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Venison Anna A.

( The daughter of President Peterbergskoy Academy of Arts, beloved Pushkin)

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Biography Venison Anna A.
photo Venison Anna A.
(August 11, 1808 - December 18, 1888)
Anna A. Andre, Countess de Lanzhenron, nee Venison. The daughter of President Peterbergskoy Academy of Fine Arts, Alexei Olenin. Beloved Pushkin in 1828 -29 years. The recipient of his poems, "Her eyes", "Let's say you heart you:" I love you "" Do not sing with me beautiful "many stanzas of" Onegin "musician and singer. Author hitherto unpublished diaries and memoirs of Pushkin. Spouse Vice - President of Warsaw, the graph F. A. Andre de Langeron. Possessed an outstanding intellect and a brilliant talent of the narrator. Patron of young talents in Poland. We know very little about it.
... She annoyance aside defective pen aside and carefully sprinkled sand sheet: Then impatiently shook off the sand with leaf. A few grains hiding in root notebooks - magazine. Frowned, girl impatiently shook her curls, and seized a notebook began to vigorously shake it over the table. Sheets fluttering like white butterflies, and of the corners of notebooks showered dried leaves, flowers, twigs:. Anette gasped, muttered something - in French and began to pick up the treasures of the fragile and fragrant collection ... Some of them turned to her slender fingers into the powder. She sighed, . looked at the palm, . blew them, . though parting with the remnants of disappointments, . and, . holding his fists cheeks, . began to reread the newly made entry: "God, . granted him the only genius, . not awarded him an attractive appearance,
. His face was expressive, of course, but some anger and derision overshadowed the intelligence, which was visible in the blue, or rather glass (ie *. transparent, change the color - the author.) eyes of his. Arapsky profile, derived from the generation of mothers, does not decorate his face. And add to this terrible whiskers, . disheveled hair, . nails, . both claws, . Dwarfism, . affectation in manners, . insolent gaze on women, . which he distinguished by his love, . strangeness temper, . Natural and coerced, . and unlimited self-esteem-that's all the advantages, . physical and mental, . that the light gave the Russian poet: So, . all that Annette could say after a brief acquaintance, . is that, . that he is smart, . sometimes amiable, . very jealous, . intolerably proud and nedelikaten ",
. Well, a good description. These notes are quite amiss to the novel, which she intends to write! And Mr. Pushkin - this quiz and .. and - she was unable to pick up words in Russian (rake-author). well come in useful for the prototype, in love with the main character, similar to the Annette. Here are just still need to be added to her little feet, . which boldly admiring monsieur poet, . but if this is a clear hint of vanity, . in which it is already often uprekayutN: It is easy to sigh, . laugh, . deftly opened a secret drawer bureau and carefully laid there "Diary - Journal, . covered with writing intricate hand beaded,
. Jumped, . ran to the mirror, . touched the face with a soft powder puff and, . laughing again, . easily flew out of the room, . adjusting the shoe on the move - do not lose it again on the stairs, . as Sandrilona *, . (* French name of Cinderella - the author.) For that of the mothers will get: But there is really no fault in this Annette - her foot is surprisingly small, . as a five-year child: But my eyes.,
. They are so well set off the powder and glitter candles!
. How is it written that rake Vyazemsky, in response to the madrigal fraulein Rosset - SmirnovoyN remember to:
. "It is sweet to say between us
. Courtiers, knights storm
. And can with southern stars
. Compare, especially poetry,
. Her Circassian eyes.
. She owns them boldly,
. They burn with fire get on the ball;
. But he recognized, whether the case
. Olenina my eyes!
. How thoughtful of them, genius
. And how many children of simplicity,
. And how many languid expressions,
. And what bliss and dreams! "
. (A
. S. Pushkin "Her Eyes" 1828)
What, however, brilliant style in Pushkin! No wonder its so praised and dad, and mother, and Ivan Andreevich (* case of Krylov, frequently have Olenin - author.) And Zhukovsky, Nikolay Ivanovich Gnedich. His poetry is so easy to remember! But what nonsense! How did he dare to write so boldly - moeyN! " Why "my" N.. By what right!

