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Maine Tsvetaeva Maria

( Mother of the poet Marina Tsvetaeva)

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Biography Maine Tsvetaeva Maria
Memory M. Tsvetaeva.
I know surprisingly little about it. Just a few vivid scenes of their memories of Marina Tsvetaeva (essays "Mother and Music", "My Pushkin") and vague vagueness heads from the thick book of memoirs Anastasia Ivanovna, sister of Marina ... This book is read in light immemorial childhood ...
Now I painfully remember that long-read recently. And try to imagine the same sort was the one "whose hands dripped with the music" (Marina Tsvetaeva), hearing a game where you can fall unconscious from his chair, forgetting everything in the world. She recognized the primacy of music, art over all else in life. Except, perhaps, another - the power of spirit. And nobility.
She was a wonderful destiny. She was rich, generously endowed by God, nature, can be called arbitrarily. Maria was the only daughter in the family. Mother, Mary Lukinichna Bernacki, lost in the age of three weeks from single-parent family.
Educated adored and adoring father, Alexander Danilovich Maine and schveytsarkoy bonnoy that affectionately called: "Aunt". Music, according to AI. Tsvetaeva, the girl learned from Muromtseva, favorite pupil of Nicholas Rubinstein, painting - the artist Klodt.
. That's what writing about her mother, Marina Tsvetaeva herself in a private letter in 1914: "Rapture music, . huge talent (such playing the piano and guitar, . probably, . I can not hear!), . gift for languages, . brilliant memory, . great style, . poems in Russian and German languages, . classes in painting. ",
. Fully confirms these enthusiastic words and the only survivor notebook diary of Maria Alexandrovna (the end of 1887 - February 1888.) Total, there were nine, they kept the sisters Tsvetaeva, but over time have been lost
. This - the brightest human document growth and flowering of an exceptional soul, talented individual, pure and impressionable nature. A. Saakyants wrote about this a thorough examination of her notebooks: "The search for high and reasonable meaning of life, love of Russian literature, . arguments about music and read books (it is infinitely loved Turgenev, . Heine, . German romantic poets, . Shakespeare) - all sealed in a diary and opens up the complex world of her feelings and thoughts, . in which the tragic experience and hold a special place of torment ",
. (A. Saakyants. Notes to the two-volume edition of selected works of M. I. Tsvetaeva. V.2 Minsk. Izdatel'stvo "People Asveta, 1988)
Seventeen years after birth Maria experienced only in the life of love - a man who was married.

Name it, we do not know. Incredible for the time history for a young lady from a noble family, on the maternal side a direct descendant of the Polish aristocratic family Bernatskiy!

. It was only a few semirandom-polutaynyh meetings, Aleksandr Danilovich soon learned about the "daring" novel and demanded that her daughter immediately cease all! She obeyed her father's will, sincerely not wanting to upset him.

. But love the man continued.

. Here is what she has recorded in his diary two years after meeting him: "So love, . I loved him, . I am in my life, more love will not, . I still he is obliged to, . that I have something to remember my youth, I, . Although suffering paid for love, . but still I loved so, . as would never have believed, . that you can love! ..,

. I forgave him everything because he loved me, and yet if I know what love and happiness, I owe him this ..
. Dad and Aunt, especially Dad, I do not understand: they still imagine that I was a child ... If he knew (meaning the father of Maria Alexandrovna) that for the third year, as a sense of living in my soul, deep, hidden, but has lived ...

. And then she continues, already turning to the beloved:

. "In music, I live you, from every chord sounds to me all my dear past, memories and dreams as a wonderfully interwoven with harmonious sounds of sacred melodies ..
. Sometimes at dusk, with his eyes closed, I surrender to the charm and sounds like a dream, experiencing a long-past experience. Sometimes a smile is haunting my lips, like an echo of the joy, the happiness that was once filled with my soul ...
Maria knew that sooner or later it will have to marry. Marina Tsvetaeva wrote: "When my grandfather put it between the beloved and she chose a father, she chose a father and not loved, and married then she is better than in Tatyaninsk, because" for poor Tanya were all lots are equal (meaning Pushkin's Tatiana. We see here a direct impact on the character of literature and philosophy of man. Literature creates an image and creates the identity. Marina thought, . that the fate of her mother's favorite heroine of Pushkin's played a leading role!) - and my mother chose the worst fate - twice as old widower, . two children, . in love with the dead woman (Ivan Tsvetayev, . father Marina, . retained throughout his life a deep affection for his first wife) - for children and for someone else's misfortune married, . loving and continuing to love the, . which then has never sought the meeting and which, . the first time and accidentally met him at a lecture husband, . question about the life of happiness and so on, . replied: "My daughter is a year, . it is very big and clever and I am quite happy ... "God, . at this moment she had me, . - Exclaims Marina, . - Smart and large, . hate for, . I - not his daughter! (M,
. Tsvetaeva. The essay "My Pushkin")

. Yes, . forty-four when she married a widower with two children, . becoming the mistress of the house in Trekhprudny Lane, . where everything was steeped in memories of the first beautiful wife, . singer and actress, . Varvara Ilovajskij, . Maria keenly aware of what sacrifices it goes!,

. In this unequal and high (allow ourselves to this definition!) Marriage, she set before me two objectives: to replace the mother to the orphaned children (Andrew was a year, . Valerie - eight!) And become an assistant to her husband - a prominent scientist - to art, . archeologist, . historian - an assistant in all his affairs,
. Both she almost succeeded. Younger, Andrew called her mother and was a favorite, Valeria - sincerely respected, and perhaps secretly adored, ashamed to confess and transferring it to the adoration of the younger, Musyu and cat.

