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Mamie Eisenhower Deud

( The wife of President Dwight D. Eisenhower)

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Biography Mamie Eisenhower Deud
First Lady Mamie Eisenhower, and President Dwight D. Eisenhower liked the same. As Bess Truman, Meymi was modest, even timid woman, and although the society is to appear more often its predecessor, but rarely performed. At the White House, she had lived for eight years, and this was the longest stay in one place since then, as she married a professional soldier.
Mamie has never sought to influence the policies of President Eisenhower. Her dress was simple and buying in retail stores. She embodies all the women and mothers of America at that time.
. Mary Dzhenive Deud that a child called Mamie, was born November 14, 1896 in the town of Beaune, Iowa, and was the second of four daughters of John Sheldon Deuda and Elvira Matilda Carlson
. Her elder sister died of heart disease, the youngest - from diabetes. The most younger sister called in the family, Mike. When Mamie was six years old, the family moved to Colorado Springs and then to Denver on Lafayette Street. Here Mamie went to school, where no Highlights of achievements.
Mamie's father, an avid car enthusiast, each winter drove the family to San Antonio, Texas. The road from Denver to San Antonio was rather long, and the roads bad, so it is not surprising that they often end up in accident. To pass the time while waiting for the car repaired, Mrs. Deud children played on the harmonica, which owned the fine.
Mamie inherited musical abilities mother. She often played the piano for herself and for friends, though he never took lessons. Her repertoire consisted of popular tunes of the time, but especially liked the hits from American musicals.

In autumn 1915 the nineteen Mamie was back with her parents in San Antonio. Once with friends she went to nearby Fort Sam-Houston. In the evening she had an appointment with a young man in San Antonio, so she insisted on returning soon. Suddenly, a tall, handsome lieutenant, a graduate of the Military Academy of West Poynts, Dwight D. Eisenhower. Mamie's friend called to him: "Ike, come here, I will introduce you to friends". - "Excuse me, but I'm at work and now begins my duty," - said Eisenhower. - "You do not need to be, I just want you to meet friends," - she insisted, and whispered: "He does not make women". Attractive Ike allowed himself to persuade and gracefully saluted. In this he never regretted ...

Later he recalled: "The blue-eyed girl, she immediately liked. The lively, beautiful, graceful, and others quite energetic.

Mamie was subdued. "That's the guy - she thought. - It looks better than all the other men I have ever met ". And no longer in a hurry. I forget that not very fond of walking, especially in high-heeled shoes, and gladly accepted the offer of a young lieutenant to inspect the fort.

. The next day she spent on fishing in the evening the house maid, she was told that already several times called the young man, a kind of "Ai"
. Look Mamie waited for the next call. The phone rang, Mamie picked up. Ike invited her for an evening dance. "Today, I can not" - she said. "Then, perhaps, zavtraN" - he asked. - "Tomorrow I can not either". Ike invited to meet within a month. At the end of the conversation Mamie said: "Usually, after five I'm always at home. Come in any day ". - "I'll be back tomorrow" - once said Ike.

And everything went on as usual. Both liked Mexican cuisine, and often dined at a Mexican restaurant.

In Valentine's Day in 1916 Ike Mamie made a proposal which it adopted without much thought. He immediately gave her a ring, bought in West Poyntse. Parents Mamie liked Ike, and they have consented to the marriage, although it warned her daughter about life with the military. Mamie knew what was going.

. Initially wanted to postpone the wedding until November 1916, when Mamie was twenty, but, given the war in Europe and the possibility of sending Ike to the front, decided not to wait.

. July 1, 1916 19-year-old Mamie and Ike 26-year-old celebrated the wedding in close family circle, in Mamie's parents' home in Denver
. Crown them with the pastor of the Presbyterian church, the wedding Ike gave his wife earrings with pearls.

The two-week honeymoon the couple spent in Eldorado Springs, in the mountains west of Denver. From there they went to Abilene, Kansas, to the family of the groom, who was not present at the wedding. Here and there was the first scandal between husband and wife. Once Ike with two school friends went to play poker and promised to return in the evening. But for dinner it was not. Mamie called him, though in-law tried to dissuade her from this. He said that until the end game of poker, he will not come. Finally at two o'clock he returned. They squabbled until morning.

