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Lou Henry Hoover

( Wife 31-second U.S. president.)

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Biography Lou Henry Hoover
(March 29, 1875 - January 7, 1944)
. In 1894, Lou Henry attended a lecture by Professor John Caspar Brenner, and got so excited on the geology, that in the same year decided to go to Stanford University, California.
. Once a student geologist Herbert Hoover came to the laboratory of Professor Brenner and saw a lovely girl with red hair and blue eyes
. Lou was in my first year, and he - at last, and was considered an assistant professor, who just showed samples of geological excavations Lou Herbert. When the professor came out of the lab, they talked. Parting, Herbert suggested we meet.
Mutual interest in geology brought them together, and after a few months they began to meet more. In 1895, Hoover graduated from the University. By this time they have already given word to each other, although without a formal betrothal. Later, Hoover told me that his so impressed from the outset to his wife: "wilfulness, blue eyes and wide smile."
Many years later, Lu believed that by studying the geology of it after the wedding, specializing only in Herbert. And indeed, in life, they became inseparable companions. She has participated in its work in China and Europe, always, including the presidency.
. When her husband was trade minister in the cabinet Harding, who once said that all her energy focused on something to keep her husband in all his large and small cases
. In 1928, Hoover was elected president of the United States, and the New York Evening Post has provided Lou intellectual partner of her husband in all respects. About me, she said: "I am a happy woman, because the way this man's life and mine were parallel to each other". Hoover saw in this statement of his wife "the best compliment ever given man."

Like Herbert Hoover, Lou was born in Iowa, March 29, 1875. Her father, Charles Delano Henry, worked as a merchant bank in Waterloo, gave only daughter of a lot of time. He often took Lu to go hunting, fishing and mountain. As the mother Lou, Florence View of asthma, in 1885 they moved to California, where the mother was more favorable climate. At first they lived in Los Angeles and then in Monterey. Beautiful, sociable, and also the daughter of wealthy parents, Lou was a success in men. When she began to meet with Hoover, a friend laughed at her. Hoover was an orphan, grew up in poverty, but also a Quaker, so students from the so-called vested treated him contemptuously. He belonged to the "Brotherhood" or to some elite club. Lu willingly ridden, but for Herbert horse did not mean anything. She danced with pleasure, and he was a real bumpkin. But both love hiking and nature. They were in love with each other, while all the time pushed the wedding. He wanted to earn enough money to support his family, but she wanted to get an education.

When in 1898, Lou took their last examination, Hoover worked as a prospector in the Australian desert. Then he got an offer from English "Bevik, Mehring and Company" to work in China. And he sent a telegram to Lou: "If you want to marry me, whether you're ready to go with me to KitayN" A telegram came at once, it was one word: "Yes."

. Hoover packed and after a long journey, which lasted five weeks, on Jan. 31, 1899, arrived in Monterey
. The wedding took place ten days later, February 10. Hoover was 24 years and 184 days, his wife was at 231 days younger.

Lu agreed that the wedding took place on the ritual, adopted by Quakers, although she belonged to the Episcopal Church. But suddenly it became clear that the Monterey was not a Quaker, nor Protestant clergyman. Therefore agreed to a compromise. The wedding had a Catholic priest, Roman Mestres, who was supposed to get permission from the management of churches on the right to marry is not Catholic. And the next day the couple went to China, this was their honeymoon.
In March 1899 Hoover arrived in the Chinese city of Tianjin. Hoover organized a geological expedition for the exploration of coal and other minerals. Lou helped him: to analyze maps, studied the Chinese legal requirements, reading materials on the minerals in China and participated in several expeditions. It is well learned the Chinese language, interested in Chinese art and began collecting Chinese porcelain. Lou loved life in China in a big house, who served ten Chinese servants.
In China, they had to endure great difficulties. In the spring of 1900, while in Beijing, Lu became ill from severe influenza. Hoover immediately moved his wife in Tianjin, where the doctor lived, whom they trusted.
During the Boxer Rebellion in June 1900 it was dangerous for foreigners to China. (From 1899 to 1901 in China, a secret society "Fist in the name of justice and reconciliation" rebelled against the Christianization and the industrialization of China. Boxer Rebellion was crushed by foreign troops.) During the siege, Lou took care of the wounded and distributed food. On the bike she rode to the urban neighborhoods where foreigners live, and helped them as best I could. One bullet hit the wheel of the bike, next time when it is in the house playing patience, three shells exploded near the house, damaging it. Several frightened reporters broke into the house to make sure that nothing happened. Lou greeted them with the words: "Can you imagine, my patience does not want to go". Then she suggested with remarkable composure reporters tea as if nothing had happened.
. When troops from the colonial powers came to Tianjin to suppress the uprising, Hoover insisted that Lu went to Japan, where it was not so dangerous
. "I do not go" - she replied sternly. - "You go away, and, moreover, immediately". - "I'll go, if you go with me" - she answered even more resolute tone. With enthusiasm she once read in a Beijing newspaper reported his own death, and a lengthy obituary. "Never have I felt such pride," - she told friends later.
In Tianjin Lu kept a cow. Thus it was fresh milk daily for children, but somehow the cow had disappeared. One of the Chinese servants offered to the settlement on the calf of the cow if the cow feels a calf nearby, it begins to bleat. When they came to some German barracks, the calf began to low, and thence came the reply moo cow. In broken German Lu explained the sentry that he wants to lead the calf to the mother. Relieved, the time grabbed the leash and dragged him into the barn, shouting Lou: "Thank you very much!" Laughing, Lou later told friends about this case.

