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Burj Lucretia

( The sister of Julius Caesar)

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Biography Burj Lucretia
photo Burj Lucretia
... And at the feet of Lucretia Caesar, her own brother. He loves, he loves Lucretia, he stabbed both of her admirer, he would kill anyone who approached her ...

. In 1480 the all-powerful mistress of Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia brought him a third child: a pretty girl, who later became one of the most famous women in world history
. Fans pedigrees found many intriguing, studying a family of Borgia. The child's father, Spanish nobleman Rodrigo, was the result of a criminal context, his mother Joan with his own brother, Alfonso, the future Pope Calixtus III. The fact that incest was so obvious that Joanna Gottfried Lenzolo husband divorced her and refused to recognize the child. In 1455 Calixtus III called his son and nephew from Spain to Rome, where his insistence, the young man put on his cassock. Pope ardently loved the newfound priest, and in the Vatican, there was talk that his feelings were not platonic. Whatever it was, Rodrigo Borja fast does the church and brings a career of Valencia, its long-standing mistress, Rosa Vanotstsi. It accommodates Rosa in Venice in a magnificent palace, and spared no money to give her any pleasure. And the means were available: Calixtus III gave his son not only the cardinal's hat, but also numerous abbeys, bishoprics and benefices. So by the time of birth of the daughter Rodrigo was considered the richest in Europe, Cardinal.

The emergence of girls very happy parents. Rose has already had two sons by Rodrigo: Francesco and Caesar - she wanted her daughter. She also picked up and her beautiful name Lucretia.

Lucretia's childhood, little is known. His mother spoiled her in every way and gave the most brilliant in those days education. Girl well versed in poetry, knew the history, foreign languages, played music, had a fine artistic taste. Father even managed to instill her interest in alchemy, is very useful in the future. However, parents are completely concealed from her sordid side of life, and has ten years of age Lucretia watched palace feasts and orgies, from which "would have blushed and Satan". At eleven the girl very well aware that pretty, and quickly learned the art of flirting. Participating along with his brothers in the festivities mother, she examines the men, looking for worthy of her beauty. First of its unwitting victim was a descendant of a noble Venetian family Marcelo Candiano. But more innocent coquetry did not get - handsome young man disappeared. And soon it became known that he was stabbed to death at night when you exit the palace Vanotstsi. Lucretius, in fact, was a child and could not, and not going for a long time to grieve. Especially early awakened in her sensuality, combined with the temperament of a Spanish made it the same day for dinner recklessly flirt with Ferrera nobleman Dalberdzhetti. This wise with years of experience and a fan kept courting aggressively, quickly, and in one of the next nights crept into the bedroom waiting to Lucrezia. However, a suspicious noise in the adjoining room prevented the rendezvous. Dalberdzhetti withdrew and ... a quarter of an hour fell in the street from the blow with a dagger - ties novels beauties already ended in tragedy. But is not over night. And at the feet of Lucretia Caesar, her own brother. He loves, he loves Lucretia, he stabbed both of her admirer, he would kill anyone who approached her. He asked for love, no - he calls it, he was ready to resort to violence. Girl is not particularly opposed to - the ties of blood do not say anything to her heart. What conventions: Caesar is so good, young, strong, his hands and lips so experienced and passionate ... Mutual affection interrupts Francesco, eldest brother, suddenly burst into the room. He has eaten the same feelings. His heart comes from hatred to the younger, ahead of him. After a brief argument, they leave the bedroom inflamed and somewhat disappointed sister.

Lucretia becomes the mistress of two brothers. The mystery persists as long as from the senior of them, Francesco, the light does not appear the daughter. To hush up the scandal, Rose Vanotstsi immediately brings her to the education of a peasant family in the vicinity of Verona. Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia sends Caesar in Pisa, and Francesco in Padua University, away from the seductive sister. But the city is rife with rumors, and Rodrigo carries the family to Rome, where he begins searching for the disgraced daughter's husband. Around 1492 is the wedding of Lucrezia twelve with little Aragonese nobleman Don Esteban. It was a strange alliance. He hid a new criminal alliance Lucrezia.

It's not often you can meet beautiful women, can bring passion to their own brothers. And after birth Lucretia blooms unusually. Easy and gentle, as if carved with a chisel of Phidias body, thick blond hair, the face of the Madonna and a sly smile simply bewitch men. And sixty father begins to look at her as a woman, only women. In his years Cardinal still very strong and healthy. Contemporaries noted his brilliant intellect, energy, extraordinary mobility and a complete lack of principle. All he throws his charm to win her daughter, showering her with gifts and preventing the slightest desire to. Lucretia soon shall gentle admirer, but behaves towards him as an experienced courtesan. Lasky father, she scatters in accordance with the quantity and quality of offerings. "Gold, jewels and gowns replace it all". Husband has youth, the father of power and wealth - more Lucretia does not want. She only enjoys the benefits without hurting anyone.