Unlike Eisenhower Deudy were rich. Maybe that's why Mamie not very well felt in her husband's parents, while Ike was a pleasure in Denver.

For years, Eisenhower led the ordinary life of families of military personnel. At first they lived at Fort Sam-Houston, then followed in Cape Colt near Gettysburg, Cape Ghilardi on the Panama Canal, Fort Loygen in Colorado, Fort Levnvot in Kansas, Washington, New York, Paris, Philippines ... Mamie has estimated that in 37 years they have carried out 27 transfers.

During the mobilization in 1917 Eisenhower was in the compound, located 30 kilometers from his home. Between the house and the barracks had no transportation, so Mamie decided to visit her husband's car. But the car was not in the best condition, and Mamie had never driven a car, just about knew how to start it and shift the course. On the phone told her husband about the bold intentions and, after hearing all the instructions, left before dawn, when the road was free. Ike was waiting at the gate of the barracks. Seeing the car away, he sighed with relief. The car was approaching, when Mamie cried out in despair: "Ike, jump, jump, I do not know how to slow down!" Ike jumped into the car and stopped it. Rest of the day he taught his wife to drive a car.
September 24, 1917 was born their first son, whom they named Iki. Child was ill with scarlet fever and died on January 2, 1921. Mamie very hard going through the death of her son, especially at that time she was sick and could not take care of the boy. Some months she could not recover from depression, and mother always took care of her. August 3, 1922 was born their second son, John Sheldon Deud Eisenhower, who had followed his father, graduated from the Military Academy West Poynts and rose to the rank of general.

. Mamie's father died before Eisenhower became president, and his mother almost always lived with her daughter and son-in
. They got along well with each other, and Mamie knew that could always count on her assistance. Elvira Deud died in September 1960, at the age of 82.

Mamie manages the family budget. Financially, the family of the young officer's life was not always well. "There were times when we have in the bank had only one dollar, but for all our lives we have never had a penny of debt."

Life as a wife Mamie officer proceeded quite monotonous. When it was time, she played the piano or the bridge.

Despite all the problems and conflicts, which were sufficient between Mamie and Ike, their marriage lasted more than half a century. Wife's grandson David, Julie Eisenhower, Mamie once confided that Ike often disappoint her. "I would not stand a single moment beside him, if not respect him. I have great deal of attention to him and did not want to disappoint ". Respect was mutual. The letters which he sent to her from everywhere, has always been full of tenderness. On the day of the fortieth anniversary of their married life, he wrote: "Today I love you more than the day of our acquaintance."

Both were strong personalities, and each had their own opinion. Mamie devoted herself to family life that helped her overcome the difficulties, never intervened in his case and was convinced that the military service he would be able to make a career. "From the day we were married, I knew that in the army, he will achieve much. He always treated seriously and conscientiously to carry out their duties, he knew what he wanted. The debt was to him above all else.

Mamie completely relieved from her husband's household chores. Only in cooking, she yielded to him. Ike was a passionate and wonderful cook, with pleasure entertained guests excellent food, but especially fond of German cuisine. Once Mamie even called him "the best chef in the world". She was a wonderful hostess and wherever they may live, are always invited to the house Ike colleagues, officers and their families, so their house was often called the "Club of Eisenhower. And it was thanks to the hospitality Mamie her husband had many friends.

. When they moved from Fort Sam Houston, Fort Colt, Pennsylvania, Mamie, on the advice of friends, rather than to pack all assets valued at $ 900, sell it for 90
. Ike was furious when he learned that two of his best suits, she sold for 10 dollars. Next time, when they settled in Cape Meade, Minister of Defense arrived Newton D. Baker. He inspected the house Eisenhower and, not finding him, talked with Mamie. He asked: "What your husband does better vsegoN" - "The best way he plays poker" - snapped Mamie. Then husband reproached her that she put him in a bad light. She tried to justify himself: "I thought that the minister knows you as a good soldier."