In November 1901 Hoover moved to London. Lu rented a house in Hyde Park Goeth and furnish it to your liking.

. In London, Lou gave birth to two sons: August 4, 1903 Born Herbert Clark, Jr., and July 17, 1907 Henry Allon.

. Lou often traveled with the children in India, Egypt, Australia and Europe
. In 1907, together with her husband and children, she went to Burma, where Hoover founded the extraction of gold and lead. Hoover lived on the island of Tasmania, in Japan, Ceylon, New Zealand, Italy, France, Germany and Russia. It is not known, traveled there any other Lady of the United States so many countries, as the wife of the thirty-first U.S. president Herbert Hoover.

. Back in London, Lou took off a magnificent residence in the area Kempden Hill and wonderfully furnished it
. In this house lived for nine years of Hoover. They are often visited by friends. In addition, Lu withdrew the house on the territory of Stanford University, where they studied and learned.

. In his spare time, they are translated into English, Latin treatise on Agricola Mining ", published in 1556, the translation of which was published in 1912
. Lou helped her husband in preparation for the publication of the book "Fundamentals of mining," which was written on the basis of reports prepared by Hoover at Stanford University and Columbia. She insisted to include in the book features a chapter on education and ethical principles Starter Geologists. In addition, published a number of his articles on the widow of the Chinese emperor Fung-shi, about the English seismologists John Milne and the economic problems of Belgium. Beginning to write the history of Chinese culture, but the everyday worries never left her no time to finish the job.

The winter of 1913-14 Hoover spent years in Palo Alto, California. Early in the spring of 1914 they went to Europe.

Beginning of the First World War caught them in London. President Wilson appointed Hoover head of the organization helps victims of aggression - the Belgians and the Americans, who had been in Europe since the war began.

. When in 1916 the Germans began air raids on London, Hoover sent his family to California
. A few weeks in a row Lou presented his speeches and collecting money for the European countries. After the war the Belgian King Albert personally thanked her for participating in charity events, when she handed the Knight's Cross and the Order of Leopold. In reply, Lu said: "As there are many govoritN I have not done anything unusual, so every woman would have done for the sake of her husband, who loves. What makes Mr. Hoover, very interested in me, and as far as possible I try to help him. I only have two hobbies: her husband and sons ". When the United States entered the First World War, Hoover was appointed head of the food department. Lu rented a house in Washington on Massachusetts Avenue, which gave parties for employees who have worked with her husband, and for American and foreign politicians.

Lou helped her husband at work, organizing the campaign to collect food. She knew that the words are taught as examples of leading to imitate, so during receptions at the table was served not beef or pork, and various substitutes. Result of its activity has become a new word "to hooverize" (save food). In 1918, Lu met with the boy scouts and invited them to grow vegetables in the gardens near the house.

. After the war, Hoover led the "American Relief Administration (government organization, to continue the program through war-torn countries)
. His wife did not like that she was not allowed to accompany him on his frequent trips to Europe. She took up the construction of a new home in Palo Alto, a project for which she had prepared and called it the "House of Hope."

. When Hoover was trade minister in the governments of Harding and Coolidge, they lived in Washington on the street "S", in the house of 2300, which has always had many guests and associates
. Lou was again working with the American Boy Scouts and in January 1922, was elected president of this organization for three years. Through its activity the number of girl scout grew from 13 000 in 1917 to 840 000 in 1924. She supported the establishment of summer camps and introduced the custom of selling cookies for charity.

. In April 1923, Lu became deputy chairman of the Union of amateurs.

. A special courage she showed, when expressed conservative association "Daughters of the American Revolution, that short skirt" has its meaning for women.

