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Spivakov Sati

( Wife Vladimir Spivakov)

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Biography Spivakov Sati
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This atmosphere oppressed - a huge number of people and at the same time, the complete absence of those to whom you can rely. Very many did not like: a) that I have, b) that I was close to Spivakov. All decisions for him, as he better
Cchitaetsya, I was such a creative, independent person, but now it has become a married wife. I really it was - just realized: this is important.
I was born in a very musical family. Nothing, if I start with babushkiN It is an Armenian, however, from Rostov. My grandmother was a singer, on Sundays, she often sang at the service in church. There once came, my grandfather, I heard an incredible voice came closer and saw a small, very charming chubby girl. He immediately decided to get acquainted and soon married her. In 1941, fleeing from the bombing, they fled to relatives in Armenia - there was calm. Dad told me that remembers well those bombings.
Dad, I had a violinist, known Armenian musician, student Yankelevich - conservatory he finished in Moscow. A mother - a pianist, she is also an Armenian, but Baku. They met in Yerevan. In 1962, the pope returned to Armenia, and organized his own chamber orchestra, which was second in the Soviet Union after Moscow. Happened in the year of my birth. So I have grown not imagine how one can live without a chamber orchestra.
Naturally, as a normal daughter of musicians, I was in a special music school, played the piano. Played, however, a rather average - I have never felt drawn to this is not
- You dreamed of becoming aktrisoyN
- Yes, twelve years. After high school, I announced that I want to enroll in a theater in Moscow. And my father, who was a very wise man, did not argue with me. "Let him go, - he said a weeping mother. - Let him try. In the end, fail - to return home, but we'll see ". So I went to Moscow. Signaled everywhere, as usual, and entered GITIS.
. - Usually musically gifted girls tend to Shchukin ...
. - I have also been natsfaktura! You know it takoeN I remember one teacher from the "Pike" threw me: "Honey, you have a melody"
. I, of course, was singing southern speech, bushy eyebrows and black hair. (And in GITIS to such things treated differently - they had a special quota under Soviet republics.)
Furthermore, me, a provincial girl, charmed with the word "GITIS". Rate gathered Tumanov: when he was brought to the institute on the Volga, all standing at attention. In general, I applied and was immediately. And on the first course starred in his first scene, which was absolutely incredible: in GITIS always adhered to strict principle - to film and do not come close.
. I remember how we came to GITIS with a sort of assistant director to request that they let me go to the shooting
. At first I refused: "No, no, no, and if you, girl, want to act in films, instead of teaching them the basics of profession, take a sabbatical". I rushed to the head of the course, Tumanov. He listened to me and set a condition: I can ride a shooting in a day. "Suits you etoN" I said: "Yes!" I was offered a major role, but still some! Anush - the symbol of Armenia, the only character in Armenian literature. There is even a brandy "Anush" - on the label of a girl in braids and a jug of. And the Armenian diaspora has contributed money to a film-opera based on grounds "Anush".
Probably can do that can only be in 19 years, faithfully believing that someday you get from Sarah Bernhardt. After classes at the University late at night I flew to Armenia, where my mother-pumped otpaivala, seven in the morning, I rushed to the studio at night sit on the plane - and flew back to Moscow. And so two months in a row. Then Tumanov kindled me warm feelings: all the students he called by name, but I - Sato-baby. We are very fond of each other.
A year later he died, and I was quite interested to learn. Again suggested a significant role in the movie, and here I have already decided to leave in a leave of absence. Missed a year, and came back and got on the course to another teacher - there I was a stepchild. Came to the diploma with a complete lack of roles. No matter how many asked: "Well, at least one role give, at least in the second part!" - Heard in response: "Why do you nadoN You will not be shown anywhere else, you Spivakov and so added a". I was indignant: "What have SpivakovN"

- And then he was already a well-known, popular ...

- Well, yes, of course. But something very interesting: while we have not met, I almost nothing about him did not know. Turned in his theatrical world ... I only remember that someone once gave my father a gift vinyl record Spivakov. I was carrying her on the plane, put your feet, and from the hot air, she sagged.

A year before I met my parents watched "Blue light" - this was the first performance of "Virtuoso" on TV. "Souvenir" Poltoratsky, "Fiddler on the Roof ... I glanced at the screen - close-up gave - and said: "What a pretty!" All other violinists I know, but this - no.

