slightly less global, and instead almost the only, he again became one of the many.
Here you laugh - but for me it was a real victory. Exit dependence gaining freedom.
Learn from my experience. Do not be a genius to dominate you - crush ...
In general, the broadest popular records Shcherbakova - it records, it is essential! - Pleases me greatly. During the, . when television monopolized the information environment, . during the, . when the air prevails immediate and caries, . during the, . when eighty percent of web traffic is porn, . - In these troubled times, . is, . You can be the dominant intellectual influence by a tape recorder and player,
Maybe this is a sign of what is possible and quite "Another Life" ...

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Mikhail Shcherbakov, photo, biography
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