. Here I shall have to criticize him, absolutely! And mama complain ...

. Only to the guests did not raise a laugh! This Annette feared more than anything else - to become a victim of ridicule and arrogance!

. She was only twenty-parent, she wanted to become an adult as soon as possible!

. However, . nor in the St. Petersburg (on the Fontanka, . and from 1820 - on the Moika author.) father's house - Director of Public Libraries, . and since 1817 President of the Academy of Fine Arts, . privy councilor, . member of the Imperial Council of State and Head of the Department of Civil and Religious Affairs - Alekseeya Nikolaevich Olenin, . - Where Annette spent all my childhood, nor in the estate Priyutino, . where the summer was going to "a swarm" - in the words of Mother Markovna Elizabeth (nee columnar noble Poltoratskoi) - visitors and secular and literary - nobody thought it lovely, . laughing all the time, . establishment with golden curls adults!,

. For all it was just-"sweet child Anette!: To what sometimes used to shame
. Yes, and could not be hurt! However, we must be able to forgive.. And not to face lady pout, from this complexion spoiled.. Nurse said. Especially if the evening will be dancing. She so loves to dance! Pushkin, it turns out bad dance the mazurka.. Where his obuchaliN must be at the Lyceum. Or at the balls with the Countess Vorontsova, in Odessa.. They say it is not equal either in Polish or in the mazurka! ... Outdo would!

Annette ran sparkling and light butterfly in a brightly lit dance hall. Already rattled the initial beats of dance and it is a little out of breath, flew to Pushkin, who was standing by the wall and watch her. He bowed in response to an invitation, as usual, smiled, and said boldly that - then, half-jokingly, about her place in society.. She blushed, blush, she tried to pull her hand, but restrained herself, said that - it simply and briefly. After the dance, she did not dare to choose Pushkin in the cavalry, but what was her surprise when at the sound of the waltz, she saw that he was coming to her across the room - to be invited to the first, most difficult and quick tour!. "She gave him her hand, turning away his head and smiling, because it was an honor which all jealous!" (21 Sept.. 1828) - Annette triumphantly recorded late in his secret journal, the faint light of a lamp.
. This entry in the maiden's Diary - the journal of Madame Venison - Andrew, often re-read only later, smoothing the senile, but still charming, young and plump dimpled elbows, hands, pages yellowed with age
. In the notebook, . many years had lain in the locker *, . (* Ancient name of a chest, . chest - the author.) hidden from the eyes of a jealous husband, . and shown now with shepetilnoy pride and vanity secret, . specially allocated adored granddaughter Olga Hornet - were not only the episodes of her novels, . - Humorous and not so! - The visits to the park Priyutino, . portrait of playful descriptions of characters and a tender heart, . but many records, . like now this ...,
. "Sama can see that I must be married: I have a lot of worthy parents, and even a little tired of
. Time, . time for me from the yard, . although it would be awful! Leaving home, . where I was happy as long, . I'll go to the dignity of his wife's terrible! Who can know their fate, who say, . married, . even in old age: "I am sure, . I would be happy! "The duty of the wife is so great: it requires it requires so much abnegation de soi-meme (* self-denial - French,
. --. author), so much tenderness, so much indulgence, and so many tears and grief!
. How often have I sighed because of, . who before the throne of God receive my oath of obedience and love, how often, . carried away by his ardent passion, . he will not forget their duties! How often will love others, . but not me! But I - I transgress the laws of debt, . being negligible muzhemN No,
. Never.
. To honor Anna Alekseevny, I must say that she kept her vow.
. Smart, . brilliantly educated, . knowing about seven languages, . free to maintain a conversation on any topic, . excellent musician and singer, . has a light, . but somewhat short-tempered character - Vyazemsky called her dragons, . and Pushkin - dragunchikom - both noted her sarcastic, . sharp tongue, with seventeen years of being in a narrowly - a brilliant court society - she was maid of honor of the Empress Elizabeth Alekseevny - she went married, . despite, . often appears Party, . rather late,
. Even after the death of the poet. For an officer of the Life - Guards Hussar Regiment Count Feodor Alekseevich Andre de Langeron, son Novorosiyskogo governor and the organizer of Odessa Alexis de Langeron, a French emigre, who found a second home in Russia.