I remember, some friend, in drama, told me that her friend, the journalist interviewed him. "You know - she has shared with me - he is such a poser, a ladies' man ... Imagine, opened the door for her with a violin in his hands! Especially, perhaps, in the hallway holding a violin ". Now I know that for him it is a common thing, with the violin, he just does not leave.

And so I arrived in Moscow after his shooting, I feel absolutely devastated, I live in a sort of removable corner, and everything not getting. And at this very moment "Virtuosi" triumphantly went to Armenia to give concerts. Of course, in the orchestra "Virtuosos of Moscow" had a lot of Daddy's friends, they come to us for dinner and brought Volodya.

He saw my pictures - my mother made an exhibition of images from a new movie. In makeup, with pigtails, I was pretty mad. As Volodya says - and he has every time there are new variations on this theme - he only had to see these pictures, as his inner voice said: "This is your wife". And he was this inner voice answered something terribly unseemly, like: "And you're gone ..." This dialogue continued until Volodya did not ask the pope: "What your daughter delaetN" - "But here, in Moscow, studying". - "And why did she not go to kontsertyN" a rhetorical question, because Spivakov invites you to their statements of all who catch the fancy, be it a taxi driver or a girl at customs. Without thinking, there are tickets, no tickets, he at once: "Come to my concert, call my wife."

He then said: "Call us ...", pointing to sitting at a table a common friend. I remember my father told me: "You know, these are amazing concerts! If you were invited, did not deny it!" In Moscow, I really called, gave place in the twentieth row of the orchestra - it was clear that I am not the most important guest. From the concert I received a great pleasure and this pleasure was going to go home, when suddenly I stopped the man that gave me a ticket: "Well, you at least tell him thank you!"

. The usual bustle behind the scenes, I come and see: is low, it is perspiring, tired man with freckles
. Spivakov on the stage seemed so large, lofty, everything was so elegant, gracefully, all sparkled - and here he is standing in a blue sviterochke with Towelie, and around the bustling mom, sister, the director, deputy director ... And I say: "Thank you very much, I have a daughter Zare Saakyants". Volodya his velvety voice answers: "I am very pleased that my daughter came to the concert of parents. Take, please, flowers ". I do not know why I asked for his autograph, - had never done. He signed my program, then said: "Now I'm leaving, and in April will return. Maybe uvidimsyaN "

Then, I remember he told me that was a little disappointed: "The photographs you seemed to me so beautiful, and here came with a terrible haircut, in a silly costume". I felt insulted. I have one trouser suit sewn so solemnly - my mother always watched the, . so I dressed well, . - And it criticized Spivakov! "Why, . - Say, . - You have decided with me vstretitsyaN "-" just in case I decided to check again, . Human whether my inner voice. ",

. I came home, put flowers in a vase - he, incidentally, very quickly wilted ..
. A month later suddenly called our mutual friend and invited me to tea. I have already began to suspect what was going. When we sat down at the table, as if by chance came Spivakov ... Then he followed me home, and it was very funny because we lost. I then lived on "Zhdanov", a very long time we were driving a car, and Volodya said: "Well, you Susanin! .." Already regretting that he had volunteered to. I was shy at that time to smoke in the presence of strangers, but the car broke down and asked: "Can I zakuryuN" He frowned, handed me a pack of Salem "- as I remember, in Moscow there was no such cigarettes.

. In short, Spivakov drove me to the one o'clock
. I had felt so uncomfortable that asked: "Please call me at home, so I am for you not to worry". Our children, when I tell them about it, die with laughter: "How you met and talked to each other" you "N" I explain: "Of course he was much older than me and also a famous musician."

. - And what is your difference in vozrasteN

. - Eighteen years
. But I think he looks so young, that this difference is noticeable.

And then he called me at two o'clock in the morning, and we talked until seven in the morning. About chemN about everything. They read poetry to each other, which also causes our children a terrible laugh. Then he talked about himself. Now I know that Vova sincere on stage and in life, just life for him - always act, and telling something, he can play a role. He does a very versatile. Can hector somewhere on the street or at home, may be large, dark or, conversely, touching, like a little kid. And all this is it.