1492 raises the Borgia family at an unattainable height: a complex plot and numerous bribes erected by Cardinal Roderigo at Pope. He dreams of victories, large gains and power over the whole of Italy, which encouraged him to take the name of Alexander VI. His eldest son, Francesco immediately receives Duchy Gandiyskoe, Caesar - Valentinois and Lucretia ... new husband. She, in fact, no objection: the daughter of the Cardinal could be a muddle with his wife some of Don Esteban, but the daughter of the Pope? Moreover, the father appears one more passion - Giulia Farnese, who did not, however, its relationship with Lucrezia. Pope frees the daughter from this vow and married to Giovanni Sforza, the representative of the powerful family of the Dukes of Milan. There is a kind of "political" baptism of Lucretia, when her marriage becomes an appendage of the state of the father and brothers.

Festivities on the occasion of the marriage lasted two days. They involve known courtesan, 11 cardinals with mistresses, and well ... committed by members of the famous Roman families. On the morning of the third day he assigns the young Alexander's bedroom, and performed with the daughter of the role of maid. All the high priest's family is here and watching what happens in bed. The strongest displays of affection are marked with friendly praise and abundant libations.

But the honeymoon lasts only a week of Lucretia. Preferring to society of the Pope and his exquisite feast, she almost never leaves the Vatican Palace. Husband in every way she treats and flatly refuses to move in his possession. Moreover, she so vividly describes it possible places jealous of Caesar, that Sforza just hit the running. I wanted to save his life, Lucretius, or simply in a nice escape, no one knows. But Giovanni Sforza never returned to the family, where the murder became commonplace.

So, Lucrezia was not yet 15, she "grass widow", receives from his father's enormous resources and lives in his own house at Calle del Pellegrino. She quickly acquires yard with indispensable poets, artists, musicians, lots of servants and day lovers. "All the most expensive, most luxurious were gathered there". And already there was talk in Rome that the Pope is close to bankruptcy.

Almost most of the time she spends in the rooms of the Holy Father, which helps him in managing the church. Often it reveals the papal telegrams or convene the College of Cardinals ... Delightful baby!.. After the next feast, she finds fun entertaining "game": the role of chairman of the board of St.. In the clothing of a prostitute, half-transparent muslin, it takes a languid caress Pope, surreptitiously watching the priests. "Shame!" Terrible! " - Write then Bishop Burchard. But now he is silent, and hid her eyes: do not tease the tigress, because no one knows what the punishment will come up she is guilty. In the Eternal City starts gossip and dull murmur. Three thousand Guardsmen guarding the walls of the Vatican, unable to hide his shame. The Pope is surrounded by dozens of servants and constantly intriguing church officials, and adjusted in the system transfer rumors instantly carries any information from his environment. Lucretia ceases to conceal a scandalous relationship with his father and brothers. Why? What generally able to stop it? Religion? But the completeness of her father and lover - God's vicegerent on earth, has managed to successfully break all 10 Commandments of God. Morality? How! From birth, no one gave her a tiny example of the moral life. Gospel remained unquestioned authority, but not in everyday life. Conscience was devoid of purpose. The idea clashed with the word, word and deed, there was no harmony in life. Neither the Italian had no objection to the reform of morals, the awakening of conscience. However, in words. These feelings and desires did not find a ground, but simply drowned in the noise prevailed around orgy ". Oh yes! There is still a popular opinion. But the Italians at the time "were the most frivolous, the most undisciplined people in the world, their will was broken". Why do pay attention to them? We can only ably and fully take from life all that it can offer, and to subordinate pleasure time. Borgia family and received.

True, there were also minor troubles. One of them happened on the eve of the new, 1497. Caesar, which met once a sweet night with her sister, found her, Francesco. "The brothers decided not to go out of the bedroom Lucretia one without the other, when was the opponent, who was forced to cede the field of action - their own father". From now on, the girl had to be divided into three, in proportion to power, money and chutzpah. But Lucrezia had their plans. She was tired of endless lust Pope and jealousy of Caesar. Her thoughts seizes humourist, bully and ILO Francesco.

Comedy played out away from the madding crowd in the monastery of St.. Sik-hundred to smoothly enjoy the love. Caesar through his spies know the truth. Moreover, his hatred is fueled by envy of marital status of his brother, whose father other successor. Plotting. Francesco track, cutting the throat and drowned in the Tiber. The next day, Caesar ran from the city. Alexander VI inconsolable and sends to torture "many noble notables, chosen at random, not yet convinced of the guilt of the son. A daughter immediately sent from the monastery to his father. "Then, - wrote Burchard - he drained his tears and locked himself in his apartment, comforted in the arms of Lucretia". Comfort and Lucretia. However, this in every way a broker who had returned home and forgiveness of Pope Caesar.

