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Tuchkova Margarita

( The wife of General Alexander Tuchkova)

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Biography Tuchkova Margarita
Wedding and Margaret Naryshkina gathered in a small temple Prechistenke all know Moscow. Suddenly, under the feet of the bride threw a beggar in rags ugly: "Mother Mary!" Take the stick! "
The bride was so worried that the poorly remembered how to pronounce the oath, as found on the street, at the gates of the temple. It is in some sort of feverish stupor took from the hands of the old man's gnarled stick, not reflecting on the strangeness of words addressed to her ...
. And those words were prophetic: after many years, . became prioress of the Borodino Convent of the Savior and received the baptism in the new name of Mary, . Margarita Tuchkova each evening will bypass the monastery courtyard, . relying on an oak staff, . donated holy fool her wedding day.,
. ... Military convoy Major General Tuchkova already stretched by the tenth day of dull yellow plain, stretching around, as long as the eye could see
. Margarita, wrapped in an old coat, dozing in the corner of the wagon on a bundle of straw. She did not notice any stinging wind, the striker in the face, nor the endless pounding of the road: the wife of an officer already accustomed to the whole. Second year, she wandered from place to place, everywhere following the husband.
She learned to peel potatoes and cook for a soldier's stew on the campfire. She, aristocrat, gave neither an incomparable pleasure of caring for the horses - to clean them, combing their manes, not afraid to pick up with head lice. Tuchkova become a real nurse: often, picking up a needle and thread and giving a soldier a glass of alcohol, sewing torn stomach wound or unpicked. No one and had no idea that Moscow earlier this spoiled girl, spend time reading French novels and playing the harpsichord, would have fallen into a swoon at the mere mention of the word "blood" ... Beguiling the evening in the village huts in anticipation of her husband, Margaret often thought about how her life changed dramatically with the appearance of Alexander ...
. They provided each other at a social receptions, . what Tuchkov, . then Colonel, . then forgot (for the ladies, . dressed gracefully - and on that there was some modest dark-brown dress, . - He treated without any attention), . while Margarita, . sitting at the piano, . not singing old Russian romance,
. The girl turned out to be surprisingly good voice, and Alexander, yielding to his charm, has not retreated from a new friend. They spent the evening talking about music, played four hands, sang a duet, until they suddenly are not interrupted by Margaret's husband - it was time to go home.

. ... Margaret was sixteen when her brilliant woo Moscow handsome Paul Lasunsky
. The rights of other families, he often visited the house Naryshkins. Good manners and bunches lily of the valley, which courteous gentleman could get at any time of year, Lasunsky quickly winning over the mother - it seemed a perfect match for her daughter.

. The bride is not happy with pre-wedding fuss: the need to smile, accept gifts and to try issued from Paris wedding dress, to whom and touch something was terribly
. But to admit that does not feed to the bridegroom's absolutely no feelings, and go against the will of the parent Margarita did not dare ...

Having moved into the house of her husband, she just silently carrying his cross. Paul was lost at night, not hiding from his wife that goes to his mistress, but if you stayed home, then stayed in extreme irritation. Once Margaret had found a spouse for the fact that he was rummaging in her casket of jewels - Lasunsky going to lay the family's Narishkinskaya emeralds, to pay off a huge gambling debts. Margarita, rushed to save the stones got a clout, which had lost consciousness, and then for a long time took to her nervous fever ...
One night she woke up from what she felt on the face of a pleasant coolness. Bedside sat Alexander and carefully applied a compress to her flushed forehead. How did he dare to come to the house of a married woman and to stay in her bedroom, Margarita did not know, but it was not important. She wanted only one thing: every day, opening his eyes, to see him next ..
Decision of the Holy Synod of the marriage of Marguerite Naryshkina with Paul Lasunsky was dissolved. This bustling mother: she came to the indescribable horror upon learning that had to endure poor girl, and blamed herself in her hastily married. Fearful of once again make a mistake, she categorically refused to Alexander, who woo, barely daughter got a divorce. But since then, day after day my mother was tormented, seeing the suffering of Margarita, losing the peace and sleep in anticipation of the news from the beloved (by Alexander's parents were sent to study in Paris). Finally, after four years the mother gave up ... At the wedding she was weeping for joy: her beautiful blond daughter was a miracle how good even in a modest dress, sewn with your own hands (remembering previous marriage like a bad dream, Margarita flatly refused to wear an expensive dress). And what a good son - a tall, broad-shouldered, with a shock of black curly hair! My mother had herself could not understand why so long denied to Alexander ...

