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Biography Tim ALLEN
"I became a comedian only when he learned to laugh at themselves", - considers this one of the most popular and highest-American actors, Tim Allen, better known to our viewers as Tim Taylor, from the sitcom "Great Repair".
. Probably assume that Tim will be a comedian, might well have been during his childhood, gold
. According to eyewitnesses, the Lord gave the boy such a sense of humor, which can be replaced incorrectly inflated muscles or lack of cool friends. When he could not cope with offenders in the usual way, in the sense - in the brawl, he defeated them with his jokes. And then, quite in other situations, a sense of humor always rescued him. For example, very difficult time for the death of his father in a car accident, Tim learned to laugh it off when adults climbed from sympathetic questions or intrusive advice. But, of course, he even had no idea that when he grows up, it was humor make him rich and famous.
. In school, he studied lousy, but the college still enrolled and graduated from the University of Michigan, with the specialty television producer
. But, not having time to make a career in this capacity, Tim caught in the sale of drugs and eight years in prison rattled. At first, Allen fell into despair, but then discovered that humor is indispensable in the "revenue building" among sullen thugs. And when it turned out that he could, moreover, to make laugh the most severe colic and security guards in his life a turning point. He was allowed to create a show for the entertainment of other prisoners, and as a result, he spent only two years - the authorities felt that the prisoner was quite cheerful reformed.
. After leaving the prison, Allen initially engaged in advertising, began to speak with comic numbers in nightclubs, and then got on TV
. He was noticed and invited to the studio to Disney in the TV series based on the movie "Turner and Hooch", where he was supposed to play in a duo with a dog. Itself not a bad suggestion. But Tim just then came up with a funny parody of a TV shop, which sells all sorts of tools, and proposed his idea to the studio. Thus arose one of the most popular family shows - "Great renovation" since appeared on the screen-father, Tim Taylor, who along with his wife, Susan, has three sons and a hooligan gets into all sorts of comic situations.
. Since then, Tim Allen six times in a row received the audience award as favorite actor television series, repeatedly nominated for various awards, earned a Golden Globe, and in parallel, of course - a lot of money
. In the last season for every series of Big repair Allen received one million two hundred fifty thousand dollars. But, to his credit, did not hog as much spent on charity and various projects on environmental. In addition, he wrote several scripts, he put movies. Comedy of Tim Allen's "Santa Claus" Americans have repeatedly looking at Christmas with no less pleasure than we are - "The irony ..." New Year
Viewers see Tim's a good family man. And most often, with some wary of anything that told newspapermen of his personal life. And he had all these years. Hit the area for driving drunk. Treated for alcoholism. Unfaithful to his wife. But all was forgiven Tim. If only because of his lack of any actor knew how to laugh. And three merry autobiographical books by Tim can be found far more candid than any journalistic sensationalism about it (incidentally, one of them is called "Do not stand too close to a naked man"). No accident that they became bestsellers.
And again, humor helped Tim to "fix" the life. And even when in the past year, his wife, not just a new betrayal, filed for divorce, the Americans did not believe that family life of their pet could end so sadly. "After all, Tim loves Laura, and daughter, they must make peace, he'll think of something" - they said. And indeed it so happened that Tim was ill, and that Laura took him to the hospital, and then nursed a bad egg so my husband and Tim made fun of him, that her heart could not stand it and she is forgiven ... And now, Tim stopped the move to a new house, purchased after a spat with his wife, and once again set to "high maintenance" of the old. Or maybe he did not bolelN Maybe it was shutkoyN

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Tim ALLEN, photo, biography
Tim ALLEN, photo, biography Tim ALLEN  Actor, photo, biography
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