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Ray Cummings (Ray Cummings)

( Science fiction)

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Biography Ray Cummings (Ray Cummings)
Name Ray Cummings (Ray Cummings) was in the 20's and 30's, perhaps the loudest in the list of American writers working in the field of fiction
. Raymond King Cummings was one of the true sons of the era of technological progress - he even worked for a time, Thomas Edison, that in those days it was a super recommendation for anyone who wanted to prove themselves in the field of fantastic literature
March 15, 1919 in the "All-Story" was published debut story Cummings, instantly created him fame as one of the most popular authors of pulp-era - "Girl in the gold atom" ( "The Girl in the Golden Atom"). The story is almost verbatim from the subject published over six decades before, . in 1858, . "Diamond Lens" Fitz-James O'Brien, . in which the scientist, . inventing a fantastically powerful microscope, . found living in a drop of water and a girl in love with her,
. Hero of the story Cummings, which the author simply called the chemist, made a very similar opening in one separate one atom of gold wedding ring her mother. (By the way, very emphatic evidence that the science then expected to be mainly "good miracles": otherwise, in the microcosm of a much more likely to find would be some kind of nasty). However there, . where the character of the story O'Brien folds (a drop of dried, . girl died, . but scientists remain just go mad with grief), . Chemist Cummings decided on the next step: it creates a kind of tool for internal use, . which greatly reduces its size and sends a microcosm for a meeting with mikrovozlyublennoy,
Apparently, it is an active scientific approach to solving the problems of the hero Specialties personal life story provided a resounding success, which is a feat the author to write voluminous continue. Story "People of gold atoms" ( "The People of the Golden Atom"), . began to be published in the issue of "All-Story" on January 24, 1920, . and in 1922 even published a novel Cummings, . gathered from the story and the story, . separate edition in the UK (in the U.S., this book was published in 1923),

. Using roughly the same approach, . Cummings had built almost all their work over the next decade - the novels "The people of fire" ( "The Fire People" - "Argosy", . 1922), . Man, . commanding time "(" The Man Who Mastered Time "-" Argosy ", . 1924), . "Princess of the atom" ( "Princess of the Atom" - "Argosy", . 1929), . "Girl shadows" ( "The Shadow Girl" - "Argosy", . 1929), . "The outcome of time" ( "The Excile of Time" - "Argosy", . 1931) ..,
. Cummings is clearly lacking in the diversity of artistic techniques, and, even worse - he apparently was not, and understanding what it was he lacked.
A summary of the plot of the novel "The man commanding the time" can give a sufficiently clear idea of the creative way the author.
Young but already learned Lotto Rogers and his elderly, but no less a scientist father accidentally (it was accidentally made all discoveries of this kind) invent a device through which you can see the future. Cold and unfriendly is the year 28204 th birth of Christ: glaciers covered much of the planet, . people, almost all extinct, . However, Rogers is still possible to find the snow beauty, . which captured some merzopakostnye personality,
. Of course, the girl must be immediately saved, so the young man, generously funded by the scientific community, crosses the time machine with a helicopter and on this hybrid boldly rushes through the thickness of the centuries

. Clear, . in a dark future, a man of advanced twentieth century, few can resist, . therefore, Rogers repeatedly selects a scoundrel Torokhov girl (which, . itself, . name Azilal) and, . eventually, . brings her home, . in the former tropical island in the former Gulf of Mexico,
. They inhabit a brave tribe englizov dedication stores the non-rich knowledge lost civilization. Azilal, as expected, is the beloved daughter of the chief englizskogo scholar and statesman.

Torokhov, by itself, does not want to admit defeat and was preparing an invasion of barbarians from the mainland to the island. Lotto Rogers learns about his treacherous plans and causes of the twentieth century reinforced: the second vremyakopter with his father and a childhood friend of George. Then Torokhov provided an excellent opportunity to steal one of the two as obtain vremyakopterov, . replenish stocks of weapons in the past, technically advanced and organize an intervention on a new level of combat and political training, . so even with the special perfidy: once from two sides,
. On the one hand planted on the island landing was with heavy losses dropped into the sea, but on the other villains have not met anybody. And Torokhov would be the winner if not for dad beauties Azily, which at the last moment was able to awaken not fallen asleep at the time of Volcano. Forces of Nature convincingly prove the invalidity of all the invaders of their claims, . installed on the island of democracy in the classical style of the twentieth century, . and three vremyaprohodtsa return home - naturally, . smuggled in luggage three beautiful brides from the distant future,

Lack of creative progress could not pass to the reputation Cummings trace, so in the thirties, his popularity began to decline markedly. But, . "Argosy" continues to publish his new novel: for example, . duologue Tama from the Land of Light "(" Tama of the Light Country ", . 1930) and "Tama, . Princess of Mercury "(" Tama, . Princess of Mercury ", . 1931), . tells of, . as merkuriane on his head was kidnapped on Earth, and that is why we have a girl for a life of it there, . on Mercury, . arranged,
. Other journals also do not miss an opportunity to decorate the name Cummings their covers, so to complain about the lack of attention to the writer does not have (even in the 60 years of his work to recollect and reprinted).
. In the memoirs of Frederick Paul is a very revealing piece on Cummings
. In 1940, Paul, . who was then only twenty years, . became editor of two fiction magazines - "Astonishing Stories" and "Super Science Stories", . manufactured by "Fictioneers, . Inc. ", . subdivision of a large publishing group "Popular Publications",
. His acquaintance with Cummings happened exactly in this regard his appointment.
I quickly learned that good stories and the stories are well-paid - this is not necessarily one and the same. My personal mentor in this discipline was a great old man named Ray Cummings. He was tall, thin, wore old rigid collars instead of a tie, and seemed incredibly old - even in the first world war, which ended before I was born, he was underage at the age of. I think when we met, he was past sixty [1].
I have great respect for Cummings as a writer. Great, he never was, but he has quite a wide popularity and his specialty was fantastic. Even his own track record impressed - in his youth, he even managed to work with Thomas Edison - and the man he was agreeable. But by whom it was not, it is the supplier of good stories. I do not think that his talent was lost, rather, Ray, he simply no longer need. Cummings was still partial to science fiction, but works considered only as a way to earn a living, and his typewriter almost no resting. He wrote all that could be sold, and for him there was no razznitsy, in what genre it is written. Even before I came to work in the "Popular", he sold them a lot of detective and horror stories that were published under several pseudonyms.
When I started working in the company and Ray knew that I - a real fan, came to his street festival. He is not only able to return to fiction, but quickly realized that I had for him - the real cash cow. I have no idea how you can opt to take the story in such a famous writer. Worse: Ray did not agree to lower fees, . than a cent per word, . I missed the opportunity to tell him, . that this condition is beyond the boundaries, . set for me by God and the publisher: When he first came in the office, . I have just formed a few dollars orphan,
. Month after month, he yavlyasya me with the punctuality of the pendulum and each time offers a new story. All his stories were unreadable hack, I bought them one and all
. Fortunately, I had the right to reduce his work to the lowest possible level, so while Ray and reduced my incentive fund, but will finally reduce it to zero could not ...
. Cummings has not been able to adapt to changes in fiction
. As soon as "chicks Campbell, transforming it, Cummings became more archaic monument to bygone days of youth genre ...

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Ray Cummings (Ray Cummings), photo, biography
Ray Cummings (Ray Cummings), photo, biography Ray Cummings (Ray Cummings)  Science fiction, photo, biography
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