On this night, Volodya played the role of a lone traveler: "I am a lone wolf ..." - "Why are you lonely volkN" - "Well, well, one delirium on the desert plain ..."

He again went almost a month. He promised to call me on April 18. A long time I bore myself in this conversation, but when I was sent a recording of his concert, she could not not think about it. There was April 18 - remember, was a very beautiful sunset, and I thought: interesting, call or netN Still, I was one of many girls in this world. I guessed: if you call today, so it presently. And if a couple of days - must be ended.

- You are something boyalisN

- How do you say - I have to Volodya was not present, a strong love, only some girlish memories - light, lacy, that weight had. I was afraid to enter into a serious relationship, afraid that they hurt me and I'll be devastated. This was the first in my life story, which could end badly.

In the evening he called: "What do you delaeteN" I replied: "Waiting for your call". We agreed to meet the next day at seven o'clock at the monument to Pushkin. Volodya warned: "I may be late, but if you do not have time to finish something. I should always play the game until the end. "
- He made you predlozhenieN
- Not immediately. This was a man already wounded - behind the divorce, and a painful divorce: his wife had left him with a small child. When this happened, Volodya was 28 years old. And, as I understand it, went through life, taking advantage, so to speak, feminine charm, allure and women in general because of immediate need, and no more. I think so, although it was we never said - even if you live with someone 16 years old, try some doors do not open.
. In short, by the time he was an inveterate bachelor - free artist Vladimir Spivakov, who belongs to the world and at the same time to anyone, he needs neither the family nor wife nor children, because he is young, handsome, independent, and all the time in flight.

. - How can such a person has agreed to give up all the women in the world odnuN

. - Well, I did not mean to aim it has set itself, but just realized that without this man can not live
. Usually for something without which you can not live, you begin to fight - first gradually, then more insistently.

. He then lived in a tiny apartment on Prospect Vernadskogo: three rooms, which have nowhere to put three people, because Volodya loves books, music and everything should be much
. In this apartment we lived a year after we met.

In the beginning it was not easy - to approve next to him. I was literally trying to squeeze out - like toothpaste from a tube.

I came to the Conservatory and felt that everyone was looking at me, and among those hundreds of eyes are no good, I just stare. You know, that's when people have the aura, I have this aura immediately turned into a sieve. I thought I was not sitting, not standing, do not greet. Cost to pass and someone does not know how to Volodya immediately reported to. His friends said: "Well, I found a girl. A young, silly - akterka ". I knew: I was at best perceived as being decorative.

I really had to work very hard. I was not sure that is beautiful, he needed that I do something to represent a. Moreover, at this moment appeared another woman who, along with Volodya create on stage. I knew that she indifferent to him, and he admires her as a creative person. I do not even jealousy, and despair Bralo, because this woman is not considered the fact that I am his wife. However, I quickly mastered the situation.

- And what to do in such sluchayahN

- Firstly, I think the man does not need to yell, even though I passed, and through it: screaming, throwing objects. In fact, to do quite the opposite of what you want. You slam the door pulls - and need to calm down, well dressed, smiling. By rival, . you dream scratch out my eyes, . must come, . embrace her, . kiss and say: "Hello, . how are you today look great! "Probably, . is the best recipe - at least I aspire to such behavior, . not only with women,
. But this does not come immediately. Even then, becoming a wife, I realized: the main thing - to find balance, harmony in the relationship with a man, and even then no one would have to prove that you have the right to be with him.

. - Yes, you know, the wedding we've made it interesting, I did not tell about it in any interview
. Volodya's family were against our marriage. By the time we spent together, he never managed to convince them that I am just the woman that he needs. He was afraid of losing me, but did not want to marry. On the other hand, it was time to make a decision: my study in GITIS ended, and I was going to go to Yerevan Theater, where I was called. It turned out that the decision we have taken over the phone: Volodya, as usual, was on tour. I told him that I was going. The next day he called: "You're not going anywhere, we should get married". I say: "You're doing predlozhenieN" - "Yes, here I come ..."

He was supposed to arrive in three days and then fly back again for a month. Pope in those days played concerts in Germany, so their only daughter's wedding took place without him. Volodya did not want to wait. I thought it a bit awkward to watch my father's eyes.

