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Eva Braun

( Hitler's Mistress)

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Biography Eva Braun
photo Eva Braun
It is believed that it was primitive. Not that blindingly beautiful, but charming, polite and knew his place. Banal appearance, trivial name. Famous phrase of her lover, with whom she had lived for nearly half of the metered her fate 33 years: "A man with high intelligence should be primitive and stupid woman". But these words referred to its predecessor ...
In early April Eva learned that the Fuehrer bunker in the Reich Chancellery perebralsyaiz. She sat behind the wheel of his white Mercedes-convertible and went to the bank Hintersee. The tops of spruce trees on the slopes of the surrounding mountains have sprouted fresh herbs, on the shore of the lake returned to life: over her head with a branch in its beak silently and serenely floating Stork. Badly did not want to emigrate, but the decision has been taken ...
She held in the alpine residence Hitler throughout the war and four years before the war, rarely leaving on Munich and Salzburg. Whenever the Berghof were waiting for the owner, her heart was filled with anxiety: Hitler was unpredictable, and Eve never had it with some of his mask to her face in a regular meeting.
... And yet, ready for anything, she did not expect that its emergence in the bunker to make its inhabitants such a devastating effect. For them it was a sign of the end. "But this is Pharaoh's tomb!" - Guessed it, clearly feeling the cold grave fills the soul of despair. Rada she was only a dog Blondi, pines for the narrowness and lack of attention.
Hitler asked her to leave the doomed Berlin to Munich, but perhaps not very strongly. When it simply and succinctly said that he would remain with him under any circumstances, he only bowed his head, implying that takes a difficult decision.
After an Alpine chalet was horrible not be shaken by explosions in reinforced concrete bag. You can imagine how unbearable this limited space for the Fuhrer with his architectural gigantomania. Some ultimate, final hint of truth in that, for the current asylum Hitler found no deterrent names: Wolf's Lair is not without cleft palate, not Shapeshifter - just Fyurerbunker. Moreover, as explained to her one of the officers, despite a 17-meter layer of soil, sandy soil in Berlin - an ideal environment for proliferation of blast

. ... When they met, . she was only 18, . and she still did not know anything about life, . about men, . had no experience of coquetry and totally did not know how to present himself - not my hair, . or dress - a girl from the crowd, . one of the thousands of young exalted creatures, . covered by the languor of spirit and flesh, . one of those, . who enthusiastically welcomed Hitler at rallies and threw flowers in the wheel of his car,
. Intelligence and inquisitive Eve wanted to do art - who was then in Munich, . This energy center of Europe, . beside which faded Paris, . not dreamed of becoming an artist! But parents, . Convinced, . not with her talent to earn a living art, . built a daughter in a photo studio assistant Heinrich Hoffmann, . ardent supporter of National Socialism,
. One day he took her to the shooting rally. Hitler was full of energy, the popularity of the party has grown steadily, after public meetings had to break up by mounted police, to make the roadway. He owned the audience completely, hypnotizing the audience, regardless of the meaning of the above, for a moment without weakening grip. Eve, he cast a spell witchcraft overtones votes. For public shooting was followed by a private, then - an intimate dinner, ended up in bed. For Eve's loss of virginity was an event of great significance for him, it soon became clear - an episode. Adolf surrounded by women not like Eve: bombshells, millionaire, even a movie star ... To attract attention, Eva became a platinum blonde, but it and it did not impress.

Hoffman showed up in a bunker a few days after Eve: court photographer arrived to snatch the last - to capture the agony of the Reich. Seeing the box with the equipment, . Borman pounced on him with a genuine fury, . becoming like the evil ferret: "What do you want here, . features poberiN How dare you come without razresheniyaN "But the Fuhrer took Hoffman as the mother and spent alone with him almost the whole night,
. Malnourished long and pointless conversation, Hoffman could only utter: "My God, this is incomprehensible ..." How GenriettaN "- said Eva. "In order ChtoN ... What have HenniN I'm talking about the Fuhrer ... What a striking change ... This is a different person ... "" I'm talking about Henriette, the Henny - thought Eve - about your sweet little daughter, a cheap whore, nymphomaniac, which you strongly put under Hitler "

. Eva heard that Henny after his mother's death made her a respectable house in the den, and that Hitler had been there until now, naturally talkative, she began to talk to anybody about his affair with a rising star of German politics
. One way or another, but soon Hoffmann received exclusive rights to take photographs of Hitler and has amassed on this fabulous condition, and his daughter became Henriette von Schirach, although future Gauleiter of Vienna had a reputation as a homosexual.

"You never knew him really -" Eve. - You have nothing to compare ". Hoffman did not argue: "Adolf requested to know if you do not agree to return with me to MyunhenN" wailed banshee, having saved Eve from having to answer. Hunted looking, Hoffman picked up his bag and hurried up the stairs, away from the bunker. A few months after the war, he would be in the hands of Soviet intelligence and give her my photo archive.