The death of the son Iki, a bad climate in the Panama Canal, aggravated a strained relationship between the spouses. Virginia Conner, wife of a general, Mamie advised her husband to return attention to not lose it. Mamie followed the advice, started to dress well and made famous coiffure "Pony", which then created a sensation in the United States. Later, Virginia Conner said: "Mamie returned and saved her husband's marriage.

From 1936 to 1940 Eisenhower lived in the Philippines. When in 1939, Philippine President Manuel Quezon handed Eisenhower Cross for excellent military service, he asked Mamie attach it to her husband, saying: "You helped get him this medal."

. In June 1941, Eisenhower was transferred to Fort Sam Houston, where he met his wife
. Here they come just a day silver wedding.

. In the same year, Eisenhower made a general, he began to receive assignments of responsibility, and the press interested Mamie.

. Since joining the United States in the war has started an amazing military career of Dwight D. Eisenhower
. For Mamie it was "three years of Eisenhower," three years of loneliness, depression and constant worries about her husband. According to her, she was "war widow". All the waiting time she spent in Washington, trying to convince myself that God does not allow to Ike something happened before he "will fulfill its task."

. Despite illness - headaches and stomach pains, . insomnia - Mamie took an active part in the work of the Red Cross, . collected articles about her husband, . sent him on any occasion gifts, . encouragement letters, . responded to falling around her letters to wives and mothers of soldiers, . served under the command of her husband.,

. In January 1944, Eisenhower received a two-week vacation and came to Washington
. The couple spent it in Salva Springs in West Virginia.

While Eisenhower in England, his driver, Kay was a beautiful Englishwoman Zammersbi. Soon there were rumors about a romance between them. In the media even reported that Eisenhower assumes a divorce and marry an Englishwoman. In the years 1961-62 in an interview with journalist Merli Miller, Harry Truman claimed that Eisenhower had indeed taken steps in this direction. General George C. Marshall, the then Chief of Staff of the airborne troops, Eisenhower sent a sharp letter, threatening to expose er of the army in case of divorce. Allegedly, after the relationship with Kay stopped.
Kay has published diaries, which acknowledged an affair with Ike, but insisted that the marriage of the speech was not.
Rumors about this have come up and Mamie. At first she did not gave them no value, then wrote about them, Ike. Eisenhower replied that "never let anyone else except you did not like" and asked her not to believe this. In February 1943 he wrote to her: "You must be a clear idea that in such difficult conditions, what we have here, without cause subject to all sorts of rumors and lies. It would be better if you laugh over all this "
Mamie tried to forget about these rumors, and once told a friend: "I certainly do not pay attention to these rumors. I know my Ike.
And she jokingly remarked that if believed gossip about her husband and Kay, then tried to take revenge on him with General Montgomery. "And believe me, I would have talked him into". (Bernard Law Montgomery, British Field Marshal, 1887-1976, in 1943, when El Alamayne defeated German corps under the command of Rommel, took part in the Normandy landing operations. After the Second World War from 1951 to 1958 was Deputy Supreme Allied Commander of NATO.)

In fact, this story would not let her rest and she began to look into the glass. Soon there was talk that she became an alcoholic.

Second World War brought Eisenhower glory. Mamie was proud of her husband, and when the victory parade in Boston, gave him an ovation, she came to him with the words: "And I can now touch the tebeN"

. The book "Crusade in Europe" brought Ike's fee of half a million dollars, which is much improved financial position of the family
. Mamie bought a farm near Gettysburg. This was her first permanent residence after 34 years of married life.

Once Eisenhower had confessed to friends that the women's society becomes timid and unsure of himself, and cited the example of a case. When he was chief of staff of U.S. airborne troops, he had to do a report on the importance of military training of women for national security. Students of rewarded him with stormy applause, and immediately one of the women asked: "Mr. General, but could you tell us why your wife wears her hair" pony "N"

. As Democrats and Republicans alike want to see the famous general as their candidate for president
. Mamie did not want Ike in politics, fearing that the personal life will come an end, but the last word she left her husband. "My role remains the same: to take care of you and the house."

