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( Gaius Julius Caesar's Mistress)

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Biography Cleopatra
(69 - 30 BC)
The queen, courtesan, the evil genius of Egypt. Cunning, cruel, cowardly and treacherous, to build their prosperity on the misfortune of others, in the end had to die entangled in its own intrigues.
Intelligent obrazova6nnaya Cleopatra, perhaps the most legendary woman of the world. Cleopatra possessed the rare skill to charm people, as well as the force was still in the hands of men, the Egyptian successfully used their talents to the arena of love. With beauty, passion and intelligence, she could be the second Semiramis. But being a slave to his desires, there remains only a courtesan.
Cleopatra came from a wonderful kind of Greek Ptolemaic. A close associate of Alexander of Macedon, one of his childhood, Ptolemy I Soter (Savior), he asked himself as a military award Egypt, a beautiful, full of the mysteries of the earth. When he was a great ruler died, Ptolemy embalmed corpse of Alexander, returned to his kingdom and settled in Alexandria, named in honor of Macedon. In Alexandria, he gained fame as a wise, enlightened ruler.
Cleopatra's father was Ptolemy XI Avlet, cruel, and hated by all. In July 51 to BC. Egypt, died lord bequeathed the throne of his elder children: sixteen beautiful Cleopatra and Ptolemy thirteen-Dionysius. Following the Egyptian custom, they immediately entered into a marriage with each other.
Cleopatra has grown into an outstanding at that time, the center - Alexandria. Poetry, art, science found a refuge in this city, and in the courts of the Egyptian kings were not a few prominent poets and artists. Belle received an excellent education and is fluent in several languages, studied philosophy, was well acquainted with the literature and played on different instruments. She was a girl educated, intelligent, inherited from their ancestors political mind. But at the same time, she had a voluptuous kind. To satisfy their desires Cleopatra contained many handsome men. In those days it was not considered immoral.
Preserved evidence of a contemporary, who wrote that the death of Cleopatra, appointed at the cost of their love and taking the worshipers, whose condition is not scared. Last night spent with the queen, crazy people were paying with their lives, and their heads were exhibited before the palace of seduction!
After marriage with minor Ptolemy XII, it seemed, came to power herself to Cleopatra, but the fate of ugotovila her ridiculous incident. Young Ptolemy XII trained Pofin eunuch, who dreamed that the coronation of the pupil, he will become the governor of the country.
In 48 BC. e. Pofinu managed to raise the capital of the state against Cleopatra - Alexandria. Indignant people threatened the life of Cleopatra. After gathering a few loyal to her people, the queen had to flee, but she conquered herself did not consider.
Brother and sister, husband and wife were preparing blood to defend their rights.
Just at this time of Julius Caesar, on learning of the distribution, decided to intervene in Egyptian affairs and correspondence with the Egyptians to collect debts. Stern ordered the Roman Ptolemy and Cleopatra to dissolve the army and themselves come to him for an explanation. But the cunning Pofin not handed an invitation to the queen, saying only available for troops. As his pupil, he has successfully sent to Caesar.
Ptolemy, who arrived in Alexandria, complained bitterly to his sister. But it is not easy to convince Caesar. He was surprised the lack of Cleopatra, and before that to decide something, he secretly sent a messenger to her.
Queen waited impatiently for news. Trusting the great military leader, she immediately complied with his order. Cleopatra knew that she needed to see each with Caesar. But how to get the capital she did not know. When she arrived at night with his faithful servant in a fishing boat to Alexandria, Cleopatra office wrapped in a piece of colorful material, pack slung on his back, and safely reached the quarters of Caesar, where he put his feet precious burden.

There was something that probably was so afraid of intelligent Pofin: Caesar was unable to resist the amorous charms of Cleopatra. Modest beauty emerged from the colorful fabric. She was then 19, her beauty was in full bloom. Caesar lost his head. Cleopatra was triumphant!

Soon Ptolemy XII drowned in the Nile, Pofin Fled. Thus ended the war, known as the "War Cleopatra", as Caesar had fought only for the love of the queen.

Alexandria calm has. In order not to irritate the Egyptians, Caesar gave Cleopatra married her second brother, Ptolemy XIII, Neoterosa, sickly boy of sixteen. The marriage was a sham. Queen remained the mistress of Caesar and one of the rules of the state, based on the Roman spears.

And in Rome, riots, bloodshed, but Caesar does not hurry to go there. Debt, interest, obligation, all forgotten in the arms of a sly charmer. They were going to travel on the Nile, hoping there to enjoy their love. Still, Caesar had to look at to Rome. It is touching farewell to his mistress and hits the road.

A few months later Cleopatra gave birth to a son, who was named Ptolemy-Caesarion. It opened its relations with Caesar, who incidentally were not a special secret.