... Nine years she remained on the sidelines. The most dangerous rival, was Hitler's niece Geli Raubal. He blazed to her genuine passion and insanely jealous. Eve did not even dream to take her place. But in September 1931 the first Gels found with a bullet wound in the chest in their Munich apartment. Hitler fell in prostration, friends, even feared that he put a bullet in the forehead. But three days later at the Brown House a telegram arrived: President Hindenburg invited him to talk. Fateful meeting returned to the life of Adolf.

God knows why he enjoyed success with respectable mothers of families. Frau Behshtayn gave him a magnificent concert grand piano. Russian Grand Duchess Victoria Feodorovna, nцLe Duchess of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, to sell its diamonds, and sacrificed the proceeds of party funds. Both are believed Hitler hereby crown.

Death gels did not strengthened the position of Eve. She was accompanied by his secretary's motorcade in the car, but never appeared with him in public. And really after Hitler became chancellor, he almost crossed the line of decency, lavishing effusive compliments each presented him beauty. At one time he showed interest in the wife of Robert Ley - Inge. Knowing the weakness of the Fuhrer, Inga Ley dressed in a deep low-necked dresses with slits and entertain guests, displaying a portrait of a naked wife. In this "original" was in the same room. One can only guess what the hell is going on in her mind - as a result of poor jumped from the window.

Companions dreamed to attach closer to Hitler's another lady, a more flexible. Especially Goebbels was indefatigable, constantly introduced the Fuhrer with pedigreed blondes - winner of lush breasts and firm asses: he knew, a scoundrel, tastes owner. But he knew not all ... He himself tirelessly grazed in the same "barn" - at the studio, avidly making up for the failure of love teenage years. In the end, he started a romance with actress Lida Baarovц¦. Not him ariek! Fц+hrer was beside himself with anger after learning that the Minister of Propaganda snyuhalsya with racial inferiority of Czech, but also brought her into the house, proposing marriage to his wife three. For middle-aged Magda from despair agreed, but soon became convinced that it is beyond its strength: even a couple of guests represented the cooing doves. All sexual exuberance after a conversation with the Fuhrer in Goebbels instantly lost its: he became a stern ascetic, completely absorbed by the struggle for the interests of the Reich
. Eva smiled: "Poor, stupid, lame lustful dwarf, you are still thinking that it Magda complained fyureruN"
. Plotting Goebbels dearly cost the Jews: it was he, in order to prove the Fuhrer, his zeal, he made shortly that he himself beautifully described as "Crystal Night"
She re-read her diary, re-intoxicated by the grievance.
"II in March 1935, Mr.. I want only one thing - seriously ill, not to see him at least a week. Why me nothing sluchitsyaN Why should I etoN If I had never met! I despair. Again, buy a sleeping powder to forget. Sometimes I regret not having contacted with the devil ... "

... Three hours waiting in front of the Carlton, to see how he brought flowers and took her to dinner ... "

Whom etoN Now, 10 years later, she could not remember. Leni Riefenstahl, Olga Chekhov, Renate MyullerN What now raznitsaN..

28 May. I just sent him a letter. If you do not get a response today to ten in the evening, just accept my twenty-five pills and ... quietly go to sleep ".

"Lord, I am afraid that he would not answer today. Maybe I should not have been him pisatN In any case, the uncertainty worse than the sudden end. I decided to take thirty-five tablets. Now surely. If he even asked someone to call me ... "

This was the second suicide attempt. The eighth year of their acquaintance parents finally caught on and ordered her daughter to demand from Hitler to appoint the exact date of engagement. Eve is 26, she feels the symptoms characteristic of all bavarkam propensity to overweight and sits on a diet, but nothing can claim: he is busy preparing the occupation of Austria, said that the first must complete its mission. The implication was that they were married after the war. It was her first lover, she - the orthodox Catholic.

In 1936, a cozy house in Obersalzberg, where they are with a small number of approximate spent weekends, enjoying the relative solitude, replaced-built manor house in the neighborhood Berghof. Eva moved there, and her privacy was complete. She became an avid athlete - climber, . swimmer and skier, . learned all the rules oven Viennese apple strudel (since the Fuhrer became a vegetarian, . He consumed an incredible amount of sweets), . away the time reading detective and passionately loved Hitler Indian novels of Karl May, . offspring have not seen a single Indian,
. In a good mood she sometimes called herself the "mother nation".

With the arrival of Hitler in the Berghof started the band illusory existence. The second half of the day and most nights were filled with unutterable boredom. Over lunch, Hitler uttered a long monologue on any subject, it cost him only catch for any replica of one of those present. The same was repeated in the teahouse, where the company sent immediately after lunch. Returning to the villa, the owner only a couple of hours would be alone in his private apartments at the top, then went out for dinner. Adjutants, assistants and secretaries continued doomed to listen to a lengthy, not once have heard the arguments. After dinner on the walls of living rose tapestries covering the overhead projector and screen. The session began with a fresh release of military chronicles, followed by two feature films, often Suit or music with lots of bare feet. Light is lit, but Hitler did not think to say goodbye. Sitting continued in the new staging: the master silently gazed at the fireplace, and the rest in a low voice so as not to disturb his thoughts, exchanging meaningless phrases. Vigil lasted up until Eve asked her to let go. A quarter of an hour I wish you all good night and Hitler. Razbredayas the morning, the suite was emptied feet from idleness. The next day all the repeated.