Wedding celebrated the home. Volodya said: "Otherwise, Moscow will have to call all". He brought me a beautiful white suit - not a wedding, but very elegant, invited the photographer, and we went after the registrar's office to appear in a grove of trees somewhere in Troparevo. Photography was such: a slave of love. Spivakov my life twice raised his hand: during this survey. And. Then we returned home. My mother had already laid the table, came to his mother and sister. Great joy they felt. Or this: be happy, but did not show.

Generally Volodya's mother a unique person, still plays the piano - recently, on his birthday, she sat down, played "Dedication" by Schumann. Mom insanely artistic: it says so, that he was dying with laughter. Or you can dance the cancan. She gifted person that has passed a very hard life. At the beginning of the war the Germans hanged by her mother, and she was left completely alone, from the siege of Leningrad came to Ufa, where he met his father Volodin. They wandered for some communal apartments, lived in a six-meter room, then fifteen, my mother played the piano and raised his Vovochka. Of course, life was not easy.

. At the first meeting, she took me tremendously: "My God, . what you nogotochki! Who you manicure delaetN Ah, . samaN God, . how lovely! "Unfortunately, . Mama many advisers, . she sang about me "good" song, . and with this song, . occasionally forgetting to tune, . she lives all the sixteen,
. But you know, I am so grateful to her for what she Volodya was born ... I always wanted to be among us was peace and understanding. For a long time for this struggling. And now I have a time-out period: I will never fighting, is confident that all by itself will be settled when the time comes.

- You said that you were a woman without a rod. Now about you that does not say.

- Age, experience, the birth of children in any case, changing women. In addition, I itself lepila, made mistakes and learned them.

. - And Vladimir Teodorovich not involved in your vospitaniemN When a grown man marries a young girl, he sometimes tends to become a Pygmalion.

. - The things you say, I know - I know quite a few pairs
. We have a very different case. Volodin secret is that he, a grown man, and remained a big kid. Ironically, this man who has still not sure of his talent, he himself all his life proves that something is. Therefore Volodya never acted like a Pygmalion. But I can not say that I sculpted Spivakov. True, he instilled in me a taste for painting. Or, say, taught me to Chinese restaurants - he loved them, but I do not. Another thing - he can say something to him do not like, and I listen to it.

Once I cleaned the apartment, even at Vernadsky. Volodya suddenly returned from rehearsal, and I stand, I remember, somewhere in the dug out red socks. "Well, look at you!" It seems from the Armenian mountains come down, "- he said. More I do not wear socks, under any circumstances. .. Another time he just suddenly came back and saw me in curlers. I was made the remark, and more in my curlers nobody saw.

- And your professiyaN In movies you do not snimalisN

- No, I have several times tried, but ... You see, I believe that we have a very happy marriage. I am a happy man, and Volodya, I hope, too. But for those sixteen years of marriage we have twice stood on the edge of an abyss in our relationship, and both times because of my proclivities combine the two roles - wife, Spivakov, and professional actress. Whenever I make this attempt, and all of a deadlock. We lost a common language, a void once filled by other people, and the marriage was a disaster. He did not collapse just because I finally came to an understanding: I am a strong man, I can live and respect themselves, not being an actress and woman of independent. So when I learned about it, everything fell into place.

After the wedding, I very quickly gave birth to Katya. Volodya said: "Well, you still sit at home, wait a minute, and we'll see". When Katya year old, father died. I went to Yerevan to bury him and stayed there because she had to support my mother - she was in very poor condition. I understood: in order not to go crazy, we must work. Started filming, and this triggered a strong reaction. Volodya suddenly flew in two days - but I do not. And, as always, found good people, which he asserted: "All clear, young, that it vzyatN" And suddenly he changed his voice - was quite strange, impenetrable.

. I returned home and discovered that he did not believe me, jealous, and because of this jealousy is ready to break our destiny.

. - So you were on the verge razryvaN

. - Yes, and at that moment I realized that I have only one life and I need to make a choice today, right now
. I decided that more important for me to be his wife.

There was another time when I felt that he was somewhere removed from me that he was beginning to surround by strangers, which I do not let him. This happened after we moved to Spain. I was thirty years old, for women it is abroad, and I thought: "Oh my God, I've not done anything yet of what could be!"