. When Eisenhower had made up his mind to join the election campaign as a candidate for president from the Republican Party, Mamie stated that "in politics there is something attractive"
. At election meetings, Eisenhower presented his wife with the words: "And this is my Mamie". Mamie enjoyed such activities. She laughed, happy to shake hands and gave autographs and engage in conversations. Soon the press came to the conclusion that Mamie is the trump card for husband. James Restore, a famous journalist from The New York Times, wrote that "Mamie will bring at least 50 votes". (In the United States president is elected not by direct vote of the people, but through the electoral college.)

. Mamie rules outline speeches Ike, which he read it in the campaign train with her observation, he did not always agree, but if the thought just then introduced into the text changes
. One said: "It's better than me, holds my campaign". And Mamie indeed actively participated in the campaign. Apparently, her great pleasure to see crowds of people who came to see the famous general and from time to time shouting: "We like Ike, we love Mamie!" She herself was very impressed by her husband. One of the reporters, Newsweek once remarked: "After thirty-six years of married life, her eyes still sparkle when she talks about Eike". When she reported the results of polls, according to which her husband was considered the greatest among Americans still alive, she coyly remarked: "No cost and bother to conduct the survey. This is what I myself would say to people ". Time consuming responses to letters. It had before it two secretaries. In the U.S. election ritual is complete without any dirty stories. About Mamie spread gossip that she drinks and antisemitka. When in November 1952, she learned of her husband's victory in the elections, then cry. These were tears of joy and happiness.

Just before the ceremony of swearing, probably by mistake, Mamie received a beautifully printed invitation to a ball on the occasion of the inauguration. "What I do with it delatN" - she asked her husband. - "Come on failure. Write, that is when you're busy elsewhere.

As early as the First Lady, Mamie did not show any desire to influence political decisions of her husband. She believed that in general should not interfere in politics and gave interviews, held no press conferences, not speeches, not voiced their opinions on political issues. This enabled her to avoid unpleasant situations, when her knowledge and intellect could not match the level expected from the First Lady. Even with her husband Mamie, apparently, never argued about politics. Although officials from the nearest surroundings of the presidential couple's dispute this. Jim Hegerti, spokesman for the Eisenhower once remarked that "she often argues with her husband about his policies". Sometimes Eisenhower had discussed with her the appointment of candidates for important positions, but very rarely consulted with his wife on the political program. Later, Eisenhower wrote: "Personally, I think that Mamie has contributed greatly to the living conditions inherent in the White House, turning it into a cozy place for all people who came there. She was always ready to help anyone and do everything. No matter how tired, always fulfilled its obligations. To match the atmosphere of the White House, we need intelligence and attractiveness. Mamie possessed these qualities. "

Deud Mamie Eisenhower could not make Senator Joseph McCarthy and his "witch hunt" and defiantly to scratch it off from all the lists of invitees. Instead, she invited the actress Julie Bel, which McCarthy suspected of sympathizing with the Communists.

Mamie has never interfered with my husband to work. For eight years she came to the Oval Office just four times, and then at his urgent request.

Each had his own business: "I vyazhu, and he draws, it was stressed that they do not compete with each other, though love be together. She gave parties, and participated in events where this protocol required.
Almost always, Mamie wore a pink dress favorite. Her bedroom was painted in pink or light green color, there every day brought fresh roses or carnations, of course, pink. Waking up in the morning, she wore a pink gown and her hair tied a pink ribbon. So they called her "First Lady Pink". This cleverly used the textile, clothing flooding the market with this color.

Most Mamie loved to spend time with your family, willingly played canasta (card game), the organ, watching TV or reading detective novels. At the end of the week they were on vacation in Denver, at Camp David, in Palm Springs, California, or in Augusta, Ga., where Eisenhower liked to play golf.

The White House, Mamie often invited four grandchildren who called her "Mimi". One morning, she called for help senior footman. At night, lying in bed, she reached for a bubble with a cream, but the morning turned out that it was the ink. The waiter had a good laugh at the sight of the First Lady and her bedroom. Everything was spotted with ink. He believed that this was the most fun event in the White House after the collapse of the conjugal bed Truman. Mamie had a good sense of humor. Once one of the politicians, saying at a banquet toast, said:

"General George Marshall wants to retire and live in his house with Mrs. Eisenhower". All burst into loud laughter: "Excuse me, Mr. General" - corrected speaker. - "What generalN" - quickly found Mamie.