A sign of reconciliation with his father, he arranges hunting. An enormous retinue of court favorites, secular women, courtesans, clowns, dancers accompanied by a strong force. "Four days they spent in the forests of Ostia, freely indulging impulses of the flesh". We noticed that Lucretius in "love games" replaced during this time, two dozen partners. A return to Rome, they turned it into a den, in the sanctuary of infamy, and it is impossible to enumerate all the looting, murders and crimes committed in the court of the Pope ". The political need to intermarry with the Aragonese dynasty makes Alexander VI to break the marriage of his daughter and fled Sforza. Immediately her married to 17-year-old Duke Bisalya, natural son of King Alfonso II. Lucretia becomes the mistress of the state, enviable for any princess blood. Young Bisalya sent to two years in Naples, and his wife, with a sigh of relief, continues to maintain a "free life".

. Behavior of Lucretia at this time comes to blatant arrogance: it intervenes in politics, signs the orders, the church gives out awards, punishes
. She moved into the luxury apartments of the Vatican, gathering around him an immoral woman of Rome. Day of fun become bullfights (incidentally, a favorite sight of his father), occupation "policies", hunting and a variety of tricks on the streets. Especially famous for its women's running a race from the castle SW. Angel Square SW. Peter. Required standard of beauty - the power of woman's feet should be such that it could stifle their man. Well trained, the more willing enough - the city consisted of 7000 prostitutes of all colors. Night devoted love, which demanded an iron health, balls, masquerades, and banquets in the presence of the Pope. These feasts were decorated with dancing and games of naked courtesans, and all too often ended in murder. What delatN own plans for Alexandra and reckless spending favorite chad demanded gold. On holidays invited nobles and wealthy priests. One or more of them hunted like rats - sometimes brought the poison itself Lucretia - that does not spoil the rest of the fun. Victims of property confiscated. In fairness it should be noticed that Caesar had come to the aid of the interests of the family, especially in the dark passages of the Vatican, for a perfect master of the dagger. But the poison was preferable. Famous Borgia poison. Hundreds of years of legends about him, and probably is because of what. With the help of dedicated chemists Alexander VI succeeded to create an arsenal of extremely subtle poisons. Used even grass, specially brought from the New World. The famous wine Borja, often podnosimoe victims Lucretia, exerts its effects only after a time: from one month to several years. A man falling out teeth, hair, skin went, and death occurs after prolonged heavy torment. To cover up the traces and to resolve the case quickly, semeika enjoyed the favorite poison without color and odor.

Accidentally who saw him talking about the small crystals colored Parian marble. With their help, Lucretia and get rid of annoying lovers. Special key, rewarding its victim, was unremarkable edge, gall poison. Gallant lightly scratching their skin ... and one day died. And lovers, incidentally, had a lot of beauty: one had lovely legs, the other was strong, her hair curled like a third antennae sweet peas, fourth, fifth ... Fiftieth ... They often did not have any wealth, and therefore not afraid to love. However, how many of them prematurely departed the ferry ... Roman fame, may be exaggerated, leading by dozens! And even when the mystery was solved, who would dare to accuse the daughter of the high priest?

Political interests of Alexander VI again demand a divorce Lucretia. How radical: at night on Jan. 2, 1500, four masked persons attacked the Duke Bisalya and causing five stab. But Duke is still alive. And Lucretia is enraged: all to hell, I'm tired - this man she intends to keep! Whole month she guards and nurse the sick. However, the unknown still manages to strangle the Duke in his own bed.

In the period of widowhood Lucretius gives birth to boy. In one of the bulls from the archives of Modena Alexander VI recognizes the child's father himself, in another - Caesar. Whatever it was, the newborn receives a "possession" Sermon. The fate of his little known.

And Lucretia in 1501 again marries. And again for reasons of policy. She can not even love the way she may be, I want. Her feelings, subordination of the interests or short-lived turbid passions, can never be revealed. It is eternal courtesan with a cold mind and perverted in heart. But such a once-tired from everything I had seen and created by. Lucretia was tired, very tired. It grows unintelligible herself breakdown. Or maybe just a whisper of a guilty conscience. In any case, after the wedding, which took place with such pomp and debauchery, not even know what pagan antiquity, she and her husband left the Eternal 1orod. Without regret, and ... forever.

Having escaped the madness of the papal court, in Ferrara, she leads a frugal life: rumor ascribes to her death just six representatives of the noble Italian families - but, most likely, it is a legend. Just know that she is surrounded by a brilliant court, all as beautiful, cold, with her husband and promotes art, especially artists - past it with maniacal persistence encouraged to paint on religious themes. She loves the well-known, somewhat sentimental poet Pietro Bembo, and the other her lover, the great poet Ludovico Ariosto devotes her praise octave in his "Orlando Furioso". In 1503, dies poisoned by his own poison Alexander VI, a year later leaves her mother, in the 1507th kill Caesar - it is completely accepts this news with indifference.

. In 1519, in Ferrara, at the age of 39 Lucretia quietly dies.

. ... Funeral services her last lover, the Cardinal, who lived at the court of Duke Alfonso d'Este
. Her husband ...

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Burj Lucretia, photo, biography
Burj Lucretia, photo, biography Burj Lucretia  The sister of Julius Caesar, photo, biography
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