Cleopatra with her son and psevdomuzhem arrived in Rome in mid-summer 46 пЁпЎпЄп°. In Rome, it was arranged a triumph. Among the captives, who followed the chariot, Cleopatra saw her sister Arsine - her name disgruntled Egyptians tried to remove from power Cleopatra. Arsinoe cast an imploring glance at her sister, but she knew all the main principle of the world's ruler: "Woe to the vanquished!" - And its principles Cleopatra never retreated.

In Rome, no one gave importance to the number of mistresses was Caesar, however, to publicly acknowledge a woman as his mistress, he is an affront to his republic. In the temple of Venus was set a golden statue of the "Alexandrian courtesan, and she commended divine honors. To add insult insulted the people of the gods. The city was rumored that Caesar wants to designate his successor son of Cleopatra. Distribution of rumors and Caesar's negligence reduced the days of his life.

Queen of Egypt as a thunderbolt had struck killing lover. The end of hope! Feeling of danger drove her out of the city. In 44 BC. "Egyptian whore" returned to Alexandria, where he died a year later her brother-husband. Cleopatra was accused in his death, but nothing has been proven. Cleopatra, left alone mistress of Egypt, and immediately announced his successor four Caesarion.

When Cleopatra was away from Rome, she may very unwillingly, lit a spark in the heart of Mark Antonio, frivolous voluptuaries, but a brave warrior. In 42 BC, after his victory over Brutus, he toured Greece and Asia Minor, collecting the ransom, he was met with enthusiasm everywhere, only one Cleopatra did not choose a warrior of your attention.

Anthony is not yet in love with the Egyptian, but its charm has made him an indelible impression. He wants to make her grovel and beg for forgiveness. But to wait for that pleasure, the queen is not in a hurry.

If Caesar could Pocar modesty, that Anthony needed to gain a more powerful means, and Cleopatra was not mistaken in their choice. Her appearance was so great! In response to an invitation triumvir she answered his. At the appointed hour Anthony arrived at the palace, decorated with extraordinary luxury. The banquet was magnificent. And the Roman gourmand, once gave his house chef for a well-cooked dish, the chef was ready to give Cleopatra a city, and herself - the whole world. Now he was crawling at her feet, not remembering that it intends to humiliate
. Egyptian prudent use of all means of seduction to Rome recognized Caesarion rightful heir to the throne of Egypt and to always get rid of her younger sister Arsinoe, fearing its impact on the people
. Lovestruck Antony sang both her desires: Rome Caesarion recognized the legitimate heir, and Arsinoe, hiding in Miletus, was killed there in the temple of Diana. Award not long in coming and Anthony owns Cleopatra. He lays everything and goes with the queen of Alexandria, and there begins the solid orgy. They called themselves "inimitable". Cleopatra became a voluptuous Bacchante, courtesan of the lowest class, his blatant pandering instincts. She drank, cynically expressed, singing erotic songs, danced, quarreled with her lover, answered him with abuse and blows. Nothing is so ill-Roman pleasures, like getting beaten by tiny hands queen.

. Very often "inimitable" dressed in the clothes of servants, sailors, ran through the streets of Alexandria, cursed with pedestrians and drunkards, and often these adventures ended in a fight
. Anthony, despite his strength and agility, been brutally beaten. Get and Cleopatra. But each time they were ready for new follies.

Once, during a feast, Cleopatra said that one drink ten million sesterces.

It turned out, the queen does not boast. She pulled out of the ear with a pearl earring, which had no equal in the world, and threw it into the cup, where she dissolved in vinegar, pre-cooked. In the eyes of the amazed public gulp drank this drink. Anthony could not help but admire such a woman.

Wife of Anthony, remained in Rome, had already lost hope to wrest from the hands of her husband of Cleopatra.

Tried everything else means no longer operating, one is left - to lift the so-called war Peruzinskuyu. Anthony had to leave.

Three long years Cleopatra lived apart from Anthony, which had three children: Alexander, Cleopatra and Ptolemy.

At the end of 36 years before AD. Anthony went to war with Syria, but embarked on the Asian shore, immediately recalled "Nile siren". Love broke out again, he sent for Cleopatra, and soon the lovers to enjoy in each other's arms. Fearing that Anthony once again decided to return to his wife, Egyptian redoubled her caresses, but at the mere mention of a possible departure represented a fatal affliction, she had not eaten, not drunk, spending days and nights in tears. Despite all that Anthony still had to go: on the order of Rome, he went to fight in Armenia. But Cleopatra did not have long to wait: Armenia conquered in a few weeks, the king captured.