Washington society had hoped that after not very active Bess Truman, Mrs. Eisenhower would make fresh perspective in their lives, but this did not happen. "I always wanted to be the only wife of Ike and no one more," - replied somehow Mamie to the comment of one of the interlocutors, upreknuvshego her in a passive way of life. Still, she was moving than its predecessor. January 20, 1953 to January 20, 1961, she participated in 878 events.

Press was favorable to her, although she did not seek this. March 11, 1953 she gave her first and, as it turned out, the last press conference.

Unlike her husband Mamie was not punctual. One day she was very late for dinner, and when he finally appeared, Ike said: "You are aware that you were waiting for President of the United ShtatovN" - "Sure, but I had to get dressed up for my husband."

. Time consuming for management Mamie White House
. Daily discussion with the staff of the procedure and the amount of work, its performance was verified. According to the ads in the newspaper Mamie oriented, what and where you can buy cheap, makes the menu. The staff gave orders, as commander. For staff provided special lifts. In addition, the established procedure by which any of the staff should accompany her way out of the White House.

Mamie was very attentive to the staff, was interested in his personal life, remember birthdays and anniversaries, souvenirs and gifts bestowed. Once one of the White House official said: "Whenever someone's come into the world a child, she wanted to be the godmother". For Christmas, each received a gift.

Everything indicated that Eisenhower is president only one term. In September 1955, while on vacation in Colorado, he was diagnosed with heart disease. Mamie believed that her husband should do what for him may be the best, but he noticed that the rejection of the policy is contrary to his temperament and can exacerbate the disease.

. In February 1956, Eisenhower told his wife that, after listening to advisers, decided to run for second term
. In the election he won. When a year later suffered a brain hemorrhage, Mamie covered a doubt whether it did not prevent him from new elections.

. Therefore, Mamie was happy when, in January 1961 they left the White House and moved to a farm in Gettysburg, he settled in the house, which was almost 200 years
. Of course, they did thoroughly renovated and modernized.

Ike went on hunting, fishing, drawing, and Mamie led household. When she appeared in the supermarket, shoppers tried to pass it forward at the box office, but she never used this kindness. Always closely followed the diet of her husband.

July 1, 1966 Eisenhower celebrated their golden wedding. "If you want marriage to be happy, you need to make a great effort. The husband should be the undisputed head of the family, "said Mamie about this one reporter.

In May 1968 Eisenhower suffered a fourth heart attack in the past 13 years. He lay in a military hospital, Walter Reed in Washington, and Mamie was on duty at his bedside.

March 28, 1969 Eisenhower died, Mamie was next and held his hand. Before his death he told his son: "Take Care of Mamie - but she added: - We had a wonderful life."

"When Ike passed away, the lights went out in my life," - said Mamie wife of his grandson David, Julie Eisenhower. She was in despair. After the funeral memorial service at Washington Cathedral returned to the farm in Gettysburg.
"Every day I did not have enough" - she said to a friend. In the birthday of her husband went to his grave in Abilene, Kansas. Mamie rarely appeared in public, only took part in the opening of the Eisenhower Center at the Academy of the West Poynts and the launching of the aircraft carrier Eisenhower in Norfolk. In addition, collecting donations for the school Eisenhower College in Abilene.
By the end of its life on American television showed film of the multi-novel Eisenhower and Kay Zammersbi. Mamie looked through the entire movie, and said that everything in it is too far from the truth.
Once in her visit to Gettysburg, President Jimmy Carter. She was stunned when he kissed her goodbye Carter. Later, she shared with her doctor: "My God, I do not know how to behave. After the death of Ike's me again no kissing, only members of my family. "
. In September 1979 she had a brain hemorrhage and 1 November 1979, died in Washington at the age of 83 years.
. Buried beside her husband in a small chapel in the Eisenhower Library in Abilene, Kansas
. In her hometown of Bonn, Iowa, is a museum of Mamie Eisenhower. When Abigail Adams was the only wife of the president, awarded the honor.

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Mamie Eisenhower Deud, photo, biography
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