A year. Margaret and Alexander, retired from the world, lived in his estate Tula. In the spring of 1807 in Napoleon invaded Prussia and imperial command Tuchkov was ordered to serve in the location of the. Alexander I realized that the war would soon has come to Russian borders ...

Margaret, much to the surprise of a spouse, flatly refused to stay home - she decided to share with him all the hardships of camp life. On the day Alexander was seriously worried - he could not find his wife and, of course, paid no attention to the skinny boy in a soldier's overcoat, sitting on the seat of his crew. Margaret also was incredibly proud of the fact that had got from a retired lieutenant's uniform, go secretly to the settlement on behalf of the Proximity. "In this form, - tried to convince her husband - I'm not going to attract attention ..."

Polk Tuchkova committed demarche through Riga. The entire population of the city poured into the streets to welcome the brave military. Margaret thought that her husband is something really very long bows with some special premilenkoy, tossing him from the window of a white rose ... In the evening, Alexander found his wife in tears: she compared herself with the young beauty, . and the comparison was clearly not in favor of Margaret - a long walk, her face weathered, . hair bleached by the sun, . and hands and was afraid to look - they are no more living space from abrasions and blisters,
. Her entire wardrobe consisted of a shabby uniform, smelling of a campfire, but Soldiers baggy pants. She forgot the last time washed perfumed soap ... General all night comforting his wife, assuring her that his heart will never take another woman. He tried to be especially gentle with her: it was already the third month, as Margaret wore at the heart of their child.

In April 1811 the way to Minsk province Tuchkova birth to a son. It has now become much more difficult to follow the regiment, and the departure to Moscow was a foregone conclusion. The night before the parting of Alexander's wife was awakened by a cry - she cried, . repeating: "Borodino! you killed at Borodino ..." Husband found, . that Margarita much fatigued, . taking care of Nicholas, without the help mamok and caregivers, . that's why I see the bad dreams, . but still reached for the old camp card,
. Not finding her no Borodin, he hastened to reassure wife. However, a terrible vision was repeated again. Now Margaret remembered a dream in detail: it runs along the street and stumbles upon the white wall on which the blood dripping letters in French written - "The fate of your venture at Borodino". Then she saw herself in the house - the door opened, . and became the father, . stretching Nicholas with the words: "Alexander is no longer, . now you have to worry about a son ... "In the morning Margaret on her knees begged her husband not to send her to Moscow, . as if hoping his presence to protect a loved one from a terrible fate,
. But Alexander and did not want to hear ...

The famous Battle of Borodino took place on August 26, 1812, after two and a half months after the general Tuchkov said goodbye to his wife. Before the fight he could not help remembering that night when I was searching in vain on the map in the remote village 110 miles from the capital.

The battle lasted for several hours, when close to Alexander was an explosion. As he fell, he allegedly heard a voice called out his Margarita - so dear, so close ... Testimony of soldiers who saw, as the commander died, are contradictory: some have argued that he was killed instantly by a bullet that entered into his head, the other - that he was literally swept into parts cannonball.

. Margarita was in the living room when my father came with little Nicholas, in the hands of
. She leaned against the wall and slowly began to settle on the floor: her nightmare come true.

... After news of the death of her husband passed two months now, but Margaret is still cherished a hope: perhaps Alexander was wounded or taken prisoner. One morning she went down to breakfast, and maid, sent to her room, returned with a note: she went to find the remains of her husband and bury them in the Christian tradition.