Celebrate the victory of the Antoni decided in Alexandria, next to Cleopatra, thereby causing insult to their homeland, the senate, the people. But Anthony thinks only of the love of Cleopatra. Cleopatra satisfied. The fate of her children arranged: Anthony gave away they won the field. Cleopatra officially adopted the name "New Isis" and gave audentsii, dressed in a costume of the goddess, wearing a slinky gown and a crown with a hawk's head, decorated with horns of cows. Anthony renouncing his country, is almost the king of Egypt. He ordered the coin with a profile of Cleopatra and even on billboards Legionnaires he knocked out the name of the Queen of Egypt.

Lovers ruined excessive self-confidence and loss of vigilance. Accustomed to live in pleasure, in no knowing refusal, they are quite sluggishly reacted to the threat posed from Rome. In 31 BC, to. Octavian, Antony's wife's brother, declared war on Cleopatra.
Army of Antony and Cleopatra had a huge numerical superiority. They too were hoping for it and lost the battle even before the. Anthony looked at 50 years old, orgy did their job, their hands are not too tightly holding his sword. And Cleopatra, accustomed to the fact that all of getting any of it easily, agreed that leadership talent with something akin to winning at love, she took over the command of part of the Navy. In the decisive naval battle 2 я?п?пҐя?я?п?я€я? 31 years before AD. Cleopatra is summed up Anthony. She did not understand the strategy of her lover and the most decisive moment was running with his fleet. The Romans won a complete victory.

After the failure of Antony did not want to see Cleopatra, thinking only of the culprit lesion. He found consolation in the fact that began to drink. But Cleopatra was thinking only about their own salvation, introducing the future complete nightmare. She first had suicidal thoughts. She ordered the sea to build a great tomb, where it burned with all its treasures, when the time comes.

But she still loves life, so decided to flee. With the help of workers, machines and pack animals Cleopatra transported their ships on a dry road in the Red Sea. But alas, the flight is impossible: the Arabs burnt all the ships. But here she did not give up. It equips forts Peluso and Alexandria, handed gun people, and to raise the spirits of the troops, recorded his son Caesarion soldiers. But luck and it went around here. Then she decided to poison. She needs only a poison that kills without convulsions and pain. All kinds of poisons she tries to slaves sentenced to death, because she chooses death for himself. Finally, the poison found. Sting of a small snake asp give her what she wants.

At this time the Queen has come to terms with Anthony, and began again the mad orgy. Hoping to soften Octavian, Cleopatra secretly from her lover sent a messenger with generous gifts, vedb now Octavian winner. She was fond of Anthony while he was a hero, a winner, but now it is more interested in Octavian. Although Cleopatra was thirty-seven, she still believed in the strength of her own beauty. Moreover, the messenger, has publicly said the queen that Octavian long been in love with the queen, and is ready to do whatever it wishes. Cleopatra saved, and let Anthony take care of himself.

A few days later the fate smiled Anthony, fought with the Roman army, he defeated. Queen re-felt love for the hero. She decided to secretly escape with two faithful slaves, but the order to kill Anthony still not solved to give. Cleopatra sends a messenger to Antony, to report his death, but still thinking about it did not want. In meanness Cleopatra no doubt, because the queen knew that Octavian will soon be in Alexandria. There is no doubt kill Anthony, and she will be saved.

Mad Anthony tossed around the palace in search of the queen. He had no doubt that the mistress had betrayed him. And then he was told about the death of Cleopatra. This news deprives him of courage, he falls into despair. With her name on the lips of Antony falls on his sword.
The news of the death of Anthony's amazing Cleopatra, tormented by remorse fell into despair. Queen wants to see her lover dead or alive, and asks him to give her. Roman still ate breathing: the wound was fatal, but life still struggled in his powerful body. The joy of the fact that the queen is alive and gives him strength, he sent her, wanting to die with her, whom he adored. Mad Anthony is showered with kisses, and he dies at the hands of his lover.
Burying Antony, Cleopatra went to the palace, where it surrounded the royal honors. Cleopatra tries to negotiate with the winner ended in failure. At Octavian, known for his numerous amorous adventures, charms Cleopatra had no effect. Hearing that Octavian wanted to hold her as a slave in chains for his triumphal chariot, the queen decided to commit suicide.
There was no way she was not aware of pity for the loser, was not her pity, and to his. Lost everything must go with dignity.
The next day, she arranged a sumptuous feast. Dressed in robes with a crown on his head. When she brought a basket with fresh fruits, where on the bottom, sleeping snake. Injection needles queen woke asp. Immediately followed by a painless bite, two faithful slaves preferred death at the feet of a dying mistress.
Cleopatra was buried with honors, and near Anthony. Caesarion son of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar, Gaius, was executed as a likely contender for power.


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