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Virata Swami

( One of the most scandalous sex guru.)

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Biography Virata Swami
photo Virata Swami
Swami Virata - one of the most scandalous sex guru. Over a lifetime, this is a gray-haired 63-year-old grandfather was about four thousand mistresses. And still young beauties just stick to it. The secret of a successful businessman, a former American, now an eccentric preacher who became free of divine love, in that it teaches tantra for over twenty years.
Soul and masturbation
- Tell us about your first sexual experience.
- Spirituality in sex the first time I felt when he died, my whole life bolevshaya mom. I remember when the priest came to take her final journey, I had candles. She will rest in peace, and then I felt that death is beautiful. Then I went to my room and masturbated there.
- Your mother was hristiankoyN in this religion to bind the death of sex - a great sin!
- My mother was a Christian, and I went to a Christian school, St. Michael and sang in church choir. But nevertheless, I do not believe in God, I saw the divine energy only during the tantric act.
- What caused you to abandon a profitable business in America and go to IndiyuN
- Previously, I worked in the electronics industry and was a representative of about 25 major companies. At that time, I earned about 750 thousand dollars a year.
1976 was a turning point for me. I walked down the street past a large store of mystical products, alongside of which worked, but had never paid any attention to him. And suddenly my eyes fell speck of light, I thought it was a ray of sunlight reflected by skyscraper. I was wrong. Condition was such that I smoked marijuana. Only five years later realized what had happened to me on that day. My mind has been involved in the flow of cosmic consciousness, the cosmic energy. Four years after that I went to India and became a disciple of Osho Rajneesh. There I mastered the practical tantra.
- That's abandoned the family and uehaliN
- I had three children, I have been married 10 years. But I did not love your wife, sex was too little ... With her, I divorced in 1972. That's when I discovered free sex. I went to night clubs, the girls shot, then heard about the sex clubs, where people specifically to have sex. Then I created a sex club. Every Saturday, I was paying "dues" had sex with all the new girls. Once I had 22 women per day. But it was not tantra. In Tantra, too, there are orgies, but not every Group sex - is tantric act. By the way, Tantra is different from the Kama Sutra to its spiritual content. Kamasutra - just a set of specific postures for sex, tantra includes spiritual exercises, energy management, total return as partners.
Jealousy - the enemy of orgasm
- What is the difference tantric orgasm from obyknovennogoN
- Orgasm - a little death. During orgasm something happens, if you are departing from the physical body. Tantra - this exemption. In the usual sex detente waiting, and in tantra is not trying to get an orgasm, he finds himself, with multiple, bright, smooth and long. In Indian ritual tantra men and women call themselves the god and goddess. It symbolized the act of copulation Tantric deities - feelings were just as bright as spiritually and physically. I do not believe in God, but I felt the energy that people call God.
- Can I practice tantric family man, or required to constantly change partnerovN
- Tantra can be practiced with one partner, and with a lot. But jealousy - a big hindrance in these practices. We believe that love - is not a feeling, but a state of consciousness. You can be love and to love each. When a person is jealous, he makes a partner thing. How can a person be someone sobstvennostyuN Man is by nature of polygamy, if you love him, you'll be happy that he's fine even with some woman.
Stars and Tantra
- How beginners tantric seksomN
- To start with at least one day to refrain from the usual sex. In the room where the act will be carried out, must be order, dim light. You can light incense sticks and include quiet music. Wash, then sit facing each other. First, just look at each other, then 20 minutes later gently touch the person, put your hand on each other's heart and deep breathing in unison. On this day should be special diet. As it lets you have four elements. Few cereals - cereals and grains would tie you to the ground. Fruits give heavenly lightness. A small piece of raw meat will wake you in the animal, and sip vodka ignite the fire Sleep. In the "black tantra" lovers have cut fingers to each other and mixed blood.
- In your seminars are very different people. And you taught tantra znamenitosteyN
- I am familiar with the teacher of Tantra, Sting, and several other Hollywood actors. In Moscow, at my workshop your famous journalist Yevgeny Kiselyov met a woman with whom they then met for a year. Married liN I do not know.

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Virata Swami, photo, biography
Virata Swami, photo, biography Virata Swami  One of the most scandalous sex guru., photo, biography
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