. Margaret went on Borodino field among hundreds of mutilated bodies (Alexander I will not soon reach the hands to arrange a mass grave here) and if he had not felt foul odor, . not noticed flocks of crows, . cloud rise from the earth in its approach,
. It took too long, people get killed was impossible, and Tuchkova tried to distinguish at least the uniforms. But the death razed soldiers and officers, all colors in the same dark-brown color. Margaret wandered on this eerie cemetery, her hands were black with dirt. She turned the heavy stiff body, and she felt that something in one or the other who was killed, she hears her husband's traits. But the search was in vain. The legend says that on the battlefield inconsolable widow found only modest ruby ring, which Alexander wore a ring finger of his right hand ...
. Margaret returned to Moscow aging for ten years, but now she knew that he could deceive the villain, the fate denied her the right even to pray at the grave of her husband
. Tuchkova build a monument to Alexander directly to the field of Borodino. It will be a temple, and in it she will be able to mourn their loss before the end of days.
It was in 1818. The walls of the temple of the Savior at Borodino rose like a weed (just on the spot death of Alexander - his camp on the map indicated one Tuchkova). Margarita sold all her jewelry and laid Tula estate, ceded to it by inheritance. Until the church is not sanctified, local residents were convinced that there for the evening prayer come the ghosts of dead soldiers. Horse and foot, they appear from the haze and dissolve at the gates of the monastery of Our Lady ...
Nicholas is from childhood accustomed to visit the temple, built in honor of father. Margarita misled his son to the icon of the Savior Not-Made by Alexander gave her shortly before his death, and they prayed together and wept ... Over the years, Nick is becoming more like his father - the dark curly hair, brown eyes, clean-cut handsome mouth. When he laughed and threw back from his forehead with a strand of unruly, his mother averted her eyes to keep from crying - the son did it a hair's breadth, as once Alexander ...
... Nicholas was the fifteenth year. By defining it in the Corps of Pages, the mother of condemned themselves to a new flour: to see her son, she could now no more than one week of the year.

Before Christmas Nicholas briefly allowed to go home. One evening he got a temperature. Margarita immediately collected medical consultation. Doctor's opinion was unanimous: the child out of danger ... Three days later Nicholas, mechas in the terrible heat, died at the hands of the mother.

Margaret, his son buried in the crypt of the Borodino Savior church remained to live in a small church hut. Hearing about the good lady, generous to charity, fast resounded throughout the area. People came from all surrounding villages - the infirm, the sick, the hungry. It helped as she could: gifts to the money, fed, sewed a simple matter, and give to the poor, bandage wounds and compress. By the end of the day her room thoroughly permeated the close smell of sweat of the peasant, sheepskin and carbolic. Margaret also felt almost happy: appeared in her life meaning, she was again someone needs.

. The rumor Tuchkova organized around the Borodino Savior church this community, went to Metropolitan Filaret, and he invited Margaret to St. Petersburg
. In his foster Tuchkova faced with respectable persons, which led to the blessing of three sons. She has a painful pang. "Why did I have the Lord took vseN" - she turned to Filaret. - "It can be seen, was not humble ..." Margarita ran out of quarters in tears Metropolitan. In the evening he found her lord, to apologize for the sharpness ... Then they met frequently, spending long hours in conversation. Filaret persuaded Marguerite to transform the community in Borodino Convent of the Savior, but most become abbess.
In 1838 Tuchkova, thrice prostrate cross in the Trinity-Sergius, took the veil. Now she was called nun Melanya. And four years later became the mother of Mary, abbess of the Borodino Savior Convent. Once Filaret asked whether she was satisfied her sisters. "I do not complain to anyone - the answer - only my misfortune that I am sinful". Metropolitan smiled: "Finally, in my diocese found a sinful Superior, and then talk to anyone - all the saints ..."
Almost twenty years his mother Mary would Abbess, spending days and nights of work and worry. It will build another temple, and gather a great chorus, listen to that will come even from the capital. Sometimes, my mother sang, and one. And in those moments, she was carried away somewhere very far from the monastery, his mind's eye back into that parlor, where she first sang the song Alexander Tuchkov ...
... Mother Superior turned seventy-one years. Despite his advanced age, she is always first to come to matins. But on the day his mother Maria missed the first service ...
My mother tried several times to climb out of bed - kiss the portraits of her husband and son (the only worldly things, which he held in his cell), but the evening was no strength in it at all. The next morning, the nuns find the Mother Superior had breathless. Dim light the lamps illuminated the face of Alexander and Nikolenka. Mother Mary still managed to light ..

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Tuchkova Margarita, photo, biography
Tuchkova Margarita, photo, biography Tuchkova Margarita  The wife of General Alexander Tuchkova, photo, biography
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