. - I remember the "Virtuosi" went to Spain, it seems, in 1989 ...

. - At this moment the orchestra began to collapse
. Virtuosi "were on such a crest of glory, that a little bit tired of it. Because the above is impossible: each concert - full house, tour - again all great. Besides life stuck - the time-it was difficult. When Volodya realized what was happening, he called a meeting. And he said: to save the orchestra, have somewhere to go. How - all orkestrN But they've learned that Spivakov - magician. And indeed, everything turned out, because in Spain at his concerts went to the king's sister. When the Prince of Asturias Foundation was the chorus, and the Spaniards were anxious to have its own orchestra. So "Virtuoso" managed to escape - and their families, cats and dogs. Slapping presidential visa. Volodya came and was surprised: "This ktoN" - "And that cousin, her husband's first wife ..." One hundred and twenty people went to live in Spain. And all this was making great headway, but when we Volodya sat in the airport in Madrid, I sobbed, knowing that this is the beginning of the end.

"Virtuoso" as it ceased to be the Moscow orchestra, but the Spanish did not. Previously around them in Spain was always a buzz, but here they are seemingly local - first the noise went away, they have shown on all TV channels, and then ... I got in a tiny town where I had none to exchange a word. Virtuosi "continued to ride, my husband appeared at home less and less - I suddenly found myself in a complete vacuum.

- And you tried to start again rabotatN

- I went for six months in Paris, to teach at the Sorbonne. It gave me a lot, of course. Then he tried to organize some exhibitions from Russia, co-starred in Peter failed in one movie ... And once again heard the dry, detached Volodin voice on the phone, I felt that we are receding from each other and this leads to rupture.

And then I realized that waiting for the child, and it goes all the allowed. I took it as a direct indication of the fate - should not go looking for themselves, but to preserve what we have, we should be together.

- You became his assistant, secretary, impresario, can bytN

- No, the impresario - is too loud word. Volodya great impresario, Michelle Glotts, which 25 years he worked with Callas, Karajan. In France, generally in Europe as everyone knows - Karajan called it "my musical conscience," together they created the Salzburg Festival.

So impresario myself never will call. Rather, I coordinate Spivakov life: he was a conductor, soloist, he gives concerts in Russia, performs with a symphony orchestra, he has his own festival - all this must lead to a common denominator. And, of course, life - this, too, to think. I do not play the role of the muse, and try whenever possible to protect my husband from the unnecessary, that distracts him from work, because for him work - that's all.

- And what he really walks around with skripkoyN

- Even at the beach. Normal people are swimming, sunbathing, lounging in the sand. A Spivakov wearing headphones, unfolds the score ... Sits on a towel with her eyes closed and waving her hands. In the south of France, where no one knows who he is, he is probably mistaken for a crazy city.

And just as in an airplane looking at him sometimes - he works there. On one occasion, when I met him in Nice pregnant. He flew from Rome, here I am with the belly and with our oldest daughter, Katya, came to the airport. The plane arrived, everything went - but my husband does not. I go to where the luggage - swirling three suitcases Spivakov, including a suitcase with notes. Already they had taken off, I yell: "This is my husband's suitcase!" I called the girl who accompanied him to Italy: "Sonya!" Where SpivakovN "That surprised:" What are you, we took him in advance, for two hours, he wanted to buy into free-shop cigarettes. My heart sank: so, he fell ill on the plane .... Katya says: "Mom, calm down, calm down". And I sobbed: "No, Dad something happened!"

. Throw in the Information Office: explain, perhaps, someone from the plane was taken to hospital, could not the same person propastN! They say: "In your name there fax: Mr. Spivakov will soon be here, he flies flight London-Nice"
. But how could he get in LondonN

It turns out, Vova actually bought cigarettes before the flight left two hours, he put on his headphones, he opened a sort of symphony, and villages conducting. And, of course, listened to the announcement of the landing. When he took off his headphones, it became clear that the plane had already flown. "How do you declare, can not hear anything!" In short, the airline managed to transport it to London, and there he sat on a plane to Nice.

- This is a portrait of quiet genius of the scattered. And I have heard that Spivakov explosive. They told of a fight in which he was involved in Paris ...