. Actively involved in the organization "The League of Women Voters, advocating women to vote
. "Women should be involved in politics - she said at a conference supporter of the Republican Party in Philadelphia in May 1923. - They should delve more into public affairs, rather than spend time just for fun. Do not look back on what they want us to see whether in politics or not, we will unite, and the only force that will strengthen us, is the power of the vote ". In 1926, Lu claimed: "I believe that a career can continue even after marriage". And one reporter said: "In politics there are no differences between women and men."
In her view, pregnancy should not confuse a woman. Even being in the situation, the woman, to the extent possible, should participate in public life. She invited to receptions for pregnant women, insisting that they take these proposals, contrary to the rules.
As the wife of a member of the United States Government, Lou perform certain duties of the protocol. The experience acquired in Europe, Lu believed that the custom of an obsolete, a waste of time, therefore, called upon the wives of politicians to boycott it and has finally lifted.

. Herbert Hoover was unusually restrained, confined and not very sociable person
. Despite all efforts, his wife and did not manage to change it in this regard.

Lou was able to find a way out of the most unpleasant situations in which it sometimes is because of the husband. One evening they dined with the guests. Suddenly the door to the house came a group of senators and their wives. Hoover leaned over to his wife and whispered: "I forgot to tell you that he invited them to dinner". Lu asked the guests to wait for a minute in the room next. "Bonds of senators in the cabin," - she ordered her husband. Quickly ordered staff to bring new devices and a few moments, smiling, invited all guests to the table.

As a member of Congress from Maine sent to the White House an incredibly big fish. Assuming that this is a gift, Lou told me to include fish in the kitchen. Soon came a deputy and explained that he sent a huge booty to be photographed with a fish and a couple, President. When it became clear that the fish had already cut off the head, Lou invited the tailor who sewed its. Photo was taken, and no one noticed.

In 1925, after graduating from college, eldest son of Hoover, Herbert, married. Lou became a grandmother of two grandchildren before the First Lady.

. In the presidential fight in 1928 Lu, strictly speaking, did not want to participate, but her husband insisted: "I need you, who will take tsvetyN" And Lou had to accompany her husband in all pre-election trip
. She even said a few speeches from the platform the train. In Palo Alto, she told the assembled crowd: "I like to take part in the election campaign. My husband speeches, and I get the roses.

. In the elections in November 1928 Hoover won in 40 states out of 48.

. Between the victory in the elections and the introduction of the post he made a "goodwill tour" of Latin America, followed by Lu, who was able to demonstrate a good knowledge of Spanish.

. Despite the frost, March 4, 1929 at a ceremony introducing the office of President Hoover had gathered nearly 50 000 people
. "Family" reception, held after the inauguration, Lu invited 1800 people.

Before entering the White House, Lou ordered to make repairs and change the furniture, a move which angered the staff. Palms and other tropical plants, exotic birds were transferred to the working president's office. Money had no meaning for Hoover. If Congress does not allocate sufficient funding for the renovation of the White House, Hoover could not pay out of pocket.

The White House, Lou carried the things that are bought in different parts of the world. Two interior furnish furnishing it the days of President Monroe and Lincoln, giving them a historical character.

Lu famed hospitality. Staff complained about the appearance of unexpected guests for dinner. There were days when dinner came to 40 guests and the same day at tea after dinner, but numerous receptions in the evenings were more formal. Staff could never predict how many people will gather. It was so, that the admission was calculated for 200 people, and came to 500.

When asked Eva Londo, manageress of the White House, what atmosphere prevailed there during the Hoover presidency, she replied: "Politics, Society, Society. During the first three years of presidency Hoover dined alone three times - on their wedding day. Like Eleanor Roosevelt, Lou Hoover was superstitious and never sat at the table, if there were already thirteen. Hoover kept a certain distance from the staff, Lu was a much more accessible. She invented a secret language of signals, . by which communicating with employees during the reception: if, . example, . She held his hand through his hair, . meant, . that guests should be invited to have a meal at the table for dinner, and if it touches points, . it was possible to clear the table,
. She insisted that the waiters perform work in silence, not listening to the conversation and guests are not rattled devices, if someone from the staff to break the rules, then received a severe reprimand.

. How arrogantly behaved president to staff, so Lou asked about concerns and needs of the 31 employee
. She made inquiries about their health, help with financial difficulties, made gifts, ably keeping a distance between those who served and those who serve.

. The staff was well aware that neither the president nor his wife does not like, if someone is in the corridor when they come
. Maids, servants and lackeys immediately hid in the toilets and for walk-in closet, just hearing the bell, announcing that now has a president or his wife.

. In life, Hoover was not even the smallest hint of a romance with another woman
. In 1929, a woman burst into the White House and began to scream loudly that President Hoover is the father of her unborn child. She was arrested and later officially recognized the mentally ill. Hoover appointed seven women to positions adopted by the Senate. Some historians saw in it the influence of spouses.
In 1929, Lu met at the White House to invite the wives of members of Congress, but there was a problem: his wife a black deputy Oscar Priest of Chicago, a Republican, was a Negro. To avoid conflict with the wives of members of Congress from the southern states, Lou has arranged two stages: one for those who have racial prejudices, and the second - for the liberal-minded ladies. Still, it was sharply criticized for his invitation to the White House black woman, both houses of parliament of Texas issued a special resolution, which expressed dissatisfaction with the wife of the President. Hoover took his wife under the protection of. He said that "the tears will not weaken its indomitable will". Lou was the first First Lady of the United States, performing a regional travel without her husband. In March 1923, she visited the southern states, but avoided meeting with blacks and did not go to the economically backward regions.