. Marriage by any measure it was brilliant, not that of the free matchmaking and daring Pushkin in August - September 1829 - a sudden, stunned so much that my mother was forced to abruptly refuse!

. Later, hastily said goodbye, he wrote in the album Annette poetry reading, which she burst into tears and was thoughtful the entire evening ...

. They began stanza "I love you": She thought for a long time to calm the phrase "I am going to St. Petersburg because bespriyuten."

. She remembered her and later, before marriage, but nothing can be changed
. Time like a river, do not turn back ...
. Yes, . marriage it was brilliant, . But only a man Fedor Alekseevich was a colorless, . quarrelsome and too jealous! He was jealous of Anna Alekseevnu literally everything - the poems, . the songs that she sang so sweet more often than others - Pushkin's "Do not Sing, . Beauty, . with me ", . - Books, . which she read, . hints, . views, . attention, . which it enjoyed in society, . as spouse vice prezedenta Warsaw,

(This post Count Andre de Langeron served fourteen years. Total Anna A. lived in the capital of Poland for forty years, an excellent knowledge of the language, fluent in Polish and wrote a letter - the author).

. To its brilliant past, to the witty, tactful, and enthusiastic admirers, among whom were: Adam Mickiewicz, Duke Vyazemsky, gray-haired Krylov:
. and this: duelist Pushkin!

. Jealous Lanzhneron and the pages of secret diary, . which Anna A. allowed her husband to read some of the sheets so similar to this: ":. I love to argue, . because I know, . argue that intelligent, . reasonably, . that my evidence is not evidence are empty: I love to argue seriously .. "(In,
. Kunin. Friends of Pushkin. V.2. Page. Diary Countess Andro.)

Later, she regretted it. There was an ugly scene of jealousy, the couple quarreled, and Anna A. in tears, hid in an old diary casket with a secret key. Nobody saw these records prior to 1885.

In 1885, after the death of a spouse, Countess He returned to Russia, to his estate in Volhynia (Ukraine) "This was an ancient but surprisingly brisk old lady, who preserved the memory and mental clarity."
(P. Ustimovich. A. Andro. Memoirs. V. Kunin. Friends of Pushkin. V.2.)
Her grandchildren and adult nephews went for her heels, asking him to tell about her youth, and meetings with Pushkin. She laughed, joked.
Like really - dropped twenty years. Many, brightly and vividly told. Grandchildren listened spellbound. She opened the old box and pulled out albums, the pages are curious grandchildren - nieces read a poem written in a clear, elegant, firm hand, as if flying where - that.. Through the centuries, the years, memories: A young Countess Anna Alekseevny Andre de Langeron. During the, . when she was just Annette Olenina, . unravels in the living room and dancing charades mazurkas and waltzes with Pushkin: I did not know if Anna A., . that in the pages of his notebooks, drafts and manuscripts of the novel "Eugene Onegin" There are so many times drew pen her profile and a small, . childish foot in an elegant shoe Sandrilony.,
. Also recalled former, the same waltzes and mazurkiN Who knows ..
. We have only line of famous poems in the garland of graceful outlines of legs
. And - a light, until the end neugadannaya, insoluble memory of her.
Memory unfulfilled, humorous, sparkling "would".
"Though" that does not like history!

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    Venison Anna A., photo, biography
    Venison Anna A., photo, biography Venison Anna A.  The daughter of President Peterbergskoy Academy of Arts, beloved Pushkin, photo, biography
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