... Autumn of 1937 in Berghof took the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, but Eve, with its ambiguous status, as always in such cases, was not allowed to join the society. Surely Fuehrer believed that its presence is shocking Edward abdicated the throne for the love of a divorced twice amerikankeN She passionately wanted to see a woman who are dissatisfied with the role of favorite King. Lord, any of its predecessors would have been immensely happy! But Wallis Simpson went to the end, forcing Edward VIII to choose between them and the British Empire.

Eve saw a glimpse of Windsor. Wallis, no doubt, knew who to her. The women exchanged a long look. Evin asked: "How do you udalosN" Sight Duchess replied: "But then you, too ..." "Not yet" - silently protested Eve.
"His girlfriend", - she heard a replica of Wallace's request to her husband.
... The problem of racial purity did not cease to disturb the Fuhrer. He was very reluctant to give permission to marry foreign women. Native of Northern Europe were considered racially complete, and yet vague doubts tormented Hitler. He attentively examined photographs of young gollandok and norvezhek attached to the officer's petitions, and each time found that the bride will worsen breed. He strongly endorsed the order of Himmler, who encouraged the Waffen-SS in extramarital affairs, so long as they contribute to the preservation and improvement of the Germanic race. In the guard regiment "Adolf Hitler" enlisted soldiers growth of at least 180 - select breeding material. That's why, decided Fuhrer, where the population does not differ purity of blood, you need to send elite troops. He fell into a rage - now the war and love are inextricably linked. If a German, being a soldier, ready to die without question, then let nothing to embarrass him the freedom to love!

"Oh, Lord! - Think Eva. - Blood. They always talk about blood. The guards in the Berghof were really like on selection. Male-producing. The only problem is that the standard of life-were exclusively homosexual.

On the life of Hitler in Berlin, she knew only by hearsay, with half an ear catching the echoes of gossip. Reichschancellery regularly visited the ladies. In addition, the Fuhrer had met with them at official receptions. How he drove a close acquaintance with each of nihN

At the first meeting with Olga Chekhova a long time he would not let her, showering with compliments for the role of Polish guerrillas in the film "Burning off". Then he remembered the old, still dumb picture "Moulin Rouge" (Fц+hrer had always been indifferent to the cancan), where half-naked Chekhov performed the number with python. Olga told him that pythons accurately determine the sex of a person - a long time she has worked with a male, but he suddenly faded, and Olga brought pitonihu, which immediately took a dislike to the actress. Tamer, who tried to teach her the female body, she broke her collarbone. When filming began, Chekhov was dying of fear, the camera was turned off for a split second before pitoniha began to compress the ring. Extremely interested in the history of Hitler. "You just do not realize the threat from a male - he said. - He was laid bare for better contact with you. A female, of course, jealous,.

His latest passion, an Englishwoman, Unity Mitford, called itself the Valkyrie, can not accept a declaration of war, shot himself in the head in the English Garden in Munich in September 1939 and went back home on a stretcher. In December of that year Eve took two rooms in a service apartment Chancellor of the Wilhelmstrasse.

... With particular zeal for the idea of evacuation in the Alpine fortress clinging Borman: "It is high time to move to southern Germany and from there to lead the defense of the Reich ... While it is still possible ... I beg you to persuade him to leave Berlin ... "In response, she looked at Bormann, . he froze, . immediately understood, . that can not count on that: if not Fuhrer, . then Eve has already crossed the line - she was in the bunker and then, . not to let Hitler take to the Alps,
Hitler's birthday celebrated more than modestly. In the garden of the Reich Chancellery teenagers lined up in uniform - the difference in the battle for Berlin the soldiers of the Hitler Youth. Fuhrer is the first time in recent weeks, climbed to the surface. He gently patted the boy on the cheek in his helmet and turned to the newly made gentlemen of the Iron Cross with stilted speech. However, confusion emerged: the Fuhrer had lost the thread of reasoning, his strength had suddenly dried up, and he quickly hid in a cave - now forever, leaving young people without a parting word of the Reich.
. A few days later a bomb allies turned Berghof in ruins ...
. Finally came the moment when the Fuhrer said it was time to choose between a poison and bullets: Russian in two steps from the office, there was no hope
. But first they must do what is going to do after the war. He closed his eyes and thought that declares them husband and wife, their power - in the end he was still head of the Reich. But she insisted that the marriage was accomplished by the normal procedure, as it should.
"Fraulein Braun ..." - Turned to her maid, after the ceremony when she returned to her. "You can call me Frau Hitler" - corrected Eve. Now she was fully prepared to withdraw from life and just waited for the Fuhrer, who went into the office to dictate a will ...

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Eva Braun, photo, biography
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