Lou was an active hostess of the White House. From March 1929 to March 1933 she participated in 481 official reception. Radically changed the protocol of the White House, put an end to the custom by which every citizen had the right on the first day of the New Year to come to the White House and personally congratulate the president.

U Lu had a personal guard, that she had not liked. In China, she learned to handle weapons, but America has never wore a gun.

The White House was difficult to keep something a secret, so they sometimes spoke with Herbert in Chinese. Of course, it was not very politely, if the house were guests.

. Lu, who lived in prosperity, had not the slightest idea of what mood prevailed in the society, are suffering from severe economic crisis, so she was shocked by the defeat in elections in 1932
. Only at the end of Hoover's presidency, she began a few limited number of magnificent receptions, keeping them more modestly dressed and not so extravagant. Defiantly strode in cotton dresses to express thereby supporting the U.S. textile industry. Appealed to society to tighten their belts. But her way of life these calls did not sound very convincing. Where it has been effectively transmitted by radio from the White House in 1931, in which she appealed to the rich: "The most important is our duty to know when, where and how to help people. Winter comes. At a time when every child, every woman and every man in the United States could become a victim of cold and hunger, we would not dare to care only about how to stay warm and eat well. "

. The President showed complete indifference to the fate of millions of Americans living in conditions of crisis, and his wife often out of pocket paid for holding various charity events.

. Lou Ignacio Paderewski supported the initiative to collect money for the starving and arranged for this purpose concerts in New York, . Boston, . Philadelphia and Chicago, . personally sending him a check for 12 000 dollars, . in those days was quite a large sum,
. Hoover did not know about such acts of his wife, she does not advertised. About her not to write anything good. She did not like reporters and tried not to meet with them, or fobbed off with meaningless answers. At a reporter's question: "Is it true that you own eight yazykamiN" - replied: "And why not twenty tremyaN"

Lu tried to appear easy. Her assistant, Mary Randolph took care of appropriate image headmistress, but unsuccessfully.

In one question Lou differed radically from her husband. She supported the prohibition, and said it would not take part in any reception, where the secret will serve alcoholic beverages. I headed an organization called "Women's Committee for the prohibition law, which sought to save it.

During the election campaign in 1932 she accompanied her husband and, as in 1928, gave speeches. Hoover received a majority of only six states, and his opponent, Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 42 states. Lu grieved at the defeat of her husband. Immediately before taking the oath Fd. Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, she invited to the White House and took her everywhere. When Eleanor wanted to inspect the kitchen, Lu hesitated: "I'm sorry, but the kitchen will show you the housekeeper, I will never looked into.

Lou felt solicitous spouse. In the cold mountains of Virginia on her initiative was built recreation center Reden Camp, where they rested on the damp and hot climate of Washington. This was the first official recreation center president of the United States. Following the resignation of Lou Hoover gave his BSA. Lou was upset that her husband believed responsible for the severe economic crisis. On the last day of stay in the White House she met at the elevator one of the maids. "Maggie - she said with tears in his eyes - my husband will live a long time and still make a lot of good for the country.

After leaving the White House, Hoover returned to Palo Alto in California. There, Lu spent time in hikes and cycling. It was again the honorary chairman of American girls scout. Often met with other women and support the army of salvation.
At home she took the professors from Stanford University, and sometimes students. One day she called housekeeper female dorm and said: "Today is a wonderful evening, and from my house offers a magnificent view. Invite me, please, a group of students, together we admire the panorama. I have 65 coffee cups.
But Hoover sought to active life. During the Second World War took part in charity events, as he did during the First World War. Lou helped her husband, collecting food and clothing for victims of war in other countries, helped the American Red Cross.
In 1943, Lou attended in Palo Alto, his little granddaughter, Lou Henry and the absolutely shattered returned to New York. January 7, 1944, after a concert in the high-rise apartment houses "Astoria" she had a heart attack. She died at the age of 68 years.
At the ceremony in the church of St. Bartholomew's in New York was attended by 1000 people. Her body was transported to Palo Alto and was buried in the cemetery Alpha-Mes
Hoover died in twenty years. He was buried at home in West Branch, Iowa. Two years later, in 1966, there were transported and buried the remains of Lu with her husband.
In the fifties, Hoover published his memoirs, which did not even mention his wife, which certainly consistent with her wishes.

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Lou Henry Hoover, photo, biography
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