- Well, this is an old story. Volodya was playing a concert, then we observe it from Rostropovich and somewhere in the three in the morning on foot went to their hotel to a little fresh air. And then we were attacked: the darkness there were two burly Arab and Negro. Spivakov instantly knocked down, I, along with the violin flew in another direction. I remember when I heard her cry never thought that I could not shout. I realized that now he would be killed: he was lying on the pavement, and bent over him two bandits, and I heard the sound of blows. And suddenly the situation changed in strange ways. The negro suddenly fell, and I saw my husband, who gave that sort of Leonov from the movie "Gentlemen of fortune" - he went ahead with outspread fingers: "Well, right now I'll ..." This three-floor mata me until hearing was not necessary.
. Five minutes later, he scattered all three: Volodya because in his youth boxing worked
. Then he turned to me and I realized that he had not yet left the role: "What do you scream, we won!"

When we entered the hotel, I saw that his arm in the blood: it was the blood of the Negro. Porter rushed to us: "Monsieur Spivakov, . that vamiN "In the room I could not calm down - get a light one cigarette from another, . hands shaking, . and Vova is something humming in the bedroom: "Satinka, . and you do not lozhishsyaN "I-him, . sobbing, . wiping tears, . and he says: "You chtoN Do not you understand - I did all this up,
. I hired them to surprise you ". The next day he was supposed to give a concert. Safely he played - as it turned out, with broken ribs.

- And often he'll udivlyaetN

- Continuing. He will do something, then asks: "Well, I'll porazilN" We were in Boston, he played a concert there, and evening walks along the street, where there are all sorts of tiny little shops antique. We went into one such store, choose a gift to his mother. There were two small pryazhechki, perhaps, 20-ies. With sapfirchikami and some small white stones like phianites. Lovely little things.
Volodya asks: "You nravitsyaN" I say: "Actually, funny". And we left. Two months later, comes our friend: "I need to see Vova". And suddenly, my husband makes these buckles solemnly: "Well, . I'll porazilN "-" Vova, . otkudaN "-" We left, . I thought - a beautiful thing! "He is someone called, . agreed, . who will bring it, . - Not as a gift for any holiday or birthday, . but simply,
. "I'll udivilN" - "amazed". Here we have all the time so. Since Spivakov not get bored.
- And what about your dreams for the cinema, stseneN You will not regret that did not Sarah BernarN
- No. What makes Volodya, much greater that I could do. And I'm happy when I see in some of his draft their own small contribution. And then, I love him ...
Recently, Volodya made his first appearance in Moscow as chief conductor of the National Orchestra Rossiyskogo. Only one I know how he was going to this concert, what is it worth. Unfortunately, a band of music critics and let down at him all the dogs - and the concept is not the same, and her hair has changed, and generally "shoumenstvuet". And he gave me, you know, what udivilN embraced and quietly said: "While we are together, I fear nothing". Is it possible, after such words about something zhaletN

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  • Asya for Spivakov Sati
  • Many thanks for what you have! Sati, You and Vladimir unusual, I adore you! Excuse me, very briefly, but I'm afraid if I start to write, I can not ostanovitsya.Mne would like to have a photo where you together, and where Vladimir with a violin. With respect and love you, Asya
  • Olga for Spivakov Sati
  • Thank you! "This is not a comment. Do I dare to comment on what she read, and what I feel, after visiting a concert Maestro. Thank you! "What a pity, . it is not possible to lay his head and kiss his hand, . you, . for your strength and peace, . for happiness, . that giving, . for dream, . Ongoing - your dreams, . dreams of the people, . with whom fate brings you, . Dream children, . for the opening and fullness of life, . for everything! May God grant you grace, . inspiration, . years, . strength and faith, . support and strength, . good roads, . onward and upward!,
  • Anonymous for Spivakov Sati
  • Yes that is true Volodya's family is not in favor of you because your mother bewitched him so he could marry you. He has no choice but to do it because the witchcraft would kill him if he leaves you. It is unfortunate that his mother and only sister got killed without no cause at all.... no one knew the true story behind him and you. your mother would burn roses and make witchcraft according to her sister Lisa .... a strong one... so he cannot get out from you. So sad that he simply has to go by inorder to be able to continue to play his love for music.... he was your only chance to get out of Russia and fulfill your dreams.
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