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Adelman Yakov Naumovich

( The father of the historian and writer Nathan Adelman)

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Biography Adelman Yakov Naumovich
Delving into their archives, Boris Zhutovski found a portrait of James Naumovich Adelman, drawn by someone on the islands of the Gulag. Old Eydelman - it was the name of our zaglazno, in contrast to our classmate was still Tonic, later known as Natan Eidelman
In school, we only heard about the old man, then communicate with them often. Before his arrest, he was a critic, writing more than anything in the Literary Gazette, after his release did not wish to communicate their thoughts with the ideas of unprincipled rulers and wrote perhaps the diaries.
. Yakov Naumovich interesting not only as the father of the historian and writer Nathan Adelman
. While this is important - to understand the origins. But here the role of Yakov Naumovich natural - all fathers of sons helped the formation of. In addition to the genetic pattern inherited by the will of God to his son, his father gave him the knowledge, skill, experience gained in the world.
. Yakov Naumovich Adelman in nearly 50 years he volunteered for the front, in love with Russian culture, after the front fell to the Lubyanka - for Zionism
. In the offices of CHKGPUNKVDMGBKGB this concept was given a legendary character - the better to deny, do not let go, put in a word, "keep people in constant mobilization readiness". Present something Zionism - a consequence of centuries of national suffering, tempered in the flames of the Holocaust, claimed only one thing: that the Jews had their own land - but who knew him then, a real-toN
Zionism - it is also compassionate to his people. Yakov Naumovich during his four-year term of abuse the way he won numerous awards different, . but refused to accept the Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky, . explained by, . that this character did not promote freedom and happiness of native Ukrainians, . while living among them the Jewish people brought untold misfortune,
. Russian general he knew, yes-NKVD secret police found out about it.
. We, the boys-school students, few knew him before his arrest, the students heard a lot about him during camp, and have professionals with special learning at the end of university, became closely acquainted with him during the total rehabilitation
. We've been asked, but little has yet to really understand: indifferent attitude to his reluctance to write in the newspapers, but his resolute refusal to return to the party have several strained. We welcomed his exuberant temperament, it is appropriate to our swaggeringly ideas about life.

His temperament is manifested in childhood, when he was fifth-grader, the teacher slapped him for some anti-Semitic words. It was the excess of the Old Testament canon. "An eye for an eye" - and he slap in the face of the words. It is not good. But he never thought that good and bad.
. For middle-aged, seemingly having learned zekovskoy school has not yet been rehabilitated, but only until the time of release, he met at an evening dedicated to Sholom Aleichem, one critic - and publicly charged that in squealing
. Although he did not know and could not know where to turn our lives the next leader of the Soviet regime
The temperament of the old man not extinguished until the last day. After Stalin's death seemed to us that the time "thaw" - and that was the brief thaw before the new winter: demonic Stalin rasstrelivanie writer for alleged spying took over in legalized conviction for literature. Illusory heat ended, but we still hoped. The KGB began to fall - who on "preventative talks", who more thoroughly. So I was in his office on Lubyanka. From morning till night I "profilaktirovali". Already not dreamed that the house find myself. But by evening mocked my investigator told me an alarming affection in his voice, that I'm not their morals, do not understand, but just unscrew, but signed a pass for a way out of this "State Insurance".

. I was led into a large room, where I suddenly saw an old man Adelman and his son Nathan and his wife
. All "profilaktirovali". Around the investigators were on the number of "profilaktiruenyh". We all felt like a dejected. In Old Man Adelman. The old man, with a protruding chin because of malocclusion, a war veteran and prisoner, rushed around the room and shouting loudly at the KGB man. He shouted to them that they violate everything that can be broken, and that they are not workers, and drones. This word is just vyporhnet the pages of newspapers, but later and on another occasion. It is scandalous, in the camp explained to them who they are and what are the teachings. Terrified, I stopped to hear. Only the thought of how many years he showered us all. But when pointed at the bored faces of those representatives "pravorazrushitelnyh bodies, their poglyadyvanie at the clock, calmed down - they were not rabid romance early years, and the officials who hurried home, or wherever else.

. But the old man did not let up - held its dangerous campaign against illiteracy, taught the moral values of Judeo-Christian civilization of the Gentiles
. But he was already over seventy, in the end he was tired. I sighed - faster home, as long as these do not change your mind. Nothing of the sort!

Temperament, as well as skill, see passed from generation to generation - are now said Adelman, Jr.. Moreover, the long silence. This has always been given to him with difficulty. He uttered, perhaps, for another ten years. I have already said goodbye to freedom, when gebisty, which all fed up, forcibly pushed us.
Books he liked, perhaps, no less than his son, but it is true, certainly less than the grand-daughter. But his granddaughter did not yet exist, but the books never tell anyone he gave: "The book is not a girl, it does not feel the need". Upon returning from the camp, he is most worried appeared on the bookshelves of emptiness.
He died of a serious incurable disease and was fully aware of what was happening to him and where he carries. Temperament does not leave him until his death: a whisper of weakness and yet violently indignant incomprehension, he asked to explain to his wife, Mary Nathanovna that enough to bother him with food - he's tired, he dies, the end came, do not understand! ..
. I look at the portrait, Northwind extracted from the archive
. Who knows what layers to push the lever memory. So stand before my eyes, two ghost, two silhouettes - a small, wizened, coming, waving his hands old man with a protruding lower jaw forward, resting his chin on his big belly young Adelman. There is a dispute about the Russian culture, or the legal system, or the attitude to Pushkin, Beethoven, Kandinsky, Wirth, MAT, Tiutchev, Heine, Babaevsky ... About all. I hear their voices.
These disputes have moved all our company forward. We objected to better understand. He objected, trying to make out that we seemed to have been seen. And we could see, because we stood on his shoulders.
I see ghosts, silhouettes, I hear voices. They are unlikely to finish there disputes initiated here. What business there until our vanity ...

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Adelman Yakov Naumovich, photo, biography
Adelman Yakov Naumovich, photo, biography Adelman Yakov Naumovich  The father of the historian and writer Nathan Adelman, photo, biography
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