. Unknown where she met Maria and Ivan Vladimirovich Tsvetaev (p
. 4.05.1847), Professor of Fine Arts, Moscow University. Definitely not at the ball, where she met with her first love. Perhaps it was a public lecture, which is often performed the famous historian and linguist Tsvetayev passionately in love with the masterpieces of ancient art. Maybe meeting with mutual friends. This is not so important. Two interesting and complex nature, equally brilliantly gifted, could not attract the attention of each other. In 1889 Maria became the wife of Maine professor Tsvetaeva. A twenty-sixth of September 1892 her first born daughter, Marina. And two years - the youngest, Asya. Maria from the time - always in trouble, but her life is similar to the self-immolation. Seeing that Ivan could not forget his first wife and in his heart of hearts suffering from jealousy of the past and perfectly aware of the absurdity of this jealousy, Maria, not blaming him, trying to immerse oneself in the troubles on children and the house. Actively she helps her husband, a professor in the implementation of its long-standing dream: the establishment in Moscow Museum of Fine Arts.
That's what Marina Tsvetaeva wrote in his essay "My father and his museum:" a close associate of my father was my mother. She kept all of his extensive foreign correspondence and, . often, . absentee eloquence of his, . some special grace of a joke or flattery (the Frenchman), . line from the poet (an Englishman), . some question about children and the garden (with German) - of the human note in a business letter, . Relationship formally, . sometimes simply good verbal traffic immediately sought to, . Why would only with difficulty, and quite different, my father has,
. The main thing is the secret of its success was, of course, not expressions, which are only servants, and that warmth of heart, without which the verbal gift - nothing. And, speaking of her father's help, I'm primarily talking about her unflagging spirit of participation, women's involvement in the miracle of entering into all and transcending of all - the winner. Help the museum was primarily spiritual help his father: to believe in him, to believe in him, and when necessary, and for him. "You could say that this was a full and proud dissolved in the affairs of her husband.

Maria spared himself quite many times she accompanied husband to travel to collect the collections and building materials for the Museum. One of these trips was the summer of 1902, the Urals. They brought rare examples of marble for the facade of the Museum and columns.

A region of classical sculpture - in the words of the I.V. Tsvetaeva - she knew how to be a few women in our country: it led to a number of years, diaries and records to museums ... drew the first plan the future of the Moscow Museum ". (AA. Saakyants. Notes to the two-volume M. I. Tsvetaeva)

The museum is based on money patrons, often in the house were arranged breakfasts and dinners, came to Ivan Vladimirovich many people. All of them have been duly taken and found.

In the evenings in the house overflowed waves, river music. Maria has played nights on end, covering and drowning us all, roulades Valerie, "tili-tili" Asi, my persistent effort - with a bitter smile thought Marina.

. What hidden Maria in this passionate, selfless igreN Memories lyubviN inaudible Its eternal presence, breath for plechamiN.
. Or gnawing flour revnostiN

. Talking about mother, . Marina pointed, . that she seemed "hurried to live": "On, . mother hurried with notes, . with letters, . with Ondine, . with Jane Eyrami ", . with Anton the Unfortunate, . with contempt for physical pain, . from St. Helena, . one against all, . one - without all, . knew exactly, . not have time, . So - even though it, . and even more is, . and yet it, . and this is,
. As sealing us invisible and weightless, permanently displacing those of us the whole weight and appearance. And what luck that all this was not science, and Lyrics ... My mother gave us from open veins of the lyrics and this could not be too, because it is itself too, all the surplus of sadness and strength, the excess power going into depression, mountains move! "
. In early 1902 Dr. Maria Alexandrovna found at the beginning of a tuberculous process and recommended treatment abroad
. And there she continued, mortally ill, his efforts on the acquisition of museum collections, rare materials ... Of nerves, Geneva, Berlin, Lausanne, flew to Moscow, a letter describing the acquired rarities, questionnaires ...

Winter 1904-05. part of a collection of rare wooden sculptures burned in the fire, suffered greatly and halls, preparing for the opening of the Museum. This news greatly undermined the health of Maria Alexandrovna. She and her husband and younger daughters was in Freiburg (Germany). But she expressed her despair at the tragic telegrams received only short polusdavlennym sigh: "Ah-h!" Ivan could not hold back tears.
Maria extinguished. She realized that she did not see the opening of the Museum, who gave so much energy! But most of all she was upset ban doctors practicing music, play the piano ...
She, as she could resist it, a tool for conducting at least two to three hours a day. Italian doctor, having heard her play, said: "Brilliant ... Brilliant! But if you play well, then not only burn themselves, but also our entire board will burn! "
Die a brilliant pianist, never played on the public stage, would certainly at home. During his illness, was brought to Russia, a town on the Oka, Tarusa where Tsvetaeva was a sort of summer cottages, manor. There she died on July 5, 1906. Before his death, she whispered: "I feel sorry for only music and sun!" Her hands slipped on the blanket for a long time, as if going over the piano keys.
PS. She dreamed to see Musyu eldest daughter, Marina, pianist.
But that was played inside the "other music". Assonance and rhyme. All my life I loved her mother to distraction and the very memory of it, cultivated this feeling, Marina later said: "After such a mother I had only one thing: to become a poet. To izbyt her gift - to me, which would have strangled me, or turned into prestupitelya all human laws. "
"Prestupitelem" she did not. Became the greatest poet of the twentieth century. From the eternal music of rhymes in the shower.

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Maine Tsvetaeva Maria, photo, biography
Maine Tsvetaeva Maria, photo, biography Maine Tsvetaeva Maria  Mother of the poet Marina Tsvetaeva, photo, biography
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